The Games People Play

by SizeQueen

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Cuckold, Wife Watching, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: George wants to see his wife dancing and flirting with other men. But is that all he wants, or is there more to his fantasy. Will his loving wife understand if he tells her? Were not really sure, we'll have to read the story to find out.

George's Fantasy

This is a story about the games some people play and how they never seem to think about all the things that can go wrong. They think of the moment and how exciting it was, then they start thinking what they can do to add to that excitement. It doesn't take long before they have to decide how much farther do they want to go with this game. It's a game of fantasy that often turns out bad for someone or everyone.

My name is Ramona Sheldon, I was married to George Sheldon for twenty years when we started playing our game. I was forty three, George was forty seven. It started one night while we were making love when George said, "have you ever thought about somehow making our sex life more exciting.""

"How do you mean George? I've always been okay with your love making."

"I don't mean just okay Ramona. I mean to do things that make it really exciting."

"George, have you been thinking about things we might do to liven things up a bit?"

"Well Ya, I guess I have thought about doing a few things, at least trying them, to see if they put some extra excitement in our sex life."

"Well tell me what you've thought about us doing to get that added excitement?"

"Well honey, I think about how it excites me to watch you talking and flirting with the guy's at parties."

"Well my goodness darling, I had no idea it excited you to see other men talking and flirting with me. I have noticed how good sex is after those parties, but had no idea what caused it. So what are you suggesting sweetie?"

I thought we could start going out to the bars and clubs, you could dress somewhat provocative and flirt with any guy that wants to flirt, while I watch from a distance. When you get really hot and wet we head for home. What do you think? You want to try it to see if it excites us?"

"I don't know honey, I guess we could try it and see what happens. Just don't sit back and let things get out of hand, some guys can't seem to take no, for an answer."

"Don't worry about a thing, I'll not be that far away at any time. If it looks like some guy starts to get to friendly, I'll cut in and ask you to dance, then we'll leave, how does that sound?"

"I guess we can try it. When do you want to start?"

"How about Saturday night, is that to soon, or are you okay with that?"

"I guess that will be okay, that gives me three days to get to Victoria's to get some sexy things to wear."

"Damn, I never thought about you buying clothes, maybe this isn't such a good idea George said."

"Aah to late now buster, I'm going on a shopping spree. Since this was your idea, you get to pay."

That's how our game started, quite innocent at first, at least that's what we thought. It only took a couple of Saturday nights out flirting at the bar with guy's wanting to buy me drinks that the excitement level went up. I'm sure they had every intention of getting me to go out to the car with them. When we'd leave the bar I'd tell George all of the things the guys had said to me at the bar. By the time we got home and George had thought about all these guys wanting to get in my panties, he was horny as all get out. But this only lasted a couple of weeks. Lying in bed one night, George said, "Honey, how would you like to dance with those horny guy's, do you think you could handle that?"

"I guess it would be okay, most of them had asked me to dance so it wouldn't be a problem finding wanting to dance. How far do I let them go, as far as rubbing or touching goes?"

I'll let you decide that honey, just don't let it get out of hand. I'm sure you know when to say stop.

The first night I danced I was wearing a black wet look mini skirt, black thigh highs, along with four inch heel, s. A semi shear red peasant style, over the shoulder blouse, that showed an ample amount of my thirty eight D breasts.

One guy was able to slip a hand down the front of my blouse and pinch my nipple before I managed to get his hand out of my blouse. Luckily we were faced away from George and he was unable to see what had happened. George loved how the skirt hugged my tight round ass. Stacked on my five foot four frame.

This fantasy lasted a little longer than the first one, I asked George if he was okay with me letting them squeeze my ass a little or rub his dick against me, that excited George just talking about it. He wanted to know if a guy rubbing his cock against me or feeling my ass would make me hotter than what we'd done so far. I said, "what do you think George? You've played with my ass and rubbed your cock against me, did it make me horny as hell or not?"

"Damn baby. it might be more than you can handle."

I smiled at George saying, "I can handle it if you can."

From that night on we started sitting together at a table. After dancing with a guy, if we decided we both liked him, I'd invite him to have a drink with us. As we talked I was allowed to rub the guy's thigh under the table as long as it wasn't noticeable to the other people in the bar. George of course had no idea I was sometimes massaging a very hard cock under that table. It was funny to me, to watch the poor guy try to stand up without anyone noticing the bulge in his pants. George told me later, he saw a couple of the guys that had sat with us, looked like they had a huge hard on when they left our table. I told him all I'd done was rub there thigh like we'd agreed to was okay to do. He had no idea once I'd felt how large they were I'd all but stroked them off through there pants. There were a couple of guy's that I thought would be a lot of fun to be with, but of course. I wouldn't cheat on George.

This went on for a couple of months but it never seemed to be quite enough, we ended up bending the rules, almost every time we went out now. I was letting guys feel me up under the table, while I, all but jacked them off while they sat trying to hold a conversation with George. A couple of the guys did cum in there pants, when I was able to get my hand inside there pants and hold onto there naked cock. I thought it was very funny watching them trying to hide it when they stood up. I kissed a few of them while we danced. George saw this but said it made him really hot to see a stranger kissing me.

It was about two months later that we went to a new club. We'd decided we were becoming to well known to the patrons in some of the bars we'd been frequenting lately, so decided to make a change in order to keep doing our fantasy. The Club we opted to go to was pretty crowded by the time we got their, but we did manage to find a table quite a way from most of the action, but it didn't take long until I was being asked to dance. The crowd I would say was at least a third black guy's. Most of whom were looking to dance with the white women that were their, weather they were with there husband or boy friend. It didn't seem to matter to them, they asked the women to dance, surprisingly, I noticed most of the women agreed to dance with them.

It came as no big surprise when a tall young black man. I guessed to be around twenty five, came to our table and asked me to dance. I looked at George and he smiled his okay to dance smile, so I got up and danced. He introduced himself as Clay and said he'd been watching me dance and liked what he saw, In fact he said, he liked it a lot. As we danced I soon found myself pressed tight against what seemed to be a very large cock hanging down along his inner thigh.

When the third dance ended I invited him to our table, he accepted, then went to the bar, grabbed his drink and joined us, for a drink at our table. We laughed and talked like old friends as I massaged his very thick, very long cock until it was rock hard and straining to get out of his pants. George laughed and carried on a conversation like he didn't have a clue what was going on, but knew very well I was rubbing his thigh.

When the dancing turned to a slow dance, Clay asked me to dance again. It was during this dance my whole life started to change forever. As soon as we were on the dance floor, he had pulled me tight against his big hard cock and said, "you like the feel of that big dick you were playing with under the table, don't you baby. I bet you're wondering right now, how good it would feel stretching and filling that tight little white pussy of yours, aren't you Darling. You'd love to feel it fucking you good right now wouldn't you?"

"No clay your wrong, I only do it to excite George, he likes to watch me sometimes kiss and make out a little with other guys, that, s all."

"How long you been playing this game Ramona?"

"What do you mean? How do you know?"

Baby I've played this game several times, with people just like you and your husband. They come in a place like this and she sets out to take as many guys as she can over to there table and introduce them and hubby can watch her play with his dick under the table. While all the time he pretends to not know whats going on. Then they go home and he tries to fuck her brains out, but that only works for awhile. Next he asks her to invite the guy home with them for a couple of drinks. He pretends to pass out and the guy fucks her good. After being alone with a couple of guys, he knows they're fucking her in his house, he asks her if he can watch while the guys fuck her."

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