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Desc: Sex Story: Did he really have a heart attack or was it something else that caused him to abandon his loving wife?

The sunlight reflecting off the warm water coupled with periodic splashes as the boat's bow crashed through the waves painted an absolutely beautiful picture. It was about 85 degrees and sunny. The boat's throbbing motor pushed us farther and farther away from land until we could no longer see the shoreline. I leaned over the side to see if I could see any fish through the crystal clear blue waters. A tugging on my arm pulled me back inside the boat and back into the arms of the beautiful woman holding my hand.

Stacy kissed me deeply and when I pulled back refused to let me stop.

"You'll have almost an hour to look at fish, while I'm down there," she said. "Are you embarrassed to kiss me in front of Bob? He already knows we're in love. Besides we're married. We can do whatever we want."

Stacy had always gone in for public displays of affection. Even when we first started dating she was the one who would always just come up to me and kiss me. She often buried her tongue down my throat no matter who was watching. She wanted everyone to know that we were together, and that we belonged exclusively to each other.

Maybe it was because we came from a small town and there weren't that many available singles. Maybe she was just territorial, who knew. While I had never had any shortage of available women to date, I'd also never had a line of hot girls beating down my door to get to me either. Stacy on the other hand was really hot in that sneaky, girl next door kind of way. Okay, Girl next door if you live next to the Playboy mansion. She had long thick brown hair, and huge blue eyes. Boobs that weren't big enough to make her look like a porn star, but also weren't small enough not to be seen. They were perfect, just like the rest of her. I sometimes forgot what I was doing when I watched her walking around in a pair of shorts in the summer. I never did figure out what she saw in me. I was just as average as average could be. But for some reason she seemed to love me. Go figure.

At any rate we were both in our late twenties, and we had a great life. I worked as a design engineer for a large after market auto-parts company, in Michigan. I made a very comfortable living so Stacy didn't need to work. She put all of her energy into making our home perfect for us and the kids we'd be having soon. We took a couple of vacations a year, often on the spur of the moment so neither of us got bored or stressed out. We alternated who got to choose what we did supposedly, but most of the time it seemed like Stacy got to pick.

My interests, like me are more ordinary than Stacy's pursuits. I love cars, so my job of designing after market trim pieces and parts is perfect for me. It also pays off in the discounts and outright freebies I get on parts for my Mustang. Unlike a lot of the guys I know, I'm not a collector. I keep a Stang for 3 or four years and then trade it in on a newer version. Currently I'm rocking a Midnight blue Shelby GT H. The GT H didn't come in Midnight blue. Originally the car was black with gold stripes but I'd gotten the paint job and a few upgrades the day after I took delivery of it.

So for me a dream vacation could be a trip to Las Vegas for the SEMA show. For Stacy it was off to Colorado skiing, or here in Florida for scuba diving. Stacy held my hand as the boat plowed through the water. Her smile could compete with the Florida sun for intensity and light. Up ahead next to the pilot of the boat I'd rented to take us out near a coral reef where the diving was supposed to be perfect, sat Bob. Bob Markam was an acquaintance of ours whom we'd known for about 11 months. We'd met him in diving school where we went to take scuba lessons. We found out that because of an inner ear disorder that I'd been born with that I'd never be able to dive. Stacy had quickly decided to give up the idea of diving as well, but I couldn't let her do it.

Bob seemed to be an Okay guy, he was older than us at 39, and married to his childhood sweetheart. They lived about an hour's drive away from us in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and they had three kids. Bob's wife Susan had no interest in diving. Bob was tall and reasonably good looking, he wasn't a Nordic god but he was Okay looking. He, like me was just a normal guy with a family, so I felt relatively safe with him diving with Stacy.

Not that I worried about Stacy at all. She was the perfect wife and had never given me any reason to suspect anything from her; and believe you me, I'm the suspicious type. She was affectionate, even tempered and always where she was supposed to be. This was really important to me because I grew up living with my dad. I had to witness his slow transformation from relatively attractive and virile regular Dad, to a broken and fucked up shell of a man before he finally died. What had it taken to make that transformation? Was it the rough economy and lack of jobs? Was it the globalization and militarism of the world? It was none of those; it was all the result of one sandy haired skank, who couldn't keep her legs closed.

I vowed that I would never end up like my dad. The sandy haired skank was of course my mom. The thing about it that made it so fucking tragic was that they loved each other just so God damned much. They'd contact each other after being alone for a while and get back together. They'd be full of "I love you," and "this time it's going to work," ideas. Dad had to of course work to keep a roof over our heads, and while he was at work, sooner or later she'd get an itch that only the mailman, or the garbage man, or some cross eyed circus clown who wandered through town with a carnival, could scratch.

Then inevitably Dad would find out, and though he loved her more than life itself he wasn't going to put up with it, so he'd throw her out on her ass. For a few weeks she'd fuck everything that wasn't nailed down and then she'd just stop fucking, and start crying. It would suddenly dawn on her that she was missing something. That something was my dad, and she'd come running back to him every time. Of course he wouldn't take her back right away. He had too much pride for that. He'd try to date other women, some of whom I really preferred to my mom, but he could never be happy with any of them. He was a one woman man.

And mom was worse, she wouldn't even date anyone other than my dad. She'd fuck them, blow them, and take them into body parts that I still don't want to hear about. But she would never allow herself to be seen in public with any man other than my dad. If it wasn't my life, I'd think it was funny as hell. If it was a movie, I swear I wouldn't watch it.

Anyway, seeing this as I grew up left me with trust issues, and a zero tolerance policy when it came to cheating. I had no intention of ending up in a nut farm, depressed and crazy over any woman, no matter how hot she was. Love is a wonderful thing, but I wasn't about to go crazy for it.

This was the third time that we'd come to Florida to go diving with Bob. We had our own comfortable routine down, and were pretty familiar with each other. I'd rent a boat and we'd go out to an area where the diving was good. I'd read a book or watch some videos or play some games while they dove. They'd take some underwater photos and share them and their stories with me when they came back up. Then we'd go back to our hotel and Stacy would try to screw me to death. Except for the screwing me to death part it wasn't that great for me, but I did it because I love Stacy more than I can ever express. This trip was going to be different though. Stacy didn't know it but I had a surprise for her that would make her trip more fun. It was a little bit expensive but nothing we couldn't afford.

As a matter of fact I'd saved a bit of money by not chartering a first class dive boat this time, so it would cost us about the same as it normally did. I was a little bit worried about our Captain. He seemed like the type who wasn't above doing something slightly underhanded to make a few extra bucks. He wasn't physically imposing but just sneaky.

"What are you smiling about," asked Stacy pulling me out of my thoughts with another of her soul searing kisses. She brushed the front of my shorts and got an instant rise. "Are you thinking of all of the nasty things you're going to make me do with you when we get back?" She leaned over me and I could see her nipples through the material of her bikini top. She was turned on big time. "Do you want to go below deck and have a quickie?" Before I could answer her, the boat stopped and the captain came down and looked over the side to make sure the anchors were set. He threw me the thumbs up sign and went below deck, probably for a nap.

Bob came over and started getting his gear together. "Hey Steve do you know what that thing is that's covered by the tarps in the back of the boat?" he asked.

"Yep that's the surprise I got for you guys," I said, trying to disguise the excitement in my voice.

"What surprise?" asked Stacy, squeezing my arm. "You didn't say anything about a surprise. Are you keeping secrets from your own wife, who loves you?"

The three of us went to the stern of the boat near the diving platform. Once there I started unhooking the tarps covering my surprise. Actually my surprise was two fold and they wouldn't find out the second part of it until they got back from their dive, maybe not until tonight in the hotel. It depended on how well it went, and how I felt.

When I lifted up the tarp their eyes settled on two aqua scooters. I could see from their dubious looks that they were underwhelmed.

"Holy shit," said Bob. "What do we do with those? What are they?"

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