Flash Back

by HotIndianPen

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mother, Son, Uncle, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: It is a son and his uncle seducing his mother

Sitting on the soft cushioned chair he waited for his Mom to come down. He had been waiting for last 15 minutes and it usually never took her so long to dress up and come down. At that point of time he did not know what was holding her up as they had to reach the Airport to receive his uncle and aunt.

After glancing at his watch for umpteenth time as he looked up his eyes got focused on a gorgeous lady draped in a silk sari with her loose hair flying walking down the stairs. For few seconds it was difficult for him to envisage what he saw. It was hard for him to believe it was his mother, who was so gorgeously decked, her hair loose, her body swaying walking down the stairs and when she went past him, he was stunned when the perfume hit his nostrils. He was in a daze and as he could not reason out her appearance he followed her tamely.

On following his eyes got riveted on her movements. Seeing her body sway he felt something, something which he could not envisage at that moment. It was difficult for him to conjure what was happening to him or to her. He had seen his mother before, dressed more gorgeously but that had not attracted him as it had today. It was not the dress that had attracted him, it was something else. His curiosity made him look at her closely and when his eyes went over her back, he suddenly felt ashamed; to look at his mother's back.

Though he tried to shift his gaze he could not and when his mother stepped into the car his eyes followed her to the last glimpse. He sat in the car like a zombie and when they reached airport his eyes took to the same course of action. However hard he tried he could not pierce his eyes from her vision. They were glued to her back as if they were magnetized.

It was not long before his Uncle and Aunt came down the aisle. It was nice to see them after a couple of years. In fact 5 years had passed since his father had asked his uncle Nithin to take care of his overseas business and now they were back for a short visit.

His mother was overwhelmed when she saw Nithin and his wife Naina. Her eyes were gleaming when she saw them. Seeing her emotions he felt she had missed them. In the past 5 years she had never spoken about Naina or Nithin and today on seeing them she was so overjoyed, which puzzled him.

After collecting the bags and baggage they stood in the queue waiting for the peak hour rush to thin out. It was then that his eyes got riveted again on his mother's back who was in front of his uncle. He let his gaze wander over her exquisite mounds and looking at them, he did not feel ashamed as they looked attractive. He was attracted to them in such a way that he compared them with his aunt's which looked dull.

Such was the way his mother was built and the peak hour rush made it more interesting to watch as they crawled slowly. The crowd started swelling; there was slight hustling and shoving. In the melee he wished he was behind his mother rather than his uncle. He felt he could have taken advantage though not knowing what he would have done. He felt he could have touched, may be. He was so excited that many wicked things flashed through his mind.

He looked for an opening to get closer and as he looked over his Uncle's shoulders he saw his hands were on his mother's shoulders steadying her which made her turn and smile at him. There was a twinkle in her eyes and when she turned back he saw his Uncle grip her shoulders hard. It made him curious and his focus was shifted on to his Uncles hands.

Nithin steadied himself. He looked around and even turned to give Amar a smile. After reciprocating he looked the other way, not giving him a hint that he was watching. From the corner of his eye he watched his Uncle's hand slip down from his mothers shoulder. This made him go up on his toes and as he looked he saw his Uncle's hand trek slowly down her back and rest on the hem of her blouse. It ventured there for a while and then as his fingers started circling her blouse the crowd which was getting heavier started pushing and taking advantage he moved his hand down and held her naked waist. Seeing this Amar was instantly aroused and it had him worried as in the melee he thought his Uncle may feel his growing hardness. He tried his best to hide his arousal and even put a hand down to steady it.

As he was setting it right Amar saw his Uncle had moved closer to his mother. He in fact had covered her well and though Amar tried hard to see, he could not see his actions. He looked for an opening and not finding he searched for his Uncles hands which were hidden totally. He felt desperate and in the madness as he lunged forward he saw that they had moved out of the gate. At last he got an opening and what he saw in that split second got etched in his brain. His Uncle was caressing his mother's buttocks.

This was the picture which was playing in his mind when they dropped them and reached home. On reaching his room he played back all the scenes frame by frame till he could visualize his Uncles hand caressing his mother's buttocks. With this frame etched in mind and with a hard on he slept.

The next day he was woken by his mother. It was nice to see a beautiful face waking him with a cup of coffee.

'Am can you do me a favor' she asked. (She used to call him Am for Amar)

'Yes, what is it' he said taking the cup from her.

'Can you fetch few things from the market' she asked?

'Provided you give me some extra money' he joked.

'Come on Am don't blackmail me, ' she replied.

Seeing her annoyed he said 'Mom, I was joking.'

Handing him a list 'Okay get these things' she said.

'Anybody coming for lunch' he asked looking at the list.

'Your father has invited your Uncle and Aunt for dinner' she replied.

Hearing it Amar was up in a flash and when his mother turned; his eyes were again focused on her well endowed back.

By evening Amar was waiting for his Uncle. He wanted to confirm previous day's incidence. He wanted to know whether it was an accident or was it a game played. He went looking for his mother.

'What time are the guests coming Mom'

'By seven' she replied.

'And Dad?'

'He said he would join by eight' (provided he is free from his boozing she thought)

'Do you mind if I arrange the table' he enquired

'I would be glad' replied his mother.

Amar was happy to have been given a free hand. He quickly made some changes and as he looked and saw his mother decked in a brilliant color sari smiling, he felt happy. He felt happy for her.

Nithin and Naina arrived in time and as Naina went in to help his mother Mayuri, Amar sat with his Uncle for a chat. Amar watched his Uncle with a hawk's eye. He observed each and every move of his. But for a few fleeting glances at his mother he did not see anything else.

Then Dikshit, Amar's dad arrived and both the brothers having met after 5 years hugged each other and Dikshit led him to the bar where they sat chatting. Dikshit was an alcoholic and his only interest was booze and money.

Soon it was time for dinner and as his mother set the dishes she was pleased to see Amar's arrangements. The candle lit dinning table was very romantic and his seating arrangements were sensible. He had made his Aunt sit at one side of his father and on the other his Uncle. Then leaving a space for his mother he sat next to his Aunt on the round table. The space left for his mother did not arise any suspicion as it was nearest to the kitchen.

Nithin too was pleased as he had the opportunity to sit next to Mayuri his sister-in-law. Naina was also comfortably placed and Amar having placed himself in the centre was able to keep an eye on every move of his Uncle without being noticed.

As Mayuri set the table, every body took their place. Enjoying the sumptuous food everyone started chatting and soon Dikshit who was high on drinks started cutting jokes which made the environment livelier. It was during this time Nithin took advantage. On the pretext of enjoying jokes he placed his hand on Mayuri's thighs or when she got up to go to kitchen felt her back. They were light touches and so well camouflaged that even if someone saw them they would think nothing of it.

Amar had observed every move of his from the corner of his eye. At first he too thought it was accidental and on being repeated it was ascertained that his Uncle was trying to play with his mother. Looking at his mother he felt assured that she was obliging him. What would the poor thing do he thought looking at his father's bloated figure whose only interest was drinking?

Amar was so busy watching them that he totally forgot the presence of another person in the room. Naina was a woman who could pick needle from the haystack and nothing went unnoticed from her. She was quick to grasp that Amar had seen her husband toying with his sister-in-law. She thought she had to do some deep thinking about him.

Naina was keen in seeing her husband seduce Mayuri and bed her. It was their plan. She knew from the start that Amar would be a thorn in the flesh as he had grown up. She also knew that seducing Mayuri would be difficult. She knew Mayuri had shown some interest in Nithin but to bed her was totally different. She may allow him to play with her but for the final act it would need some coaxing to do and she had to find a pawn that would coax her to do it and she saw Amar as that pawn.

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