If She Acts Like a Cougar

by Meahana

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Does that mean that I should buy a pickup truck and troll for seventeen year old boys?

Carol comes over for coffee at least three times a week. She's a neighbor and actually an old school friend too. I guess she thinks that I need the company. I suppose she's right, but it's not like I'm a recluse or anything.

Peter died about two years ago and he left me pretty well off. I have all the money I need and the house is paid for. The only thing that he didn't leave me, that I wish I had, is a child of his. Except for those poor women that lost their husbands in war, I guess a thirty- four year old widow isn't so common.

I don't even get horny anymore. My friend at Maui Memorial Hospital tells me that isn't unusual for widows, but she agrees with Carol; "use it or lose it".

So Carol comes over and starts in after a brief current affairs conversation (including local affairs of the heart). "We gotta get you laid, baby". I keep telling her that she doesn't, "gotta get me laid". I was busy with keeping up the house, I belonged to a good book club and even worked every so often at the book store in Wailuku.

"Did you read this morning where this teacher on the mainland is accused of dragging a seventeen year old boy into the back of her pick up?" So it started that morning.

"I read that. Does that mean that I should buy a pickup truck and troll for seventeen year old boys?"

"No, skip the pickup and use your beautiful body. Find a hot young thing to fuck you stupid. Look in the mirror, Rachael. You've always been a hotty yourself and that hasn't changed."

"A cougar."

"A what?"

"A cougar. That's what the young guys call a woman that chases after them."

"Sounds good. Be a cougar then."

"You're a sick woman, Carol."

"I know. And horny too."

"Most of the time I think."

"Not really," she said. "Alex and I have this thing..."

"I know, your swap club."

"That's sort of a callous term for it, Rach."

"Is it the wrong term?"

"We like to think of it as sharing."

"The aloha way, huh? Sharing?"

"Yep. That's it. Ready to join us?"

"I don't have anybody to share."

"Alex won't care."

And so it went that morning. Not much different than most of our visits. This was the first time that she actually offered me her husband though. He's nice enough, but it isn't my scene. Okay, that's not totally true. I shared her boyfriend off and on when we were much younger. It was pretty hot having her watch me and seeing her have an orgasm. So, I'm not a complete prude.

Sex between Peter and me was always super too. In the eight years that we were married, one of us had to be pretty sick not to have sex. We experimented and role played some pretty sexy scenes. I think Peter hinted at, but we never joined Carol and her husband's little group. If he really wanted to, I would have done it.

After Carol left I decided to finish my housework. There wasn't much traffic, so vacuuming was pretty easy. While I was in my bedroom, I took a long look in the full length closet mirror and saw much the same medium height (5'6") woman that has always been there. Her breasts drew looks from the guys. Her hips and waist were a pretty good match. Light brown hair past her shoulders still had the shine of a younger woman without putting a lot of junk in it. I guess that woman in the mirror just doesn't pay much attention to the guys flirting and hitting on her anymore.

I thought about my inactivity as I was vacuuming and I decided that it was time to see if all still worked. I stood in front of the mirror at first and took my top off, then dropped my denim shorts. I laid back on my bed and wiggled my panties off. I watched as they sailed across the room from my toe. Not having a toy of any kind, I played with a nipple with my left hand and slid the fingers of my other between my thighs and into the cleft. It wasn't very wet down there, but I didn't give up. I tried fantasizing, but couldn't develop any sort of mental picture until I remembered an associate professor from college. He wasn't the first blowjob that I gave, but the first that I honestly enjoyed. There wasn't any place that he wouldn't fuck me. My orgasm came when I thought about him holding me against a wall, skirt up, panties off, my legs wrapped around him and the jolt of the orgasm running through me. For the second time. I couldn't allow it to be the last.

A shower was necessary after that. But I had forgotten how good an orgasm could feel. 'Think of a guy between your thighs, ' I thought. Making me talk to myself, relentlessly pounding on me, him talking dirty, even nasty, to me. Okay, enough for one day let me get back to work.

The only job that I really do not like is mowing the lawn. I have front wheel drive thingy that starts easy enough, but my lawn in front is so small that it might be better to have one with no motor. The back is bigger and mostly straight ... Okay, so nobody wants to hear about my lawn.

My story isn't about the lawn anyway. Kinda about the lawn I guess, but not really. It's about what happened that afternoon while I was mowing the lawn.

School was just getting out and a bunch of kids had just left the school bus and were scattering as they do. A young couple walked by as I was getting ready to restart the beast after I put the catcher on. They were walking close together and the boy seemed to have her backpack under his arm. I think it was hers. Unless he liked pink Nike backpacks. I had put my denim shorts back on, but traded the top for a loose spaghetti strap tank. B cup breasts don't require a lot to hold them up, so I often left my bra hanging on the hook in the bathroom. Apparently the fact that a slight trade wind made my nipples show nicely through that light top didn't enter my feeble mind. The young boy didn't miss it though.

"You're a pervert. She has to be old enough to be your mother."

"Shut up, she'll hear you."

I did hear her and I also saw his head snap around when I turned to look. 'Shit he is good looking, ' I thought. 'I can see why those women get into trouble.' I actually smiled at him when he turned his head for another look. I'm a wreck. 'Stay home, Carol, ' I thought, 'you started all of this.'

"Did you see her ass?" He took an elbow in the ribs for that.

Over six feet tall, slim, sweet butt, healthy but not a weight lifter type. Needs a hair cut (I wouldn't let him). I'll bet he fucks that girl friend of his every day. Two years and then finally I get randy again. Twice in the same day. Damn. I mowed the lawn.

No Carol the next day which was definitely no loss either. I have no idea what got into me because I was lurking in the afternoon. Sitting on the front porch with my foot on the step. I wore a light cotton skirt and a white button down top. I wore a bra today too. Waiting for the bus. Don't say, "no way." I was. I waited for that bus and thought about those tight jeans and that sweet butt. Finally they did come by and I got a little wave from him and his girl. I waved back and had a warmth in my face that must have been a blush. I suddenly felt like I was twelve and waving at a secret crush. They walked a few feet more, he leaned and said something to her and then came rushing back.

"Hi," I said

"Hi. I saw you mowing yesterday."

"I saw you too." Giving an intelligent reply.

"It looked like you and the lawn mower were having an argument."

"The lawn mower and I tussle sometimes. But I get it done."

"I was wondering if I could do it for you. Mow the lawn I mean. I need to make a little money and I can do a good job."

About that time, his girl friend walked up. "This is my sister, Zoe. and I'm Zachary. Zach is okay."

His sister! Yes! "I'm Rachael or Rach. How much do you charge?"

"Can I look around back?"

"Of course."

Zoe stepped closer and put out her hand. "Hi, Rach."

I took it and held it longer than I should have. "Hi Zoe. I thought that Zachary was probably your boyfriend." She is a pretty little dark blond and only looks like her brother when you know that he is. "You must be very close to the same age."

"We're twins ... the fraternal kind ... like Daddy nailed two eggs at once," she said with an impish grin that made me laugh.

"Your brother is very good looking," I said and then added, "You're very pretty. Daddy did good and Mamma too I think."

"He talked about you all night last night. Don't tell him I said so or he'll kill me."

"I would hate it if you were dead so I won't say a thing." I thought that she had one of those rare electric smiles. Her short curls and clear blue/gray eyes made her sort of pixie like ... and those gorgeous lightly tanned legs. 'Not even an A cup bra and maybe never will be but it doesn't detract from her an ounce. Gonna be some heart broken boys on Maui and probably some girls too, ' I thought. 'I would cuddle with her any time and more than cuddle.' Beautiful twins; what if one had to choose? What if one could choose?

"Ten dollars."

"That isn't enough, Zach. I'll pay you twenty if you do it good and trim the front."

"Can I start tomorrow? It's Saturday."

"I just mowed yesterday. You could help me do the flower beds and mow Sunday or Monday." My skirt was blowing a bit and Zach was just a little distracted. "Zach? ... Zachary!"

"Yes, I heard you."

"Dork, quit looking up her skirt," Zoe growled and slugged his arm.

"Ouch! God, Sis! I was just thinking about what she said."

"Right. I know what you're thinking."

"I'll pay you by the hour, Zach. Let's say ten dollars?"


"Can I get you guys a soda? Iced Tea?"

"'nuther time Rach," said Zoe. "We gotta get home before Mom."

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