Driving Heidi Home

by Stepdaddy

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, First, Babysitter, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: My fourteen-year-old babysitter is developing nicely, and is at that age where, as the child of a single mother, she is looking for a father figure -- or something. I devise a scheme to lead her down a path she doesn't see coming, but doesn't much resist, either.

My wife, Traci, was a real piece of ass when I met her. It was my first job out of college, a newly hired engineer in a large defense-consulting firm in Washington, DC. Actually, like most such companies, it was located in Northern Virginia, Alexandria, to be precise. She was a secretary, like the hosts of other little honeys from the hinterland who make their way to this white-collar mecca every year. She was from a crop a few years earlier, and so she was an established honey. She wasn't my secretary – I had to share one with several other junior analysts. She was the departmental secretary for another program group, which was far more convenient for me. I was able to drag her into my little rotation of fuck toys without directly involving my daily work. More importantly, I was able to keep her at enough of a distance so as not to interfere with my other seduction activities. In addition, she couldn't make me such a significant part of her life that her husband could catch on.

No, it wasn't our weekly "work crisis" late night (which she often spent holding her ankles in my Crystal City apartment) that led to her divorce. Ironically, her husband, a VP for one of our competitors, had been bagging his secretary. When he tried to end that affair, it blew up in his face. The little slut he'd been nailing made no secret in her wrath about the situation, informing not only Traci but also his primary governmental contracting officer. In his panic to control the career damage, he settled quickly with Traci, so suddenly she had quite a wad of cash from their joint assets, two-hundred grand, which seemed like a lot of money to me at twenty-three. I thought I knew everything in those days, and I didn't see the danger coming, so before I knew it, she had outmaneuvered me. By twenty-five, I was married to a twenty-nine-year old divorcee.

We had a lot of fun for a while. Thankfully, she wasn't the kind of woman to stay at home – that's why she had kept working even though her "ex" had been doing quite well. A timely career move on my part to another company allowed me the opportunity to continue my former sexual hobbies, on a slightly diminished scale. In a couple of years, however, after our son was born, she made a major life change, and decided to stay home with him. My extracurricular activities were greatly curtailed when I could no longer exploit her work schedule, so pretty soon I became quite monogamous by default. Boy, did I start regretting that marriage! On the other hand, though, I adored my son, so I guess one has to live with the trade-offs.

By the time I was thirty, I had resigned myself to a "normal" life, with a three-year-old son and a stay-at-home, thirty-four year old wife who had seen better days. I came to the realization that life is what you make of it, so I decided to make a concerted effort to recharge my romantic relationship with Traci. In fact, as you may have observed, it hadn't been too romantic to begin with, so in many ways this was to be a true courting for the very first time. I started to take her on "dates" at least once, sometimes twice, a week. We'd go out to dinner, dancing, or maybe just for walks through Old Town Alexandria. The only obstacle to this was the chore of securing a babysitter. Finally, we discovered Mrs. Allerton, a sexagenarian widow who lived down the street from our home in Arlington. This worked out great, and before long, we were really enjoying a growing, loving relationship. I was finally content with my life, my wife, and my world.

After two years of this blissful routine, Mrs. Allerton slipped in her bathtub and broke her hip. She recovered, but decided to slow down a bit. Among other things, she felt she had to relinquish her babysitting activities. Word got around the neighborhood about a possible replacement, Sandy, a nineteen-year-old community college student at NOVA, who I discovered was not only responsible but also a smoking hot blonde. However, after a couple of weeks with her, I could tell that Traci was a little uncomfortable having such a cutie around. I guess part of her couldn't forget how her last marriage ended, since the secretary her "ex" had been banging had been only twenty. Kind of ironic, considering that she had been screwing a twenty-three-year-old "yours truly" at the time, but human rationalization never ceases to amaze me. In any case, as I have mentioned, I had become pretty content with my home situation, so I wasn't too disappointed to remove temptation from my house, either. But where would we find a babysitter?

We solved our problem with the help of Mrs. Allerton. It turns out that she had a thirteen-year-old granddaughter, Heidi, who was doing a little babysitting. Since my son was now five years old, and because Mrs. Allerton would be available down the block should Heidi run into any problems, we decided to try it out.

It worked out great. Heidi was a responsible young girl, and at thirteen she provided no distraction to my wife's insecurity or to my libido. At least at first.

Oh sure, she was a cute little seventh-grader, not a curve to her, eighty pounds in braces. She had long, light brown hair, big green eyes, and a perky little nose. A real cute kid, always working to do her best, be it at babysitting, in school, or even on her junior high school soccer team. My son, Brian, loved her, she loved the regular spending money, and we loved our continued freedom and peace of mind. Everything as it should be. For the first year.

Then she turned fourteen, lost her braces, and found puberty.

I guess I first noticed during the summer before her eighth grade year, when she arrived wearing a little tank top one evening. She had breasts! They were cute little cupcake titties, and she wasn't wearing a bra, so her precious little nipples were kind of poking through the thin material. I did a real double take at that.

A week or two later, she came over to watch Brian on a Saturday afternoon. She changed into the little one-piece swimsuit that she kept at our place so that she could watch Brian in our hot tub. I had seen her in that little blue suit many times, and never even looked twice. On this occasion, as she walked through the family room with Brian on her way to our deck and the hot tub, I found myself staring at the pert little fourteen-year-old ass encased in its tight blue wrapping. Her hips had the slightest teen-aged swell to them – that was new. Her buttocks globed out just a little bit more than last summer – that was new. My prick twitched at the sight – now that was definitely new!

I heard Traci banging around upstairs. She was still getting ready for our antiquing excursion. After Heidi's innocent display, I suddenly felt very anxious. I got up from the couch and began pacing the room. Before I knew it, I found myself walking out onto the deck. What the hell am I doing out here? I thought to myself. Brian was sitting at the edge of the tub, dangling his feet in. Heidi was sitting down in the hot, swirling water, only her head exposed. She looked at me expectantly, her light brown hair up in a ponytail and a light sheen of sweat beading on her sweet little forehead.

"Uh, how's the water?" I asked, stumbling for something to say. "I've been having some trouble with the thermostat."

"Oh, it's great Mr. Johnson! Temperature's perfect!"

"Well, I'm glad it's working. Brian, don't you want to get in?" I asked, trying to redirect my thoughts away from the small, pouting heart-shaped mouth, which was only accentuated by the concealment of most of her body.

"Maybe," he giggled. He was at that stage when things like that are funny.

Heidi let out a little laugh, as musical as any I've ever heard, and then stood up, reaching for Brian. I had a great view, and I actually felt my stomach turn over in exquisite anguish at the sight. Her suit was slick with the water, which ran off her in several little streams. Her cute little breasts strained against the tight suit, which had been purchased to fit her before puberty had even crossed her mind. As she turned, I caught my breath – the suit had partially worked its way between her tight little buns, making each cheek into a separate shiny, wet, blue treasure. I again felt my cock swell, and I had actually taken an involuntary step forward when the door opened behind me and I almost jumped out of my skin.

"Mike, are you ready?" my wife startled me. My god, what was I doing? Did I come out here just to see my fourteen-year old babysitter in the hot tub?

"Yeah, baby, just waiting for you."

She turned around and reentered the house, heading for the garage. I was about to follow when I heard Heidi say to Brian "You're lucky your Daddy has a hot tub for you to play in! I love the hot tub. I wish I had a Daddy who'd get me a hot tub!" She tickled Brian, who squealed happily.

The first thought through my mind was "I'd like to be your Daddy, you sweet little cunt", but what I said was almost as rash, under the circumstances. "Heidi, you're welcome to come over to use the tub any time you want, even if you're not here to babysit."

"Gee, thanks Mr. Johnson! That's awful nice of you!"

"Don't mention it Heidi, we love having you around," I answered, swinging around and heading after my wife before I got in any deeper. Yeah, I'm starting to really love having you around, particularly in your little suit, I thought to myself.

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