Salty Morning

by Who

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A couple live out a fantasy on a deserted beach. Highly erotic and a bit romantic. Some codes omitted to preserve element of surprise.


The sun has just crested the volcano, its rays now warming the sand and sparkling in the water. We walk hand-in-hand, chatting a bit, trying to express the beauty of this isolated black sand beach with occasional expressions of 'wow' or 'this is so perfect, ' but failing to sound any more coherent than teenagers. I feel happy, we are finally together after months on the phone: we don't have to try to fit this into words, we can be quiet and share in the stark beauty of the beach, water, and palms contrasted with the cliffs of broken black lava. I squeeze your hand.

We slowly walk back down the beach to where our kayak spent the night resting just out of reach of the high tide. I see your eyes taking in glimpses of fishes flitting in the calm sea and suspect that soon you will want to join them. I must know you fairly well by now, because when we reach the kayak you grab your fins and mask and ask "join me for a swim?" But, I'm distracted by the fact that you are stripping off your clothes. Your firm breasts and hardening nipples draw me closer. Holding you at arms length I run my hands over your belly, sides, arms, brush your cheek, and flick your nipples as I work my way down. "ummmm," this gets a response. I take you in my arms and lean in to kiss you deeply, hands reaching for your tight ass, pulling you close. For the moment we are lost in the embrace, touching and kissing, making out on the beach. I never know whether these moments last for seconds or hours...

The distant sound of a fishing boat pulls us back to reality. They would probably need a telescope to see anything from out there, but it seems to be a good cue to get in the water at any rate. This beach is a good hike from the nearest road over sharp fields of a'a lava. Given that, and the lack of people here yesterday, we don't think too much about visitors. I follow you, typically being more reluctant to get wet, but the water here is warm and soon I am swimming beside you, laughing at the long pipe fish, watching the clown fish dance with the anemone, and stealing glances at your naked body.

Conveniently, you get chilly about the time I'm ready to get out, and so we make our way back up the beach. Laying the towel down in a sunny patch between the palms I ask "sun block?" You nod and lay on your stomach in the sun. I straddle you, warm the lotion between my hands, and begin to rub it into your neck and back, occasionally leaning down to add some kisses. You moan as the sun screen application turns into a massage, my senses are focused on you, caressing you, kissing you, rubbing you, always excited to touch you. My cock is resting against your ass, getting harder the more I touch you. I take my time rubbing up and down your back, deep in your shoulders, your neck, your back again, all the while aware of the feeling of you pressed against me. I begin to move my attention down, your lower back, now massaging your butt, my cock slipping down lower between your legs. I can see from the way you move that this is more exciting than relaxing to you as well. Finally I move down lower, rubbing one thigh, down your leg, your foot, now to the other foot, up your leg, your thigh, the side of one hand is now pressed against your sex. Your legs spread for me and any pretext of a massage dissolves as I take my hand and cup your sex, gently parting your lips with my fingers, exploring your folds. You are wet with excitement, you moan and gasp as I flick your clit, work my way down, reach inside of you, and then back to establish a gentle rhythm. I continue stroking your ass with my other hand as I touch you, taking in the erotic sight of the sun on your naked body, the smell of your excitement just inches from my face, I increase the pace.

"Fuck me!" you order, apparently through with foreplay. Who am I to resist my sexy lover spread out before me? I move between your legs, rub the head of my cock up and down between your lips, and then slowly start to push into you. I always want this moment, as I enter you, to last forever, the feeling of pushing into your body, feeling you part for me, is very erotic. Now I'm on top of you, your body spread underneath me, my cock buried in your sex. I am in control like this, I can make love to you or fuck you at my leisure. Slowly I stroke out then in, out and in, feeling you surround me, covering me in your juices. I can't hold back for long, soon I'm leaning back a bit so I can see your ass as I thrust faster into you, reaching under you to grab your tits, taking you, fucking you...

A noise draws my attention, I pause, look up, perhaps 15 feet away, where the trail comes to the beach is a couple, stopped dead in their tracks, watching us. She looks native, long black hair, dark eyes, and dark complexion, wearing a sun dress and backpack, she is quite attractive with large breasts, curves, and a bit of a belly. The guy is behind her and so harder to make out, but he is taller, light skinned, dark hair, and blue eyes. You feel the change and raise your head as well. The second that follows drags on. What do you do in a situation like this? In the middle of slightly exotic sex, eyes locked with a stranger? I interpret the look on her face to be more one of lust than of shock, and almost without thinking I tighten my hand which is still on your breast, this pushes you up a bit so they can see your tits and your still hard nipples. The girl's eyes take in the change, and my cock jumps back to life within you as her hand slowly moves up to her own breast, her fingers tracing her curves. I feel you push back against me and the excitement increases; we are going to finish what we started.

My hands wander, caressing you, focusing on your breasts, pinching your nipples. The girl follows my lead, her hand now disappearing into her cleavage, mirroring my motions. Unexpectedly (I was distracted) her sun dress drops to the ground, clearly released by her partner, and she is left standing before us in a tight bikini. Her body is quite hot, a bit curvier than you, sexy in a very different way. One surprise, her belly appears to be that of a pregnant woman. She pauses, watching us, perhaps looking for a reaction. My only reaction is my tongue tracing my lip in a sign of lust as I watch her touch herself while feeling my cock deep inside of you. I'm looking at her and touching you, running my hands over your ass, grabbing your tits, pinching your nipples, starting to move my body against yours. In one slow motion the girl moves her bikini aside, grabbing her tits in her hands she pushes them up from below, leaning slightly forward to give us a better view, pinching each nipple between thumb and forefinger. I pinch your nipples the same way, watching them both stare at your tits.

The cobra position is starting to get awkward at this point, and I pull back a little, grabbing your hips. You get the idea and push up onto your hands and knees, doggy style, my cock still inside of you. I'm touching you again, your ass, your breast in one hand, slowly increasing my pace. In this position they can see us better your tits hanging down, part of my cock as I pull in and out of you. The girl seems to have lost her backpack along the way, she is now leaning back against her man, touching herself while she watches us fuck. His arms are around her, caressing her belly, flirting with her groin. She moans as he brushes her sex. I reach my hand down and touch you in the same way, feeling your clit and my cock hard inside of you. His touch becomes more insistent, grabbing her sex in one hand, stroking her belly with the other. Now, he reaches under her bikini bottom, through the thing fabric we can see his fingers stroking her lips, exploring her. She is moaning, I think we are all moaning, lost in the haze of lust. In one movement he pushes her bottom aside; we see that her lips are shaved, his fingers spread her sex open, exposing her completely to our view. Our pace picks up, I'm fucking you hard, in and out, watching our voyeur couple masturbate while I fuck you. You are pushing back against me, eyes locked on the couple. His fingers are moving over her clit, her hands grasping her breasts, you are panting, pushing, tensing. Faster, faster. I can see the look in her eyes, she wants to cum. I urge her on with my intensity. "Yes, YES, YES!!!!" Her orgasm pushes me on and now I'm cuming deep inside of you, hard, powerful spurts, filling you up as I thrust deep.

We hold this position for a while, seemingly spent, not quite sure about the next step. Finally, my mouth dry from the salt and exertion, I reach for our water bottles and hold one out to the couple. She nods and reaches down to take it, smiles as she catches me staring at her breasts. You and I settle down on the towel, lying spooned on our side, my cock pulls out of you with some reluctance. I motion to the space beside ours in an invitation for them to lay down as well. A towel appears from their packs, and the guy lays down, the girl, now naked, on the far side. We lay there, cuddling, lightly fondling our respective lovers.

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