The Immortal Man

by Mendon Fishers

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Desc: Romantic Story: You can't kill an Immortal, but Kelly tried

I awoke underwater. It was warm water. It was salt water. I was naked and alone. I'm not sure how many times I had been in this position, but I was being reincarnated again. The sun was coming up, soon I would need to get out of this water and start my next life again.

Maybe I misspoke; I would continue my life. I'll explain. I was born so long ago that I cannot remember the number of years that havegone by, maybe 3,000 – 4,000 years. Every time I died or was killed, I woke up later in a warm pond of salt water located on a small island somewhere in the world. It was like being reborn except that my body was returned to that of an 18 year old in perfect health. I remembered everything from my previous lives. I forgot nothing. Each time I was reborn those past lives moved further into the back of my mind. The older memories faded from the forefront. They were clear and could be pulled forward becoming stronger if I worked on remembering.

I knew that soon I would be beginning another life. Someone had killed my last life.

From past experience I knew that I would be healed of my wounds completely. My body would be exactly the same as it was over these 1,000's of years. My features would be perfect, my body scar free, and my hair returned to its original blonde. Any woman would look at me and feel her heart start to flutter. I could look at a woman and have her surrender herself to me. I was that handsome.

After living as many years as I had, I was very intelligent. Someone said that life is a great teacher. I had lived many lives, so I guess I was well taught.

I raised myself up out of the water and began to plan my new life. For the last 300 years civilization had progressed so far that now I had to create a paper trail to explain my being here. In my prior lives I had started this procedure so that when I awakened, I would already have birth records, a social security number, a driver's license, and all those pesky little documents normal people take for granted.

I saved my money and I made investments over the years. I had accumulated mountains of money in various accounts because of these habits. I was a billionaire many times over. But I had the money hidden from human eyes. It was split over many identities in many different accounts in many different banks in many different countries.

I started to assume my new life, it suddenly occurred to me that I had not died of natural causes. I had been murdered. This was not unusual. I had been killed, murdered, executed, and had suffered many mishaps over the years. The instant that I died, my body would vanish and I would reappear in this pond.

Only this time it was different. I was killed by my loving wife, Kelly.

I began bring memories of my past life to the forefront. I needed to know why she betrayed me because I might need to protect myself from her. I wanted revenge. So I started concentrating on how it all began so I could make my plans My past memories of Kelly drifted into my conscience mind. The memories started with me visiting one of the many businesses I already owned on an inspection tour. I had a lot of businesses I'd accumulated over the years. My habit was to buy and sell my existing businesses to myself. I know it doesn't sound right, but just think every 100 years or so I had to die or people might start noticing me. So I sold my current businesses to other business I owned under my next identity. And on and on it went.

Because of my physical regeneration, no one alive at the current time would still be alive when I reappeared. All my old friends and companions would have lone since died by time I showed back up. And if anyone was still alive when I returned, who would believe the ramblings of a 100 year old individual? They would listen to the person and then dismiss their claims of me being old as just dementia.

The only thing I had to do was be careful of photographs. And even the few that snuck past my scrutiny were not usually believed by anyone who saw them. People naturally thought that they were seeing look-a-likes or distant relatives, "no one lived that long," or so they thought.

There were times over the years when I visited women I had really loved. These mates were usually on their death beds, I just stopped to say goodbye and make their passing easier. Most died happy, because I appeared to them in my reborn state. I looked to them as I did 50-70 years before when we had met.

I would sneak into their rooms at night, hug them, kiss them, and welcome them into their new life. For them there was no new life, but the important fact was they died believing. They died happy. They did not fear death at that time. It was the only gift I could give them for sharing their lives with me.

Over all my life times, I never fathered any children. My wives tried and I was very happy with their efforts, but alas there were no off spring. I had long come to believe that whatever gave me eternal life, also kept me from passing that gift on to any offspring. Medical science grew by leaps and bounds over the years and my sterility was tested. The doctors concluded that I was fertile, but for some unknown reason my wife (wives) could not conceive. Oh we tried everything, IVF, and donor carriers, nothing worked, my sperm all died trying to fertilize an egg. I knew nothing would work, but I tried for my mate's mental health.

Occasionally one of my wives became pregnant. We both knew it wasn't mine. Most left me in shame, some tried lying, and a few committed suicide because of their shame. I felt no pity for them because they tried to cheat on me. They got what they deserved.

Anyway back to my story. I was visiting a company I owned prior to selling it to myself. It was a nice little business, but it had become bloated over the years. If I sold it, I could reduce the bloat as a new owner always did when they merged. The good people stayed on, the bad, well you know. This was the survival of the fittest, 20th century style.

One of the executives had a Personal Assistant (Kelly) with him as we toured the facilities. She was about the prettiest thing I had seen in a long time. Her boss was an idiot, but looking at her made my time with him almost palatable. Every time I glimpsed at her I was greeted by a smile.

The merger went as planned, her boss was separated, and Kelly was assigned to me. So began our romance. We traveled the world together. As I had planned, we only saw the most beautiful and romantic places. I wined her and dined her, but made no moves on her. I was always the perfect gentleman. We stayed in the best hotels, in their best suites, and always traveled by private jet. She was always on my arm wearing nothing but designer clothes. She saw the real power of wealth. She was hooked on everything money could do.

Kelly watched the "big man" tour the company she worked for. He was handsome. That was the first thing she noticed. Her boss had been living in fear of his visit for weeks since it was announced he would tour their facilities. She liked her boss. He had taken the place of her long dead father in her heart. She did not like his nervousness.

The big man finally arrived. He was polite, projecting a very strong aura of power. Everyone walked on eggs around him. She watched her boss reduced to a blathering idiot when pressed to answer a few in depth questions put to him by the "big guy".

She tried to protect her boss by flirting with this arrogant ass hole. It didn't work. Her boss was still crushed under questioning. She watched as her boss became a shell of his former self. She developed a hatred of the new guy. She vowed to get even for the destruction of her substitute father some day.

Six weeks later the merger was completed. Her boss and substitute father was terminated. The terms of his separation were more than fair but he was only a shadow of his former self. He had lost his wife and daughter to a drunk driver, his job was the only thing that kept him from losing his mind. Two weeks after his firing, he committed suicide.

She vowed revenge against the new owner, not only for destroying her "Dad', but for not even noticing his death.

About a month after the funeral, much to her surprise, she was asked by HR to report to corporate headquarters in New York City. She was told that the big guy wanted to interview her for a possible executive position. They sent her home to her apartment to pack an overnight bag. At 6:00 pm a limo picked her up and deposited her at the foot of one of the corporate jets.

They flew to New York City and she was set up in one of the corporate suites in the Plaza Hotel. She had a very poor night's sleep because of her nerves.

The next morning she was up, dressed, and looking very beautiful when she was picked up, again by another limo. She was driven to a private club and escorted to a private dining room. There she found the big man. He was impeccably dressed and appeared to be waiting for her.

As she walked over to the table he rose and introduced himself, "Hi, I'm Tom Darby. Thank you for joining me for breakfast. May I call you Kelly? And please call me Tom."

That's how her new life started.

He invited her to accompany him on his business day. He had asked her to be his PA but first wanted her to understand how much work it really entailed. By the time the day was over she was hooked on the power and luxury the position afforded to her. She accepted the job. It was every woman's dream job, plus it kept her close to him so that she could plan her revenge.

Kelly soon gave up her old apartment and moved into a suite in the hotel. A few days after moving in a fashion consultant and personnel shopper showed up at her door.

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