Sakamoto Realties: Part 4, Haruka

by Dictionary Rainbow

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Mind Control Story: Headed off to college in the big city, Haruka asks her aunt, Natsuki, for some help finding a place to stay and finds more than she's looking for.

Caution: This Mind Control Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mind Control   Big Breasts   .

Haruka paid the taxi driver and he reached down and pulled a lever, opening the left side door automatically for Haruka. She got out and the driver pushed the lever back down, closing the door. He pulled away leaving Haruka in the strange neighborhood.

He had to have made a mistake Haruka thought. There's no way her aunt Natsuki lived in this neighborhood. She looked around at all of the signs for the various hostess bars and izakaiyas. A pair of gals walked past Haruka.

They were dressed like twins, even though they obviously weren't. They both wore hot pink heels that accentuated their fishnet clad legs. Their stockings stopped just above the knee and left ample thigh flesh visible. Their short black dresses picking back up just below their asses. The waists were held in by large gold hoop belts that actually went well with their tanning salon tans. The front of their dresses exposed ample amounts of cleavage (the taller one on the right having a bit more to expose). The fluffy tea brown hairstyle that they wore sent curled tendrils down into their breast valleys to hide a little bit and to tantalize even more. Their bronzed faces, in natural gal fashion, was adorned with way too much make up.

Haruka was both annoyed and envious of the two girls. She'd always wished she was daring enough to go for the gal look, but was too shy (not to mention her mother would kill her). For the most part, Haruka hated gals and the superior air that they always had. She didn't know where they got it from. Most of them were in the dregs of the class, few went to high school, let alone college. Yet that type of girl had always picked on Haruka. Just because they opened their legs for anything, didn't mean that they were better.

Reaching into her purse, Haruka pulled out her cell phone. She needed to call her aunt and figure out where she was. Haruka had gotten in to an all girl's school in the city that her aunt had moved to. Everyone was shocked that Natsuki hadn't been back once in the year and a half that she'd been away. As fragile and timid as Haruka's aunt was, everybody thought she'd be back in a month. When the family had learned that she'd quit her job with a week of being transferred to the big city, no one was surprised. They thought it was a sign of her running back home.

As the days went by and Natsuki didn't come back, the family started to worry. After a series of phone calls, they found out she wasn't planning on going back. Haruka was relieved, it meant she would have a relative in the city, someone to fall back on if things got rough.

The phone rang a couple of times and then her aunt picked up. "Hello?" she asked.

"Aunt Natsuki? It's me, Haruka."

"Haruka, darling! How are you?"

"I'm fine. I'm at the address you gave us, but I think the taxi driver took me to the wrong place."

"No, I see you down there. I'll be down in a couple of seconds to let you up."

The phone went silent and Haruka put it back in her purse. She stood close to the building and watched the people walking by. It was early evening and the area was just starting to pick up. Sexily dressed hostesses were making their way to work. A couple of white collars were heading into a bar. A couple of college aged boys had stopped the two gals and were chatting to them.

Haruka wondered if that's what nanpa was. Living out in the country, it was only something she'd seen on TV and in comics. Nanpa was where guys would try to pick up girls off the street and go out on the town with them. In her innocent comics, that usually meant going to karaoke together and maybe changing mail addresses. The late night news made it out to be a form of prostitution.

A large busted hostess came out of the building her aunt apparently lived in. The gals she'd been watching were wearing unusually high heels, but Haruka doubted that they could even walk in the towering stilettos that this hostess was wearing. Where the gals had used their hair to cover their cleavage, this woman practically left her entire breast exposed for the world to see. How could her aunt live in a place like this?

"Haruka!" the hostess cried and ran, jiggling, towards Haruka.

Haruka looked closer at the omizu. Was it? No, It couldn't ... could it be? "Aunt Natsuki?"

Her aunt smacked into Haruka and gave her a fierce hug, smashing her breasts into her. After a few seconds, Haruka brought her arms up and lightly returned the embrace.

"It's been ages! How have you been, dear?"

"Good, I guess. You ... wow you..."

"Look fucking great don't I? Don't you love the tits? They were expensive, but they feel so real. Here, give them a squeeze." Natsuki took Haruka's hand and put them on her chest. Haruka jerked her hand back and turned crimson. "But look at you, dressing all frumpy."

Haruka liked her Bohemian style. She was wearing her favorite flower skirt that went down to her ankles, her old Converses poking out from underneath. She wore a white top that matched and her long jet black hair hung down her back.

"What happened to you?" She asked her aunt.

"Come on upstairs and I'll tell you all about it." Natsuki took Haruka by the arm and led her inside.

The kitchen/ living/ dining room was massive. It was probably bigger than Haruka's family's house. The giant plasma TV was on an English news channel. Natsuki sat Haruka down on the plush sofa and sat next to her. She picked up the remote and turned the TV off. "Sorry, I love watching that. It helps me keep my English up and I get to keep current."

"Since when did you learn to speak English?"

"I've studied really hard this last year and a half. I've got quite a few American regulars and they can't speak a lick of Japanese. I've got some Korean and Chinese regulars, too, but my Korean and Mandarin isn't as good as my English, yet."

"I'm sorry, since when did you become a hostess? What the hell happened to you?" This was not the quite reserved Aunt Natsuki that Haruka had last seen. Last time they'd gotten together, Natsuki maybe said ten words and just nodded yes or no to Haruka's questions.

"The day I moved here. I found this perfect place to live and it was like my eyes opened. I got a job down at the Fluffy Bunny on the fifth floor. It's so great. I'll have to take you there. The girls will just love you, you're so cute."

"What [i]happened[/i] to you?"

The smile fell off of Natsuki's face. "Haruka. Do you remember how bad it was the last time you saw me? I couldn't talk to you, my own niece! I was miserable. I was a psychological mess. Now, I'm a functioning person and I'm having fun. Me! Your Aunt Natsuki is actually having fun in life. Are you saying I should go back to the way I was?"

Haruka stopped. Her aunt had just said more to her then than she probably had her entire life up to that point. Haruka looked at Natsuki. She looked healthy, she had a glow about her that she'd never had before. She looked truly happy.

"No, I guess you're right. I don't want to deny you happiness, I just wish, well, that you could find it some other way."

Natsuki just laughed. "My dear, you're still young. You'll understand one day. Anyway, congratulations on getting into college. Are you going to live in the dorms?"

"Actually, that's one of the things I was hoping you could help me with today. Since I'm coming from with inside the prefecture, I was turned down for the dorms. Do you think you can help me find a place?"

Natsuki put her hand on Haruka's arm. "You bet I can. I know the perfect guy. He's just the most amazing guy and one of my best customers. He found me this place on the first shot. In fact, if he can't find you a place in one go, he'll pay the deposit money no matter where you rent from."

Haruka grimaced. There was no way any reputable place would have such a deal, but then again, if her aunt went there ... Haruka looked at her aunt's deep cleavage. Then again if her aunt went there... "I don't know, it's kind of late. I was hoping to stay the night and we could get to it early tomorrow." And not go to that sketchy place you're talking about, Haruka didn't say.

"Nonsense," Natsuki said as she pulled out her phone and hit one of the speed dial functions. "Akiko? It's Natsuki. Hey! How are you doing? That's great! Listen, my niece is in town and ... my niece. Niece. My sister's daughter. Yeah. Haha, no it's ok, I know how it goes some days. Anyway, my niece ... sister's daughter, got in to the local college ... Yeah ... That's ... I'll tell her. Anyway ... uh huh..." Natsuki rolled her eyes at Haruka and made gesture with her hand suggesting that the girl on the other end was blabbing away.

"Akiko. Aki-chan! Sorry. So, my sister's daughter is looking for a place and I was wondering if Ken-chan was around. He is? Good. Could you ... Yeah we'll be there in 10 minutes or ... okay. I'll see you then." Natsuki ended the call and then hit another speed dial.

"Hey, Fuyumi. It's Nat-chan. I need to run down to Ken-chan's office. Have one of the boys come around to pick me up." Natsuki snapped her phone closed and set it on the table. "Our ride will be here in a minute. Would you like anything to drink while we wait? Wine? Beer? Cocktail?"

"Umm, Aunt Natsuki, I'm only 18. I don't turn 20 for another full two years."

Natsuki waved her off. "You sound so much like how I used to be. 'Don't drink under age.' 'Don't be a hostess.' 'Don't show your tits.'" Natsuki walked into her kitchen and pulled out a bottle of champagne. She filled two glasses and walked back to the sofa where Haruka sat.

"Drink this. It's the best stuff my place sells." Natsuki forced the glass in Haruka's hand. Haruka moved to set the glass on the table but a look from her aunt stopped her. Haruka slowly lifted the glass to her lips and took an almost unmeasurable sip. The few bubbles that made it into her mouth tickled her tongue. Haruka winced at the alcohol flavor.

"Pretty nice, isn't it?" Natsuki asked. Natsuki herself had already finished half the glass and had put it on the table. Haruka put hers next to it. She nodded her head yes, unable to voice the lie.

"We'll have to take you shopping while you're here, get you some nice clothes. Get some style or something going on."

"Thanks, Aunt Natsuki, but I kind of like the Bohemian look."

"Don't be ridiculous. That style went out before your mother was born."

"It's kind of making a come back."

"Yeah, among fashion-senseless slobs." Before Haruka could respond, an annoying pop tune started blaring from Natsuki's cell phone. She picked it up and flipped it open. "Hello? You're downstairs? Okay, we're on our way down."

Natsuki stood up and stretched her back, thrusting her mammoth chest forward. Haruka thought that the seems of her dress would burst. Haruka stood, too. She was glad that the ride was there. She didn't know how much longer she could handle being around her new aunt. Haruka was happy for her aunt. Natsuki had always been so miserable, but this new person she'd become ... Haruka had a hard time dealing with that type of person.

Going to the entrance way, Haruka slipped into her Converses and her aunt slipped into a pair of obscenely tall high heels. They rode down the elevator in silence and when they stepped outside, Haruka jumped back in surprise. "Aunt Natsuki, there's a yakuza over there."

Natsuki looked at where Haruka gestured. A young man stood leaning forward with his hands on his knees, legs spread slightly apart. The back door of the black BMW he was next to stood open. Natsuki laughed. "That's just Kota-kun."

"Osu!" Kota grunted at the women. He stayed in his bent over position. Haruka looked at him warily. Natsuki walked past him and got into the open car door.

"Come on, get in," she told Haruka. Haruka slunk by the bowing yakuza and slid in after her aunt. Kota closed the door behind her and got in the front.

"Aunt Natsuki, why do you know yakuza?"

"In my line of work, I'd know them anyway, but Kota-kun works for my friend Fuyumi. I met Fu-chan through Ken-chan. She used to be one of the higher ups of one of the families before stepping down to become Ken-chan's maid." Haruka was scared about the man they were going to see. What sort of real estate agent had yakuza maids?

Haruka rode in relative silence. Natsuki rattled away next to her, mainly going on about Haruka's sense of style and occasionally about college. Haruka gave the appropriate responses when necessary, but didn't add anything to the conversation.

At last, Kota pulled the car up to a building, got out, and opened the door for the girls. Haruka got out and looked at the drab building they were stopped in front of. There was nothing about the building to call attention to it over the other surrounding buildings, but this one had a sense of foreboding.

"Thanks, Kota-kun. Feel free to swing by the club tonight. The first hour's on the house."

"Thank you, Miss Natsuki. Will you be needing me any more or should I go back?"

"I'll get Ken-chan to take me back after he takes Haru-chan to her new place. I haven't seen Aki-chan in awhile and I was thinking about helping her file."

For some reason, upon hearing this, Kota turned red. "Very well, ma'am." The young yakuza got back in the car and drove off.

Harkua was annoyed that her aunt had assumed that they'd find her a place immediately. Even if they did find something she was interested in, Haruka wanted to check out other places before committing.

Natsuki lead Haruka into the small entrance way and pushed the elevator button. "I know what you're thinking. What a dump, right? I thought the same thing myself when I first came here. I only came because of Ken-chan's ad that said he'd pay the down payment for your place no matter what, if you didn't like the first place he showed you."

"I know, you told me."

"I know. It's just that you didn't seem that impressed before, so I thought I'd say it again."

Haruka didn't respond. The elevator finally arrived and the two girls squeezed in. The filthy elevator was too tiny and Haruka could feel Natsuki's fake tit pushing into her arm. To make things worse, the elevator reeked of tobacco.

"I keep telling Ken-chan that he should move his place out of this office. I hate this slow dirty elevator. No matter how many times I come here, I can never get use to it."

Natsuki wasn't exaggerating about it being slow. It took almost two minutes to climb the three stories from the ground floor to the real estate office. Finally, it let them out in a beautifully cleaned, well lit office space.

I ditsy looking girl saw them get out of the elevator. "Welco..." The ditz cut herself short as she saw Natsuki and started squealing. She held her hands in the air and bounced out from behind the counter, and over to Natsuki. Even if the girl had walked, her massive chest would have giggled and bounced. When the two older women smashed their breasts together, Haruka wasn't sure who's was bigger.

"Nat-chan! I'm so glad you made it. Sakamoto-san was saying we should close up shop for the night, but I kept telling him you were on the way. Oh? Who is this is this your ni ... ni ... sister's daughter? She's lovely, even if she is a little frumpy. She reminds me of you when you first came to us. Is she as shy as you are? She seems to be, she hasn't really said anything. Kind of a quiet one, huh? Well, that's okay, we can't all be talkers like me." The girl giggled and Natsuki used the pause to interject.

"Aki-chan, can you go get Ken-chan?"

"Sure thing!" Akiko bounced away.

Natsuki turned to her niece. "Lovely girl, even if she's not all there."

"Everyone would seem quiet compared to her. I thought she'd never shut up." Haruka wasn't really joking but Natsuki still laughed.

A moment later the bimbo returned with an unsightly man. The remaining hair on his balding head was plastered down with sweat. His well pressed coat and pants glowed in contradiction. He had an aura of slobbery, but it was hidden by a facade of cleanliness. His pants struggled to contain his waistline as much as Natsuki and Akiko's tops strained against their respective bust lines. Surely this wasn't...

Natsuki's eyes lit up. "Ken-chan!" she cried and bounded over to the short round man. She kissed him on one of his puffy cheeks and draped herself on his arm. "Take care of my niece, here. She's looking for a nice place to live while she's going to college."

Sakamoto undressed Haruka with his eyes. "What's a nice thing like her want to waste her time with school for when she could be out having fun?"

Anger seared through Haruka's veins. Before she could say anything, Natsuki playfully slapped Sakamoto. "Stop it with your bad jokes. They'll be lost on her."

"Who said I was joking?" He asked, then burst out into laughter. "Kidding, kidding. American humor."

"Ken-chan be serious!" Another slap. "I'm going to take Aki-chan here into the back and help her with some filing. Be nice to Haruka. She's sensitive."

"You're going to file with me?" Akiko said.

"I love filing with you." Natsuki took Akiko's hand and lead her to the back. The two girls disappeared around the partition and Haruka was left alone with Sakamoto.

He walked forward and held out his hand. "Kenji Sakamoto at your service."

Reluctantly, Haruka took his hand and shook. "Ouch!" she cried and jerked her hand back.

"You okay? I didn't shock you did I?"

"No, I..." It felt like her hand was on fire. Her right hand burned. She held it up and looked at it. It wasn't red, but it looked, browner than before. She held up her left hand to compare.

"Here, let me see," Sakamoto said and took her left hand.

"Ouch!" Haruka pulled her left hand back, it too felt like it had been seared. She held them both up an they both had almost a tan color to them.

"I don't know what's wrong. I'm terribly sorry. I must have worked up a lot of static or something. Please, sit down."

Haruka sat in the chair that Sakamoto pointed to. He sat behind the counter across from her. He folded his hands together and smiled at Haruka. "So, give me an idea of what you're looking for."

"I did a bit of research on the internet before I came down today, and I was thinking that something on the south side of campus would be nice. It's a little further out from the city and I thought it would be quieter out there. Plus all the places I looked at online, stuff in that area tended to be cheaper."

Sakamoto laughed like Haruka had just told him the funniest joke he'd ever heard. "So you're a cheap one, huh?"

"Excuse me?"

"Rent, you're looking for a cheap one."

Haruka wasn't sure if she was offended or not, but his laughing and Natsuki's comment about his bad jokes made her decide to forget it. "Yeah. I'm just a college student. My parent's are helping out with the tuition, but I have to pay my rent myself and I don't want to work that many hours."

"You should ask your aunt for some help. She's loaded."

"I would hate to bother my aunt like that."

"Nonsense. She'd love to help you. I know the perfect little place on the castle side of campus that's..."

"No way! That's way to close to the center of town and the nasty love hotel district."

Sakamoto sat back in his chair and folded his arms across his chest. "Don't you want to even give it a look?"

She didn't really, but her aunt had gone through the trouble of setting this meeting up, so she might as well humor the guy. She could always get some other agent to take her to the south side tomorrow. "Fine."

"Good, let me go get the keys." Sakamoto got up and walked to the back side of the office.

"Aunt Natsuki?" Haruka called out.

A few second later, Natsuki's head appeared from the other side of the partition. Her hair was slightly messed up and her lipstick was smeared. "What is it, baby doll?"

"Umm ... Sakamoto-san and I are going to go look at a place. Are you going to come?"

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