The Motivation Chart (Sara's Descent)

by jsmt

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, School, Transformation, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Sara is a young girl starting college who dreams to be a successful professional woman. Her envisioned future seemed to be at reach but accidentally she discovers a part of her that leads her to play with fire until...

The teacher started the class with a pop quiz. It was not a test on the subject of the class but a survey to know more about her pupils' motivations. The quiz only had three questions:

1) How is the ideal you? What traits and accomplishment you have or would like to have in order to turn yourself in the person you want to be.

2) How is the anti-you? How is the person that you definitely do not want to be?

3) Draw a horizontal bar across the page and write under the bar at the left margin "Anti-me" and in the right margin Ideal me. Then paint the bar with some color from left to right. The more to the right that you paint means that you are closer to your "ideal you". Paint your actual level and mark with a line where you want to be at the end of the semester.

Sara Thompson did not require too much time to answer the questions. She was a cute brunette 19 years old and starting college. Despite her beauty she was more a nerd than anything. Sara always dressed casual and conservative, normally jeans and louse blouses or shirts and never wore make up. She was very intelligent and surely was among the 5 best students in her college class. She was specially god in the English class.

She read the first question

"Ideal me:"

For a moment Sara thought about her English teacher Ms Joana Donovan, a successful college graduate that was now teaching because her schedule as a MBA student did not allowed her other jobs. But even when she was just teaching for the duration of her MBA she did it with such professionalism, passion and authority that made her without a doubt one of her best teachers. Surely Ms Donovan was close of what Sara considered as her own goal. Sara wrote:

"College graduate, wealthy, independent and secure woman acknowledged by her intelligence and preparation, with a personal presentation that inspires respect and admiration and with a well remunerated job in which she could put all her skills and knowledge in use."

"Anti me:"

Sara smiled and thought to just put a simple word: "Bimbo". But then she remembered that she was on English class and decided to verbalize a little more:

"A drop out, dumb, ignorant and insecure who dress like a slut and depends on whatever she gets from the men she dates; A person who do not focus herself on her goals and don't deserve the respect of others. Stuck on a bad pay job or worse...

Sara drew the horizontal bar and thought about how much to paint. In absolute terms she was far from her "ideal me" but she considered that was more an effect of her short age than any other thing. After all she was already an intelligent and successful student and was recognized as such by the school community, she also had the right attitudes and goals. Then she thought about her "anti me" and concluded that she was far away from it. So after a brief time Sara painted around 85% of the bar.

After some minutes the teacher said. – Please make a copy of your answers and give it to me. You will conserve the original to set your goals for each month accordingly and to track your own advances. I hope this tool will help you to keep you focused on your dreams and to be a mean to reach them-

At the end of the class many of the students were chatting about the quiz. Some had written that their goal was to be a professional player of one sport or the other, some others had put themselves as doctors, lawyers, IT professionals, etc while others simply as future millionaires or members of the jet set. The common denominator for the "Anti-me" of most men was a poor wimp and for the ladies a poor old maid.

Katy and Lisa two popular cheerleaders had answered the test mainly with jokes and were chatting between them saying their ideal was to be married with a very wealthy and handsome man. Sara smiled inwardly and thought – Sure if they did not find a guy with enough money they would end poor, so better keep working with the poms poms and the cheers and hope to catch a man before is to late – Suddenly there were laughs followed by an awkward silence and everybody turned to see Sara. She was surprised and then realized that she did not just thought but actually spoke her opinion. She blushed, apologized and repeated that it was a joke and did not expected that anyone would hear it.

Katy and Lisa did not say anything but their eyes looked like knifes ready to cut Sara's body in little pieces. Finally somebody made an unrelated joke and everybody laugh again and the tense moment was broken. But Sara knew that she had crossed two of the meanest girls in College and that it would cost her on one way or another.

Sara did not have to wait for long to start suffering little acts of revenge. At Sociology class she could not find her paper. The teacher knowing her accepted her excuse and gave her chance to bring the paper the next day. Then after classes Sara went to the gym, changed into some sport outfit and made some exercise using the college equipment. When she finished she showered and returned to her locker only to find that her shorts and pants were missing. She was still desperately looking for something to wear when Katy and Lisa appeared

- OK girls- said Sara – you already had your revenge, now please give me my pants –

But Katy replied – No Sara this is going to last for weeks and it would be a funny semester indeed.

- I already apologized; I really do not see the point in being enemies. It may be better if I do something for you. I can tutor in any class if you want - Said Sara.

Lisa looked angry and said:

- I told you Katy, look at her: She is again telling us we are some kind of bimbos that need her help to pass our test. I think we should make her life here a hell.

Sara trembled; she had managed to make things worse.

- Sorry girls. I didn't mean that. I really want to end this. I don't want to be your enemy. Can't we talk it and found another solution?

Lisa said

- Don't listen to her Katy. She is only a liar.

But Katy replied.

- I don't know Lisa, Maybe we should give her a chance. After all it would be tiresome and even dangerous for us to be bulling her all the semester. Maybe we should compromise and have a quick solution.

Sara sighted a little relieved. Then Lisa said:

- OK I agree but we can't let go a thing like this; it can set a bad precedent and be repeated later. I think a punishment is in order.

Katy agreed nodding and said:

- OK Sara you have two options: Option A: You apologize and accept that each of us gave you ten swats with my brush in your ass and then everything is forgiven and forgotten and everybody continues her life as before or Option B: I give you your clothes and you can go home right now but we will make your life hell for the rest of the semester. So what is going to be?

Sara did not like any of the options but if the first option was true it will only take 10 minutes or so and then her life will return back to normal, the second option could put in risk even her future; these brats can make her lower her grades and ... Lisa voice interrupted her thoughts:

- What is going to be Sara? We don't have all day.

- I'll take the punishment - said Sara with a quivering voice.

- That is a good choice girl. We will be over soon. Bend over that bench – Said Katy.

- Can't I have my pants first?

- We will give it to you after the punishment.

Sara walked to the bench and bended as instructed and said:

- Ok I am ready.

- No it is useless she is not repented, she keep commanding us instead - Said Lisa walking to the door.

But Katy said:

- Wait. Maybe she does it right this time. – and then turning to Sara she continued – Sara you need to apologize for humiliating us and then beg us for your punishment.

Sara was angry but she was always focused in her goals and knew the best for her was to end this issue as soon as possible so she said:

- Please forgive me for what I did. It was stupid and senseless. Please punish me so I don't feel so bad with this guilt.

- That is better. I will spank you first and you better thank me after each stroke- Said Lisa

Lisa took the brush and gave a strong spank in Sara's left cheek. The panty did not help at all to protect her and Sara felt a sharp pain.

- I can't hear you - said Lisa.

- Thank you Lisa - was Sara's weak answer.

Lisa continued the spanking alternating cheeks and when she reached 10 Sara was almost crying; her bottom was surely bright red beneath the panty, but she was also feeling something funny besides pain, she was so ashamed because her pussy was getting wet.

When it was Katy's turn, she was delighted seeing the flushed face of Sara. She could smell Sara's juices and was having fun thinking – look at the independent feminist all worked up by a spanking. This is priceless. Sara wanted to end the punishment as fast as possible she was getting more and more aroused and was afraid that the girls would notice it. At last, Katy took the brush and started to spank Sara with very strong hits that hurt a lot more than Lisa's. But Katy was taking her time spacing maybe 20 seconds or more between hits. In the 6 or 7th swat Katy hit Sara between her legs which caused Sara to jump and started breathing fast and short because of the pain and the arousal. When Katy reached the 10th stroke, Sara was already crying and very horny.

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