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Desc: Sex Story: Tamara Ross is eager to make a difference. She begs her superiors at the FBI for an undercover assignment. The opportunity comes, but is she willing to go far enough to make the sting work?

"I don't give a fuck who she's with, I'm checking her for a wire."

Tamara's head was clouded with the hazy euphoria of heroin, but even in this state, her body tensed at Tony's words. It was hard to know how to react. Nobody can teach you this sort of thing. If she complained too much, they'd think she was wearing a wire, no matter what they found. If she didn't protest at all, it would seem even more suspicious. She settled on a middle course.

"Hey, Rabbi, you gonna let this guy talk about me that way?"

The older man smiled.

"Take it easy, Tamara. He's just got to be careful, on account of all the shit that's going down. If Tony wants you searched, that's the way it's gotta be."

That was settled. If Rabbi said that they could search her, she'd have to live with it. She had to do what he said around here.

"So what do you want to see?" Tamara asked Tony.

One of his friends answered instead. " I'd settle for a good look at her tits, " the man said, leering openly. He was a middle-eastern man, probably Iranian. Rabbi nodded for Tamara to comply.

This was the scene that Tamara had been waiting for. If it meant that he had to show her tits to these guys, she was willing. It was the first time that Joe 'Rabbi' Rubini had let her stick around while the boys were over. The fact that Tony was suspicious of her wasn't unusual. His reputation pegged him as borderline neurotic about security. She was amazed that he wasn't demanding she leave.

"All right, " said Tamara, beginning to unbutton her blouse.

Tamara Ross couldn't help but mentally review the events that had brought her here. She had to remind herself why she was doing all of this.

"You can't get in ... going undercover into a criminal organization is a job for a man. " Tamara's supervisor had been adamant.

"Look, you said yourself, these guys are suspicious of any new guys.

They've all watched 'Donnie Brasco' enough times to be paranoid about any wise-guys they don't know. I think we should come at it from a whole new angle."

"These guys have no respect for women, " Cecil argued. " It's a man's business. They would never allow you to participate in anything. I'd be surprised if they let you hang around while they discuss anything important. Besides, how the hell would you get in?"

That was her opening. She had this planned out.

"I happened to go to school with Josh Rubini. We even dated for a while, so I got to know the family."

Josh had been killed in the crossfire of a recent mafia slaying. Tamara could see the wheels spinning in Cecil's head. Perfect.

"It wouldn't be out of place for me to show up at the funeral. His father, Joe the Rabbi, still does some of the books for the family. If I can get in with him, I'm sure I can get some important information."

Cecil was still shaking his head.

"And how are you going to get close to this guy?"

"Maybe I can be of some comfort to the old man, if you catch my meaning. Don't worry, intelligence says that the old guy is impotent. He just likes to have women around to keep up appearances."

"I'm still not sold on the idea."

Tamara wanted this badly. This is the kind of assignment she had been itching for ever since she trained as an agent. Instead, she'd been stuck will low-level crap. Window dressing, really. She would say anything to get a decent assignment.

"Look, Cecil, I'll be careful. I'll check in every week. First sign of trouble, and I'm out of there."

Of course, they both knew that her assurances were false. Every successful undercover agent had given her the same story. The supervisors want to hear you say that you'll be careful to cover their own asses, but once you're in, it's the results they're after. After you're undercover, it's a whole new game.

You'd say anything and do anything to stay under. The stories she'd heard were both exciting and horrific. For most of the agents, it meant participating in the criminal activities of the organization they were trying to infiltrate. Violence, drugs, weapons ... whatever. For her, well, she didn't know. Whatever it took to stay under. That was the name of the game.

So this is where she found herself, a month later. Pretending to be some drugged up whore, and pulling off her blouse for Tony and his Iranian friends. Rabbi often had her undress for him privately. He might be impotent, but he still seemed to enjoy Tamara's naked body. For that reason, she'd given up early on trying to wear a recording device. Of course, she would never put anything about it in her reports to Cecil. That would only open her up for ridicule by the guys at the bureau.

Another thing that didn't go into the reports was the drug use. Early on, Joe and his immediate family seemed suspicious of Tamara's motives. Why would a pretty young girl want to stay in a relationship with an impotent old man? It was becoming a problem. After she began to accept his gifts of drugs and money, everyone seemed much more comfortable about her motives.

Actually, it made a pretty good cover. When Rabbi thought that Tamara was doped up, he was a lot less cautious about what he said in front of her. She could listen in on his end of phone conversations, and pick out anything useful. Usually, she could dispose of the drugs in private, but every once in a while, Joe insisted that she shoot up in front of him.

That's the way it had been just before Tony and his friends arrived.

"Hey, your girl has a nice set, Rabbi, " Tony said, admiring her now exposed breasts.

Tamara blushed. It was one thing to be naked in front of the old guy, but it was humiliating for the agent to strip off her clothes in front of the other three men. She was actually thankful for the way that the heroin was numbing her anxiety. She always kept herself in shape for the physical elements of the job, and she could see that the men were enjoying looking at her tight body.

"Let's see the rest of her, " the second Iranian man suggested.

Rabbi nodded again. He was enjoying the show as much as the others.

Tamara unhooked her belt, and allowed her pants to glide down her legs to the floor. One of the Iranians whistled as her shapely legs were revealed. With the pants around her ankles, she was left wearing only her panties. She hoped that it was enough to convince them.

"I don't know, Rabbi, " declared Tony to the elder man. The big Italian was making a game of this now, seeing how far Rabbi would let him go. "I've seen cops hide wires in the smallest of places. Maybe we should see under those panties."

Tamara looked to Joe Rubini, but he wasn't giving any sympathy to his girl. Without further delay, she pulled her panties down to her knees.

"Turn around, " ordered Tony.

"Bend forward, " added Reza.

If the guys at the bureau could see her now, she'd never hear the end of it. She bent forward to give the mobsters a view of her ass. She tried to hold back the tears of shame. She'd have to be tougher than that if she wanted to stay undercover. A lot tougher.

"Bring your hands back, and spread your cheeks for us. Open up your legs a bit. Give us a real good view."

She followed his commands. Slowly, Tamara pulled her ass cheeks apart to give Tony and the boys a good view of her tight hole. Bent forward like this, now with her ankles apart, she was sure they had an unobstructed view of her pussy too. She had heard stories from other agents about when they were forced to strip, but she knew it was nothing like this. She could feel the men's eyes roaming all over her lewdly exposed body.

As shameful as the position was, and as much as the whistles and lewd comments about her body hurt her pride, she had to stay in character. As far as Tony and the other guys were concerned, she was just some stupid slut, who would do most anything to keep herself supplied with drugs. She had to keep that illusion intact.

"You've done good for yourself Rabbi," Tony declared. "I ain't seen an ass as sweet as that since high school."

Rabbi seemed pleased that the younger mobster was admiring his woman. Despite his years of service, he was quickly falling behind the younger man in status. Tamara's heart began to pound uncontrollably as she listened to the men talk further.

"What's mine is yours Tony. Any time you're visiting, Tamara will be available as part of my hospitality to you."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm an old man, Tony. I can't do the things that a pretty young woman like Tamara should have done to her. I'm sure she'll be happy to do whatever you want, as long as you give her a little treat afterwards."

Tamara couldn't believe what she was hearing. Not only was she showing these creeps her body, but now Rabbi was giving Tony permission to use her in exchange for drugs. The idea revolted her, but she couldn't think of a reason to protest the arrangement. After all, that was the premise of her relationship with Rabbi in the first place. To protest it now would draw suspicion.

"You're a kind man, Rabbi. Maybe she could give me a blow job while we talk about business."


Tony and his two Iranian friends took seat at the table. Tamara had no idea what to do next. She wasn't sure they would let her walk away now, even if she wanted to. Besides, that would end the whole assignment. A month of letting Joe the Rabbi paw her naked body would be for nothing.

Do anything to stay under cover, she reminded herself. Reluctantly, she dropped to her knees, and crawled under the table.

Okay, I can do this, she told herself silently. At least he doesn't want to fuck me. Yet.

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