Spring Break

by Dani Xafano

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Oral Sex, Lactation, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Jason is furious at being sent to watch his younger half sister while she vacations with friend. He soon gets over his anger when he sees his baby sister all grown up.

Jason stood back and watched the group of girls enter the hotel bar. Spring break was in full swing and the hotel was filled with young, beautiful, scantily clad females and boisterous, horny young men. At thirty-three Jason remembered clearly the excitement, the complete casting off of inhibition that transpired with spring break.

Though it was a waste of his time and he resented it, Jason Kourkoulis had been dispatched from his home in South Beach to keep an eye on his half sister while she took part in the annual insanity for the first time. The head of Helios Corporation's Hospitality Division sent to baby sit a spoiled teenager.

His eyes narrowed as his gaze fixed on the dark haired girl laughing as though she didn't have a care in the world, seated at one of his tables. He watched her and her friends, the four girls she was sharing one of the resort's beach villas with, from a safe distance, as they checked out the plethora of attractive males. When one of the boys stopped and leaned down to address the girl, Jason moved.

"Miss Kules," he said approaching the table with a huge smile.

Jason took a great deal of satisfaction from the look on his sister's face when she saw him moving toward her table. The laughter died and her eyes widened. There was something closely akin to fear in the soft-gray green eyes and Jason knew she'd flee like a frightened nymph if the opportunity presented itself.

He nudged the disappointed young man out of his way and easily took his intended seat in the chair next to hers while he reached for her hands. "Your father asked that I make sure you're comfortable in your villa," he said smiling. "Is there anything we can do to make your stay more enjoyable?"

The other four girls watched in awe, waiting for Ilianna to introduce them to the bronzed Adonis that had sat down at their table uninvited. They practically leered, taking in everything from the glossy, black curls and dark good looks to his broad shoulders and well muscled body. Jason could smell the pheromones wafting off his half sister's companions. His cock twitched as he considered the possibilities.

"I'm sure we'll be fine," Ilianna murmured when she finally found her voice. "There's no reason to trouble yourself."

Jason turned a rather unpleasant smile on his sister. "It's no trouble, Miss Kules. It would be my pleasure to make your stay as pleasant as possible."

"We're fine, Jason," Ilianna snapped. "We don't need anything."

"In that case, I'll just consider myself off duty for the evening," he said, settling back into his chair.

Ignoring his sister's pointed gaze he raised his hand and signaled to one of the harried waitresses. The girl left the table she was waiting on without taking all of their drink orders to rush to Jason's side. Ilianna sighed in exasperation. The way the chauvinistic Kourkoulis men treated women was just one of the reasons she used her mother's maiden name to escape being associated with her father and half brothers.

"There should be a bottle of the '76 Henriot chilling behind the bar," Jason told the girl. "Bring it with six glasses."

He watched as the waitress hurried away to do his bidding before turning his attention back to the girls seated at the table. "Since Lia seems adverse to introducing me, I'll do it myself," he said grinning as his sister tensed. "I'm Jason Kourkoulis."

Ilianna could feel the surprise and excitement pulsating off of her friends. The girls that had been curiously quiet since Jason had arrived at their table suddenly erupted. Of course they all recognized the name and she was glad that Jason hadn't revealed the family ties.

"I'm Chastity Cortland," the blonde to his immediate right said extending her hand.

Jason took her hand in his and held it as the rest of the girls introduced themselves. Heather, Taylor, and Mackenzie along with Chastity all vying for her older brother's attention. Ilianna rolled her eyes as Jason laid on his considerable charm. The waitress returned with her heavy tray and Jason opened the Champagne and poured it into the glasses. He smiled at Ilianna as he raised his glass.

"To you beautiful ladies and a wonderful vacation," he said.

"You never mentioned that you knew Jason Kourkoulis," Chastity said as she checked her makeup in the bathroom mirror before they returned to their table.

Ilianna dried her hands, irritation seeping through her every pore, and, with excessively deliberate care, dropped the small, cloth towel in the basket provided for used hand cloths. "He's a business associate of my father's, not a friend of mine," she said derisively.

"The mysterious father," Chastity said grinning at her friend.

Ilianna picked up her purse and turned toward the door, pretending not to have heard Chastity's last remark. Her friends at school knew very little about her family other than that they were wealthy, and it was going to stay that way. Her overbearing father had so far acquiesced to her desires, though she knew it rankled with him that she wanted to separate herself from her family this way.

"You know, it's not bad enough that you're all exotic looking and gorgeous," Chastity complained as they left the restroom. "You have this air of mystery, too, and the whole ice princess thing going on ... it drives guys crazy and you don't even seem to notice that they're falling all over you panting and drooling."

Ilianna barked a laugh. "You're wrong," she said as they approached the table.

"Look at him," Chastity said nodding toward Jason. "He looks like some Greek God and he's barely taken his eyes off you all night. You could have that gorgeous man in your bed in a second."

Ilianna laughed harshly. "Not Jason," she said emphatically. "Never Jason Kourkoulis."

Chastity grinned. "Then you don't mind if I try?"

"Please yourself," Ilianna said. "I'm going back to the villa."

"Are you kidding?" Chastity asked in disbelief as her friend started to make her way to the door. "It's barely past midnight."

Ilianna didn't look back as she waded through the throng of college students that had descended on Cabo San Lucas for the Bacchanalian rites known as spring break. Beer was flowing freely and the party was already threatening to erupt out of control.

She smiled and shook her head several times as she was invited to join one group or another on her way across the terrace. Once she hit the sand she kicked off her flip flops and crossed the beach to walk at the edge of the surf as she headed back toward the villa.

"You were supposed to go to South Beach," Jason called over the sound of breaking waves as he strode angrily toward her.

Ilianna raised one small hand to ward him off as he approached. "You didn't have to fly down here to watch me," she fired back furiously. "Why do you think I came here? There are no Helios resorts in Mexico."

"There's one, now," Jason spat at her.

Her jaw dropped. "What? How did he do that? How did he even know I was coming here?"

Jason laughed dryly. "You think you do anything without the old man knowing?" he asked sardonically.

Ilianna shook her head in defeat. "Why can't I just have a normal vacation with friends?" she asked bitterly. "I'm eighteen. I'm not a child."

"Then stop acting like one! Maybe Alexander will treat you like the adult you claim to be," Jason suggested.

"So now you really hate me because you had to leave your precious Miami to come to Cabo and baby sit," she said miserably.

"I don't hate you," he denied as he slipped his arm around her slight shoulders to pull her against his side.

Ilianna leaned against his well muscled body and looked out over the dark Gulf of Cortez. Jason sighed, all of his exasperation evaporating as His baby sister fit herself against his side. They stood in silence watching the reflected light of the moon shimmer on the water. Ilianna yawned.

"You need to sleep," Jason said kissing the top of her head. I'll pick you up tomorrow and show you and your friends around."

Ilianna turned into her brother's arms. "You don't have to waste time with us," she said resting her head against his chest. "I'll be okay on my own."

Jason laughed softly. "I want to show you around. It's been a long time, little sister. Maybe it's time we get to know one another again."

His finger under her chin turned her face up to his. Leaning down, he brushed his lips against hers. He felt a little shock as his lips touched hers. Ilianna inhaled sharply as Jason pulled her closer, pressing her against his hard body. Lifting his head, but not releasing her, he stared down at her shadowed face in silence for a long moment.

"Be ready at 10:00," he said before turning her toward the path that led to her villa.

Ilianna looked over her shoulder once as she started up the path. Jason was still watching. Her feet carried her toward the lanai and the sliding glass doors, but something in her want to turn and run back to the man still standing on the beach. Part of her wanted to throw herself into his arms and taste his kiss again.

Jason stood watching until he saw a light come on inside the villa before starting back toward the hotel. He hadn't expected his body to react the way it had to the feel of her soft curves against him. He had no idea what had made him kiss her. To all outward appearances it had been nothing more than a brotherly good night, but beneath the surface there had been a pulsating current of desire. He hadn't been able to stop himself from pressing her nubile young body more firmly against his.

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