A Personal Question

by WaywardOne

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cousins, Swinging, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The sex was good, but neither of them was really happy with the marriage. Unknown to either of them, her cousin had an idea for a way to spice things up. It involved asking a question.

Kevin and Linda were on their way down to Jim and Nancy's house again. It was a thirty mile trip each way, but they made it at least once a month because ... well, because of several reasons, mostly different reasons for each of them.

For Kevin, it was a chance to break out, in a small way, from the box he had let himself get trapped into when he married Linda. He hadn't really wanted to get married in the first place, but, damn, Linda was so fucking hot, and he was dying to be able to spend every night with her. He managed to seduce her after only half a dozen dates, and when he finally broke her down he discovered to his surprise that she was a virgin. She sure caught on quick, though. A month later he tried to get her to move in with him, but she wouldn't budge on that. No way was she going to live with a guy unless they were married. So, they were, before long. Much too soon, according to him.

Kevin wasn't really ready to give up his wild life, but Linda watched him like a private investigator, and fucking her twice a day was going to be all the fucking he was going to get. Not that it wasn't enough, and not that she wasn't good, but, shit, a guy likes a little variety. And Linda wouldn't let him even look at another gal. Well, except for Nancy. For some silly reason Linda seemed to think Nancy was "safe" and she just laughed when Kevin and Nancy flirted a bit right in front of their spouses. Oh, fucking jesus, would he ever love to ram it into Nancy. And he rather suspected she felt the same way about him.

Then there was Linda's personality. The fucking part was great, but when she wasn't cumming or sleeping she was bitching. It was enough to drive a guy to drink, but he couldn't even go there. Linda wouldn't allow a goddamn drop of anything in the house; not liquor, not beer, not even wine. She was a fucking Puritan. Well, except at Jim and Nancy's house. It made no sense, but when she was there she would drink. In fact they all drank, and usually got rather tipsy. Best of all, when Linda was drinking, she wasn't bitching. So, yeah, Kevin loved to go to Jim and Nancy's house.

Linda also loved to go there. Jim was a cousin she had grown up with, and they had always had a lot of fun together. They could tease each other and never get mad about it. She could relax around Jim, which was so different; she could never relax with Kevin.

Oh, she loved Kevin, of course, and the sex was fantastic - so fantastic she would put up with most anything to keep getting it - but she never felt really comfortable around him. And he could be mean. He yelled a lot, and used awful language. A few times he had even hit her. But he was never like that when they were at Jim and Nancy's house. There he was a gentleman, like he used to be when she fell in love with him.

She liked Nancy, too. Nancy always seemed so competent, and so good to Jim. So good for Jim. Linda had worried about Jim before he was married. He was running around with some rough guys, and didn't seem like the buddy she had grown up with. But Nancy brought him back in line. Yeah, she liked Nancy. She only hoped that Nancy could somehow be a good influence on Kevin as well.

There was something else she liked about going to Jim and Nancy's house, though she hated to admit it even to herself. She could let her guard down, and do things she wouldn't normally do. They were family, and if she let them talk her into having a little drink, it was all in the family. No one would ever know. It was really kind of nice to get a bit drunk, kind of different, a way to forget about the bad parts of being married to Kevin. The rest of them were all drinking, so she fit in better if she did, too. It made a perfect excuse to do something she was definitely getting to like, but wouldn't allow herself to do anywhere else. Yes, she was planning to really enjoy herself this evening at Jim and Nancy's house.

Kevin and Linda didn't talk during the drive down, both lost in their own reveries, but that changed the moment Jim opened the door.

"Hey, guys, great to see you!" Jim bubbled. "Come on in. We're going to have a great time tonight, I just know it. I'm SO glad you came!"

As he said this he grabbed Linda's hand and pulled her into the room, with Kevin following right behind. Once inside, Kevin looked around.

"Where's Nancy?" he asked. "If you're going to be dragging Linda around, then I should be able to drag Nancy around."

Jim laughed, and shoved Linda down onto the sofa. That made her giggle.

"Oh, she'll be here in a minute," Jim explained, "and when she gets here I promise I'll let you drag her around.

"And tickle her, too," he added as he dove down beside Linda and started tickling her ribs.

"Jim! Stop it!" Nancy screeched, but she was laughing so hard she could hardly get the words out, and Jim could tell she didn't mean it.

"I will stop it," he threatened, "if you don't let Kevin do everything to Nancy that I'm doing to you. Do you promise?"

"Oh, Jim, that's not fair!" she gasped. "I'm gonna get you back," she added, lunging toward him to tickle his chest.

"Oh no you don't," he told her, twisting her around so her back was to him and grabbing her arms.

"Let me go! Let me tickle you!"

"Nope, not 'til you promise. You have to promise that Nancy and Kevin can do everything we're doing."

Linda looked wildly around, and up at Kevin where he was still standing, watching with great interest what was going on. "Kevin! Save me! Help me!"

Kevin laughed. "Why should I do that? Until you promise, I don't get to have any fun with Nancy."

"You guys," Linda moaned, twisting helplessly in Jim's grip.

"All you have to do is promise," Jim whispered in her ear.

"All right, I promise."

At that he released her, and she twisted to start tickling him any way she could. Soon they were both screeching as they tickled each other.

"What's all the noise in here?" Nancy demanded as she came in the room.

Linda pulled guiltily away from Jim, and stood up. "He started it."

"Did not!" Jim said, standing up too.

"Did so!" Linda argued back, crossing her arms and glaring at him.

"Well," Kevin put in, seeing his chance, "whoever started it, I know who's going to end it." With that he grabbed Nancy and threw her down on the sofa.

"Kevin! Shame on you. What are you doing?"

"Just exactly what Jim told me to do," he roared, diving in to start tickling her in turn.

"Kevin! Stop it! Eeeech! STOP! HELP! Jim, make him stop."

But Jim was just standing there with a huge grin on his face. "Sorry, Nancy, but he's right. I told him to do everything to you that I did to Linda, and Linda also said he could." He turned to Linda and asked, "Didn't you?"

"Tickle him back," Linda ordered Nancy. "They tricked me into saying he could tickle you and you could tickle him. Now you have to get even."

That was all Nancy was waiting for, and soon she and Kevin were both screeching.

While their spouses were focused on each other, Jim leaned toward Linda and let his knuckle stroke up her cheek. "Hey, it's been a long time since we did that. I loved doing it with you."

Linda bit her lip and glanced at him out of the corner of her eye, then reached up and pulled his hand away from her cheek. "Yeah, I loved it too," she admitted. "But we can't let it go any further."

"When we were younger, we let it go a little further," he reminded her.

"No, Jim, don't go there. We weren't married then."

"True, but being with you was wonderful. I've never forgotten it."

"I haven't, either," she sighed. "I never will," she added.

By now Kevin and Nancy had stopped their horseplay and were sitting up on the sofa. "Hey, Linda, why so serious over there?" Kevin asked.

"Oh, nothing, we ... we were just reminiscing."

"Well, we're supposed to be having fun," Nancy told them, "not thinking sad thoughts about the past. Jim, how come we don't have anything to drink?"

"Oops, bad host," he confessed. "I'll take care of that immediately," and he disappeared into the kitchen.

"I know you said you couldn't get here in time for dinner," Nancy told Linda and Kevin, "but at least we can have some snacks, right?" She followed Jim through the kitchen door.

Kevin looked at Linda. "Are you OK?"

"Sure, I'm fine. Ummm, how about you? I guess Jim and I got a bit out of line."

"Didn't bother me a bit," he grinned. "Gave me a perfect chance to get a bit 'out of line' with Nancy. Did that bother you?"

Linda shook her head, realizing that she hadn't even noticed what he and Nancy were doing. Jim's words kept echoing in her mind: 'let it go a little further.' Oh, yes, there was a time when they let it go a little further, and it was fantastic. If only there would be a chance some time again to let it go a little further.

Jim came back in with the drinks, and Linda took one eagerly. She was going to need a drink tonight, maybe two or three.

Nancy was soon back with the snacks, and they all settled down to munch, and drink, and talk about inconsequentials. It wasn't very long before Linda's glass was empty, and the other three were running low. Jim jumped up, and asked, "How about another round?"

"No, I shouldn't," Linda demurred.

"Oh, come on, two aren't going to hurt you. Kevin, Nancy, you'd both like refills, wouldn't you? I know I would."

"Well, maybe one more," Linda said, trying to sound as if she didn't really want it.

After delivering the fresh drinks, Jim announced, "I had this idea for a fun game for tonight. How about if we play Hearts?"

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