Naked in School - The Teachers' Day

by Terry

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Desc: : It is now the teachers' turn to be in The Program.


"Your attention, please. There will be a schedule change for Friday. All students will report to the auditorium instead of going to homeroom. There will be a very special announcement that you will not want to miss. Students that are in The Program this week will wear clothes on Friday. Thank you.


As requested, all the students at Wolf Creek Middle School filed into the auditorium. This was something that was unusual for assemblies. As they were filing in, they were checked in like they would in homeroom.

When it looked like all the students were there, Mrs. Cody came out on stage. The students quieted down. She made a few general announcements and then started to talk about the announcement.

"Thank you. I'm sure that you are all wondering what the announcement is that I informed you about yesterday. It has been decided that there will be an expansion of The Program." A collective groan went through the auditorium. Mrs. Cody smiled and then continued. "A few weeks ago, I went to the mall and while I was there, I meet a student and her mother who were shopping in the nude. The student made a very good point about The Program. I agreed with her and because of that conversation, I took the idea to the school board. After a very spirited debate, it was decided to expand The Program." Again, there was a collective groan that went through the students. Mrs. Cody smiled as she continued. "It isn't going to be that bad. Matter of fact, some of you might really enjoy it."

Two Weeks Earlier

At the monthly school board meeting, after the business part of the meeting, Mrs. Cody got up to speak. She told how she had been at the mall and one of her students asked why the students in school had to be in The Program. She said that the student thought that this was kind of a peep show for the teachers. The student thought that it could help The Program, if the teachers had to experience to some degree what the students had to go through.

After Mrs. Cody finished talking, the school board members reacted with some shock and surprise at her comments. Then, she said that it was her opinion that the teachers and the other staff at the district middle and highs schools should experience The Program. This caused more shock and surprise among the members.

Then Mrs. Cody really shocked the school board. To show that she thought that the teachers should take part in The Program, she took off the dress that she was wearing and stood in front of the board in the nude.

Mrs. Cody surprised the school board even more when she had some parents attend the meeting to speak about The Program. Rachael Hill was the first to speak and she was nude when she did it. She said that she wasn't sure that she approved of The Program, but her daughter had been in The Program for a day and that she enjoyed it. While she really didn't want to do it, she and Brandi had gone to the mall in the nude. She explained that she had been forced into going and at first, she really didn't like it, but as their shopping trip when on, she enjoyed it more and more. She thought that it had been a great bonding experience for them. She also had to agree with her daughter in that the teachers should experience The Program, so they have a better idea of what the students are going through.

After she was done, she wondered if the members of the board had even heard a word she said. She was standing in front of them, with her 38C boobies jiggling with every move she made, her bald pussy staring at them and her clit clip clearly visible between her slightly spread legs.

After Rachael was done, Rita Walker spoke. Rita had came to the meeting clothed, but when she saw that Rachael was nude, she took her clothes off. In the Walker family, nudity was very common. Rita told the school board that her son was one of the first students to be part of The Program in the high school and her daughter was one of the first in The Program in the middle school. At first, she wasn't sure how they would react to being in The Program, but she thought that both of handled it very well and the both of them became more confident. She told them that her son formed a very strong relationship with his girlfriend and she thought that nudity was a big factor in forming that relationship. She told them how they had gone to a school dance in the nude. She, like Rachael, thought that having the teachers take part in The Program was a good idea.

Betty Larson was the next speaker. She had a daughter who had been in The Program, but didn't handle it very well. It was so bad that she had to take her daughter out of school and home schooled her for a semester. The daughter went back to the high school and was able to fulfill her week in The Program. Betty said that she wasn't in favor of The Program. She thought that it was horrible to force students to be naked in school and submit to the groping and exposing themselves. However, if The Program was going to be in the schools, she thought that it would be a good idea for the teachers to experience The Program.

The last speaker was Frank Lasky. He was totally against The Program. He couldn't see any value in having students running around in the nude. When he had gotten the notification that the school would be running The Program, he pulled his two sons out of the public school and put them in private school. After he was done speaking, he left the meeting.

There were a few more speakers, some for and one against. It took about 45 minutes for the rest of the parents to speak. After they were done, the board left the meeting room to discuss the teachers taking part in The Program.

Sally went over to Rachael and thanked her for coming and speaking before the school board and doing it in the nude. Rachael said that it wasn't a problem, as she was enjoying being nude more and more.

Rita had came over to talk to Sally and Rachael. Sally also thanked Rita for coming to the meeting. To anyone seeing the scene, it would have seemed a little strange to see three mature women standing in a meeting room completely nude.

It was a first for Rachael to be in the nude with Rita. They had met a couple times before, but they had always been clothed. Rachael was impressed with how comfortable Rita was being nude in public.

It was getting kind of late and the board was still discussing the proposal, so both Rachael and Rita had to go. Sally thanked them again for coming to the meeting and speaking in front of the school board and doing it in the nude. Sally gave both of them a hug and Rachael and Rita also hugged. This was something that was a little strange for Rachael, as it had been a long time since she had hugged a girl when both of them were nude.

FRIDAY (continued)

"As I said, we are expanding The Program, but we are not putting more students into The Program, we are..." Mrs. Cody unbuttoned her dress and let it drop. The whole student body was so quiet, you could have heard a pin drop. " ... putting the teachers into The Program."

The whole auditorium was quiet for a short time and then someone yelled, "Way to go, Mrs. C." Then the students started to clap and cheer.

Sally let the cheering go on for a few moments and then she asked them to be quiet. "Today and next Friday, half the teachers and the staff will be naked in school, except for the cafeteria and maintenance staff. The teachers at the High School will also be in The Program today and next Friday. They will follow some of the rules of The Program, but we had to change a few of the rules. One, there will be no Reasonable Requests. Two, if they want, the teachers can take relief, but they have to do it themselves. Three, the teachers will have to be in plain view of the students as much as possible. They can't sit behind a desk. They can sit on a chair or on their desk, but they had to have their legs, at least, slightly spread. Four, when the classes are changing, they have to be in the doorway or outside their class. The last rule is that teachers must answer two questions from their class. The questions can be about anything."

Sally saw a student, raising their hand. She asked them what did they want. The student asked if the teachers were going to spend a week in The Program. Sally said no, as this was to give them an idea of what it was like to be in The Program.

Sally explained more about the teachers being in The Program. It soon was time to go to class, so she dismissed the students.


The teachers were really shocked at the idea of them being in The Program. It had been decided that half the teachers would be in The Program this Friday and the other half the next Friday. The reason that they decided that it would be done this way, was so that the female teachers who were having their period would be excused from taking part this Friday and could do it the next Friday. The faculty was about 75% female.

The teachers who were not in The Program this week left the conference room and went back to their classes. The rest of the teachers took off their clothes and then headed to their classes. There was a lot of grumbling, but reluctantly, the teachers selected for The Program took their clothes off. After they were done taking off their clothes, the teachers, with embarrassed looks on their face, looked around. Most of the females were really embarrassed, but they looked at the males, most of whom, were sporting erections. The males were pretty embarrassed too, especially with their penises sticking straight up.

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