The Green Door (Laura's Descent)

by jsmt

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Humiliation, Transformation, Prostitution, .

Desc: Sex Story: Laura is a beautiful and brilliant girl about to enter college. Out of boredom she starts to play a game that could lead to her downfall.

This is my first story. I am not a native English speaker, so I hope you have a little patience.

I will appreciate if send me an email with your comments.

Laura was a brilliant 19 year old girl just about to enter college. Her parents died a few years ago in a car crash but she did not have money problems due to a trust fund in her name set by her parents. The trust fund was designed to directly pay for her tuition in the schools and universities of her choice and to give her also a fixed monthly payment to cover her personal expenses and housing until she finished college. After that whatever remained in the fund would be given to her (and there would still be a considerable sum).

She lived in a foster home from the death of her parents until she was 18. Then she moved to a boarding high school. And now she had matriculated in a University in another town and was finally free of all those people bossing her around.

She quickly made the arrangements with the trust fund and moved to her new city. The classes would begin in a few weeks but she already wanted to live by herself in her new apartment.

Laura knew no one in her new city, as a matter of fact that was one of the reasons for choosing this university. She did not want to be with her old high school mates, and be branded again as "the orphan". So Laura did not have much to do with her time, except maybe shopping. Being a fashion freak, she spent a lot of time in the malls buying all kinds of new outfits to use in the months to come.

Growing bored with time, Laura began to take long rides in her car "to know the city". One night Laura was taking a ride and she accidentally entered the sleazy zone of the city. She was curious and slowed her driving to take a better look. She turned at one corner and then she saw a young girl wearing a tight micro skirt and a very small top that left her shoulders and stomach uncovered, and she became mesmerized.

There she was, a girl just about her own age and in fact, they looked very much alike. They both had roughly the same height and the same skin color. They both had gorgeous figures. But they were far from twins, their faces while pretty, were very different and while Laura had blond hair the other girl had her hair tinted in a natural red tone.

Laura could not stop thinking about it, a girl that did not seem very different from her, (except of course for the clothes and makeup) whoring herself in the streets. Laura became aroused at the thought and could not avoid passing that street several times before finally going home to masturbate.

In her loneliness and as another boring day followed the last, Laura began to think more and more often about that girl and masturbated while fantasizing about how it would be to be a whore like her. She imagined herself wearing that very short black skirt and that little white top and of course those whorish shoes. One day she realized that she wanted more, she wanted to have whore clothes, but not just clothes that looked whorish. She wanted real whore clothes.

She began to fantasize more and more often with exchanging one of her own designer outfits with the outfit of the whore. It would be delightfully humiliating to lose one of her favorite, carefully selected outfits to get some whorish clothes. Just the thought of losing one thing that was an important part of her own self image to get one of the whore's outfits, aroused her beyond imagination. She would become a little less like herself and turn into a little bit of that girl. She would become the whore.

Finally the fantasy became a need and one day it overcame her reasoning and there she was driving her car once again to the sleazy district but this time it wasn't by accident, this time she came to search for the girl.

Laura had to pass 3 times in front of the girl before she had the courage to stop the car. She was trembling - What was she doing there? – Surely this was not a thing that a good girl would do, and she was a good girl. Wasn't she? But the desire was just too strong and overcame her fears and doubts and she dared to call the girl. She lowered the passenger window and shyly called the young whore:

"Excuse me m'am."

The whore approached the car with a knowing, superior smile and told Laura,

"Sorry girl, I don't do gals, but I can point you in the right direction."

"No," said Laura with her lower lip trembling a bit, "I really don't want to have ... to have sex with you ... I ... I only want to offer you ... a ... a deal."

Nancy (that was the whore's name) surely did not want to do anything lesbian, but she was finding the whole situation amusing. You know the rich girl in a fancy car, all insecure to talk to her, and almost begging instead of ordering like most clients. So Nancy decided to play along a little longer before she turned the girl down.

"So what's the deal girl?" said Nancy.

"Well ... I was thinking..." Laura was becoming very aroused and very frightened but the heat between her legs was stronger than any second thoughts so she finished, "I was thinking If you would accept to switch clothes with me?"

Nancy almost laughed, here was this rich bitch asking to change a very nice outfit that maybe cost more than $500 for a $30 or $40 used whore clothes.

"I don't know," answered Nancy, "I don't like to wear used clothes."

"This is the first day I wore them. I was saving them to wear at college." said Laura meekly.

"Well, if I make the exchange with you I will lose one work outfit and I would have to buy another and worse, I don't think I will get too many customers once I wore those fancy clothes." said Nancy.

In fact Nancy was already thinking to call it quits for the night it being 11:00PM and Tuesday; it was very slow.

"I will pay you $100 for your time." said Laura.

"And what about the outfit?" asked Nancy.

Laura was surprised; she had thought that the whore would flip backwards just to have an outfit like this one and could not believe that she already rejected a $100. She felt a tingle in her pussy at the thought of paying to have her expensive clothes exchanged for the cheap ones the whore was wearing. At this time Laura was beyond the point of no return and was in no shape to bargain so she said:

"I will pay you another $100."

Nancy was happy; this outfit alone would make it easier to find a real job and would make wonders for her self-esteem. But still she wanted to play a little bit longer with the dumb college student; the situation was very funny indeed so she said:

"I don't know girl, maybe you only want to see me naked and I told you I don't do girls."

"No, I swear that is not what I want; we would make the exchange the way you feel most comfortable."

"OK," Nancy thought, "just what I wanted to hear."

"OK I agree," said Nancy, "only because it seems so important to you, but it will be on my terms."

It was humiliating for Laura to be bossed by this whore, but she was also hornier than she had ever been in her life.

"You can park your car over there and then knock on that green door. I will wait for you there."

Nancy thought that Laura possibly would drive home at that moment, after all she had her rush and maybe had come to her senses but she waited behind the green door anyways.

The green door led to a building that had a small sex shop, several video booths, and around 5 small cubicles to have sex. Nancy did not normally use this place to take her clients. It was just too sleazy and low class but these rooms were the cheapest around and she wanted to make the most of the money she was about to receive., and finally she won't even touch the furniture there.

When Laura entered the poor lighted building she almost fainted. The whole place was so low class. She looked completely out of place in her expensive outfit. The only reasonable thing to do was to leave immediately, but when she saw Nancy again, she knew she had to have her outfit; with that outfit and the remembering of this night she surely would masturbate for months.

Nancy received Laura at the door and led her to one of the cubicles. It was a dirty little room with a bed, a chair and big mirrors in the ceiling and on one of the walls. Laura started to tremble again. The place was worse than her fantasies.

"Ok," Nancy said, "give me your clothes."

Laura had not thought about that part, she did not plan to undress in front of the whore. She thought that she could go inside a bathroom or something with the whore's clothes in her hand, change privately and then return her own clothes to the whore.

"I ... ne ... ed some privacy." said Laura who was very nervous by now.

Nancy sensed the hesitation but decided that the best bet was to press further.

"OK girl, if you don't want to do it just pay me for my time and I'll leave. I told you that I am not into girls, and I won't undress in front of you. So I need your clothes first if you still want to go along with the change."

Laura trembled; she had already gone so far that she did not want to return with empty hands so she started to undress. When she was in her underwear she stopped and gave Nancy her outer clothes. But Nancy was having fun with her newly found power and said:

"I need all the rest, you said your entire outfit and that is what I expect."

Laura bit her lip and hesitated but again she had come a long way to stop now, and she took off everything. Nancy smiled and took all of Laura's clothes including her shoes; put them in a plastic bag and proceeded to leave the cubicle.

Laura panicked, "Where are you going?"

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