The Maze Experiment

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Slavery, Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Rough, Group Sex, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Body Modification,

Desc: Sex Story: Prologue - A man is abducted and when he wakes up, he finds that he’s in a maze with no light and no recollection of how he got in there. Complete darkness makes it hard for him to get around. He also has a weird collar around his neck that gives him a shock whenever he tries to talk. Soon he finds out that he's not alone and he realizes that he's part of an experiment, but for what goal is completely unclear to him. Will he be able to escape?

"Is everything ready, Doctor?" An old, graying woman asked.

"Yes, I believe we are ready to start. All that we need now are our willing test subjects. I believe our capture and retrieval teams will be bringing in the first subjects tonight?"

"Indeed Doctor, they should be just about ready to bring in the first of them."

"Good, good..." The Doctor replied while putting his glasses back firmly on his nose again, after which he continued, "I'm most interested in the results of this experiment."

"So am I. They should be quite useful. I especially hope we can get the data our investors are looking for. Setting up this experiment wasn't exactly cheap."

"Ah, humpf!" The Doctor exclaimed while throwing his arms in the air in an exaggerated way, "I do not care about investors, I only care about the research data we will gain from these experiments, which should give us an insight in mankind's darkest thoughts and most basic functions."

"I don't have to remind you that this compound has cost us a pretty penny to secure, do I? Not to mention all the research equipment and rebuilding that we had to do," the woman explained for the hundredth time.

"No no, you have made yourself perfectly clear Miss Anga. I am well aware that it was no easy task to secure this base without arousing any governmental suspicion for its true purposes. You have told me so often enough."

"Good, well I'll leave you to your work then and do another round to see if everything is ready for our guests," Anga replied while wandering off.

The good Doctor ignored her reply and busied himself with running the final tests on his computers and other equipment.

Our first guests should arrive soon, Anga thought. It has taken us months to rebuild this old Soviet base and especially the underground levels took extensive remodeling before they were anywhere near the standards we need to execute this experiment properly.

Anga did her final checks while inspecting the compound. They sent Anga as an overseer to make sure that none of the funds from the investors went to waste. In addition, should things go horribly wrong, she was also in charge of base security and cleaning up the mess.

Earlier experiments of a similar nature in the United States of America, had horribly failed because the FBI started investigating and asking questions that were better left not asked. They had raided the base in the end, which ruined the experiment, destroyed the research data, and set the project back for more than a year.

It had taken Anga a lot of time, trouble, and a considerable amount of financial resources to find a base like this in East Germany and buy it from the German government in a way that it wouldn't arouse any suspicion. If anybody ever looked up the public records, then he would find nothing but a high class resort for the rich and wealthy. This should keep most unwanted attention away since it gave them a reason for the high security, meant to protect the privacy of their clients. All their hard work was coming to an end at last. Several hunting parties were out to pick up some of the preselected 'guests'.

One of them was a thirty years old, blond journalist, called Janneke Bergen, who lived in the Netherlands. Her looks appealed to Anga, even though she considered herself straight. A second subject was Cornelis Goudsmit, a software developer from Belgium and an overall intelligent man.

The third was a local body build champion named Gregor Stahlhausen from Austria. He wasn't a very smart fellow, but due to his use of illegal anabolic steroids, he was bulging with muscles and possessed an impressive strength. The Doctor had special plans for him.

The fourth subject was a lesbian, went by the name of Karin Tingerson, from Sweden. She had a criminal record, which stated that she raped several women and had a medical record of being mentally unstable and very dominant. All of this made her the perfect test subject for this experiment.

The fifth subject our good doctor selected, was Jean Duvalier, a French historian who regularly visited prostitutes in Paris, dominatrices to be more precise. He seemed to enjoy a good spanking and was incapable of producing an orgasm if he did not have a participating dominatrix. He was physically underdeveloped and the doctor concluded that he was likely a latent homosexual too, or at the very least bisexual.

Finally, the sixth and currently last subject that the doctor selected, was Lucia Bianchi. Lucia was in her late twenties with no children and lived in Italy. She had been married in the past, but it hadn't been a good marriage. For as long as she could remember, he would constantly urge her to show more initiatives to get things done, but because of Lucia's submissive nature, she needed constant urging, even craving to be ordered. It gave her life a sense of purpose, and coming up with her own initiatives felt alien to her.

One day, her husband just grew tired of her, he packed his bags and left Lucia for her best friend. As it later turned out, he had been cheating on her since the start of their marriage. He moved to a different city and took her former best friend with him. The divorce and her ex-husband's betrayal had devastated Lucia, but she finally picked her life up again in the past two years.

The Doctor now had six preliminary test subjects, evenly divided between normal, submissive and dominant personalities.

Apart from soon being in the same place, they didn't have any relationship to each other. In fact, except for the Dutch news reporter and the Belgium software developer, they likely wouldn't even understand each other's languages, just as the Doctor had intended. It would be a most interesting experiment indeed and this was just the first round. In time, his research would expand and more test subjects would get added.

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