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First Session

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, DomSub, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Petting,

Desc: Sex Story: First Session - A chronicle of a slightly normal young couple, who are the english-speaking equivalents of the Japanese Otaku, as they take their first steps and explore light-BDSM and other assorted fetishes related to it. Many references to the Anime/Manga world. Codes change as each event happens.

"Your birthday is coming up. What do you want?"

Yes ... My girlfriend of two months had asked me what I wanted for my birthday.

Why doesn't she want surprise me? Why ask me directly? Well, she was a very blunt woman when it came to her relationship with people. She hid almost nothing about herself from anyone, be it her friends or even a complete stranger. She had a habit being too honest and sincere.

If she liked something, she told you about it. If she didn't like something, she told you about it. This was one of the biggest reasons why I was attracted to her so much. An attraction which had quickly, very quickly, turned to forms of affection. She didn't lie. She didn't sugar coat her feelings or thoughts. When we had met many months before we had gotten to know each other so fast, with so little reservations. (If only all relationships started like that, skipping over initial awkward hesitations.)

I loved reading novels. She hated it. I hated School. She loved it. I loved UFC. She wouldn't have anything do with it. I couldn't stand stand up comedy, she sucked that stuff up like a sponge. But, as cliché as it sounds, we had a few ... strange things in common. I was an Otaku ... she was an Otaku.

She had told me the first day we met, unembarrassed with a straight face, "I love Anime" 'I did too!'

Despite a few differences, our love of anime and the Otaku world somehow led us to being a couple. Which then led us to a few other ... similarities.

But back to the question she'd ask.

'Hmm ... what did I want for my birthday... '

She allowed me a day to think it over knowing the difficulty of such a simple question. Normally, a blunt question like this would have a mundane answer.

For example, she would ask stuff like: blunt "Why is he staring at her?" "Does he scrub when he shower in the morning?" "Why do you think the man is homeless?" "Do she hate our kind of people?" "Why are YOU starting at her?"

And my automatic response would be a: "I don't know Eva." And get her out of people's hearing range. (Though, the last one was a bit more technical. More on this later)

Had the question about my gift been the usual, I would have chosen something cheap, something I know that'd be well within her price range, such as the new Linkin Park CD or a PSN card. But it wasn't one of her normal ones.

The delivery of the question suggested something ... different. There was a subtle look on her face, which only I was privy to, that partially answered the question itself when she asked. It was also the reason why she gave me a day to mull it over ... and plan it out.

Because ... well you see ... when our relationship started, I quickly found out that Eva was as hopelessly immersed as me when it came to the world surround Anime & Mango1, and by default, the internet. She was into to so many things I was, and even a lot more: A massive unconfirmed numerical amount of Anime, Alot of Manga, Visual Novels, Forums, /a/, Fanfiction, AMV, MikuMD, Cosplay, Anime Music, Drawing...

Doujins ... and Hentai...

Yes ... I was a pervert.

And ... She was a pervert.

We weren't hardcore perverts, not like anything that could send us to jail and stuff. But more like a lot of the people that visit /a/ and /h/ or other various under-the-radar forums. Just more sexually excited than the rest.

During a conversation early in our relationship, she was being blunt again and revealed that she liked hentai. And ... to some degree regular porn. She told me straight up that she loved hentai, because unlike regular porn, the emotions are real, not acted. Love, hate, Ecstasy, and Pain on the faces of hentai characters were real, even if they were created to be so. She hated the fake cries and looks of pleasure from the women in the porn industry today. Even more so the fake breasts and other surgically sculpted body parts.

What she like though were the amateur videos, especially the ones under her favorite category in both porn and hentai.

Couples in Love.

She loved reading works by Booshi, Yamatogawa, and Gunma, which featured a lot of good happy sex between lovers. Her favorite doujins of all time was Take On me/Dominate Me by Takemura Sessyu, about a boy catching a classmate with a vibrator attached to her. Not too perverted right? So, it was about a month into our relationship (we've already started, and had a lot of sex by then) when we were bored one day and began looking for new manga to read between weekly manga/anime updates.

We found Nana to Kaoru, a manga based around BDSM. We both knew what BDSM was, we did individually encounter it many times in the past withing our internet lives. And like all curious teens, we wanted to know all about it. So when I first asked her about the subject, when we were getting to know each other and our likes in hentai. Eva typically said, "as long as the partners loved each other."

We both had a basic understanding of what BDSM was when we started talking about it in depth. We found out that we both respected that form of love making, because if you like that kind of stuff and if it is done with someone you trust, it can be a special experience.

We had both seen BDSM in hentai, like in Night shift nurses or in the tons of Bondage tagged doujins out there. It was also the bases of one of the eroge's (erotic game) she let me play on one of her flash drives, which a hentai was based off of. Discipline: Record of the Crusade. Nice, classic, and full of sex.

We had seen a lot of the drawn, ecstasy driven bdsm partners in these hentai, and since many characters did seem to love this stuff we weren't totally put off when we ran into those Tags. Though, some aspects of BDSM hentai did put us off from using it as prime Faping material. (Masturbation. We used that word a lot in public for kicks lol. Or whenever she was feeling a bit racy and wanted to tell me what she was doing under the restaurant table) We both stayed clear of sub-Tags like Rape, Scat, Watersports, Non-consensual, gangbang, DP ... well actually we liked DP, just only between me and her of course. The second penetration came in the form of a dildo or a butt plug (which she loved).

But, back to Nana to Kaoru. You see, what it is supposed to be is a regular manga which is published in a Non-hentai (non-erotic) magazine. So it was kinda strange to us when my girlfriend read the summary out loud from a regular online manga reader site.

"Kaoru is a 17-year old virgin who has a SM fetish. He always dreams about a SM relationship with his childhood friend Nana. One day Kaoru's mom decides to hide all his SM toys so he'll study for a change, by asking Nana to hide his toys. Nana finds the leather one-piece that Kaoru bought and tries it on but she accidentally locks it and doesn't have the key!"

We both knew what the SM meant. Sadism and Masochism. We both also wondered why this kind of manga was on that site. 'It's hentai right?' But it wasn't... "Though it's kinda close," she argued. It was about two childhood friends tentatively exploring BDSM in a way that made it seem REAL! The male protagonist is a boy that likes to read about BDSM in INSTRUCTIONAL books, who even buys a lot of related equipment. And the girl is just a regular friend that finds out how much exciting this strange fetish is!

What hooked Eva to this manga was how the characters acted though. Because, the male wasn't the usual overpowering asshole, the female wasn't the Pain Slut that many hentai churn out. They were two normal (and very nervous) teens, who just happen to trust each other enough (secretly love each other, though they don't know what the other thinks) to do these SM acts. There isn't any nudity in it as both characters always wore clothing, Nana being in a swim suit whenever she is being bonded by Kaoru.

Eva and I spent a lot of time reading the manga together. Both of us naked, with her on my lap and a laptop in front of us.

For being a Non-hentai-sex piece of work, there were many times that the pages turned us on so much that I couldn't help but lift her up and put her back down onto my rock hard dick. Then I'd be able to tell which pages especially turned her on because her vaginal muscles would squeeze at certain pages. (we also did this position when reading other doujins.)

Our first baby steps into BDSM though was when she suggested (playfully) that I should try to blind fold her, like Kaoru did to Nana the first time they had a session.

I didn't really think nothing of it at first, because I was really horny at the time (and so was she). So I grabbed a shirt, which she had kindly ripped off earlier, and wrapped it around her head, careful to knot it not too tight but snug enough to keep from falling off.

We were both giggling as she sat there naked, moving her head left to right with a piece of cloth completely blocking her vision. Playfully, she tried to mimic the lines from a random bondage doujin with a scared voice. "So master, what do you wish to do?"

We both couldn't hold in our laughter!

Then, trying my best to sound like one of those arrogant assholes, I said, "Bitch! Get on all fours!"

We both exploded again!

But as her laughter died down to giggling, she turned around, got on all fours and lifted her butt with pussy facing me. She continued to play around and wiggle her pretty little ass left to right, saying "Oh is this what master desires? Well, please do as you wish. I've been a very naughty naughty girl."

Oh boy did this get my blood pumping.

And apparently this got her going too because her bottom lips were very puffy, and almost glistening in the light. I had hardly touched her yet! Eva was becoming quite horny with all this role-play, and I was just about ready to plunge my dick right in.

But at right when I leaned in to do the deed a thought that had been hiding in the back up my head finally got the nerve to pop up.

'How bout we really try this ... Bondage... ' I paused a little to contemplate the thought, which wasn't much more than juggling a few negatives and positives. My naïve youth and thorniness made me biased toward a decision of course. I actually spent more time planning on what to do. I remembered that girls from a lot of the other bondage hentai were driven crazy if they were teased for long periods of time. So, from there, the plan took root.

Now to explain why I didn't initiate things like this before was because I had always put a mental wall between sex in porn/hentai and real life sex ... or what we had both thought was real life sex.

It was later next day, she and I discussed what had happened the night before. We had come to the conclusion that reading the slow-progressive S/M relation ship that Nana and Kaoru had, finally hit us hard that couples like us really did learn and do bondage! That thought had then partially opened up our hidden reservations about actually trying the kinky stuff we unconsciously so wanted to do.

So, with my subconscious wall cracked, I began the process of slowly bringing her to what should have been one of her favorite full body orgasms. It was a lengthy process. She spent almost half an hour on all fours with my hands all over her shaking body. Caressing her back and thighs, lightly squeezing her butt, and fondling her breast. I would occasionally give her nipples or clit the random flick, while all the while raining kisses wherever my mouth was near.

Along with her usual loud moans, she had a lot of surprised gasps due to the blindfold. Without sight, she couldn't predict where my next brush or lick would land. She later explained to me that the sensations caused by the light touches were intense, because without her vision she couldn't "prepare" her body when I moved to a new part. So every single contact, no matter how minimal, was like an electric jolt.

After a while, I began to concentrate solely on her leaking pussy. It was crying. No joke. Her thighs were gyrating so much, trying to move her pussy to where she thought my hand was. But I wouldn't have none of that, every time she tried it, I quickly retracted my hand and ignored her for a couple seconds.

"Allen come on! What are you doing." She whined, dropping her coy little voice she had been using.

"I'm really, really horny now!" She said, trying to coax me into fucking her senseless right then in there. Adding to the enticement, she leaned forward, bringing ass higher, and moving a hand under to her pussy. Using two fingers, she opened and closed those puffy lips.

It was hard (LOL), but I forced myself from jumping on and riding her to unconsciousness. But, the thought of finally trying S/m was now in my head. The urge to see how far we could take this was just too strong.

After a minute of me not responding to her invitation to her body, she tried to up the ante by beginning to masturbate. Slowly at first, but being in a state of unholy horniness her hand soon became a blur. Her moans and delicious whines grew louder and longer as her orgasm neared, but right before she reached her arch I grabbed her hand pushed it away.

"Uughh! What are you doing!?" She tried to move her free hand to finish the job but, but I caught that too and push both down onto the bed between her knees. This position still had her ass in the air but kept her upper half pressed to the bed and her knees wide apart, restricting her to very minimal movement. Which was what I wanted, because Eva came very close to a 'point of no return'.

I learned early on that a woman's orgasm was much different from a male's. Well ... at least I knew hers was much more different compared to mine. If you were to visualize an arch on a graph, my orgasm would be a medium incline, then a sudden steep arch that would rapidly rise then as quickly fall back down; a span of a couple seconds. My point of no return would be at the base of the sudden arch. If she or I wanted to control my orgasm while having sex, I would have to distract myself with her before I reach that point.

She is different. Her arch begins with a small incline, then a very, and I mean VERY wide arch. And I'm guessing it can get much taller than mine considering that I don't thrash around or moan loud to cringe at the thought of our neighbors hearing. Her point of no return is also at the base of her arch. BUT, because her incline is so much higher than mine, there is an area between her arch and somewhere near the last part of her incline that was a raw mixture of hunger and ecstasy.

Her body and mind enters a state of intense yearning for release. All rational thought shuts down, and most(working on all) inhibitions is tossed away. We later fully explored that zone and dubbed it her "Needing Zone" or NZ as we got deeper into the world of BDSM. There were just so many things going on with this grey area that she and I hadn't known about. It got to a point where I could fully control every aspect of her orgasm; length, intensity and type(more on this later).

But during our first unofficial session I only knew the basics of it. She had TWO special points. I knew that at the beginning of her 'needing'(first point) her body and mind begin to search for and prepare for an incoming orgasm. Many bodily details change, eyes lose focus, her breathing becomes quicker, her moans become louder due to the acute raise in awareness to her erogenous zones.

Her pussy becomes juicer as it starts to squeeze on itself more frequently. Overall body movement, especially her hips, increases as well. So I knew it was at this point I had to slow down on my ministrations and bring everything to a crawl if I wanted to control her climax.

Then there is the very important Second Point, which is the transitioning from this zone to her arch, when her body begins to tense up, and everything about her becomes hyper-sensitive. It's at this point that if I still wanted control I would practically have to stop all contact with her danger zones. (How long the point lasts depends on how good she or I controlled everything to that point.) As the slightest touch to her nether lips, or even a simply flick of a nipple or rub over her rose bud, would set her off onto the unstoppable arch.

So it was just past the First point of the NZ that I had her paused at. She was whining softly trying to free her hands.

"Stop. Stop moving." I said with the same arrogant tone.

"Uuuuhhh ... Come on Allen just ... you know ... Lets just..." She couldn't get her words out, not used to actually asking for sex, even more so begging for it no matter how blunt she was. Because I usually knew when she wanted it (which was almost every time we were alone) and how she wanted it (which differed) on her mood.

Now using more force in my voice, I said harshly, "I said stop!" No dice. Growling, I snapped. "Bitch! When your master says to stop. FUCKING STOP!"

That did it. Her whines halted and her restless body came screeching to a silent quiver. With her head turned toward my voice, I knew that behind the cloth that blocked her vision that her eyes were wide open. For a split second I thought that maybe I went a little too far after seeing her small shaking, but I quickly noticed the incoming tall tale signs of her second Point. The thought smashed into me. 'My words were pushing her toward the edge ... She's liki- no, loving this!'

I did and said nothing to her for a full three minutes. The whole while she was in that position, her breathing body language told me she stayed in that constant state of need. Even though I knew she tried her best to stop it, her quivering grew a little more noticeable after every passing second.

At the end, I remembered Kaoru's philosophy, which I later made it into my own:When a partner has done good, then s/he deserves a reward~ Slowly, I brought my hand to her lower back and began to caress it while using a much calmer voice I hesitantly said, "T-that's a good girl..."

My eyes widened as I witnessed her body visibly relax as the tenseness in her muscles disappeared. She slumped forward a little and her back began to sway a little, responding to my caresses. She let out soft mews, which nearly melted my heart(whether or not they were genuine or her finally rejoining the role-play) as I moved down to her butt.

I wanted to massage both cheeks at the same time, but one of my hands was still restraining her own hands. So I grabbed two more pieces of clothing that were lying around. The first piece was used to bind her wrist together. The second was hooped around the wrist bind and tied to both of her ankles. As crude as it was, the set up kept her in the same face down position with her chest pressed against the bed, ass up, and knees apart.

The time I was busy binding her, she had regained some of her regular self, and used the time to voice her complaints (which I could tell were half-hearted and strained requests).

"What ... are you doing?" "This is getting weird..." "I'm getting tired of this position." "My legs don't feel right." "That's too tight, can you make it looser."

"Why can't we ... you know..."

Ignoring the rest of her comments I replied only to the last. "Know what?" I had asked while tightening a knot.

"You know what I'm talking about! Let's just do it normally, I can't take it anymore!" Her whine returned. Oh how my body really wanted to comply. But...

"No, I don't know what you're talking about, girl. Do what normally?"

"Hhhmmm!" She puffed. "You know what I'm talking about! Let's just ... do it..."

The restraints were done, and I resumed my light rubbing of her butt. "Do what, girl. If you want something from me you should ask clearly."

"But I am asking clearly!" She said, becoming more frustrated. But, more due to the fact that my hands were just staying at her cheeks. "Please ... let's just ... do it already!"

I stayed silent and continued to rub.

It was after five more minutes of Eva's hesitant requests that she finally said it. She had let out a half groan, half moan. My constant hands and her restraints had kept up her arousal. Enough that a couple drops of her wetness now stained the sheets.

"Allen ... Please..." She took a deep breath "Let's have sex already. I'm really really really horny." That made me smile. There's my cute-blunt girlfriend again. But...

"No." I replied, mirroring her bluntness.

"What!" She hissed. "Allen! You told me to ask you clearly and I did! Now let me go so we can finally have sex!" she shook and struggled a little, but a strong squeeze to her cheeks stopped that. She let out a long-low moan as the stretch from the squeeze must have reached a part of her core.

"No," I said again, but this time with a growl. "I was going to reward you though for being a good girl. But you had this little fit and addressed me disrespectfully!" I gave her another squeeze. "But if you fix that little mistake ... I might be gracious enough to forget about that and give you your reward anyway."

She remained silence for a couple seconds but my constant hands were probably too much.

"Oooohh ... Allen-" Squeze! "I-I mean ... M-master ... Please ... Let's have sex already..."

"No." And she started to groan. But I continued. "Or, I should say, not yet." "But ... Why..." "Shhh ... later. But here's your reward for now, a taste of what you wanted." I lowered my hand and started to run my palm slowly back and forth over her pussy lips and clit. She shuddered.

"OOoooooooohhhHH." Her hips unconsciously bucked into my hand, trying to increase the delightful friction it created. She started to pant harder, "Yesssss! Faster ... Rub me faster!"

I removed my hand. An action I found was very hard after seeing how she reacted. But ... She had her nibble. And I wanted to see how far I could take this. Planning on teasing her as much as I could. (the way I teased /h/)

"Nnnoooooo ... Don't stop damnit!" She shouted. A mistake.

"That's quite a tone you're using bitch." I flicked a finger at her engorged clit. She gasped.

I flicked again, and growled, "Who am I Bitch!?" "Master!" Flick. "Whose master!?" "Mine!?" Flick "Mine what!?" "You're my Master!" "Good girl." I reached over, and gave her isolated nipples a surprise tweak. "Oh god!" she gasped. Her breathing was ragged, meaning she was really really close to point two. I retreated, and left her to calm down for a good five minutes. All the while, placing random caresses over her again, this time to reassure her I was still there.

Step One done.

"Now then, my little plaything, it seems to me that you need a little training." She groaned softly, her mind still focusing on the orgasm she had come(hah) soo close to receiving. "This time I want you stay silent. Not a single sound comes out of you. Nothing. Not even a moan, groan or your cute little whines."

"O-" "Bitch, I said silence!" I gave her hard nubs another tweak.

'Ok ... now or never.'

"Also, you should know that you don't need to go through with this if you really don't want to," I growled. "You can, not listen to my orders, and seriously ask me to stop. And I will. I'll untie you right away, give you a sincere apology, ask you to forget this night ever happened and leave. Tomorrow, we'll have our normal meet up and continue on with our regular relationship." My voice caught a little, "That's if ... you wish to continue being my girlfriend after all this..."

She gasped and immediate said, "Wait! Allen, I would never –"

"Quite! Either nod silently and except your training, or tell me to stop!" I shouted harshly, but in the inside I felt the tension in my heart relax after hearing her quickly trying to reconcile my hidden worries.

She paused, and stayed as still as her heavy breathing allowed her. After a silent, heart pounding minute, she slowly nodded her head.

I felt the viciousness of my grin as I replied, "Good Girl." I ducked my head down to her pussy and inhaled deeply taking in her musk before slowly running my tongue up from her mound to rose bud. I heard Eva strangle a gasp from the initial contact and then a feeble attempt at suppressing a moan as I passed over her clit and ever-so-juicy lips. I debated whether or not to comment on her quick reactions to following my orders. But the with her flavor dancing on my taste buds I tossed the thought away and dug right back in. (Of course, this was rookie mistake as I was as much an amateur Dom as she was an amateur Sub back then.)

My face was all over her core. My lips tugging at her own nether lips, pinching or sucking her clit, kissing her bud. My tongue licking under her hood, licking the wrinkles of her much tighter hole, digging under her the inner folds her pussy and finally dipping into the chasm.

For fifteen minutes she squirmed under the onslaught of my mouth, trying her best to stifle all the sounds which her body desperately wanted to release. Of course, she failed a lot. Though, I used this to my advantage. When my tongue wasn't wiggling or twisting around in her vaginal canal, I couldn't monitor the frequency of her clenching. So I wouldn't be able to tell when her second NZ Point was closing in. But, her lack in training on how to remain quiet allowed me gauge the number of escaped moans and groans to guess where she was on the graph.

So whenever she started moving toward the point, I moved my mouth away from her core to either her mound(which I helped her to trim every few days) or her thighs, which was still delicious in its own right.

I thought that she endured this light teasing enough and decided to move on to the next step. Step two, Heavy and excruciating teasing.

One last assault with my mouth, I latched onto her clit with my lips and sucked hard, with my tongue constantly flicking over it and around. I had one hand on her back to keep her from moving too much, while the forefinger of my other hand snaked into her pussy. And eventually a second and third finger joined the fold, all three working together to find the bundle of nerves that allowed a long throaty moan to escape her.

Since she was receiving the heaviest sexual ministrations she had the whole day, her second NZ point, the true point-of-no-return was rapidly approaching. She was moving her hips so forcefully I thought the restraints were going to tear. Her juices had nearly coated my entire hand and my fingers felt as if they were going to snap under the pressure of her vaginal muscles.

I was gambling on the exact time of her second point, not having enough experience with it yet to accurately judge when it would hit. But, when I saw her grit her teeth in preparation to fight back a really big moan, I stopped the attack and retracted from her completely. Moving back a couple feet to the edge of the bed.

I sat back and watched the range of emotions on her face, her realizing that I had stopped and was no longer touching her, no longer giving her the orgasm she wanted so so much. My heart sank a little.

At first, Eva's face looked lost at the initial lose of contact. Wondering why she couldn't feel anything anymore. Then it dawned on her that I had stopped ... stopped on purpose. Then I saw her mouth open a little then close, wanting to say something but unable to let it out. She then had the look of someone who had just been devastated cheated.

Cheated out of something she wanted so much, and cheated by someone she loved.

Slowly, her bottom lip began to quiver. Her heavy breathing became short and fast, like quick gasps. She tried to hide it, by facing away from where she felt my weight was on the bed. But I heard it all. The beginning of her almost silent whimper.

It was when I saw first tear slip from under the blind fold, run down her cheek, and then fall into the sheets did I think of myself as a bastard. And the first time did I truly doubt if all of this was right.

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