Brandy and Moonlight at the Company Christmas Party

by Honey Moon

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Hermaphrodite, Science Fiction, First, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Sarah Paling thought she was alone in the world as a fully functional hermaphrodite. When a beautiful coworker discovers her secret and turns to blackmail, Sarah never suspected that this would turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to her! Who could have foreseen where they would end up or what precious gifts would be exchanged at the company Christmas Party!

Author's note: Although this story has been written as a 'stand alone' work, you may find parts of it to be quite strange if you haven't read "Teachers Lessons 02". My weird sci-fi imagination should in no way distract from the story! Merry Christmas!

Sarah Paling sat quietly at her workstation, and carefully soldered a connection. Still, as she worked, she listened to the talk around her.

"He thought buying me dinner entitled him to me as desert." Brandy laughed. "I'm not that cheap!"

"Sure you are girlfriend." Misty giggled. "Look at how you dress."

"Hey, I dress to impress. Is that a problem?" Sarah glanced over as Brandy sat up tall, her ample assets straining mightily at her sheer silk blouse. She quickly looked back at her own work as her coworker continued. "Besides, my price is non-negotiable. The wedding ring has to be on my finger before any guy can hope to get more then a hand job from me!"

"Behold the Virgin Ice Queen!" Misty announced in mocking cultured voice. "You better watch your step. Someday you're going to run up against someone that thinks no means yes!"

"I can take care of my self." Brandy snapped. "Besides, I gave him a rub-off through his pants, and he was so embarrassed when he jizzed himself, he dropped me right off at my house! I can handle guys!"

"What about oral?" Kathy chimed in. "Give a good BJ, and you can keep, um, a guy interested for ages!"

"Spit or swallow?" Brandy asked curiously.

Kathy was blushing when Sarah risked a quick glance. "Well, it just doesn't seem friendly to just spit it out after what you did to get it. Besides, protein is good for you."

Misty glared at her. "Like you only give oral. I happen to know that you screw like a bunny on EVERY date! One kiss on the nape of the neck, and you're on your back with your legs spread wide in three point two seconds!"

"I just can't help myself." Kathy giggled nervously. "Thank God for my diaphragm!"

"There is that." Misty allowed. "You would look adorable with a big belly though."

"Are you kidding me?" Brandy looked smug. "The only contraceptive I need is to keep my legs closed! No guy gets my cherry until I get a wedding ring on my finger! Then and only then will I let any man make me a mommy!"

Misty laughed. "Get real! Condoms and diaphragms have saved me from unplanned weight gain more times then I can remember!"

Sarah noticed that for some reason Kathy blushed at Misty's bold endorsement for barrier contraceptives. She felt her own face grow hot, among other things, and went back to her work. Brandy shook her head. "Why not go on the Pill, if you two are set on screwing around? It's much more effective after all!"

Misty rubbed the back of her neck in obvious embarrassment. "There are actually two reasons. First off, the pill doesn't seem to work on us, um, me. Second, I'm not dead set against having a baby. It sort of adds to the thrill just knowing that maybe the next time I screw, will be the time something leaks and a few sperm get through."

"That's how I feel!" Kathy blurted out. Sarah couldn't help noticing the looks Misty and Kathy exchanged after that. Maybe they both wanted to be the first to get their boyfriends to knock them up. It made Sarah feel warm just to think about her coworkers racing to see who would have a baby first!

"How do you feel about it, Sarah?" Misty asked hopefully. "You have opinions on everything from global warming to how Oprah never picks anything you want to read for her book club. We never hear from you on the really important issues though, like sex and babies."

Squirming in her seat, Sarah tried to come up with an answer. "W-Women look their, um, sexiest when they're pregnant!" she blurted out. "I, uh, I'm all for sex, babies, and blowjobs too!" Oh hell, she hadn't quite meant to say that! She clapped a hand over her mouth, trying to suppress a serious case of the giggles.

"Uh hem!" All four women looked up as their boss; Amanda Montgomery stepped into the room. "Ladies, please try and keep the talk at least rated PG 13 during office hours." She smiled. "I think all this frank talk sent Sarah into shock, poor thing. Sarah dear, I hope you aren't letting these loose women corrupt you."

Sarah looked up and managed to get herself under control. "It's okay. I, um, I found it very educational." She said with what was probably a dopey grin on her face.

"Still, this is a place of business." Amanda turned and gave Brandy her patented 'Boss' look. "Miss Cognac, what have I said about proper work attire?"

Brandy grinned sheepishly. "I know, but I did dress properly. The hem of my skirt is three inches below my knees!" She stood and did a slow twirl. Snow white blouse and navy skirt did look business like, if you ignored how sheer the blouse was, or that the snug clingy skirt didn't flare out at all as she spun. If it wasn't for the slit that ran daringly up her right leg nearly to her waist, she would have to hobble around the office like Morticia Addams.

"I'd call that proper for dancing all night at a club." Amanda sighed. "Please at least button a couple more buttons, and in the future, think about wearing something other then a black lace bra under so sheer a blouse. Just because there are no men here, it doesn't mean you dressing like a bimbo isn't a distraction."

"Yes ma'am!" Brandy muttered, while she buttoned two buttons. It covered her impressive cleavage, but seeing how the buttons strained against their load was every bit as titillating.

Amanda shook her head. "For goodness sake, just put on a lab coat. If you take a deep breath you'll pop a button and put out someone's eye!" With a sigh, she continued. "Must you keep wearing those hooker heels? You're a tall girl, you don't need any help. Besides, I keep getting complaints from maintenance about the dimples you're making on every hard wood floor in the building. Brandy, don't make me have to warn you again. Do you understand?"

"These aren't hooker heels." The statuesque blonde muttered while shrugging into a lab coat. In a typical Brandy maneuver, she picked one that was rather too tight over her impressive chest. These buttons too, were hardly up to the challenge. "Four inch heels are quite modest, I'll have you know!"


"Yes mommy!" Blue eyes opening wide, Brandy's face grew quite pink as Misty and Kathy giggled at her little matriarchal slip. "I mean, yes ma'am!"

Sarah gulped, and got shakily to her feet. Luckily nobody seemed to pay her the least bit of attention as she scooted self-consciously off to the lady's room. The five foot tall woman didn't even glance at herself in the mirror as she darted into an open stall. What was to see, after all? She kept her long red hair up in a rather severe bun, usually with a pencil or two stuck in it. Her glasses gave her a rather owlish look she actually thought would keep men from being interested in her. She didn't even use make-up. A light dusting of freckles was all that adorned her face.

The twenty-two year old woman didn't comprehend a simple fact of current society. The nerd girl look was in. Her glasses, hair style, and rather plain no-nonsense business attire had all the guys on the train she rode on her commute day-dreaming about the quiet little redhead who tried to so hard to hide her good looks and excellent figure under big glasses and frumpy clothes. She would be panic stricken if she knew just how many male fantasies she'd been starring in these past months since she started using public transportation. Sarah may be a virgin, but she knew one thing for sure. She had not the tiniest flicker of desire to be bedded by a man!

Sarah unbuttoned her skirt and stepped out of it. She carefully hung it on the hook on the stall door, to prevent unsightly wrinkles in the fabric. She primly hung her lab coat over it, before slowly pulling down her plain white granny-bloomers. Sarah sighed as the bane of her existence sprang up to slap at her tummy. "Oh God" she whimpered. "I'm harder then ever!"

The little redhead truly loved working in the Bio-Dynamic Industries Unit Sixteen lab with her four beautiful co-workers. That was the problem. She loved it too much! Engineer Amanda Willow, the woman who hired her, was terrific! In her mid sixties the woman still had a body a twenty-year old would be proud of. Her stunning beauty made Sarah think of her as a serious MILF! That coupled with her no nonsense leadership abilities, and her kind caring personality made her someone Sarah really looked up to. Usually while trying hard to fight down an erection, though. Sarah secretly thought that the way her boss kept her hair cut close to her skull, and the woman's lovely dark skin, made her look like an African Princess.

Kathy Peterson was just nice. The brunet always seemed to have a smile on her face. The twenty-five year old was always working out, and had a body that showed it. Kathy often complained that her butt was too big. Sarah didn't think so at all! That gorgeous round bottom had invaded her dreams on many nights! It secretly thrilled Sarah that Kathy was so worried about what people thought of her bottom. If only she had the nerve to say what she thought about that perfect hiney!

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