Invasion of the Sex-droids

by aubie56

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Robot, Humor, Violent, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: This is kind of a "Mars Needs Men" type of story. Android #217 was designed for one purpose: to extract semen from human males to determine if they were suitable donors. She concentrated on the worst of humanity, since she assumed that no one would care about the loss of rapists and murderers. This is a record of her adventures. After all, one way or another, Justice will be served!

Jake Witherspoon was the first human to see the alien invaders. Of course, at the time, he did not recognize them for what they were. Jake was the jock of all jocks at his high school. He was the starting quarterback for the varsity, he was the point guard for the varsity, and he was the star pitcher for the varsity. Oh, and he was so handsome, the girls would swoon if he just smiled at them. Jake's problem was that he knew all of this and took full advantage of it.

On top of everything else, Jake's father made so much money that there was no way the family was going to spend it as fast as he made even more money. Oh, well, everyone has his cross to bear.

As a token of this vast wealth, Jake drove a classic Mustang convertible. The car was bright red with red upholstery, all the better to hide the occasional drops of virgin blood dribbled on the seats. By the time every one of the best looking girls in the high school had ridden in the car, Jake had fucked them—that was a condition of having a date with Jake and getting to ride in his car. Of course, Jake never used "protection," and that was why the local office of Planned Parenthood did such a thriving post-coital business.

Jake encountered the alien invader as he was driving home from an afternoon baseball game in which, naturally, he was the winning pitcher and the DH with two home runs. There were no females in the car because Jake was storing up for his date that night with the head cheerleader. She was what might be called Jake's "main squeeze," if he had one. He had fucked her more often than any other girl, but that did not mean that he had any feeling for her. She just had an educated cunt and was in love with Jake. Jake did not share the feeling, but didn't want to ruin a good thing by telling her that.

The first invader he saw was in the form of a blue-eyed blond who made the cheerleader look like a stray dog! She, for lack of a better word, was dressed in the minimum bikini and was carrying a blanket. She was walking toward the lake where the youth of the community liked sex, swimming, and sex. As soon as he saw her, Jake went into autopilot. Here was a delectable female in the proper age range that he had never before fucked, so he just had to sample the merchandise.

Jake rolled to a stop beside the young woman and offered her a ride in his most suave manner, namely, "Hey, Honey! Want a lift?" No girl had ever turned him down, so he was confident that this one would be no exception. The girl never said a word, she just tossed her blanket on the backseat of the Mustang and stepped over the closed door to take a seat beside Jake. Jake nearly had a heart attack when she did this, because her bikini slipped to the side as she slung her leg over, and he got a full flash of her pussy. The flash was so complete that Jake could see that she did not even keep a "landing strip" worth of pussy hair to conceal her beauty.

Something very rare for Jake, but he needed a full 15 seconds to recover enough to drive toward the lake. Of course, he never expected to get there. Jake had a special, private make-out spot that none of the other denizens of the high school ever dared to penetrate without a specific invitation from Jake. Therefore, Jake knew that it would be clear, and there would be nothing to inhibit his inevitable conquest of this no-doubt tasty pussy and everything that went with it. Hell, the woman was even providing the blanket for the extra-auto activities!

They arrived at the parking place, and Jake smoothly shifted into full seduction mode. That involved grabbing the woman's right tit and pulling her over close enough for a deep French Kiss. The girls Jake dated were already primed for his attentions by then with a flood of pussy juice flowing and nipples standing at full attention. Therefore, Jake had never had to develop any subtlety in his approach; in fact, he was used to fighting the girls off while he took his time feeling them up. Though the woman did not know Jake from Adam's off ox, she did not object to what Jake was doing, so he never got suspicious. Jake just assumed that his manly charms had already overpowered any resistance the woman might have had.

Jake continued to kiss the girl whose name he had never bothered to ask for. He slipped his hand under her bikini top and deftly flipped it up and off both her tits with one smooth and well practiced motion. Her tits were magnificent C-cups, and her nipples were standing out like the telegraph poles they were, advertising the fact that she was hot to trot. Jake couldn't resist and immediately began sucking on her right nipple, as that was the easiest one to reach as he leaned across her chest.

Meanwhile, with his usual concern for the girl's feelings, Jake had pushed aside her bikini bottom so that he could reach her pussy. He pinched her clit hard enough to make a normal woman scream, but all this woman did was open her legs even farther in invitation to Jake's exploring hand. Without further ado, Jake slipped two fingers into the girl's cunt and began searching for her G-spot. Even Jake knew that a fully aroused girl was a better fuck every time.

Jake pushed himself higher and higher on the arousal scale without paying too much attention to the woman with him. By this time, his dates were already begging Jake to fuck them, so he was not surprised when the woman reached into the backseat for her blanket. She opened her door and pulled Jake with her out onto the ground.

With a sure and practiced shake of her hand, the blanket was unfolded and lying in perfect position for use as a platform for fucking. It would have been amazing to a disinterested observer as to how fast she had Jake out of his clothes. Somewhere in that time, her bikini had also disappeared, so the two naked participants were ready for what they both wanted.

The alien invader lay on her back and raised her knees to exactly the proper angle to accept Jake's average size cock. Jake always thought of himself as on the large side of normal because the girls often raved over how big he felt when he penetrated them. Actually, it was only the virgins who said this, but Jake's ego ascribed the comment to all of the girls he had fucked. The virgins had nothing else to compare him to, so his cock did feel like it was extra large to their inexperienced cunts.

Jake slid his cock into the alien's cunt with his usual disregard for letting the woman adjust to his penetration. He reveled in the feel of the very tight tunnel he was forcing himself into and to the squeals of discomfort from the women he penetrated. Jake really had no interest whatsoever in whether or not the recipients of his cock enjoyed it or not—they were just supposed to be grateful for the attention he was deigning to show them.

The alien was well indoctrinated into the way a normal woman would react to what Jake was doing, and she followed the programming to the letter. She groaned in the right places and moaned at the right times, so Jake was never tipped that he was fucking something other than a normal human female. The alien even faked an orgasm when Jake finally squirted his jizz into her cunt. Jake pulled out and noted that the woman was a better fuck than he normally encountered, but he did not speculate beyond that.

Jake rested a few minutes before getting dressed, as was his custom, so the alien had plenty of time to do what else she was programmed for. Central Control, I have succeeded in extracting semen from the test subject. It is now being processed and analyzed.

Very well, Android #217, don't let him escape while we are studying the results of the analysis ... Excellent, Android #217! This is exactly the type of male we were looking for. Ship him to us for further processing.

The alien android removed a large plastic bag from a hitherto hidden pouch inside her body and slipped it over the sleeping form of Jake Witherspoon. She touched some buttons on a control panel that unfolded from her wrist and Jake simply disappeared. A few moments later, Jake's body reappeared in the same plastic bag, but this time there was no sign of life.

The alien placed the lifeless body in the driver's seat of the classic Mustang, started the engine, and drove it into a tree hard enough to shatter the front of the car and to cause a fire which almost completely consumed the body that had once represented Jake Witherspoon. Android #217 replaced her bikini and folded her blanket in preparation for hunting up another sample of the human male for processing.

Meanwhile, back at Central Control, the real Jake Witherspoon was undergoing processing by his captors. He was restrained within some sort of field that had complete control of his voluntary muscles, but allowed his involuntary muscles, such as his heart and lungs, to continue operating in a normal manner.

To Jake, everything was completely silent, though a lively conversation was going on about him in a mental barrage. Well, Annor, what do you think? Did we find a suitable subject for the breeding program?

Absolutely, Bilnor! This one is perfect. He has very active sperm, so our females should be able to produce a lot of offspring from him. The tests run by Android #217 showed that he has excellent DNA for our purposes. The restraining field is holding him very well, so we should be able to extract every bit of the semen that he can produce without needing any voluntary input from him. That electric jolt through his testicles every six hours should make him ejaculate everything that he has produced since the previous jolt. If we are lucky, he should produce semen for the next 30 or 40 years.

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