Newly Wed's Love Nest

by Yvonne

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A young bride's downfall.

Rob and Yvonne were so happy to at last have found a suitable house to rent. Their marriage was just a week off and they'd been beginning to despair at the possibility or finding something affordable.

Having looked all through the house, they locked the door and, hand in hand, wandered around to the back garden.

"Hello," a cheery voice called out.

They both turned to see the next door neighbour over the low dividing wall. He was a scrawny looking, bald headed man in about his sixties, he had a happy face and was smiling as he approached the low boundary wall which was just a couple of feet high and really only a marker rather than any sort of wall providing privacy.

"Are you moving in," he asked.

Rob introduced himself and Yvonne, and told the man, whose name was Tony, that they were about to be married and would be moving in after their two week honeymoon.

Tony immediately congratulated them on their forthcoming marriage, and offered to help with anything they wanted in regards to their house moving or collecting the mail, etc while they were away.

Rob took up this offer by asking if Tony would let the delivery men into the house the following day.

"Of course," Tony had helpfully agreed as Rob gave him the key.

Thanking Tony and saying goodbye, Rob and Yvonne wandered off, hand in hand, towards their car. "He seems like a nice old guy," Rob said, "it's good to have good neighbours."

Tony, after this brief encounter, had hidden himself behind some thick bushes and spent time gloating over Yvonne's short skirt which flounced around when she walked, and which came to about, half way up her lovely, young thighs. He leered lecherously at her lovely small breasts which bulged lasciviously beneath her tight little top.

"A brand new bride. Mm, I'd love to teach the little bitch all about her duties in bed," he lecherously grinned, "such a lovely, sweet and innocent looking little thing too, and obviously so very much in love. Ah, I'd like to fuck her and pervert that pure love of hers."

As soon as the happy young couple drove off, Tony himself went to his car and drove the short trip to the hardware store. "Hello," he said to the person serving, "I'd like a duplicate key cut to match this one please."

The following day, Tony was there to let the furniture delivery men into the neighbouring house, then, as soon as they were gone, he entered himself to check just what his sexy new neighbour had in the way of goods.

He took just a cursory look at the small amount of furniture, but when he noticed the baggage that looked as if it may contain personal things, he took much greater interest.

He opened the first trunk and quickly closed it up again when he saw that it was mainly linen and odds and ends.

The second case was much more interesting to him. "Aha," he gloated when he saw that it contained personal clothing.

He was very careful not to leave any sign that the contents had been disturbed. He carefully lifted each pair of Yvonne's sexy little panties out one at a time and studied them admiringly.

A couple of delicate little camisoles had him grinning and muttering filthy words as he then moved onto the sexy little, nylon half-slips, sexy lace topped stockings and lovely little lace trimmed bras.

Going back to Yvonne's panties he took his already hard cock out and began stroking himself until his cum began to dribble out. He lecherously smeared a small amount of his cum onto the gussets of all of the pairs of panties, then made sure to pack all of the underwear away so as to look undisturbed.

Tony spent some time looking through a couple of photo albums and paying particular attention to those photos of Yvonne at the beach in her tiny little bikini. He also found a number of most private love letters that the young couple had exchanged at various times. He read all of Yvonne's personal thoughts that she had recorded in her diary which was packed away at the bottom of the trunk.

Having checked out everything of interest, he took the photo albums back to his house and spent some time scanning the photos of Yvonne onto his computer.

Having done that, he went back into his neighbour's house, carefully packed everything away so that it looked untouched, and locked up the house.

Later that day, Rob arrived and thanked Tony profusely for letting the delivery men in and locking the house again.

"That's quite ok, that's what neighbours are for," Tony said cheerily as he handed the key back to Rob. "I hope that the delivery men left everything clean and tidy," Tony added. "I didn't like to go inside your house myself."

"You're too fastidious," Rob laughed. "You could have gone in if you'd wanted to."

"No, no," Tony replied, "your house is your own private domain and I wouldn't want to appear to be nosey."

"What a nice old guy," Rob later on told Yvonne. "We're lucky to have a neighbour like him."

Soon, the young married couple returned from their honeymoon. Tony kept an eye out for any sign of his sexy, young neighbour, and perved on her from his window at every opportunity. At night he sat slowly masturbating as he looked over the photos of Yvonne which he had on his computer.

It was just two days after their return that Rob had to recommence work. This left Yvonne at home by herself as she had moved from another city and had not yet been able to find work locally.

Tony knew that he mustn't push himself too much onto his neighbours, he just called out "hello" if he happened to be working in his garden when he saw Yvonne, and only a couple of times in that first week, talked to her across their boundary wall.

He was happy that she seemed quite relaxed in talking to him, and was in two minds when she told him that he reminded her of her grandpa. He took some comfort though when she added that perhaps Tony wasn't quite that old.

Tony had, right at the start, hatched a plot that he was going to try out. He'd gone to the local charity shop and searched around for old magazines of the type that would appeal to a young girl like Yvonne. He'd bought a pile of these magazines, and had them ready to use just as soon as he thought the time was right.

It was towards the end of the second week, after he'd talked with his lovely, young neighbour for some time out in the garden, that he decided he should put his plan into action.

In chatting to her earlier on, Yvonne had indicated that she got a bit bored at home alone all of the time.

Tony, seizing on this opening, had told her that his daughter, (fictitious of course, ) had left lots of old magazines in the house, and he mentioned that he'd pass them on to Yvonne.

He now selected a few of the magazines that he'd bought, and next time he saw Yvonne hanging out some laundry, he went out with them and gave them to her, saying that there were heaps more if she wanted them.

Careful not to rush things, Tony, a couple of days later, passed on another few magazines, deciding that with the next lot he would "test the little bitch out."

It was a Monday morning and the magazines were ready in a small pile on Tony's kitchen table. There were half a dozen in all, but this time, towards the bottom of the pile, he had slipped in a porno magazine, one on the cover of which, was a lovely picture of two girls sucking on a big cock.

His nervous excitement grew continually as he kept watch out of his window, for a sight of Yvonne in the neighbouring house. Finally he saw her going out of her back door to put a bag of rubbish into the waste bin.

Tony picked up his pile of magazines and going outside, he called out in his usual friendly manner over the little, low boundary wall.

"Hello Tony," Yvonne said smilingly, having become accustomed to their friendly and innocent, little chats.

Tony passed the little pile of magazines to her, and, after a brief, friendly chat they each returned to their own homes.

"Fuck!" Tony muttered to himself when back in his kitchen, "if only this leads somewhere."

The couple of hours that he waited seemed like an eternity, but then he decided that it was long enough and he went out, stepped over the low dividing wall, and going to Yvonne's back door, he knocked with his knuckles.

In a moment Yvonne opened the door, and because of her easy, friendly manner, Tony assumed that she hadn't looked at the magazines nor found the porno book amongst them.

He now put on an act of great embarrassment as he explained to Yvonne that he thought that another magazine, one that must have gotten mixed in by mistake, might be in with the pile that he'd given her.

"What is it?" Yvonne asked quite innocently.

Tony put on a wonderful act of embarrassment. "Well, um ... this is so embarrassing ... it's ... well, um, something that you might find disgusting ... He then blurted out that it was a sex book with rather crude pictures.

Yvonne blushed noticeably when she heard this, and it was her turn to show embarrassment.

Tony told Yvonne that he would hate it if Rob should find her with it - "what would he think!" he exclaimed - "he would get the wrong idea completely, and all because of a simple mix up."

Tony then told Yvonne that if she could have a look and if the offending magazine was indeed there, if she could just bring it over and toss it onto his back step.

Yvonne with great embarrassment assured him that she would do that if she found the book.

Tony once more was all apologies, and with that they parted with Tony grinning to himself as he walked back across the garden towards to his own house.

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