OSL: Pledge Initiation

by bluedragon

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Group Sex, Orgy, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A short little story about the Delta Delta Delta Sorority pledge class of Fall 2003.

The following is a side-story within my Ordinary Sex Life series, and takes place during my longer story "An Ordinary College Sex Life". Familiarity with the OSL series is not actually a requirement for this one, but it is encouraged. If you haven't read the series and you enjoy this one, I strongly recommend you go back to the beginning and read "An Ordinary Teenage Sex Life".

This story also makes reference to several locations and an organization that exists in real life. They are not necessarily represented accurately in this story, and any similarities to real people or real situations are unintentional. My apologies if anyone feels offended, but this is fiction.


I was told to be ready at 8:30pm sharp, dressed informally despite the supposed formality of the event. I was told to expect the unexpected. And I was told to have eaten and hydrated beforehand.

It was all very mysterious and cloak and dagger. But even so warned, I was still surprised to find three people standing outside my door at the appointed time. I was even more surprised to find that they were all cloaked in black robes with ominous hoods, Venetian masks covering their faces.

"Uh, hello?" I greeted them awkwardly.

The lead figure stood up straight, as tall as me, and took a deep breath. "It is time," spoke the feminine voice, tinged with a semi-familiar tenor. "Come with us."

For a brief second, I thought these might not be the people I was expecting. For that brief second, my overactive imagination posited that they might be total strangers ready to beat me over the head with a baseball bat, stuff me in their trunk, and race off to bury my body in the desert.

But that second passed and mustering all of my self-confidence, I nodded and replied, "Right." I stepped out the door, crooking my elbow to the lead girl.

She didn't take my arm. Instead, rather formally, she produced a fourth black cloak and a male Venetian mask, holding them up to me. With an amused grin, I donned the costume articles, tying the mask behind my head with the black laces and then raising the hood over my head. The two of us then headed off the porch and down the steps, flanked by the other two girls.

The whole thing felt formally ritualized as we approached a black Lexus ES. My "date" stopped a few feet away from the car while one of our "attendants" went to the back door and opened it for her. Rather than stand back and observe, I took my own cue to lead my date to the door and help her in to take her seat. Only when she gave me her hand did I notice the caramel skin tone, and putting that together with her voice, I offered, "After you, Tonya."

The young pledge to the Delta Delta Delta Sorority giggled behind her mask before sliding into the seat, and then I circled around to where the other attendant held the opposite door open for me. I had to admit, all the ceremony was puffing up my ego nicely.

Of course, ceremony slipped a bit when our attendants got back in the car. The driver had to drop her mask, and Andie Holland flashed me a pixie wink before starting the ignition. A moment later, Jocelyn Canilao raised her mask and winked at me as well from the front passenger seat.

I grinned, recognizing them. After my thorough sexual destruction of a couple of Tri-Delt pledges at their Halloween party, I'd earned something of a reputation with the sorority. The pledge mistress had subsequently put a bounty of 100 pledge points on my head to the first pledge who could successfully seduce me, not an easy thing once I became aware that I'd been targeted. And after I'd gone out of my way to seduce the pledge mistress herself, that bounty had been raised even higher.

I'd spent the better part of the last few months toying with the Tri-Delt pledges, unable to decide exactly which one of them I wanted to earn the points. Ultimately, I didn't choose only one. I nailed Andie, Jocelyn, AND Tonya just last week. And now that all three of them had come to pick me up, I didn't think their selection was by accident.

"So I'm guessing Leighton gave you three the points?"

Behind her mask, Tonya nodded. "250 points for each of us. Enough to make us the Top 3."

I grinned. "In what order?"

Tonya shook her head, and even with the full-length mask in the way, I could still see her eyes sparkle. "That's none of your concern."

Jocelyn giggled anyway.

Our arrival was a reverse of the departure. Andie and Jocelyn escorted us into the Sorority House and into the Chapter Room. That's when I met the other three guys and their sorority dates. I say "met" loosely, as they were also wearing cloaks and masks and everyone was dead silent. Tonya held my hand and I wracked my brain to figure out what the hell was going on. I knew Adrienne was pledging in this class, and she wasn't the type to hide anything from me. Surely she would have told me about these weird rituals, just to share, right?

But then I realized that Adrienne NEVER told me about her sorority rituals. If I had to bet, at some point during the night everyone would be sworn to secrecy, even from our loved ones. And I started to relax. Sure, something kinky would probably happen tonight, but nothing too drastic. Sorority oath or not, Adrienne would have confided in me anything TOO outside her comfort zone.

The ten of us in masks and cloaks stood around the perimeter of the room, unmoving, like an ominous honor guard. Some guys started to get restless, but were quickly silenced by the girls. And then as the grandfather clock in the corner chimed out 9:00pm, the double doors opened and about 20 additional figures were herded in, funneled through the doors by the foreboding sight of seventy sorority girls in two lines of cloaks and masks just outside.

Once all of the pledges were inside, the doors were closed, leaving the majority of the sisters still in the outer room. Not everyone could fit into the Chapter Room anyway. One of the sisters, I didn't know who, directed me and the other three guys to line up against the west wall. And the 25 total pledges, each wearing a white cord around their necks that was long enough to droop halfway down the front of their robes, formed three uneven rows in the middle of the room right in front of the stage. 25 other figures in robes, who I suspected were the pledges' "big sisters", stepped up immediately behind the pledges and laid their right hands on the pledges' left shoulders.

I tried to pick out Adrienne by her height and the particular way she carried herself. Plus, even a heavy robe couldn't contain those massive hooters of hers. But from my particular vantage point and the masks in the way, I couldn't decide which pledge I thought she was.

Leighton Barrister, Tri-Delt Pledge Mistress this year, took the stage and immediately launched into some boring speech about honor and loyalty, character and friendship. She wore the same cloak and held a mask in her hand, surveying the room with a cold demeanor. The imposing, serious Senior had quite the erudite tone tonight, but I wasn't paying attention. I was too busy scoping out the scene.

There were nearly sixty people crammed into the room, their bodies entirely obscured by the heavy black cloaks and their faces half-covered by the Venetian masks. I instantly thought about Eyes Wide Shut, a movie my friends and I had seen when we were fifteen, mostly so we could see Nicole Kidman and other chicks completely naked. So of course I started to fantasize about re-enacting the orgy scenes that had taken place while the participants were clad in these same costumes, not that there was any room for us to actually have sex with so many people in here.

My attention was drawn back to the speech when, as one, all 25 pledges solemnly intoned, "We so pledge."

Nodding in approval, Leighton took a deep breath and then asked her second question. "Do you pledge to obey all laws and codes of The Sorority?"

"We so pledge," they all replied together.

"Do you pledge to represent The Sorority with grace and beauty?"

"We so pledge."

"Do you pledge friendship and support for your sisters?"

"We so pledge."

"Do you pledge your unswerving loyalty to The Sorority?"

"We so pledge."

"Do you pledge, no matter where your futures may take you, to always remember that you are Delta Delta Delta, and to always represent The Sorority as such."

"We so pledge."

The ritual came to an end a minute later, and Leighton at last stepped off the raised platform and walked through the middle of the crowd. The pledges stepped to the sides to let her pass as she went straight for the closed double-doors. As she reached the doors themselves, she paused to look back. With a final flourish, she yelled encouragingly, "Welcome to Delta Delta Delta!" And as she flung the doors open, every single big sister inside the room ripped away her mask and screamed, "WOOO!!!"

Fifty girls outside, similarly clad in cloaks and masks, pulled away their masks and screamed as well. "WOOO!!!"

Twenty-five pledges inside the room took up the cry, throwing their arms in the air and ripping off the white cords, screaming, "WOOO!!!"

And we four guys, just for the hell of it, joined in screaming "WOOO!!!"

The party was underway.

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