Nancy, Would You...?

by NaughtyPine

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Brother, Sister, Cousins, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: After losing his virginity to his sister, Dave finally gets to make love to his girlfriend Nancy. This is a continuation of "Dave would you...?"

Dave Betterman woke up Friday morning with a stiffer than normal morning erection. He had been having a wonderful dream involving his girlfriend, Nancy, and his sister, Amy. The three of them were naked in his parent's big bed. He had been lying on his back eating out Nancy while Amy bounced up and down on his cock.

His sister's tight pussy squeezed his cock in a most delightful way. Huh? His sister's pussy was doing what? As he slowly gained consciousness, his mind flashed back to the previous evening. Did he really lose his virginity to his little sister? His cock twitched involuntarily as he mentally replayed the previous evening.

He had come home after JV football practice with aching muscles. His parents left for a Rotary dinner and Amy had suggested a soak in the hot tub. He had been enjoying the heat when she climbed in with him, naked. Amy had persuaded him to take off his Speedo and soak naked with her. She stared at his six-inch erection while he stood in the water before asking if she touch his cock. Amy was tentative at first but gradually became bolder. As she investigated, she began jacking him off very slowly. When he told her that he was going to come, she surprised Dave by taking him in her mouth before swallowing his cum.

Amy told him that her breasts were sore and asked if he would massage them for her. Dave was floored. While his mind was still reeling from her request, she had told him that it was their mom's idea.

Amy sat in his lap and he gently massaged her small, firm, yet growing breasts before fingering her until she came. Later, they had taken each other's cherries on his bed in a tender face-to-face fuck. After showering and sharing a pizza, they tried several other positions finishing with a doggie-style fuck. Dave's hand moved down to his morning woody and found it still sticky. 'I guess I did, ' he thought.

Knowing that he would have to shower and get dressed quickly, he headed into the connecting bathroom that he shared with Amy. She was getting ready for her own shower. "I have to shave, save me some hot water."

"If you hurry up you can join me. I'll be happy to help you wash," she said turning on the water. Dave only had to shave every other day so it didn't take him long to join his sister.

She had her eyes closed and was working the second shampooing into a rich lather when he stepped behind her and ran his hands around to cup her breasts. Amy murmured appreciatively, pressing her butt back into his erection. "You were wonderful last night," he said.

"So were you. I'd like you to do that all day but we need to get a move on or we are going to be late for the bus." Reluctantly, Dave got on with his own washing-up. While he was lathering his own shampoo, he felt his sister's soapy hand wrap itself around his cock. "We have to make sure that this hunk of meat is nice and clean. It wouldn't do for Nancy to taste my pussy on your cock."

Dave's cock was back at full attention in a millisecond. 'Damn that feels good, ' he thought. Unfortunately, Amy only stroked him for a few seconds before finishing her own shower.

While they were drying off, Dave asked her, "Are you going to the game tonight?"

"I'd like to but I'm not sure I can get a ride. I don't think that mom is going and dad left early for Raleigh." The game was at Williamston, about fifteen miles away.

"Why don't you ride on the bus with the team? There is always plenty of room."

"That would be great. You should ask Nancy to come along too."

"Good idea."

Dave spoke with Nancy at lunch. "Nancy, would you like to ride with me on the JV bus for the game this afternoon?"

"Sure, let me check with my mom." She called her mom and got permission.

After the game, Dave got a shower and joined the girls in the stands at halftime of the varsity game. The JV team had won handily but the varsity lost a heartbreaker 17-14 on a last minute field goal.

After the game, the girls excused themselves for a potty break before the ride home. Dave took care of his own business and waited for the girls to come out of the bathroom. When they got to the buses, they were in for a shock. The varsity bus had broken down and they were going to have to cram everyone into one bus.

Since the JVs were already there, they piled on the bus first and grabbed the back seats. Some of the players and cheerleaders were able to get rides with parents or friends but there still weren't enough seats for everyone. Nancy stood up and told Dave to slide over by the window. When he did, she flipped up her skirt and sat in his lap. It happened so fast, Dave wasn't sure if he saw any panties or not. Amy quickly took Dave's place on the outside of the two-person seat. Seeing what Nancy was doing, some of the other girls took the opportunity to sit in their boyfriend's laps as well. Eventually they got everyone onboard and the equipment stored under the bus.

Dave wrapped his arms around Nancy and copped a quick feel of her left breast. He was surprised that he didn't feel a bra. Nancy always wore a bra. Her mom checked before she went on a date and again when she came back. "Amy and I had a long talk during your game."

He was glad that Nancy couldn't see the shocked look on his face. He shot Amy a disbelieving glance. Nancy twisted so that she could speak into his left ear. "She told me told me how kind you were to help her out last night. I think it is sweet that you would help her. I'm sure it was awkward for you but you're a good big brother."

Now Dave was truly confused. His cock had hardened when Nancy first sat in his lap but wilted fast with his girlfriend's revelation. "I was hoping you would get your hands on me during the ride home so I took off my bra in the bathroom."

Dave's cock started to harden again. "In fact, I want your hands on me so much, I took off my panties too." Now Dave's cock hardened in earnest.

"You mean you're not mad?"

"Why would I be mad? I told you that I thought it was sweet. I wish I had had you around when I was going through my period of rapid breast growth. My boobs hurt all the time for about four months. If she needs your assistance in the future, I want you to help her." Nancy could feel Dave's prick poking at her bare bottom.

"I'll be happy to help you with any problems that, ahem, come up." She wiggled her bottom to make her point.

"In fact, my parents are going to be gone all day tomorrow. Would you like to come over and hang out? I have a surprise for you."

"What kind of a surprise?"

"If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise. You'll just have to wait and see."

Dave's mind was awash in a sea of thoughts as to what the surprise was. Were they going to have sex? They had discussed it many times but they had to put it off because she wasn't on the pill. Amy didn't want him to wear a rubber for her first time and she didn't want to take any chances with getting pregnant. She also wanted her first time to be in a bed and not the backseat of a car.

They had never been able to be alone together long enough during any of her 'safe' times. As a result, they had to wait to be able to make love for the first time. Nancy was mindful of her boyfriend's needs and didn't want to leave Dave with blue balls. Nancy had willingly jacked him off. She learned to suck him off and was getting good at it, not that it had ever been bad.

While he thought, Dave continued his gentle massage of Nancy's left breast. He remembered all the times she had willingly bared them for him. He never tired of the sight and taste of her dusty-red nipples. Nancy's nipples were somewhere between the size of a pencil eraser and a dime and seemed perpetually stiff. He thought about how much she liked the touch of his fingers and how she liked his mouth even more.

He was brought back from his woolgathering by Nancy taking his left hand off her breast and placing it under her skirt. Dave quickly looked around to see if anyone else on the bus could see what he was doing. Amy had turned in her seat to block the view from across the aisle. He could see that Rod Davis, their fullback, was busily fondling his petite girlfriend, Samantha. Sam was one horny little pocket rocket. She may have looked like a little girl on his lap but she definitely had big girl desires. How she was able to take Big Rod's big rod in her mouth, pussy, and ass was a mystery to everyone. Nevertheless, take it she did, and as often as she could.

His furtive looking about had not deterred him from cupping Nancy's mound. She was hot and wet. Nancy always seemed to secrete a lot of girl lube. Dave never had a problem sliding his finger into her grasping entrance. Many times, he had licked his fingers after fingering Nancy and liked the sweetness and 'fresh girl' smell. After tasting Amy yesterday, Dave could hardly wait to swipe his tongue through Nancy's slit and get it fresh from the source. 'Maybe that was the surprise she spoke of, ' he thought.

In the process of cupping Nancy's pussy, his hand had pulled her skirt up enough that Amy could see what her brother was doing. The sight made her pussy leak. She was glad that she had put a panty liner in after Nancy told her what she planned to do.

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