Rewards of Virtue

by SW MO Hermit

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: Romantic Story: Follow the life of a young boy from age 6 when he meets his future wife. He dates her, breaks up with her, later marries her then divorces when he finds her cheating on him. Enjoy his later life with him after he meets and marries his true soul mate and his ex reaps the fruits of her betrayal.

The screen door slammed open and Mrs. Fielding heard running footsteps then a young voice said, "MAMMA, MAMMA there's a new girl in school and the teacher made her sit by me. I think she's nice. She rode the school bus home tonight and sat by me and everything. She said her daddy was the new preacher. Can I have her come over sometime and play?"

Janice Fielding smiled and pulled her 6-year-old son into her lap as he slid to a stop beside her chair. "Slow down Son," she said. "I'm glad you made a new friend. Why don't you tell me all about her while we wait for time to make supper? After her parents have time to get settled in their new home we'll talk about having her and her family come visit."

After Alex had run out of things to say about his new friend Janice asked, "Now, do you have homework you need to do young man?" When Alex nodded his head yes she said, "Well you know the rules. You have to do homework before anything else. Now get busy young man."

Alex's older sister Barbara wandered into the room to see her mother as Alex walked dejectedly into the kitchen to do his homework. Mrs. Fielding smiled at her 9-year-old daughter when she saw her rolling her eyes over her brother's antics. Janice began thinking about the new family. The moving van she had seen leaving town last Friday must have been the one they had used to deliver their furniture.

She needed to go welcome the new folks to the area and help them feel at home. She was glad they had a child Alex's age. There weren't many children living near enough for Alex and Barbara to visit and play with conveniently. Janice decided she would just make a nice cake and she and Alex would take it down when they were finished with their supper. They only lived about two miles from town on the small family farm that had been in her husband's family since 1882. It would only be a short drive and she wanted to meet the people anyway.

Later that evening Mr. Fielding came rattling up on the combine as she was putting the food on the table. He was in the middle of harvesting their soybeans so she knew he wouldn't be interested in going with them. During the meal she told him she was going to town for a short time after supper. Before she could say why young Alex once again began talking.

"Yeah Dad. There's a new girl in school and Mama thinks they moved into that old house on the edge of town last week. That's where she got off the school bus tonight. My teacher told her to sit by me and she asked me to take care of her. She's real pretty. Can I have her come over and play?"

Donald Fielding looked at his wife and smiled. Then he turned to Alex and said, "Of course you can son but you need to remember she may not want to spend a lot of time with you here. After all, she may be a city girl and may not like to play the same games you do. She may want to do things with her girl friends."

Before he left to go back to the field Donald walked around the table and leaned down to give his wife a gentle kiss. She held his hand to her breast and looked deeply into his eyes as he started to stand. She felt her pussy moisten and smiled gently. Even after all these years this man could stir her so deeply just with his touch. She constantly prayed Alex and Barbara would one day find a mate that did that to them. She loosened her grip and watched him stand so tall.

He said, "I'll probably be late again tonight. I still have almost 200 acres to cut and I'll work as long as it's dry enough. Have to get the beans in so I can get ready to plant the wheat. Janice was a little sad because she felt he was much too young to look as tired and worn out as he did. She knew he loved his life here on the farm but it was a hard one. Even with her help one man had trouble working the whole 1640 acres, especially during the busy parts of the year. She once again looked into his eyes as she whispered, "I love you honey. You be careful out there while we're gone. Please try to get in early. I don't want you getting hurt because you're too tired and get careless."

Alex could barely wait for his mother and sister to finish cleaning up after supper. "Come on Mom," he said. "It's getting late. Let's go."

Finally everything was done to his mother's satisfaction and she smiled down at Alex. "OK Honey. Go get in the car and we'll go. Do you want to come also Barbara?"

During her visit with the new family Alex's mother found out that Alice was an only child and that her father had grown up in the town. She had met and married Don at college and even after eleven years living in Steelville she didn't know everyone or the names of many of the children that had grown and moved out of town.

Alice's grandmother still lived in the house Mr. Fowler was raised in. He had been pastor in a small church near where he went to college until his mother had told him that the town's only surviving Church was looking for a new minister. He applied and got the job. It didn't pay much because the congregation was small but he wanted to move back home so he took the position. He and his wife were looking for part time work to help support the family. They planned to stay in town indefinitely.

That was the start of Alex's long friendship with Alice Fowler. Like most young people their friendship waxed and waned as they grew and matured. Alex had the same thoughts about Alice as he did other girls. When he was younger they were fun to play with just like one of the boys. Then as she and he aged she became a "dumb ole Girl" for several years.

Because her father was the minister of the towns' church she attended services with her family three times a week. She and her family were very busy with church business, visitation, weddings, and funerals. Reverend Fowler and his wife became honored and respected members of the community. They were always helping a family with problems. They used the church to foster many beneficial programs including an after school program for the young people in the area. At this program Alex and Alice became even better friends. They told everyone that would listen that they were going to marry each other. Then, of course, came the "dumb ole girl" stage and their "love" for each other cooled for several years.

Many of the town's parents worked out of town because Steelville was so small. In fact it had became a bedroom community and most parents worked in factories or stores in one of the two larger cities 22 and 40 miles away respectively.

Mrs. Fowler decided she would open a day care center in the church for the children of the community. She would take a child on an ongoing weekly basis or occasionally as the parents required. Eventually she had so many children in her day care she had to hire help. Her income from this was more than enough to make life for the Fowler family very comfortable when it was added to Reverend Fowlers pay from the church.

One of the ladies she hired was Alice's Grandmother. This was where Alex met her. Occasionally his mother needed to run to town for something or she and his father wanted to go somewhere alone and they used the church's babysitting service. As he aged Alex didn't need much supervision but they sent him there until he was old enough to stay home alone. This is where he first met Hope Fowler. He adopted her as his honorary grandmother and she seemed to fall in love with him. Many times Alex would just go visit Hope on his own. As he aged they would play board games or occasionally croquet. Many times his friend Alice would join them.

Like most children as they aged Alice, Alex and their other friends of similar age became curious about the opposite sex. From time to time they would sneak away from the day care center to either Grandma Hope's home or one of the other houses and play show and tell. He knew it was wrong but for a long time he wasn't sure why that was. Of course by the time they were in their early teens Alex knew why it was wrong but it was so much fun he never even considered not doing it if Alice would agree. By the time Alice and Alex were 14 they had no secrets from each other. They had started touching each other's bodies that year.

From that time on they occasionally played with each other. Sometimes there were other boys or girls with them when they either went skinny-dipping in the local stream or sneaked away to have some dirty fun. Alice always seemed to have many more male friends than she did female ones. In truth she was the ringleader when it came to sex games.

Just before they were 16 Alice taught Alex how to jack off and how to play with a girl's pussy and tits. He was always very excited and very scared when they were naked together. The first time Alex gave Alice an orgasm he was scared he hurt her. "No you dummy," she said. "That felt wonderful. I screamed because you made me feel so good. Feel how wet you made my pussy," she said as she guided his hand to her pussy once more.

Alex was awestruck. He had never seen a girl's pussy that wet before. He began playing with it again and Alice began moaning and thrusting her hips toward him, trying to get more of his fingers into her little cunny. Alex felt good, almost like a man. Alice had one more little orgasm then pushed Alex away. She took hold of his small hard cock and began jacking it. Alex lost his concentration and quit playing with her. All his attention was centered on his cock and what she was doing to it. All at once he tensed up and felt his cock pulsing as he shot what little cum he contained onto Alice's hand.

Alex watched in awe as she raised her hand to her mouth and licked it clean. "Why did you do that Alice," he asked?

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