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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Uncle, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Sometimes those closest to us are more than they seem. Here the middle child helps a young man define his relationship to his youngest sister.

I didn't think twice about the strange car in the driveway when I got home. It was plainly too old and tired to belong to any of our parents friends. With high school graduation only a couple days away I just assumed it was one of Heathers classmates. Inside I found her sitting on the couch chatting with a mousy looking little brunette. Then this blond blind sided me with a big hug and a hot wet lip lock, and it still never entered my mind that college classes ended a couple days before the high schools. The Stacie I remembered from last fall was much too reserved to do something like that! The way they all laughed when she turned me loose it was a classic "gotcha" but I have to admit I didn't really mind being the target of this one.

"Hey big brother! I want you to meet my roomie Wilhelmina, Willow to her friends, Willie when she's feeling butch. Willow, this is my brother Kyle. Don't let his looks fool you. Even when he was an active jock he didn't try to let his muscles do his thinking for him. Do you want to ask him or should I?"

Willow was actually kind of cute when I looked a little closer. The sort of not quite hottie you sometimes see hanging on the fringes of the in crowd. Surround her with cheerleaders and she'd look plain. By herself she was interesting. More so as her cheeks began to color and I wondered what exactly she wanted to ask me.

Stacie continued. "Her parents own a summer cottage with it's own small private lake not too far from here. Normally they hire a cleaning service to open it up and get it ready for use. This year we talked them into letting us use it for the next two weeks in exchange for bringing it out of winterized condition. You're welcome to share it with us if you're willing to tackle the jobs that take a little more muscle, stuff like uncovering windows, or cutting up a fallen tree. We'll do all the light cleanup but can't do heavy lifting. Can you get a couple weeks off on short notice?"

"Actually, I sort of beat you to the punch on that one. Things are slow at work and some of us agreed to take a voluntary lay off for a couple of weeks. The unemployment checks will cover my bills but don't leave anything resembling an entertainment budget. As long as you don't expect me to spend two weeks doing ten years of neglected upkeep I'm in."

Willow spoke up. "Don't worry about that. My folks aren't rich, and they save a buck where they can, but anything more than basic clean up they're willing to pay for at the going rate. If you weren't coming with us I'd be hiring a local contractor for anything we couldn't handle. I can pay you, or yell for help on any job you'd rather not get into."

So that's how I ended up spending two weeks at a secluded cottage with three teenage girls. There was a fallen tree to cut up. Willow told me the winter storms usually brought down at least one. It took off a few shingles and would have broken windows if they hadn't been boarded up. With an unmarked turnoff and no close neighbors, they'd never had any trouble with vandals. The people who knew the place was here didn't do that stuff and the people who would had no idea there was a cottage here. A fireplace and electric heaters took care of chilly nights but only the bedroom had air conditioning. It was pointless to turn it on anyway while we were airing things out. I'd ditched my shirt by the time I had the windows uncovered. Thank God I finished with the chainsaw before I noticed the girls had done the same. They were running around in shorts over swim suits. Distracting enough that I might have cut the wrong wood if I'd noticed earlier. It was going to take a couple of days to do the job right but we had the place reasonably habitable by late afternoon. I got the grill started while the girls ran for the water, dropping their shorts on the way.

Stacie's white bikini top had left very little to the imagination. The matching thong invited my imagination to open new territory. Willow was in a one piece that might actually have been intended for swimming. Heather was in a two piece that split the difference. I was trying to think of some way to get Heather alone when she and Willow got out to take over the grilling while I hit the water. A running dive off the pier carried me out a little further than I expected. The water was still shallow enough to touch bottom but Stacie was looking for me to pop up closer to shore. Did you ever meet a girl whose body wasn't that hot but had a face so pretty it made up for anything else? Stacie has a 34 C chest that would be too much of a good thing if she didn't have a firm round ass to match. She was wearing a thong bikini that covered just enough to make you wish you could see it all, and her face is so pretty it didn't bother me she was neck deep in the lake. I covered her eyes from behind.

"Guess who."



"Freddie Krueger?"


"Then it must be the pervert raping my little sister."


"Hey, Kyle, breathe dammit, you're too young to have a heart attack! Besides, I was only joking about rape. Heather is an adult and even if she wasn't nobody twisted her arm. I'm amazed that it took you so long to figure out she had a blazing case of the hots for you. I caught on about six months after she decided boys were interesting. At least I know you weren't eavesdropping on any of our girl talk. Every guy she drooled over got compared to you."

"She ... She told you?"

"Of course silly, Heather and I don't have secrets from each other. Too bad you're so good at hiding what a perv you are. If I'd known I'd have jumped you years ago. Instead you got my best ice queen imitation. Make that second best. Once I caught on to how much you enjoyed a good leg show I couldn't resist teasing a little. Still, I tried to keep it so low key you couldn't be sure it was deliberate."

"Here I thought you were so quiet and reserved."

"I am, when I'm dealing with strangers and so called decent people. When I'm with people I can trust completely I'm not shy about letting them know what I like. People I trust that much make a very short list. You're on it now. So is Heather and my roomie. There's a couple of others. If you ever meet them I'll let you know. Until then, don't ask. It looks like the burgers are done. Let's eat."

"Uh, go ahead. I'll be with you in a little while."

That pretty face split in a smile so wide her nose sort of bunched up. "Got a woody, huh? Bring it on up to the deck before the food gets cold. Willie might blush a little but she won't get upset. My roomie is a lug."

"What's a lug?"

"Why don't you ask her?"

We'd pretty much finished eating by the time I worked up the nerve. Willow blushed while Heather and Stacie traded evil little sister type smirks. Eventually she saw we weren't going to let her off the hook and she explained.

"I'm not that smart, but I busted my butt in high school and managed to get into college on a full academic scholarship. My folks send me rent and grocery money but tuition and books are covered as long as I keep my GPA up high enough. Like I said, I'm not that smart. Keeping my grades up takes so much studying there isn't time for parties or dating. Well ... I ... Uh..."

Stacie picked it up. "About the fourth time I walked in on her while she was jilling off, I figured she was either doing it constantly or she liked getting caught. She was so far along she couldn't stop so I started making out with her while she finished. It's the least I could do. The poor girl was going off the deep end pretending to be asleep a couple times a week while some guy was doing me. She'd much rather be with a guy but until she has her degree nailed down tight it's me or DIY. She's a lesbian until graduation, a lug."

"So you're saying that in our family the middle child swings both ways?"

"I guess you could say so. If I have to go looking for it I want a man. If I'm choosing between two nice people and one of them isn't male, I'll still end up with the guy. If it's a choice between playing with a nice girl or a guy who's a jerk, well, he won't be missed much."

I was half expecting her to turn the conversation towards me and Heather. Instead she wanted to catch up on all the stuff that happened while she was away at school. Maybe she's a little psychic or maybe she's just better at reading me than I am her. Whatever, she pulled me aside when the other girls started cleaning up.

"Kyle? I trust Willie completely. You can tell her anything you know about me and I won't get upset, or not too upset. Everyone has a few embarrassing moments you don't want to share with even your best friend. What I'm trying to say is I can't trust her for you, or you for her. You have to get to know each other and make up your own minds. I can tell you a couple of things without abusing her trust. She won't freak out at the idea of a girl getting it from her brother. Also, by the time morning gets here, being stuck on the couch while us girls hog the bed won't seem like such a bad deal."

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