This Was Going to Be the Last Time

by StangStar06

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, .

Desc: Sex Story: a man catches his wife cheating at a New Year's Eve party

I love California. Living here is like cheating. At least that's what I thought as I guided my Screaming Yellow 06 Mustang GT through the darkened streets. If I was still living in Michigan, there's no way I'd still be driving my car on New Years Eve. I'd be driving my Jeep through ass deep snow and freezing, instead of heading back to my Sister in Law's place after a beer run.

I didn't mind the beer runs, every chance I got to get behind the wheel of my little toy, was a pleasure. What I did hate though was the fact that I always had to make 2 or 3 of them. It was always the same thing, "Danny, we didn't get enough beer, could you go and get some?" Off I'd go through the twisting and turning avenues of their subdivision. I had it down to a 35 minute round trip. Ten minutes there, ten minutes back and maybe 15 minutes tops inside the liquor Store on Arcana blvd. So if I went, there'd be beer or whatever in 35 minutes. If anyone else went it took much longer.

I just wish she wasn't so fucking cheap, why not just make a list and let me go and get everything in one trip. It was almost as if there was something else going on. That's what the average guy probably would have thought, but not me. You've all heard the expression "Ignorance is Bliss?" Well Danny Masterson, that's me, must've been living an extremely blissful life, because I had no idea of what was going on.

I jumped out of my Stang with a smile on my face and a song in my heart. I was actually fucking whistling as I walked up the walkway, both arms full with stacked cases of beer. What a fool I was. I put the beer down so I could open the door and heard the music blasting before the door opened. I stepped into the living room. I looked around for my sister in law Jane, and saw her huddled in the corner with one of the guys she worked with. What a fucking whore, her husband was a cop and he got stuck working tonight, protecting the city. So how does she repay him? She sits on his couch sucking face with some scumbag, while he's at work. I slammed the cases of beer down on the table right next to her.

"Get your fat ass up and get your own beer from now on," I yelled at her. I looked around the room for my wife Cara, and didn't see her. I started pushing my way through people. For some reason a lot of the people there seemed to want to talk to me but I wasn't in a talking mood anymore. I just wanted to find Cara, let her know what her fucking sister was up to and get the hell out of there.

I started looking from room to room and couldn't find her. So I went upstairs. A couple of guys tried to block my way and were not successful I easily slipped by them. I noticed Jane coming up behind me, with a scared look on her face but I didn't have time for her to explain her bullshit to me right then. Finally outside of Jane and Randy's bedroom I heard voices. It sounded like Cara so I opened the door. The room was dim, but not so dim that I couldn't make out the scene on the bed. There must've been 5 or 6 guys gathered around the bed, while a woman on it stroked 2 of them off with her hands. Meanwhile another guy was humping her to beat the band. She reached up and took one guy's dick in her mouth. I took a couple of pictures with my phone and filmed a short video.

"Flip her over so I can fuck her ass," said one of the guys waiting.

I stepped forward and kicked the nearest guy to me in the nuts. He screamed and fell to the floor grabbing his junk. The people on the bed hadn't noticed yet but the ones gathered around it started to scatter. I snatched an ink pen off the desk and jammed it into the ass of the guy humping her. "You want to stick something up somebody's ass so badly," I shouted. "How about something up yours." He screamed in agony and started jumping up and down.

The other 2 guys started grabbing their clothes and denying things as they noticed me. Cara just sat there in shock.

"Don't bother coming home," I told her, "Ever."

"Danny, please wait," she screamed at me with tears running down her cheeks.

I turned and got ready to leave, and ran into Jane.

"Danny," she began.

Your whore of a sister can stay here with you from now on," I said calmly.

"But she's your wife and she loves you. This was going to be the last time," she said.

"You really need to shut the fuck up, before you get into trouble yourself," I snapped. "I have pictures of you in action too. How do you think your husband will feel when he sees them?"

"Danny, please don't show him, he'll never understand, it doesn't mean anything. It..." she was interrupted by Cara running out of the room, and trying to grab me.

"Danny please, you've got to believe me, I..." there were tears running down her face as I just turned and walked down the stairs. I heard her coming after me but by the time she dressed and got to the door, the rumble of my Mustang's V8 was fading in the distance.

I drove over to our neighbor's house, since their teen aged daughter was watching our two boys.

"Hey mister M," said the pimply faced sleepy eyed girl. "It's not even 11o'clock, I thought they were going to stay all night."

"Well I got bored," I said cheerfully. "I thought if I came and got them early you might be able to go out and have some fun yourself. How much did Cara say we'd pay you?"

"Well she said 50 dollars," said the girl nervously. I was sure she was lying, but I gave her 75 which brought on a giant braces filled smile. I escorted the 2 sleepy boys into the back of my car and drove away. As I drove I didn't stop to consider how hurt I was, or why, or any of the other three thousand things that were going through my mind. I just concentrated on what my next move was. Obviously my first move was to take care of my kids. My parents lived about an hour out of town so I called them before it got to be too late and told them I was coming over. My cell phone had about 10 messages from Cara already and 1 from Jane. I called Jane and told her to give me the night to think about it.

"What the hell do you need to think about, that girl loves you," she said, "Okay so she made a mistake, BFD get over it, and at least talk to her."

"Jane, you are not in a position to dictate what I do or don't do," I snapped. "I'm still considering whether or not I'm letting your husband know about you too, so just shut up and listen to what I called you for."

The phone line was silent, I could tell she was pissed because Jane wasn't used to listening to anyone. I could also hear Cara sniffling in the background.

"Tell your sister," I began...

"You mean your wife," she interrupted. "You're angry at her and I guess you should be, it's probably going to take some time for you to forgive her, but Danny don't ever think that what you saw was anything more than a little holiday fun that just went too far. And please never doubt that she loves you, and you loved her enough to marry her."

"Not anymore," I said. "Just tell her that I need a couple of days to think this through, and I'll call her and we can talk after that. You should also tell Doug Martin, Fred Simmons, and the other guys that were in the room, that they need to call me soon, or I'll be naming them in the divorce, and who knows what that will do to their marriages. If they're still there I'll tell them myself. Put them on the phone."

"Danny, the party kind of broke up after you left. Two of them had to go to the hospital anyway." Then I heard even more crying from Cara in the background.

"Danny, please tell me you aren't serious about divorcing her. It's just a New Years Eve thing, for God's sake. It's never hurt you before. And this was going to be the last time."

"What the fuck do you mean it's... , you mean she's done this before?" I snapped. "How long has this been going on?"

The phone went silent and I heard Cara's tearful voice come on the phone, "Danny," she said. Her voice sounded so sad and so miserable, that it almost made me feel sad too. Then I remembered my last vision of her and I just hung up the phone.

The boys had fallen asleep in the Mustang's cramped rear seats. Luckily they frequently visited their grand parents so there would be fresh clothes already there for them. I really didn't know what was going to happen over the next few days but I needed to insulate my boys from as much of it as possible. I pulled into my parents' driveway and the porch light came on before I had even stopped. My mom and Dad came out and met me, and mom guided the boys into the guest room while Dad and I talked.

"What's going on," he asked me.

"Dad for now let's just say that Cara and I are having a disagreement and leave it at that," I said.

"Well what did you do?" he asked me, "Is it so bad that flowers and a serious ass kissing won't work? I always thought that girl was too good for you."

"I'll call you tomorrow Dad," I said as I got back into my car and drove home. The phone was already ringing as I got inside. I looked at the caller ID and saw Cara's cell number. I turned the phone off. Then I went and slept in the guest room. Somehow the idea of lying down in a bed we had just been in together a few hours earlier didn't appeal to me.

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