Susie and the Twins Part 2

by mattwatt

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Incest, Mother, Son, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Susie's life continues to be exciting and erotic, as her twin sons take over more and more.

"Come here! Come to Momma!"

They slowly walked across the room, and smiled s she said to them:

"No one's angry here; only lovers here! You take those clothes off and come to bed with Momma. We'll sleep here tonight, and you do what you want to do! You're Momma's boys and she's gonna give you whatever you want, just whatever you want."

She knew her boys; she knew their moods; she knew the way that they thought and Susie knew that the remorse of their words was as true as possible.

The sense of gratification on their faces, the love that they showed was enough to make her decision to say what she said the right one; she was sure of that.

They did what she said, shedding clothes and heading for the bed where she waited for them, warm, naked and loving. She pulled them in around her, with her between Donnie and Ronnie.

"Come to Momma, my loves!" she said softly.

"We love you, Momma," Donnie said.

"Yes, Momma, we love you," Ronnie echoed and she held her arms up and out.

They understood and she gathered her big boys into the circle of her arms. She had Ronnie's head on one side and Donnie's on the other. She moved her hand just a little on one side and pushed her nipple toward Ronnie's mouth. He took it and sucked eagerly, giving her a motherly and a sexual feeling at the same time. Then she did the same with Donnie, and all was contentment.

Susie had no illusions at all about this. She knew her boys, and she knew that the future, with what they had begun, and she had agreed to, was going to be an explosive one. The very thought, though, made her smile. She liked the idea, liked it very much.

But right now, right then and there it was calm. They were calm. She had surrounded them with her love, and the scene was a very peaceful one. The nipple sucking stopped after a few minutes and the three of them drifted to sleep.

Susie woke up at one point and was amazed, and happy to feel the naked body of Ronnie on one side of her and Donnie on the other.

She woke later and looked into the bright, shiny eyes of Ronnie, who was looking at her in the night.

"You're beautiful, Momma," he said.

"Thank you, honey," she replied, and she knew that something was coming.

"Did you mean what you said?" Ronnie asked softly.

"Yes," came the voice from the other side of the bed, "Did you mean it, Momma?" Donnie asked.

"Yes, my boys, my loves," she said softly to them, "I meant it. Your father doesn't care at all any more; I don't know why but my boys do! And I'm gonna do whatever you want."

"You don't know why?" Donnie said and snorted. "The best tits 'n ass woman in town!"

Susie hooted and said: "Better than Nancy?"

Ronnie answered: "We'll do some research soon and get back to you on that one!!"

"Hooligans!" she complained, and then it was quiet for a bit. But after a bit of lying there in the dark, Ronnie took her hand and pulled it down until it rested on his stiff cock.

"Ohh!' she said, as Donnie did the same thing.

"Hooligans," she said. "What now?"

"You!" Donnie said.

They both got up then and moved her.

"What?" she asked. "What do you want?"

Ronnie was sitting cross-legged on the bed at the foot of the bed and Donnie was behind her.

"Get your head down by Ronnie, in his lap," Donnie said, "And get your ass in the air!"

"Oh dear!" she said, getting into the position required. "Head near--no, in Ronnie's lap, ass in the air! Yes, masters!"

"Good, behave and obey, Susie!" Donnie said, slapping her ass.

There was a loud crack, when he smacked his Mom's ass and it was followed by a loud squeal of pain/sexual energy/emotion.

"Hey, man," Ronnie said, "I liked that smacking sound."

Donnie slapped her ass again. She moved it to get it out of the way.

"Get back here, woman," Donnie said, and pulled her by the hips to get her ass back to where he could hit it, although, when he got her into position, he bit her ass. Susie whooped at that.

"What the hell are you guys doing?" she complain, through her laughter.

"Playing with our Susie!" Ronnie said.

"Slapping Susie's ass!" Donnie said.

"That wasn't slapping, buster, that was biting!" Susie complained.

"Oh, you mean like this?" Donnie said, biting her ass again. Again she whooped and collapsed in laughter.

"Okay, I give," she said getting into the position that they wanted. "Do what you want! Your slave is ready!"

Ronnie immediately grabbed her by the back of the head and brought her face into his lap, and presented his erect cock to her, now, open mouth.

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned, "My Ronnie tastes good."

Then she let out a piercing 'eeeeeek', as Donnie found his way, with his tongue to the entrance of her pussy.

"Momma makes nice noises!" Donnie said.

"My boys know how to treat Momma right!" she remarked

"By the way, Susie, when does Herb 'the I' come back?" Ronnie asked.

"Day after tomorrow," she answered and pumped Ronnie's slimy prick with her hand, as she spoke. Then she moaned again at Donnie's licking and tongue insertion.

Donnie lifted his head and said: "Then we'll have to make tomorrow count!"

"Got that!" Ronnie said. Then he, having a bright idea, remarked:

"Hey, Susie, call Nancy and tell her what you're wearing and what you're doing."

"I can't!" she complained, "She'll be in bed with her husband!"

"Rats!" Ronnie said.

She went eagerly back to her cock sucking and then her breath 'wooshed' out of her, when Donnie snuggled up to her and inserted his cock into her pussy. They began to fuck her in earnest then, Ronnie in front using her mouth and Donnie behind fucking her pussy.

She accompanied their efforts with constant moans and groans. After a bit, Donnie said:

"Switch, bro?"

"Cool," Ronnie remarked, and they switched with Donnie plugging his cock into Susie's mouthh and Ronnie fucking her from behind. When they were finished, and both had cum, both of them 'decorating' their Momma with their cum, Susie lay back and was exhausted by the session that they'd had.

Donnie went away and came back with a warm washcloth and towel for her.

"Thank you, sweetie!" she said.

"Thank you, Momma," Donnie said, and took the towel and wash cloth back to the bathroom.

The three of them snuggled down again into bed. The boys moved in for a hug from their Momma again and she gave each of them a kiss.

"I love you two so much!" she said, "Even if you are a hand full"

"And a mouthful," Donnie said.

"And a..."

"Yes, I know," Susie said, interrupting Ronnie and hugging both of them, while the three of them laughed.

They did settle down then and the three of them slept.

She was the first one up in the morning. She went downstairs to make them breakfast. She knew them well enough to know that the smell of the food would bring them.

She also, as a surprise for them, wore only slippers and an apron. She was cooking, when a sleepy voice from the doorway said:

"Well, look at our Susie! What the heck must 'the I' be thinking about?"

It was Donnie talking and then Ronnie's voice chimed in:

"Just gorgeous! Momma, terrific tits 'n ass!"

"Language!" she said over her shoulder.

"Sorry, ma'am," Ronnie said then, and she laughed.

"Let's get her!" Ronnie said then and she spun around to face them.

"Turn back to your cooking, woman and just ignore what we're doing," was Donnie's order.

Susie giggled and said: "Yes, master!" She did in fact turn back to the stove to get their breakfast ready; they liked large breakfasts.

"More like it," Ronnie said, and now the two of them were directly behind her. He began to run his hand up and down her sides, and she became jumpy. The more nervous she got, the more both of them were poking her in the ribs and running their hands up and down their sides, tickling her.

She finally, laughing hard enough to disturb her breakfast preparations, spun around and said:

"If you don't stop that I'm not only going to ruin your breakfast but also pee myself!"

She got a stricken look on her face immediately and, holding her hands out to ward them off said:

"I didn't say that! You didn't hear it! You will not, I repeat, will not tickle me and make me pee!"

The look on their faces was ferocious!

"Remember," she said, "No breakfast!"

"She's getting serious now," Ronnie said, and Donnie agreed.

"Okay," Donnie said, "No tickling. You just do your job there, getting our breakfast ready and ignore us."

"Agreed," she said, and then felt one of them put a hand on her ass.

"No fair, guys!" she said.

"No, it's no tickling, everything else is fair! Cook and we'll play!" Donnie said.

"Hooligans!" she said and went back to cooking, and trying to ignore the hand playing with her ass cheeks.

She did fairly well until one of the hand's fingers delved into the depths of her ass crack.

"Ohhhhh!' she said.

"Cook the bacon, Susie!" Ronnie demanded only to let his own hands stray into the hair of her pussy.

"Cooking the bacon ... ohhhhhhhhhhh!" she sighed, being played with both fore and aft.

But then the hands withdrew. She was disappointed but drew a sigh of relief and went to the eggs next, only to sense that Donnie was kneeling behind her.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she yelled as he bit her ass and proceeded to lick at her ass crack.

Then Ronnie was in front and was licking at her pussy.

"Guys, breakfast, it'll be ruined!" she moaned.

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