Elise and Harvey Barrios

by Matt Moreau

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Cuckold, Interracial, Slow, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A couple, very mcuh in love, but utterly mismatched, try for years to get it together.

Elise and I met at a college frat party during our senior year at State. She a Business major, me a Techie, we hit it off, and while the courtship wasn't exactly whirlwind, we did become a pretty hot item pretty quick. Two months after graduation we made it legal, and for the past sixteen years we've been as happy as could be: her, apparently, because she was getting what she wanted and needed, and me in my ignorance that she was getting what she wanted and needed; go figure.

Elise is pretty. Five-eight, 120, tawny locks, bright green eyes, and possessed of the best personality to ever come along the pike if I'm any judge. Me, I'm Harvey Barrios. To keep things parallel here: I'm five seven, a tight 160, brown hair—thinning but mostly still with me, kinda quiet, with a talent for techno stuff.

Elise is a sales agent for Standard Auto Parts, a chain of stores moving the kinds of things the young and the restless males in the population need to customize their cars and turn them into girl getters.

I'm a civilian contractor; I work for our city's police department. I help keep 'em online and connected to the world.

The two of us, Elise and I, do okay with our two incomes; we need 'em both to get on, but we don't worry too much about where our next meals are going to come from. We've no children; Elise as it turned out was barren. But, that has never been a problem for me, though I think it was for her in the early going. Nevertheless, we've adjusted, and things have been good, as I mentioned before. That is until now, this minute, since I caught her—them—some minutes ago.

I watched as donned his pants and loafers and gathered up the rest of his clothes before leisurely heading for the door. He sure was big. He clearly wasn't concerned at all about getting caught in the act. I'd heard her say his name just as I walked in on them—Harry.

Elise stared at me from across the room. She'd finally covered her nakedness with a towel. The towel was only slightly better than nothing as I watched cum trailing down her leg all the way to her knee. The silence was, as they say, deafening.

"Harv? I hope you're okay?" she said, finally. I met her gaze.

"Are you serious? Well, I'm not okay." I said. She seemed a little—exasperated, maybe with herself.

"I'm sorry you had to see that," she said. "I thought you'd be gone two more days on your business trip. You weren't supposed to see us. But, I guess that's the breaks."

"The breaks! Is that all you've got to say! Yeah, well I guess that's right huh. How long?" I said.

"What's the difference?"

"Just tell me Elise, how long have you been fucking around on me?" I said. I don't know if I expected the truth or not, but I figured I had to ask the question. The answer I got stopped me cold. I had no doubt, at least, that it was the truth.

"Harvey, I love you and only you. "But, to answer your question, for the last fourteen years. Not with him of course, but others. He was just a two night stand, pretty useless actually, an unreconstructed loser sexually; it'd take a lot of work to get him where he needs to be as a decent lover, but he is good looking and he does have a sizable penis," she said.

I could feel my face flush. I was near fainting: my blood pressure. I need—I need—water," I mumbled. Elise turned and headed for the kitchen. She didn't hurry; I thought that telling. Moments later, she returned with a glass of water and held it while I sipped.

"I've hurt you, but I suppose it was inevitable in the long run," she said.

"Harvey, we can get by this. Okay? My extracurricular sex never compromised my love for you, and none of it was ever with anyone we knew; I wouldn't do that to you.

"Harvey, I just needed more than—more than—well..."

"More than I could give you," I said, filling in the blanks for her. She looked away. She said nothing. "Well, I guess that says it all pretty good. Sixteen years and now it's over. All my love, all my commitment down the shitter." I was starting to tear up. And who the fuck wouldn't!

"No!" She said. Her vehemence startled me. "I'm committed to you too. All of my love is only for you. My blood pressure was beginning to subside some; I could actually feel it. "The sex, I mean with those others, was just to fill a need that I could not deny. Harvey, there is still an us if you want it.

"Actually, if you will give me a chance to explain, to convince you that what I have done is actually not a bad thing; well, we can be even better than before. I promise.

"I know I've hurt you, and maybe dented your ego pretty good; Hell, I know I have. But it is not by a long shot the end of us."

"Elise, you just said that I can't satisfy you. If that's true, and it had the ring of truth, how do you figure we can get by this? You want me to go without sex for the rest of my life, Elise? Is that what you expect? I mean if I can't satisfy you; then, why would you want to have sex with me at all," I said.

"Oh my goodness, Harvey Barrios, I have never denied you sex, and you know it. You can have me any time you want me. Any time! No restrictions," she said.

"No restrictions. You'd grant me mercy anytime I needed to get off. Is that it, Elise? Thanks ever so much." She realized her mistake, and her look showed it. She tried to regroup.

"No, no, that's not what I meant. It wouldn't be mercy sex, Harvey. Not at all. And you do satisfy me, just not in the same way those other men do. You fill a need in me that none of them can or ever could.

"Look, I'm trying to get this all confessed and out in the open, Harvey, and I'm screwing up my words," she said. "Bottom line is I will be taking care of you! I will do my duty."

"Your duty? I'm a duty to you! Okay, Elise, explain, convince me. Go for it," I said. "Tell me why I should be your willing cuckold."

I was sick to my stomach, but I wanted to get this done and over with. For my part, oddly, I still couldn't just up and tell her to get lost. In the end, I knew, that that was very likely what was going to happen, but I would listen to her. I loved her, that counted for a lot, and in the end outweighed even fourteen years of betrayal. Yes it did! She had, as she'd said, hurt me; but I was hoping against hope that she could convince me that we were still okay. That there was some way that I good get by that fourteen years of being stabbed in the back; I preayed that there might be a way.

"Harvey, as you no doubt noted, I have been screwing up my words something fierce tonight. It's late; we're both on edge and in a bad state. Would you allow me till morning to get my thoughts together?" she said. I nodded. I wanted to hear it all. And, since it was almost 11:00PM, I figured we could wait a few more hours.

"Thank you, Come on. Let's go to bed. I want to give you your first sloppy seconds," she said. The wan smile on her face was indecipherable. I stared at her like she was crazy.

"What," I said, exploding.

"Calm down, Harvey. Yes, sloppy seconds. You're gonna love 'em, and you're going to be getting them a lot. That I can promise you that." Now she laughed.

I thought she was kidding; I hoped she was kidding; hell, I don't know what I was hoping or thinking. It was all surreal. "Actually, Harvey, it's kind of part of how I am going to convince you in the morning to be what you said: a willing cuckold. You just have to trust me. Okay? As my cuckold, my knowing cuckold, you will be getting a lot of attention from me, more than ever before."

I was not quite in a trance but almost. She'd turned and was sashaying up the stairs, the towel covering her ass was not doing a very good job of covering. My cock, all almost four inches of it, was harder than a rock. I followed.

She was still wearing the towel when I turned the corner into our bedroom. Take your clothes off, Harvey. I did as she said. I stood naked in front of the woman, my wife, who had just a little time before been cuckolding me with another man. How had she phrased it, oh yes, with a "two-night stand." She pointed to me without saying anything and traced a path in the air to the bed.

I got on the bed and lay down on my back. She dropped the towel. God she was pretty, I thought. I needed her so bad. But I also felt sick and maybe even a little bitter too, and shaky. I knew I was about to get a mercy fuck, and it killed my ego. But, it did not kill the stiffness of my cock.

Positioning herself, she forced my legs apart with her knees and knelt between them. Taking my cock in her hand she stroked it a few times and smiled down at me. "You have a cute little dick, Harvey. I've always kinda liked it."

She lowered herself to me. She took my stiffness into her mouth and sucked on it. She sucked slowly torturing me with her mouth. I came in a gusher; she swallowed almost all of it.

Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, she gave me that same wan smile once again. "Now for the second round, mister man," she said.

She began jacking me off and after a few strokes, she tickled my balls noting with satisfaction that she was getting the near dead to rise again. She plopped down beside me on her back.

"Fuck me, Harvey, and don't be gentle about it," she said. "Get your sloppy seconds, and certainly not the last of them. I'm telling you that up front, dear husband." Her words angered me, but not enough to prevent me from plunging into her for all I was worth.

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