Mmmm He Did It Again!!
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, True Story, White Couple, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My out of town friend seduces me...often and always unexpectedly...text messages, phone calls, email messaging....however he can. He pops in on me whenever he has time, but I don't have free access to him because he isn't single! So, I just have to wait for him. It's always worth it, but this time he's on vacation, and the heat causes so much steam between us it's almost blistering! What we experience is so real we can feel each other just through our voices and hot moans!

I have a "friend" that I talk to frequently, but sometimes it doesn't seem often enough to me. He is so hot and effects me in such a way that I've stopped in the pharmacy parking lot to talk on my cell phone with him and he made me cum there ... in a public parking lot! He has also made me cum without touching myself ... again sitting in a parking lot on our cell phones ... only by listening to him tell me what he would to do me if we were together! This man has so much of my attention that I wait impatiently for our chats, messages, and his calls.

He was gone for a week and we hadn't chatted or texted in awhile, so I sent a few heated off-line messages to him thru his messenger. FINALLY!! He responded to me ... saying he was out of town for a week, but we could chat as his time permitted. I was really missing his voice, which always sends me over the edge and he promised that he would call as soon as he returned home on Saturday. MMM I can't wait!!! We texted back and forth ... totally starting that flame between us ... and he warned me that he was having a hard time controlling his hard cock for me ... he always tells me that I get him hard instantly! MMMM "I LOVE IT", I told him..."that is my goal ... to keep your interest"! He suggested I email some pics..."anything" ... so that he can look at them when he's alone..."sure baby ... I'll send them in about 30 minutes when I get home ... look for them". As promised I sent several pictures ... some sexy--just in a nightie with a LOT of cleavage, one in my hot pink with black and white animal striped panties ... and one of my hot pussy ... full of cream and hot juices after I played by myself. He LOVED them ... and they made him crazy ... wanting, yearning, lusting ... just where I wanted him to be! MMMMM Every day passed with us texting on our phones ... my hot, wet pussy yearning for his touch, for his tongue, his hands, his cock to invade me. And every day passed with his cock throbbing, dripping that sweet pre-cum, wishing we could be next to each other ... my hands grasping that hard cock, my lips locked onto the head devouring him, and my hard nipples in his reach.

Those few days seemed like a month, but it finally came to an end and he was on his way home Saturday ... only to get there while I was working. I sent him a message just because I was thinking about him ... wondering how his trip home was. WOW! He texted me back immediately ... he was just sending me a message ... my heart raced, my body was now in excitement overload! My mind was thinking..."how could I get out of work early so I could go home and fuck this hot man that lives many states away from me!" Throughout the night we sent very heated messages back and forth ... raising the level of desire to such a height we could barely stand it! I rushed home to drop my clothes as I walked thru the house ... knowing he would be waiting for me ... I signed into the messenger program ... we chatted ... we shared our cams ... OMG He is so fucking sexy ... so hot ... so passionate ... so sensual ... as I touched myself the way he said he would do ... my breasts in my hands for him ... caressing them ... pinching my nipples with "his" fingers ... running "his" hands down my belly ... laying back so he can see and "touch" my swollen, yearning pussy. As "he" touched my lips, and then my clit ... MMMMM ... my hips moved to meet "him" ... all the while he is still telling me what he wanted me to do for him.

Slowly I slide "his" fingers into my hot wet cunt, feeling my tensed muscles..."his" other hand rubbing my clit. OMG the tension is building ... I really want him so bad I sense its his hands on me now. I sit back up and take my glass dildo into my lips slowly ... as if it is his swollen cock ... slowly licking the tip ... sliding it deeper into my mouth ... my hand wrapped around the shaft of it ... driving him even wilder ... wanting his cock in my grasp! I told him that I cant wait to hear his voice again and asked him to call me ... he did. Being that he can hear me, he hears how good he is making me feel ... I'm talking to him ... he is making me moan in pure pleasure ... I love making my lover feel so good. He says he wants "his cock" sliding into my hot, wet pussy now, so I lie back and slowly run the glass dildo..."his cock" ... over my clit ... between my swollen lips and into my hot wet pussy for him. MMMM "He" is feeling so good ... sliding slowly and deeply inside me ... causing my hips to thrust up and down to meet his. Hearing his voice and watching his sexy body is making this so hot ... we both want to crawl thru the computer screens! I feel the first wave of heat inside me ... panting, moving to "his" moves ... in and out ... mmmm yes ... there it is ... so good ... feels so good. But he wants to keep fucking me ... he wants more of me. "His" cock totally invading me ... totally taking my body as if it is his ... harder ... deeper ... in and out ... hitting my sweet, soft g-spot ... I feel an explosion on its way.

Fucking "him" over and over ... yes baby ... make me cum, I tell him ... yes! So much more intense ... my body quivers ... white froth dribbles from my engorged cunt. He wants me so bad ... to touch, to lick me clean, to smell ... to bury his face in my pussy. But "he" keeps going ... doesn't give up. Because he knows he can make me squirt for him ... all over ... and he wants me messy just for him tonight. I can't concentrate any longer ... I just let "him" fuck me ... over and over ... my entire body is so sensitive ... every inch of me is shivering ... quivering ... moaning ... gasping ... wanting more ... about to explode with a geyser of honey just for my "friend" ... MMMMM I look into his eyes and tell him how much he is about to get from me ... he can't wait! He wants every drop of me ... every bit of what i can give him ... and "he" keeps the pace ... fucking me in a rhythm ... mmm yes ... oh yes ... I'm cumming baby ... you're about to be drowning in my sea of love potions ... and YES! OMG ... squirting ... gushing ... over and over ... the bed is soaked ... my hand is soaked and dripping ... MMMM He did it again! He is cumming with me ... his throbbing, swollen cock simultaneously fills my hot cunt with his juices ... and moans with me ... mmmm We can barely breath ... I love the way he makes me feel. So worth the wait over the last week. I cant wait to hear from him again!

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