Sheryl's Story
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, True Story, Gang Bang, Group Sex, First, Masturbation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sheryl feeling unloved by her parents finds romance and a wonderful introduction to the joys of sex with him. He is her sole mate, and is devastated when he is killed in an industrial accident. With his death she turns to quantity rather than quality. She is used and abused until she finds the strength to break away from her downward spiral. She meets a man twice her age who is married to a girl her own age. In him she finds the sole of her departed lover.

Always an outsider, or at least that's how I saw things as I was growing up. Unlike my older brother Paul, who our parents seemed to dote on. An unseen barrier appeared to be between us, a barrier that had existed from my earliest childhood memories.

The question of why they treated me as they did had me curious. It wasn't until I was sixteen, that quite by accident, I discovered the reason. I was not their daughter. I was my mother's daughter. Dad had contracted mumps soon after my brother was born, which left him sterile and disinterested in bedroom pursuits. Mum out of desperation took an occasional lover, and as a consequence of one of her dalliances, became pregnant with me.

The knowledge helped a little. Things began to make sense. Not being of dad's blood, emotionally he kept his distance, although in his own way I guessed he loved me. To mum, I was a constant reminder of her carelessness.

I didn't make things easier. With their apparent lack of feelings towards me, for self-preservation, I distanced myself. My brother Paul, un-aware of my roots, treated me as any older brother would treat his sister. He constantly teased me, offering me to his mates for dates, aware of my embarrassment around boys.

His friend Scott was different. Tall, blonde, with an athletic physique and sparkling blue eyes that gave the impression, he was always happy. He and Paul had gone to school together, and now worked for the same firm. For years, he was like a part-time brother.

Scott's parents had died in a car accident, and he'd been living with his Aunt. Now she too was dead, leaving him without family, living in rented rooms not far from our place. Through his friendship with Paul, he'd adopted my family as his own.

We were growing up. Now I blushed every time he called in. He and Paul delighted in teasing me. For Scott though, the way he looked at me was no longer brotherly, his teasing had become a reason to touch. I was thrilled when he did, but my shyness soon had me running to the safety of my bedroom. To lie panting on my bed, trying to understand my runaway emotions.

With time, things changed. My shyness vanished, as did the need to hide from him. Now I let Scott hold me when he grabbed me, and it was his turn to become bashful, not quite knowing what to do with me. I guessed he was in the same quandary I'd been earlier.

With mum and dad away on one of their frequent trips, Paul took advantage of it and had an almost constant stream of friends visit, some with girlfriends, some without. Those without were the one's, he tried to get me interested in. I was, but knowing what they expected, and my growing feelings for Scott kept me saying no.

Paul's bedroom got a workout when his friends called. The constant comings and goings of couples, never gave his bedsprings time to cool. Paul, with his latest conquest, really tested its metal.

One day, returning from shopping, I saw his car in the driveway. He had gone to pick up his girlfriend Sue, and now he was back. I didn't have to be very bright to know what they'd be doing.

After putting the shopping on the kitchen table, I went to the lounge room door. A surprise greeted me. There was Scott in a recliner, his eyes closed, while he played with himself. My first reaction was to scream at him to stop it, and put himself away. But I didn't. I went to walk away and leave him to finish what he'd started. But I didn't. The fascinations of seeing him do it held me there. For the first time, I saw an erect penis in all its grandeur.

"Nice?" I asked as he opened his eyes.

"Oh, shit." The shocked look on his face when he heard my words, made me smile. That and the hurried way he put himself away, something that almost caused him some damage.

Watching him relieve himself removed the barrier that had been holding me back. "I wasn't meant to catch you doing it was I?"

"I didn't know you were home." He got up to leave, his face crimson with embarrassment.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have watched, but it is the first time I have seen it done. Paul does it, but he thinks I don't know."

Scott became even more flustered, looking at me, wondering how he could escape. Masturbation was not something that came into his usual conversation.

"Would it surprise you to know some girls do it as well?"

"Do you?" He asked hoping attack was his best defense.

"Sometimes," m reply shocked him as much as it did me.

Why was I being so forward? Was I just stirring him for all the teasing he had given me over the years? I thought not. What I had seen had triggered something. The fact h mouthed my name as it happened meant he was thinking of me. That thought delighted me.

With our embarrassing conversation at an end, Paul came into the room, followed by his sheepish little friend, both still flushed from their exertions.

He looked at the still flustered Scott, then at me, wondering why the pregnant silence. "Having some time to yourselves I see."

A million smart comments went through my mind. Luckily, I kept them to myself. "Yes" the best I could manage, and then left the room to put away the groceries.

With Scott and Paul working together, it was natural they shared the driving. Every second week Scott would pick Paul up, always coming in for a coffee before they left. I hated him seeing me in my school uniform. It made me look drab and unappealing. Not exactly the way I wanted him to see me. Other times I tried to look at my best, hoping he would ask me out. The more I thought about what I had seen, the urge to be with him gained impetus.

With mum and dad out of town, the house reverted to a drop in centre. As most of Paul's visitors were old enough to drink, from Saturday afternoon it turned into a party. Again, his bed became the centre of the couples' attention. I often wondered if his mattress would hold up under the constant use. Scott was with us, although keeping his distance. I guess he was worried I would say something about what I'd seen. He needn't have though. While the sight was always on my mind, I would never have said anything to embarrass him.

Ten o'clock and things quietened down. The boys with girlfriends were leaving, after having slaked their immediate lust. The ones without, decided they would go looking, on the off chance, they could find a girl of their own. By ten thirty, there was only Paul and his friend Sue, Scott and I in the house. I knew where Paul would disappear to, the moment he could.

"Can I get anyone a drink?" I asked as I went into the kitchen.

"I know. I bumped one of the glasses, and it went all over me. I'll have to change."

Standing in my bedroom, I stripped off the damp clothes, wondering what I could put on. Leaving on only my panties and bra, I looked in the wardrobe. Skirt and top seemed logical. While putting on my top, I noticed my bra was wet, so off it came. I could have put on another, but decided against it. Tonight I was going to make Scott pay for the years of teasing.

Returning to the lounge, I found Paul and his playmate had vanished. "He's left you alone again I see."

His eyes took in the clothes I was wearing, his tongue subconsciously licking his lips. "Yeah, I really should be going."

"No, stay and talk to me. Would you like another drink?"

"One more, then I really should go."

"Okay, I might have one with you seeing Paul will never know."

I went back into the kitchen and poured us a drink. As I placed the glasses on the coffee table, I made sure my top gaped open. His sharp intake of breath as he saw what I offered was a pleasing sound.

"What do you think they're doing in there?" I asked as we sat and sipped our drinks.

"I think you know what they're doing."

"Yeah, I guess I do. Do you do it?" My question caught him off guard, and he spluttered in his drink.

"No, not yet."

"Me either."

We sat quietly, Scott's eyes roaming over my body. Casually, I parted my legs and gave him a glimpse of my scantily covered crutch. He'd been hard from the time I came in with the drinks, now that area had taken on a life of its own, moving uncontrollably in his trousers.

"It looks as though part of you wishes it was in the next room."

"Yeah, I have to go before I do something silly." He stood, preparing to leave.

My heart sank. I had pushed him too far. "No. Stay. I don't want you to go."

What did I want? This had gone beyond teasing. The poor chap was in full lust, and I was being cruel. "You could always do what you did the other day, and I could watch."

"You really didn't mind. You know what I was thinking about when I did."

"Yes I know."

"And you don't mind."

"Sort of flattering and sexy."

"I'll do it if you will, we can watch each other."

That was something I hadn't expected. My fingers were no strangers there, but to show him was something different. Even so, wasn't I asking him to do it for me? My heart beat faster and I became clammy at the thought. Countless feelings ran through my mind. For the first time since puberty, I would be showing myself. As kids, Paul and I played Doctors and nurses, but as we got older, we stopped that little game.

My own desire was beginning to take hold. "Fair's fair I suppose."

Somewhat shyly, Scott took himself out, stroking it the moment it was free. "Your turn now," he whispered, barely able to speak.

As I slid down in the seat, my skirt rode up, my feet on the coffee table, exposing myself. Scott stroked faster as his eyes took in the delights, I was almost showing him. My fingers moved between my legs, moving aside the last of the covering. He smiled as he saw it, his hand moving faster as my fingers worked between my already slippery folds.

As a finger moved inside, it became too much for him and his built up desire flowed freely from him. With his urgency sated, I stopped what I was doing, and handed him some tissues.

"Was that nice," I asked as he put himself away.

"A little too nice. Would you like to do it if there is a next time? Would you like me to do it to you?"

"Yes, and yes." I hadn't thought about my answers, but to touch him there, and for him to touch me, was something I wanted. I couldn't wait for the next time we could be alone.

Paul with his little friend in tow, joined us. He sensed the change of mood in the room, but said nothing. He looked at Scott. "Are you ready for home?"

I got up, stretched and yawned. "It's my bed time as well." Scott shot me a quick smile, knowing the job I had to finish.

For the next two weekends, mum and dad stayed home, giving Scott and me little chance to be alone. He called in as usual, to see Paul, but it was different now. Gone was the teasing, as was the brotherly warmth, replaced by something deeper. We knew it, and it was obvious Paul noticed the difference, but being a good big brother, he said nothing.

My girlfriends from school were always around, mostly to see Paul and his friends. Giggling when he or they looked at them, and then rushed to my bedroom to talk about what they were like. Who they would like to go out with. What they would do if they had the chance.

I knew enough about sex to tell from their talk which of them had truly taken the final step, and who said they had, but in reality, hadn't. The majority though, just wished.

It was during these girly talks I found out what boys liked. For now, orgasms were only something they read about in girly magazines. I was lucky; I found I could do it myself, although it wasn't something I wanted to share with them.

With the anticipation of what I was going to do, I thought it was time I began grumbling to mum about my period pains. Not that I had any, but schoolyard gossip had it that the Doctor would put me on the pill to stop them. All through our sex lectures at school, they rammed home the point of using condoms. That thought seemed gross.

The mother daughter chat went off without any problems. Mum perhaps sensed the real reason for the request. Bless her, she didn't say anything. I an an inappropriate pregnancy in the family would be too much.

With mum and dad out of town again for the weekend, by late afternoon we were having another party.

Scott was hovering over me, attending to my every wish, flirting with me. His attentiveness wouldn't go unrewarded. Each look and gesture excited me.

As before, I drank a little alcohol when no one was looking, making sure not to have too much. Tonight I wanted to feel relaxed, but still in control of my emotions. This was a step into the unknown.

Paul and Sue had been going steady for over a month, something of a record for him. This one was nice, and from the sounds that came from his bedroom, she must be a real performer. Tonight I suspected she would spend the night with him.

What about Scott. His car was in for repairs, and Paul had brought him over. Surely, Paul wouldn't get out of bed to drive him home. I guessed he would have to sleep on the couch.

With the last of the guests out of the way, Paul, with a knowing smile, disappeared to his bedroom.

I looked at Scott, giving him my best sultry grin. "I guess that's the last we see of him for the next couple of hours."

"I guess so."

Now I needed to display my wares to this hunk of manhood. "Would you like me to go and change out of these jeans?"

His eyes wandered over my body, lingering on my breasts, and for a moment, between my legs. "If you'd feel more comfortable."

I made it to my bedroom, my heart pounding, the fire in my belly now an inferno. I'd been looking forward to this for three weeks, but now doubts began to creep in. Would Scott be happy doing what we said we would? Would he want me to go further? What if I wanted more?

My clothes, including my bra, ended up in an untidy pile on the floor. The skirt I had worn the last time we were together seemed inappropriate, perhaps something shorter tonight. As I wriggled into the skimpy thing, my breasts moved enticingly, something I knew Scott would appreciate. I put on the most revealing top in my wardrobe, hoping he'd take advantage of what was on offer.

With a racing heart, I went back into the lounge and sat down, the coffee table between us. As planned, the almost nothing skirt rode up, exposing my thighs, and if I didn't keep them together, my panty covered crutch as well. Poor Scott, he was almost drooling, his eyes darting from mine, to between my legs, then to my breasts. He was hard before I left the room, but now he seemed to have taken on even greater proportions, and it seemed to be alive.

We seemed to be stalemated. "Would you like another drink?"

"Yeah, one more. Do you still want to do it?"

I looked back at him as I reached the door. "Do you think I'd have dressed like this if I didn't?"

"I thought you might be teasing."

"No more teasing. Unless it leads to something better of course."

'One small step at a time', I said to myself as I poured the drinks. 'Tonight we'll just do what we said we would.' Already I knew it wasn't going to be enough. I wanted him, but not tonight.

Returning with the drinks, I went to sit beside him, but he stopped me. "Sit where you were, I like to look at you."

Why not, I liked it when he ogled me. I could almost feel his fingers following the course of his eyes, leaving goose bumps in their path. The funny thing was, to this point, we had never touched in an amorous way. He hadn't even kissed me. That was something I was looking forward to.

I did as he asked, being none too ladylike when I did. My legs parted as I leant forward to get my glass, which caused my top to balloon open. Again, the sharp intake of breath when he saw what was on offer, rousing us both. When would he move on me? I was ready, and from what I could see, he was more than ready. Stalemate.

I picked up the empty glasses and took them to the kitchen. I needed to get away for a moment. If I had stayed, I might have done the unladylike thing and jumped on him. He was supposed to be the predator. I was his prey. Surely, I'd done enough to show him how willing I was. But still he sat. Only his eyes and the swelling in his crutch showed interest. How to speed things up. My breasts were almost uncovered, and he could see my pink panties, what more could I do. Then it came to me, and I removed my knickers. If the sight of me naked down there didn't stir him into action, then nothing would.

The moment I sat down, I had his attention. His eyes riveted between my legs. "See something you like?" I asked somewhat innocently.

"I haven't been playing the game right. Have I? Would you like to come and sit with me?"

That definitely was not the brightest question Scott had ever asked. I had all but thrown myself at him. Now things were moving in the direction we both wanted. I became nervous. The questions I'd had in the kitchen came back. Would we be able to do what we said we would? What would I do if he wanted, or even demanded more? In this, he was still an unknown.

As I sat, he moved closer, his arm going around my shoulder, gently drawing my trembling body to him. His hand tilted my head back, and he looked into my eyes. His laughing eyes weren't laughing now. They showed tenderness and longing, the dark blue pools drawing me in. Our eyes still locked. Our lips met, tenderly at first, then firmer as our passion flowed. My arms pulling him to me.

Our kiss became an oral assault, each vying to give and receive all we could. As his fingers began the delicate job of undoing the few buttons that had kept my breasts covered, my excitement surely outweighed his. My lips urged him to hurry. The first touch of a hand other than my own sent warmth to my belly and I felt my excitement flow.

Scott stopped for a moment. "Paul won't come out?"

It seemed to take ages for me to get my tongue working, and my breathing under control. "Not for ages, listen to them. They can't get enough of each other."

"I'd hate him to catch me groping his sister."

I snuggled into his manly body, urging him to continue. "You grope away. I like it."

Surprisingly, Scott knew exactly how I wanted to be touched, where to touch, and for how long, before finding another place I liked. I glanced at the surging thing in his pants, wondering if I should touch him. His head moved to my breasts, his hand gently supporting one, his nose nudging the erect nipple, then the warmth of his mouth as he took it in. If I thought I was in heaven before, now I really was. He was exciting my nipple, yet the feeling had centered much lower. I wanted him to touch me there. I wanted to touch him. To at least in part, give him the pleasure he was giving me. My hand went to his crutch, and for the first time I felt the harness of him. The thing in my hand stirred, pushing against my palm. I felt its strength and the urgency in it.

"Take it out for me," I whispered.

Without relinquishing his sucking hold of my nipple, he got himself out, his hand guiding mine to the throbbing thing. This was what I wanted, yet a mixture of anxiety, lust, fears and desire swept through my mind. I was going to touch him. Do what I'd seen him do.

Then it happened. I was touching it, my hand wrapping it in its warmth. It twitched, and then relaxed a little, content to be held, throbbing eagerly. I was surprised at the heat, the hardness, how wet the head was, the softness of the skin, its inherent power. Slowly, I began to stroke it, Scott moaning quietly as I did. The hand on my breast moved, relinquishing its hold, beginning the journey to where I wanted it.

No words were needed. We knew what we wanted, and the slow pace was perfect, enabling us to take pleasure in each new and exciting step.

He touched me. His fingers searching between my folds, probing for my pleasure centre. I slid down, my legs parting. My skimpy skirt riding up around my waist. Hands that seemed to have a mind of their own pulled his head harder to my breasts. Gone was the need for tenderness, my more base desires were now coming to the fore. Scott followed my lead and became more forceful, only his searching fingers still gentle with me.

God how I wanted him. I wanted him to go all the way. I wanted to feel the wondrous thing in my hand force its way into me. I wanted to feel the exhilaration of becoming a woman. 'Not tonight, ' a voice said. 'Not tonight. You knew this would happen. Not tonight.' Oh how I wished that voice would shut up. Yet I knew it was right, I hadn't been on the pill long enough to let him. The thought of covering the wonderful thing with a condom was not what I wanted. I wanted to feel him inside me, not some manufactured protection.

As my willpower weakened, the thing in my hand began to pulse, and then with little warning, my hand flooded with his slippery nectar. His fingers took on new life as it happened; finding just the right place, helping me join with him in the pleasure of orgasm. The two of us struggled to curbed the urge to cry out with the magnificence of it.

Gradually our ardour cooled. What I had in my hand, had no resemblance to what I had in it earlier. Then we kissed. Our second kiss was as far removed from our first as it could possible be. Gone was the awkwardness, the lust and the longing, replaced with love and tenderness.

"Bathroom for you my boy."

Without bothering to try to put him away, we made our way to the bathroom. With the door shut, I dropped to my knees, sponging away the leftovers of our brief time together. With him clean, on impulse, I leant forward and gently kissed it, then felt its softness against my cheek.

"You had better not do that again. It might come back to life."

I looked up at him, wondering if he was right. Out of devilment, I kissed it again, then stood and kissed his lips.

"I should go and change before Paul catches me dressed like this."

"At least put your knickers on. He might get suspicious if he saw you without them." Then changing the subject. "Would you like another drink?"

"That'd be nice. Something to help me sleep." I walked to my bedroom to change, putting on what I'd worn earlier.

Scott and I sat as we had been earlier in the night, opposite each other. Gone was the awkwardness. We talked about his work. We talked about my schooling. What I wanted to do after I left at the end of the year. The friends we had in common.

Then Paul came in. "Oh, good you're still up."

He was wearing his dressing gown, and by the way he held it, I could bet that was all he was wearing. Sue followed him, wearing his spare. She held hers the same way, and I knew she was as naked under it as he was.

"Would it be alright if Sue stayed the night?"

"What am I? Your mother? If she wants to stay, then she stays."

"Yeah, but you wouldn't say anything?"

"Of course not. What about you Sue, do you want to spend the night with my big brother?"

She looked up at him. Besotted with the hunk of manliness. "I'd like that."

"What about you Scott, will you be okay sleeping on the lounge, or should I take you home?"

"I couldn't possible drag you away from Sue, now could I. What sort of a mate would I be if I did?"

"I'll get some blankets and a pillow."

With Paul fussing around getting Scott's bedding, I looked at Sue. "Can I get you a drink?"

"Love one, he makes me thirsty."

"I suppose he'd like one as well."

The ever-attentive Scott came to help me. "Bugger, now I'll be serenaded by those two all night. There's no way that brother of yours is going to let an opportunity like this go begging."

"Or her. She likes it as much as he does."

"And you? Do you think you'll like it?"

I looked into his beseeching eyes, holding his hand, knowing he wanted me the same way I wanted him. "I know I will. I wanted you when we were alone, playing with each other. I want you now. After my next period, we go all the way."

Scott smiled at me, and I saw the love in his eyes. Yes, he would wait; he would wait until it was time. A time I hoped in the not too distant future.

"Best we take the drinks in. We don't want Sue dying of thirst." That broke the intimate mood.

Paul was fussing around making Scott's makeshift bed, Sue helping him.

With the drinks in hand, we found a seat, Scott and I sitting together. Sue sitting in the chair I usually sat in. As she picked up her drink, she crossed her legs, and for a moment, I saw I'd been right, she was naked under the gown. I had the briefest glimpse between her legs, the sight sending a burst of warmth through me. She blushed when she knew I had seen her most intimate part.

There was no conversation, just four people sitting having a drink, a feeling of awkwardness in the room. Paul broke the mood by taking Sue by the hand, leading her to his room. "See you guys in the morning," his final words as he closed the door.

"It's late, I should be going to bed." I said as I stood.

Scott stood with me, immediately wrapping me in his arms, his lips seeking mine. "It's going to be a long night."

I stripped and got into bed. I was happy, I was sad. Every emotion imaginable ran through me. I wanted to laugh, I wanted to cry, and I wanted Scott. Oh, it would be so easy to go to him and not bother waiting. 'Not tonight, ' the voice kept repeating, 'not tonight.'

An hour later and my bed was a mess. I had been tossing around so much the sheets were tangled, the quilt on the floor. 'Is this what love does to a girl, ' I wondered. 'I wonder how Scott is sleeping.' I put on my dressing gown and went to the lounge door. He looked uncomfortable, his feet hanging over the edge, most of his blankets on the floor.

"What are you doing up," he whispered.

I moved into the room and knelt on the floor. "Couldn't sleep."

"Me either."

I leant over and kissed him, rekindling the smouldering fire inside me. God how I wanted him. "Would you like to come to bed with me?" a voice I didn't recognise said.

"But what if... ?"

"You won't, I think we know how we can please each other, other than that way."

He looked at Paul's door. "But... ?"

"I don't care if he knows, he'll never say anything. He can't, seeing we know he's got Sue in there."

I stood and let my gown come open. Scott was off the lounge in an instant, his arms around me, holding my nakedness against him, his lips searching for mine. They met, and what began gently, soon became passionate, open mouthed, our tongues vying for each other.

"Come," I said as I led him to the place no male had been.

With the door closed behind us, I dropped my gown and stood looking up at him. The little light coming in my window doing nothing more than highlighting my feminine curves. That and the hardness that had formed in his boxer shorts. I felt him, as again his arms wrapped around me. Stroking it, feeling the renewed power, feeling it slide in the confines of the silky material.

"I think you know where to put those," nodding to his shorts as I lay on the bed, making room for him.

We lay together, our arms around each other, feeling the warmth of our naked bodies, the desire slowly building, silence our companion. Our lips and fingertips doing our talking. I pressed him against my belly, and he began a slow wonderful thrusting. My hand and belly soon wet with his excitement, doubling the sensations he caused. Two in a single bed didn't allow much movement, and he was having trouble getting his fingers where I wanted them. His mouth though had plenty of room, and he was soon sucking and nuzzling my breasts and nipples. The fire in the pit of my stomach now an irrepressible yearning. I wanted more.

I turned on my side, moving up the bed a little, as I did. The thing in my hand didn't miss a beat, nor did it, when, still holding it, I allowed it to slide between my legs, the tip nudging my clitoris. For now, we were happy.

Without warning, Scott began thrusting harder, and I felt the warmth of his seed flow from him. "Shit, sorry."

"Don't be, it's nice," I said, and meant it.

Unlike before, this time he didn't subside, and he kept going, pushing further back, getting close to where we both wanted him. True to his word, he made no effort to enter me, content to keep doing what we had been. Confident now he wasn't going to do anything silly, I took my hand away and allowed him to continue.

Again, with little warning he erupted, covering me with his offering, this time taking me with him. His thrusting slowed, and then stopped as he began to soften, but left it where it was.

"Surely the real thing can't be better than that." He managed to say as he gasped for breath.

I grasped him tight between my thighs. "We'll know soon enough."

Now began the oral assault, words of endearment flowing freely. Our fingers never still, finding places the other liked. For me having his mouth on my breasts was great. For him it was my long nails gently scratching his back and buttocks. Sleep, the last thing on our minds.

"I really should go back out on the couch," he said but made no move to leave me.

"No, stay, I'm sure there's more in there." That was when I felt the first glimmer of new life return. I was thrilled.

Doing nothing to encourage the mindless thing, we went on kissing and cuddling. Scott hardened, but he didn't seem to notice as he teased my nipples, the head was at my opening. His mouth and tongue heightened my ardour; in my mind, we were taking the final step. In reality, all I had to do was push against him and his journey would begin, and once begun, it would continue. Then the voices, 'not tonight, not tonight.' Scott must have heard them as well; he stopped what he was doing, and after an involuntary movement forward, moved it away.

I hugged him tighter than I had been. "Oh I so want it in there," I whispered.

"I know. So do I."

I needed to change position, but didn't want him to stop what he was doing. "Cuddle me from behind," I said as I turned my back to him.

With the change of position, Scott was unsure what I wanted, but cuddled me anyway. My hand guided him back to where I wanted him. He'd made a mess there and I loved it. His first forward thrust almost undid our resolve, penetrating me a little, but then with a change of position, he went back to what we'd been doing.

On into the early hours of the morning we kept at each other, climaxing time after time, with neither of us worrying where he spilt his seed.

Scott was still asleep when I awoke, his once persistent manhood lying dead between my legs. I turned and kissed him awake.

"You'd better get out of here before Paul catches us."

"I thought I'd been dreaming," his first words to me for the day.

"No dream, lover boy. Move, I need to shower.

I felt good after our night together. Scott had been the perfect gentleman, as well as the perfect lover. We had been to places we thought impossible. Next time it could only be better.

Standing alongside my bed we kissed leisurely, our naked bodies pressed together. I put on my gown and Scott found his hastily discarded shorts, and then walked out hand in hand. Me to the shower, and him to find his clothes and get dressed.

Bad timing had Paul and Sue coming out of his room at the same time. Paul looked at us, a frown on his face. "And what have you two been doing?"

"Not the same as you, if that's what you mean."

Our demeanour didn't fool him for a moment, he knew where Scott had spent the night. When in doubt attack. "I'm still a virgin if you must know. Scott is a gentleman."

Now it was Paul's turn to look flustered. "Yeah, well, it isn't any of my business, but..." He left it there, he knew I was old enough to look after myself, and he trusted his friend.

I showered. Scott found his clothes. Paul and Sue got us something to eat. The moment I came out, Sue bolted to the bathroom. Poor thing, she probably needed the shower as much as I had.

After eating, Paul went to shower. Scott excused himself and went to pack up the bedding. Sue looked at him, then at me. "How could you spend the night with a hunk like him and not do anything?"

"I didn't say we didn't do anything, just that we didn't do that."

"Didn't you want it?"

"Oh yes, I wanted it, I still do. We both do."

Sue looked at me, a puzzled frown on her face, but left it at that.

With the bedding folded, and Paul out of the shower, Scott went in to clean himself. Paul picked up the bedding, and said as he passed me. "I guess we won't have to make up the lounge when he stays over. Seems he had a ready made bed."

His grinning face soon changed when I gave his backside a good slap as he passed. "Ouch, that hurt."

"No more smart arsed comments about Scott and me. Okay?"

From that day, our feelings for each other were on show to all who saw us. Scott was calling in more often than he had been, always attentive, and always with a glint in his eye.

The sight of us together always brought a smile to mum's face. Probably remembering herself at my age. Dad didn't smile, he probably remembered the feelings, but was no longer able to do much about them.

My period came and went, but mum and dad stayed close to home, giving Scott and me little chance to carry out my promise. Somehow that didn't seem to matter, each day we found a new way to express our feelings. Dating became the accepted thing, but never on school nights of course. Even being asked to join Paul and Sue on their dates. Paul and Scott's friendship reached a new level, and many times, they went off to do boy things. This left Sue and I time to get acquainted. Surprisingly, I found we had a lot in common. Not just the usual boy stuff, but also our ambitions in life, even getting down to discussing the number of children we wanted. This of course was great, but not the thing that was foremost in my mind.

Scott and I could have sneaked off and done the deed in the back of his car, or other places that gave us the privacy we wanted. But that would have meant hurrying, and most would have been uncomfortable. Even the thoughts of doing it in my bed seemed less attractive, the cramped space restricting our actions.

Of course, I knew the perfect place. Mum and dad's bed. I smiled when the idea came to me. We could give it the workout it hadn't seen for years. Besides, the thought had a revenge feel to it. Payback time.

My talks with Sue had me prepared for what it would be like, and with that in mind, I began planning my strategy.

When I first mentioned my idea about using mum and dad's bed to Scott, he seemed reluctant, but with a little encouragement, he saw the benefits. I wondered if Paul would crack the shits at the idea. It was okay for him; he already had a double bed in his room.

With only a week to spare before my next period, mum and dad decided a weekend away would be good. Unlike their usual absences, this time, they were leaving on the Friday afternoon, and wouldn't be back until late Sunday. My insides felt as though it did a back flip when I heard their plans.

Two whole nights with my wonderful Scott. One as a girl, the next as a woman. At last being able to enjoy each other the way we wanted.

I caught Paul smiling at me when he heard the news. He knew what was going to happen, and he seemed pleased. I was going to commit myself to his friend. I guess the thought of having Sue with him for the weekend may have added a little something extra to the knowledge.

Paul and I were standing at the kitchen sink, doing the evening dishes, something we rarely did. It was Thursday night and mum and dad were packing.

"Would you crack the shits if Scott and I used mum and dad's room?"

"Time to do the deed is it?"

I nodded my reply. Blushing. This was not something usually discussed with your brother.

"You love him, don't you?"

It wasn't something I'd thought about, but he was right. Through our adolescent years, Scott and I had been falling in love. All the teasing had been nothing more than covering our growing feelings.

"I guess I do. Silly isn't it?"

"Not really, I've seen it coming. You use any room you want, you deserve some happiness."

I looked up into his caring eyes, and then kissed his cheek.

"You and Scott use the ensuite." He said. "Sue and I will use the other bathroom. That should do away with the possibility of any embarrassing encounters."

"You like her, don't you."

"Yeah, she nice, and she has an appetite to match mine."

"I know, we hear you."

That got one up for the little sister. Poor Paul didn't know where to look. He had no idea Scott and I had been listening to their activities. He finished what he had been doing and left the kitchen, still blushing.

Sleep didn't come that night. The excitement of the next two days keeping it at bay. I had to admit to a little anxiety as well. From what Sue had told me, the first time was not always that pleasurable. I knew it would be though, Scott would see to that. Although in this, he was as innocent as I was, but he was patient, and I knew he wouldn't do anything to hurt me.

Morning came. I didn't want to see it. Now I was paying for my sleepless night, but then brightened up. Today was the day.

I learnt nothing at school, the teachers' voices nothing but a series of monotone mumblings. It didn't matter, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and my world was perfect.

Bugger, Paul and Scott were home from work and I was still in my uniform. The school couldn't have picked a more unflattering design if they'd tried.

After a heart felt kiss, he stood back gazing at me. "You look..."

"Like a schoolgirl, and a not very attractive one at that in this stuff."

"I like schoolgirls."

I smiled at him. "You had better cut that back to the singular if you know what's good for you."

He grinned, "I think the uniform is great, it keeps lecherous eyes off you."

"Yeah, but you are biased, you know what's under it."

Paul, who had overheard some of our conversation, made his excuses, saying he would go and pick up Sue.

I took Scott's hand and led him to my bedroom. "I would like you to help me pick out what to wear for you tonight. Then you can help me make the bed."

"Your bed is already made," stating the obvious when he entered.

"Oh we're not sleeping in here. We are going into mum and dad's room. More comfort in there. We will take off their bedding and replace it with clean stuff. Sunday afternoon we'll remake their bed and they'll never know."

"But what about Paul?"

"He gives us his blessing. We use the ensuite and he and Sue use the other one."

While this interchange had been going on, I had removed my school clothes, including my mandatory knickers and bra. "Now then kind Sir, what do you think I should wear?" I was standing in front of him, hands on hips, my legs slightly spread. I was sure he didn't hear the question, because I was soon wrapped in his arms and he was kissing me.

"Down boy. After tea, we'll shower together. Then the fun stuff can start. Now back to my question, what will I wear?"

"Skirt and top. Better put knickers on, you don't want to flash Paul and Sue, like she did to us the other night."

His choice didn't surprise me. I'd found many guys like their girl in a skirt and blouse. More feminine I suppose. Getting dressed took much longer than usual, Scott's hands and mouth continually in the way. Eventually I accomplished it, and after another leisurely kiss, went into the kitchen. We fussed about making coffee, continually getting in each other's way. The greatest distraction was Scott standing behind me, holding my breasts, his thumbs teasing my nipples. That for a moment put any further thoughts of coffee out of mind.

With Paul and Sue's return, the intimate mood was broken. The pair as bubbly as two adolescents on their first date. I guess the excitement of spending two nights together was doing as much for them, as it was for Scott and me. For me though, tonight was special, what would happen could only happen once.

With them settled, I made coffee, this time without Scott's help, finding I could do it much faster. Although I had to admit, it was nowhere near as much fun.

As I sat back with them, I looked at Sue, "do you think we should feed them?"

"I suppose we should. They have a busy weekend in front of them." The last comment directed at Paul, accompanied by a nudge under the table that she thought she got away with.

"Pizza is fine by me," Paul said.

Scott nodded, "me too."

We agreed, pizza it was for tonight. The boys thought an extra one might not go astray, in case they needed fortifying during the evening. With the ordering done, all we had to was wait.

I couldn't speak for anyone else in the room, but I couldn't wait for the eating to be finished. Although I doubted I would eat much. My stomach was churning, and I was sweating with my lust for Scott. Again, the doubts crept in. Would I be good enough? Would he want me afterwards? Would he be gentle with me?

Perhaps I should talk to Sue.

Bless her; she felt my nervousness, and the need of a private talk. "I'm sure you boys could find something to do while we wait." She said.

Paul and Scott went into the lounge to watch the news. "Got the jitters, have we?" Sue said once they were out of the way.

"I guess so. I want his so badly, yet what if I can't. What if he doesn't want me after?"

"This is the problem with planning these things. You should have done it when you were together last. You wanted him then didn't you?"

"Oh yes, I wanted him, we nearly did it."

"This time you will, and you won't think about it, it will just happen, and then all these silly thoughts will be gone. Just take your time. As for him not wanting you after, that has to be the silliest thing I've ever heard."

"Oh I know, but theses daft thoughts keep coming."

A knock at the front door broke the mood. We heard Paul get up to pay for the pizza.

We sat with our respective lovers, our thighs touching. From time to time, free hands disappeared under the table as we ate. My talk with Sue had settled my silly doubts. Of course I could do it. Scott had already shown his patience, and as for not wanting me after, that had to be the silliest of all.

Paul stood after we had finished eating. "I'll do the dishes." This said, as he folded the empty boxes, taking them out to the rubbish.

Not wanting to show our eagerness, we waited until Paul made the first move. Hoping they wouldn't be too long.

Paul stood, holding out his hand to Sue. "Shower?"

She looked up, smiling, "that sounds good."

Alone at last. Scott looked at me. A look of love and longing that stirred the desire I felt. Something I'd tried to keep under control. "I need to get rid of the days grime as well."

Hand in hand, we went into the bedroom, and then closed the door. That seemed to shut out the world, now we were the only two in existence. We helped each other out of our clothes, loitering at the places we knew the other liked.

A quick but passionate kiss and we were in the shower washing each other. Twenty minutes later and we dried, eager for bed.

For an hour we did nothing more than kiss. In the quieter moments, we exchanged words of endearment. Scot's mouth never still, always searching, lips, nose, throat, then on down to my breasts, his nose nudging my nipples as he kissed around them, before taking them one at a time, his lips and tongue teasing.

Taking me completely by surprise, he pulled back the quilt, propping himself on one elbow. It was then his eyes began roaming my body. Each place they rested goose bumps formed. I lay there, arms above my head, legs parted seductively, as though a banquet laid out for him to slake his appetite.

Again, he surprised me. Beginning below my breasts, his mouth followed the path his eyes had taken, lips, tongue and teeth, licking, nipping, sucking. Downward he moved, lingering in places for only a moment before moving on. My bellybutton coming in for special attention, his tongue probing deep, then on to my sparsely covered mount of Venus, nuzzling the soft hair. He didn't linger. On his searching lips went, down my thigh to my knee, then, changed to the other, moving back.

I lay there, basking in the incredible feelings sweeping through me, wondering if other girls felt this way. Surely, things couldn't get better, and still he hadn't touch between my legs. I was in heaven.

When he did touch me there, it was in a most unexpected way. Reaching the top of my thigh, he buried his face between my legs, encouraging me to part them further. I needed no further persuasion, and I spread them for him, wondering what he was going to do.

With the first leisurely lick of his tongue that parted my folds, I knew. I had read about it, but doubted people really did things like that. Now I knew they did, and it was wonderful. It was obvious Scott knew what he was doing, and to help him I spread wider, exposing myself to his probing lips and tongue.

I wanted to do something for him, but the way he was, I couldn't get to the piece I wanted. He seemed to be keeping it out of reach. Then I knew what he was doing. This was just for me. Knowing his intent, I encouraged him to greater efforts. He found my clitoris, and drew it in.

That was it. I managed to smother a cry of happiness, as wave after wave of the most superb pleasure swept through me. My hands holding Scott's head, my hips rising to the rhythm of my orgasm.

Gradually the intense pleasure waned, replaced by a feeling of wellbeing. I drew his head away from the now tender area. He kissed back up my body until he reached my lips. We kissed, heart felt, full of promise.

With Scott on his side, I turned to face him, guiding him between my legs, feeling the heat and longing. With little effort, it moved to its proper place. He pushed gently, and I felt myself accept him. No fear now, no guilt, no doubts, just the desire for it to happen. Again, our lips met as he moved deeper, and then feeling the obstruction, stopped, and backed off.

"On top." My words, but in a voice I didn't recognise.

Still coupled we rolled, Scott finishing between my legs. He kept thrusting, using the little he had in me. On one inward thrust, my legs wrapped around him as I rose to meet him. A sharp pain, then delight, as he continued his inward journey. It was done. I was a woman. I felt the wonderful thing in me swell with its longing, then with quick short thrusts, he released his pent up passion.

Eventually he stilled, breathing deeply, his mouth nuzzling my neck and ear. "That had to be the most wonderful experience of my life," he breathed.

I looked up at him. "You too?"

Still coupled, and my legs around him, we rolled onto our sides, my lower leg under his waist. "I get the feeling he hasn't finished with me yet," squeezing his still proud shaft.

"You okay with it?"

I began moving on him. "Yeah, fine. I want more."

And more is what he gave me. Time and again, we rose to our respective peaks. The rolling crescendos of pleasure overwhelming us. At times individually, at others as one, then beginning again.

Midnight and we were done, or more to the point, Scott was. I lay with my head on his tummy, idly doodling with him, wondering about the mechanics of it all. Sure, I knew from my biology classes and our sex education, how things worked, but they never taught us how wonderful it could be. Probably just as well.

I kissed my way back up his body, tickling him as I did. He responded in kind, the pair of us behaving like two little kids. "Are you hungry?"

He looked at me and smiled. "And thirsty."

"Do you think we could sneak out and have some pizza?" I jumped off the bed needing the loo. "And a coffee."

"Sounds good. What about Paul, I'll feel strange facing him if he joins us."

"Don't worry. He's cool."

One thing my love hadn't included in his overnight bag was a dressing gown, luckily I had a spare. Watching him struggling into it was a giggle. His well-proportioned frame straining the seams. When it came to doing it up, it proved to be barely adequate, but what the hell, we were on our own.

Quietly we made our way to the kitchen and the waiting cold pizza. He fussed around me as I made the coffee, again delaying its making, but I didn't mind, I was in love.

We thought we were being quiet, but not quiet enough it seemed. Paul and Sue joined us. "Now there's a sight I'd like to take to show the boys at work. Pink definitely isn't your colour mate."

Scott went along with him. "Oh I don't know, I think it looks great."

"On Sheryl perhaps."

Scott's loving eyes roamed over me. "Yeah, but everything looks good on her."

"I think he's in love." Paul said, his eyes shifting to his own love.

The impromptu meal was quiet. While the boys ate ravenously, Sue and I exchanged glances, smiling a response at each other's unasked questions. From the day Paul brought her home, it was as though I had gained a big sister, one I could confide in. Our earlier chat had cemented the bond.

"I'm tired," Paul, said as he stretched. From the pleased look on Sue's face, I doubted there would be much sleeping done.

With them gone, Scott and I sat for a while longer, happy for the moment to hold hands.

The night so far had surpassed my wildest dreams, what the rest had in store I could only wonder.

"Shall we?" He asked.

I couldn't think of anything I'd rather do, and we stood, our gowns opening of their own accord, we embraced. Scott nearly crushing me in his strong arms. I almost swooned, overpowered by his manliness, his wonderful gentle, caring ways, and although the word hadn't been spoken, the love he had for me.

In bed again. Gone was the urgency of our earlier encounters, replaced now by something better. We talked, we made love, and then talked again, and in the small hours of the morning, we slept, Scott cuddling into my back, his arm nestled comfortably between my breasts.

Morning came and went. Neither of us was there to see it. Mid-afternoon and we slowly woke, greeting each other with a heartfelt kiss. "We need a shower," I said pulling away from his eager lips.

Scott looked at me, and then smiled, becoming aware of the state we were in. "Would you like me to wash you?" I knew from the sparkle in his eyes where he wanted to wash.

Being the perfect gentleman, he let me get in and give myself a quick rinse, and then joined me. Soaping both hands, he began a slow sensual massage, his slippery hands gliding over my body, stirring the still smouldering embers. I let my mind wander, thinking of what my girlfriends had said about the boys' they'd had. I felt sorry for them. From what they'd said, all they'd done was to get stuck with a dick, have it poked into them a few times, then get left with nothing but the mess. For me, nothing could be further from the truth. Scott had treated me exactly how I'd dreamt. I was brought back to reality when his hands went between my legs, one in front and the other from behind. One thrilled me, the other I was hesitant about, but I trusted him, and let him continue, my legs parting a little to make things easier. He didn't linger at either, and once satisfied, began rinsing off the soap.

Dried and dressed, and feeling happy, we made our way to the kitchen. I for one was starving, and thirsty. Scott made the coffee, while I prepared something more substantial. With plates and cups in hand, we went into the dining room, confronted by my gloating brother and Sue. Neither of them said a word, although I could tell he was bursting to say something. Finally, it got the better of him. "Sleep well?"

"Very well thank you. Eventually." I said, stirring him a bit. "And you?"

"Quite well, once Sue let me."

That got him a well deserved whack from his blushing friend.

Scott watched this byplay and began to relax. It had been a worry that Paul would think less of him after we'd slept together, but he needn't have. If anyone felt awkward, it was Paul. Now that I had taken the final step, his teasing stopped, and for once, he didn't know how to act around me. I looked at him and grinned, adding to his confusion. In desperation, he got up and began clearing the table.

"What's come over him?" Sue asked.

"Yesterday I was just his little sister, today I'm a woman, thanks to this lovely fellow." I said cuddling Scott. "He doesn't know how to handle the new me."

"Why don't we throw the two of them out so we can get something ready for the meal tonight?" Sue suggested.

"Sick of us already?" Paul asked when he heard Sue's comment.

"Nothing like that, but if you stay here, you'll get in the way and distract us."

The two boys decided they did have something they could do outside, and after kissing us, disappeared. Probably to play with their cars. I had the distinct feeling Sue wanted some girl time, and that was why she wanted them out of the way.

"Well?" she asked the moment they were gone. "How was it?"

"Beyond perfect," the best I could think of. "I'm so glad I waited, it was great, and he was wonderful."

"I thought he might be. He's in love with you, but I guess you know that."

"We haven't used the word, but I think we are." I blushed as the thrill of the thought swept over me. "What about you and Paul?"

"Too early to tell, but I really like him. We'll see what happens."

Between the two of us, we prepared the evening meal. Leftovers meat from the fridge, and some savoury rice from the cupboard, and we had a more than presentable meal to put in front of our lovers.

It was almost dark when the two grubs came in. It was obvious what they'd been doing; they had grease up to their elbows. Scott came to kiss me, but I ducked out of his way. "Laundry my boy before you think about doing that." He tried to look crestfallen as he went to wash, but his smile gave him away.

Unlike previously when the four of us were together, the conversation was lively and animated as the meal was eaten. I had the feeling Paul had lost a sister, but gained a friend. With the meal finished, the boys went to watch tele, leaving Sue and I to do the dishes.

"Do you think we should start training them while they're still young," Sue said as she looked from the boys to the pile of dishes.

"Oh boys," she called in her sweetest voice, but once she had their attention it changed. "I think there is something out here for you to do." Then becoming harsher. "That is if you want to sleep with us again."

I couldn't help but smile as they hurried to the kitchen. Apparently, they did want to sleep with us.

That night with Scott went beyond perfect, I had no idea lovemaking could be so good. Gone was the urgency of the previous night, and we did things I never imagined possible. Midnight we went into the kitchen for something to eat and drink, and with luck gain our strength for more of the same. Paul and Sue were already there, obviously in need of fortification themselves. The conversation was subdued, no innuendos directed at either Scott or me, which was something I appreciated.

Having finished their drinks, Sue pulled a rather lethargic Paul to his feet, almost dragging him into his bedroom. "I think she's wearing him out." I said taking Scott's hand. "I never thought I'd see the day that happened."

Scott grinned. "Too much of a good thing perhaps."

"What about you? Are you worn out?"

"Not where you're concerned." He stood, then pulled me to my feet and hugged me, almost crushing me. His erection probing mindlessly between my legs, as ready as I was for the fun to continue.

I woke early. Heaven knows I shouldn't have. The brief time I had been asleep was not nearly enough, but try as I might, more sleep evaded me. Scott was still dead to the world. I thought about waking him, but decided against it, he had been a busy boy. I snuggled into him, smelling his manly odour, listening to his regular breathing. He slept on.

I propped myself on one elbow, looking down at my man. He really was my man I thought, as I gently drew back the quilt. I pulled it down just below his waist, admiring his beautiful body. He had very little chest hair I noticed for the first time. I was glad of that. Dad was hairy. With my head on his belly, I felt the regular rise and fall as he breathed. I snuggled lower, lifting the covers, looking for the thing that had become such an important part of my life. It was there to greet me, lying flaccid on his belly, its little eye seemingly watching me. I moved down and kissed it good morning. It didn't move. I kissed it again, this time it did show a glimmer of life.

Remembering what it felt like when Scott did it to me, I wondered if he would like it as well, or if I would like doing it. Now was the time to find out. I could try it, and if I didn't like it he'd be none the wiser. I took in the head, my tongue running over it, tasting him, getting the feel of it. I liked it, soft and smooth with a flavour of its own. I took in more, feeling its life return, growing, expanding, filling my mouth. I backed off, the head still in my mouth, my hand gently stroking it. My head took up its rhythm, feeling my mouth become slippery. It began to pulse, and I knew what was coming next. I backed off, leaving my hand to do the work, watching as his juices flowed.

"Having fun?"

Scott's voice shattered the dream like state I'd been in, and I turned to look at him, my hand finishing what I had started. "How long have you been lying there pretending to be asleep?"

"Long enough to enjoy what you were doing. It's a great way to start the day. Now come here and be kissed."

I did as he asked. He was right; it was a great way to start the day. Next time a little further perhaps. Our kiss took on new meaning, leisurely, full of promise. As much as I didn't want to, we had to get up. We needed to shower and dress, and feed ourselves, then remake our love nest. I needed to wash the sheets; they were a mess. If mum saw the state they were in, she'd hit the roof.

With everything done, we had a good look around the house, just to make sure there were no hastily discarded knickers or bra left where mum would find them. To allay any suspicions, Scott left, and Paul took Sue home. I was in the house alone, with nothing but happy memories. I just wish mum and dad would go away every weekend.

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