The Copulist Capers: Death on a Chalk Stream

by Mario Vacchi

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Mystery, Steampunk, Swinging, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: If Gottfried Leibniz had published his work on binary numbers and if Charles Babbage had read it, if Prince Albert had lived to a ripe old age and Victoria not become a bitter widow, the late XIX Century might have turned out like this!

Roger Merely paid the Hansom cab driver and boarded the train at Charrington Station to make his way to the first class compartments. Finding his seat, he nodded at the pair sitting across from him, the mustachioed man with the medical bag and his pipe-smoking companion in a deer-stalker and traveling cape. They seemed deep in thought so he settled back and ran his mind over the last month.

On the first Monday of March Mia, his laboratory assistant, muse, personal manager and lover, had received an invitation to present a paper at the first International Female Aerophile Society's symposium in Brussels. It seemed that rumors of her work analyzing Sir George Cayley's aeronautical theory on the British Library's Mainframe Babbage Engine had reached the ears of the organizers and they were agog to hear the details. Mia, of course, was thrilled by the invitation and had immediately set to work on a new analysis that applied Cayley's principles to an improved dirigible design.

Even if he had not been a slave to her every whim, Merely respected the young woman's phenomenal grasp of mathematics and set aside his own work to allow time for hers. The only drawback to her new fame, he felt, was that she would be absent from his bed for at least a week. Then, to his distress, Mia announced that it would be two weeks. On the way back from Belgium she would stop for a visit with her old bed-tutor, Maitre' Hercule and his wife Babette. Roger was unsure whether to be jealous or to hope to be shown new erotic delights but he was not looking forward to two weeks of celibacy.

Then another letter arrived. The wax seal on the envelope said something formal about Lord Venture at Driffield Manor, neither of which he recognized. That changed with the salutation.

Merely, old chap,

It's been just ages since we talked and I'm writing to bring you up on the latest news. I've just finished a new angling cottage on the banks of the Driffield Beck and need someone to show it off to. Please come spend a month or so with us. Lady Alexandra misses you and the children will be most excited to see you after all the stories I've told them. We can fly-fish the Beck and reminisce about the old days in Trinity Hall. Great days, what?

In addition, I was hoping you might help me out. Your understanding of things mechanical was always much better than mine. I have this idea for an engine that will be both more powerful and safer than the steam engines that drive our dreadnaughts and our dirigibles but I just can't get it quite right.

Do let me know soonest,


Great Lightning! Eddie had inherited the family title and was now Edward, Lord Bohun, Viscount Venture of Brasethwaite Castle, Yorkshire. It was quite a step up in life from the scamp he had been in Cambridge. So he had an angling cottage now, did he? Roger almost fell over himself in his eagerness to send his acceptance. Mia was equally pleased.

"How lovely, Roger. A month or so in the country with an old chum and a trout stream? I should think that was exactly what you need. It will do you good to get away from London and perhaps the holiday will send you back to your experiments with fresh insights. You may finally get past the roadblocks in your research."

The landlady, Mrs. Beasley, had fussed over both of them as they kissed chastely and boarded their respective Hansom cabs. She had stood waving while Mia rattled off towards the dirigible field at Green Park and Roger did the same for the train. And now, his trunk and tackle in the baggage car, Dr. Merely had nothing to do but watch the scenery unfold before him as the train hurtled through the countryside.

What a find Mia had been, Roger mused. She was brilliant company, well versed in mathematics, and very pretty. Dr. Merely could have asked for no better lab assistant. She had answered his advert for someone to assist in a series of experiments and when the young woman demonstrated an uncanny ability to do differential calculus in her head, he hired her on the spot. By the end of the week he was convinced that it was probably the best decision he could have made. Work progressed satisfactorily, the conversation was literate and amusing and she flirted with him. What else could a gentleman want?

One Friday evening in the next month, as they were closing up the laboratory, she suggested that they go out for dinner together. Thinking it a capital idea Merely hailed a Hansom cab and, when she had changed into something suitable, whisked her off to Antoine's in Piccadilly for what he presumed to be her introduction to French cuisine. Imagine his surprise when she gently corrected his order and suggested a different, less expensive wine that turned out to be superior to his original choice.

"I was tutored in France." Mia explained with a demure smile. She said nothing more about it, changing the subject to gossip about the latest production of Shakespeare's Henry IV. It turned out that her father was the producer and he was having a terrible time. The actors were doing well but the musicians hired to perform seemed incapable of correct entries or even of getting the right piece aligned with its scene. The poor man was very frustrated.

Merely's interest in the arts was minimal. He preferred machinery and that amazing stuff, electricity. However, he found Mia's description so comical and charming that he hung onto every detail. As the evening continued the pair grew merrier, enjoying the best meal he could remember. It was amazing, really, how a small change in the order of dishes could so improve the experience and Mia's knowledge of wines had the doctor thinking he ought to pay her more. They finished with a small, but exquisite strawberries-in-phyllo and rose to take their leave.

"My dear, that was truly exceptional. I cannot remember having spent so pleasant an evening. We really must do this again." Merely was beaming.

Mia pursed her lips and cocked her head coquettishly. "Did you think the evening was over, Roger? We've barely begun. I shall be spending the night with you, my dear doctor, and you will get very little sleep!"

When they arrived at the doctor's home, Mia was as good as her word. Merely became the helpless object of her desire. While her perfume held him entranced, her clever fingers had his clothes undone and strewn about the bedroom before she removed so much as her shawl.

Nuzzling his bare neck while lasciviously stroking his rampant manhood, she purred and nibbled his flesh. Sharp pinches on his nipples stiffened his member and raised his ardor.

"I hope you don't mind my taking advantage of you, Roger," Mia murmured. "I am so fond of men, especially gentlemen."

Merely was no virgin. But though he had heard of copulists, women who took delight in their own sexuality and enjoyed men for their bodies, he had never encountered one before. He watched, brain neutralized, as Mia unbuttoned her evening dress to reveal the cotton camisole, light stays and drawers beneath. Pulling satin bows undone, she shrugged out of each in turn and stood in naked glory. Her dark knee stockings and high-buttoned shoes emphasized the smooth, bare skin above.

She stepped forward, hands at her sides. Leaning against him, she brushed soft nipples against his chest. He looked down at her and saw the knowing smile on her face. It seemed just a bit hungry to him.

"Now, dear Roger, lay down on the bed. I'll start. Later it will be your turn. Do remember not to be too gentle with me? Strength is so deliciously virile and I love being pinned down and used. But first..."

She pushed him onto the duvet-covered mattress. Following into bed, she knelt beside him, smiling fondly. Paying no attention to his lips, she began to kiss his torso and run her hands over his chest and belly.

"You men are such lovely things. And you come so beautifully equipped!"

Mia leaned over and ran her breasts across him. She pressed them together on either side of his phallus and slowly stroked it. Merely gasped.

"Oh, you like that, do you? Well, dear Roger, that's only one of the tricks I know. Yes, it's going to be a long night, one you won't forget. And, I hasten to add, only the first. I want to see just how much pleasure I can squeeze out of you over the next few months. Who knows? I may even decide to stay."

She straddled his hips and ran his manhood up and down her nether lips, humming happily. The she sat down hard, taking him all the way in with a delicate grunt.

"Oh what a perfect fit, Roger. You're exactly the right size and angle."

She put her hands on his ribs for support and started rocking her hips forward and back. Her breathing deepened. Soon she changed to panting until with a cry, Mia climaxed.

"Mmm, that was fun. Now hold still, my man."

She sat back and winked. Though she appeared motionless, Merely felt a wave of muscle constriction running up and down his hard member. She was stroking him with her interior muscles alone.

"Mia, what are you doing?"

She giggled in response. "It's called pompoir, lover. A skilled woman can make her man climax without moving any other muscles. Shall I see if I can make you come?" Her motion sped up. "Breathe deeply, Roger. Come on, big deep breaths, suck in the air."

The combination of erotic sensation and increased oxygen soon had Merely dizzy and tingling. Mia had been watching his face and at the proper moment reached up and pinched him. With a roar he exploded within her, bucking and twitching. Then he collapsed with a groan.

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