Course Change?

by Prince von Vlox

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, Swinging, Orgy, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Fifteen year-old Devlin contemplates a change in life away from swinging parties. Naturally she does so at a party.

" ... very important that you consider the educational alternatives open to you," Mrs. Carmody said. She was the Girl's Counselor and was droning on and on. "This is when you set your course in life. The choices you make will govern your life for the next 30 years."

Devlin McCabe listened with half an ear. She'd already heard that her Sophomore year. That was when she got to choose two electives. Now that she was a Junior half of her classes were electives. She'd already filled out the form and marked College Prep, and marked all of the Prep courses. But that wasn't enough for Mrs. Carmody. She still had to give everyone a lecture.

The meeting finally dragged to an end. Devlin heaved a sigh of relief, got her things and headed for the bus. Sabrina, a girl who lived just a couple of blocks from her, made a face. "That's an hour I'd like to have back. My course is already set."

"Oh? I didn't know you could make a living lounging around naked in the sun."

Sabrina, who was a nudist, laughed. "No, I'm going to take resort and hotel management. Later I'll run the place. I can be employed and naked, both."

"I'll take business courses," Devlin said. "I want a degree. That'll keep me out of the secretary's pool."

"Good luck." Sabrina glanced at one of the girls wearing a long, dark blue dress and a long-sleeved blouse buttoned up to her neck. "Some people seem destined for the secretary's pool."

"Yeah, their church insists." She shook her head. "That is so inappropriate for May."

"As if they'd know. I think they're supposed to suffer or something."

"Or something."

They rode back to Toluca in silence. Devlin fixed her mother's lunch and saw her off. Then she went over to Sue and Danny's to help with dinner. After doing her homework, she went upstairs with Danny and undressed.

"We're not going to Tim and Emma's on Friday night," Danny said.

"Oh?" Devlin wasn't paying too much attention. She had his hard cock in his hand, and was alternately stroking and licking it.

"They're remodeling. We're going to a different place instead, Janet and Frank's..." Typical of everyone in the swinging community, he used only their first names. Privacy wasn't just treasured, it was paramount.

"That's good." She could taste his pre-come fluid. He was about ready for what she really wanted. Guys, she'd learned in the past two years, really liked blow-jobs, probably as much as she liked a guy going down on her, and for much the same reason. But she liked giving them, only up to a point. When they were nice and hard she preferred their cocks someplace else a lot more fun.

"Are we leaving at the same time?"

"Same as always ... oh, do that again."

She shook her head, tossing her long dark hair back out of the way, and then teased the rough skin just under the crown of his cock, just tickling it with the tip of her tongue while her hand squeezed his balls.

"One thing," Danny said after a few seconds. "Janet and Frank have a pool, and we'll be socializing around that before we get going. The whole party will be outdoors."

That got through. "What kind of a reception?"

"Sexy. So dress as sexy or slutty as you can."

She nodded. Then she swung her leg over Danny's hip and lowered herself until she felt the head of his cock against her sex. She moved back and forth, getting him lubricated, but letting her feel his hardness. This was going to feel so good.

She impaled herself, slowly, exquisitely. "That's so good," she murmured as she slid down. She'd been having sex for more than two years, ever since she was 13, and it felt better every time.

"Ready?" he asked when she stopped moving.

"In a minute." She loved how a cock felt when it slid in, opening her, touching every raw nerve. She felt so womanly. She was doing something girls didn't, but women did. And when he was all the way in, there was nothing liked the stuffed feeling she got. All of that empty space down there was filled, nearly to the bursting point, and the slightest move rubbed the insides of her channel.

After a minute she began to move, riding up and down on his hardness. She liked to lean back, pressing the head of his cock against the front her channel. Danny grabbed her hips, pulling her down, and helping by pushing her up. Devlin clutched her breast; holding them at times like this was almost a necessity, and not because they were so big. It was times like this that made her appreciate how big her boobs had gotten. There was so much to hold, and all of that soft flesh seemed especially sensitive.

They moved steadily until she felt her own excitement start to rise. Every stroke seemed to make her hotter. She could hear the soft grunt from Danny as she came down on his hips, and the liquid sound of his hardness sliding inside her. She gave herself to it, focusing on the feelings as they grew and grew.

"I'm gonna come," she got out. "Come on, make me come!"

Danny replaced her hands with his, squeezing her, bucking up hard as she came down. All thought went away, replaced by her rising need and the urge to let go. She leaned back ... that touched something, and she involuntarily arched her back, her mouth open as she moaned. It was all too much. She hung there for an eternity, right on the edge, and then one last clever thrust, one last squeeze, and she was throbbing through her completion, wave after wave stretching her out, filling her body as the winds of passion swept her away.

She relaxed finally, fighting for breath. Danny grabbed her hips and rolled them over. Amazingly he stayed inside her. Then he started thrusting, hard.

She drew her legs up until her knees were practically even with his chest. There were times she could come again within seconds, and this evening was one of them. She squealed with delight as the bed shook, the slap-slap-slap of their bodies filled the room, and he sent her soaring over the top again.

This time he was with her, his body jerking slightly as he pumped his essence into her. But finally it was his turn to slump, to fight for breath, to grin at her as she, too, relaxed.

"You don't know it," she said when they'd both caught their breath but before he rolled away, "but you just gave me a valuable lesson."

"Oh? And what's that?"

"That there are rewards for finishing my math homework. I did, and you made me come twice."

He laughed, stirring his cock inside her. Reluctantly he pulled back, his cock slithering out of her and hanging down, looking red, wet, and forlorn. "I suppose your teachers told you there were rewards for mastering math, and see? They were right."

"I wouldn't say I've mastered it, just gotten through the homework."

"Which is nearly the same thing." He dropped beside her on the bed and drew her against him.

She snuggled against him. Only now did she start thinking about what he'd said. Dress up sexy or even slutty. She'd have to think about it, but she was sure she could come up with something.

She thought about it the next day in school. Just how did you go about dressing sexy? Well, the obvious answer was something low-cut to show off her boobs. They were a hefty C cup, and that would certainly give the right idea. And something short, a super miniskirt. If it was small enough, it could even be slutty, whatever that was. She knew the girls around her would have some ideas, but she couldn't tell them where she was going, or why. Still...

"I found an old skirt I used to wear," she said in gym while undressing to take a shower. "I held it up against me and I can't believe I wore something that short."

"When did you wear it last?" Roxanne asked. She was a willowy redhead with great legs who liked to wear skirts that showed them off.

"I was in seventh grade." Devlin drew a line most of the way up her thighs. "The hem came to here on me."

"You wore something like that?!" Roxanne, like most of the other girls in school, thought Devlin was modest and conservative in her clothes. They knew she hardly ever dated, and that contributed to it.

"Well, I was nearly a foot shorter, and..."

Roxanne smiled. "That explains it. I bet everything's grown since then." She stared pointedly at Devlin's bosom.

Devlin nodded. "Yeah, everything has, especially here. It just made me think of all the money I spent on clothes that I can't fit into now."

"Boy, that's the truth," Roxanne said. "When I was 13 I really worked to get my mother to buy me this one dress. I got to wear it once, and then I hit a growth spurt. Never could wear that thing, no matter how much I liked it."

"Yeah, nearly the same thing with that miniskirt. I really loved it, but after a bit it was too short. Plus I couldn't get it over my hips. I also found a training bra from the same time."

"Girl," Roxanne laughed, "I'd say that in your case all of that training paid off."

Devlin glanced down at her chest. "Yeah, kind of."

That gave her something to think about. When she got home she rooted around in her old clothes. Nothing fit. But she did have a black miniskirt that she thought she could alter. She spent part of the evening doing that. Sue came rolling into the bedroom while Devlin was trying it on.

"Needs shortening," Sue said at once.

"I'm not sure I could wear anything shorter."

"A miniskirt like that is like sexy lingerie. You only wear it for a short time. If it does its job, you'll be out of it in a few minutes."

Devlin shrugged. "Okay, if you say so."

Sue had her take off two more inches. Devlin felt really uneasy when she saw herself in the mirror. "You can practically see my panties!"

"Good point. Take them off."

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