The Elusive Jenna

by Mikey

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Rough, White Male, White Female, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Size, Leg Fetish, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: What happens when a security consultant on vacation in the DR decides to play games with the elusive Jenna.

I don't get the chance to get away from my consulting business very often but when the opportunity arises (literally) I take full advantage of it. My name is Mike Bradley and I retired from the military a number of years ago to pursue a career as a consultant in the security business. You can read what you will into that lifestyle and a lot of your assumptions will probably be correct. I may share some of my life-secrets with you in the future but, being a fairly closed mouth white Anglo-Saxon agnostic, I'll have to have a fairly good reason to.

I was in the middle of a three week spring break in a Dominican Island resort and had finally managed to reach an enjoyable level of relaxation while getting a pretty respectable tan over my 6' 2" frame. I tried to take these holidays at least twice a year to just relax, chill out and maintain my mental sanity. I'm not a bad looking guy for 43 and usually get lucky if put my mind to it. It's just that these vacations are for me and my well being, not about getting laid. However, if the opportunity arises, I have been known to take advantage of it. These vacations also allow me to spend significantly more time in the weight room than I was able to at home. I can tone up my 200 lb frame and I feel pretty good about myself as I hit the beach for my morning run after my workout. I had been doing this on a daily basis since my arrival, as much to avoid the intense heat of the day as to check out the female early risers and tease my other senses.

During these early morning jogs, I had noticed a thirty something, well endowed female who seemed to be busily laying out her chassis lounge and towel every time that I passed by. After the second day, I began to get the feeling that she was not only interested but was sending out signals. On that day as I passed by, she was bent over, her bikini panties pulled tightly across her ass. She seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time spreading out her towel as I jogged / tripped / stumbled by. She appeared to be amused by my antics as she turned her head and smiled as I went by.

This went on for a while, with both of us regularly exchanging smiles. On the fifth day of my routine, as I approached the area where she usually set herself up, I couldn't help but notice that she was already comfortably lying out on her lounger. What was different this morning was that the lounger was pointed down the beach, in my direction, rather than the other way to capture the sun's rays.

Even though she was wearing sun glasses in anticipation of the sun's eventual appearance, I could tell that she was watching my approach. A myriad of thoughts over this change in her routine and what it may mean were running through my head as I approached her. Uppermost in my mind was, "don't trip fool!"

I was probably about ten feet away when she spread her legs so that her feet rested on either side of the lounger rails. As I got closer to her, she slid a hand down between her legs and grasping the gusset of her bikini, pulled it aside as if to re-adjust an uncomfortable fit.

By this time I was directly in front of her and had a perfect view of her pussy. Even at this distance, the lips appeared pouty and slightly parted, framed by beautiful chestnut curls. In reality, it may not have been glistening with moisture but my imagination certainly painted it that way as I managed to stumble by.

By this time she was probably smiling or laughing at me but I didn't see anything but that perfectly pink pussy. As can be appreciated, that image caused a considerable tent in my cut-offs which stayed with me for the remainder of the day. (both the tent and my cut-offs)

That evening, after I had showered and changed into a light tropical shirt and beige slacks, I went to the resort restaurant and enjoyed another great meal by myself. While sitting there alone, I decided that I would break my routine. Instead of walking the beach as I usually did after supper, I would visit the lounge to see what was going on there.

Looking around as I entered the lounge, I spotted my "friendly" sunbather from the last couple of mornings. She was sitting at a table for two beside one of the floor to ceiling glass walls. One chair was empty and she appeared to be daydreaming with a half finished drink in front of her. Even if I hadn't of recognized her right away I was immediately drew to her form fitting pink floral sundress that accented her luscious curves. The pink silken belt securely tied beneath her large breasts only further enhanced the image as they just begged to be appreciated.

My mind went into overdrive as a million ideas ran through my mind about approaching her. As I stood there, for what seemed like hours but was probably only minutes, I couldn't help but ogle her gorgeous tanned legs accented with pink espadrille shoes. They had 5" wedge heels and fabric straps that wrapped around and up her ankles as they caressed her calves.

The blood was surging in my not so distant member as a number of erotic thoughts ran through my mind. Finally, raising my eyes to her face, I saw that same smile, albeit mocking, as she slowly ran her tongue over her lips, wetting the already bright red make-up. Was this a come-on?

I decided that I had had enough of the teasing! I confidently walked up to her, introduced myself and asked if she would mind sharing her table with a fellow vacationer. OK, so it wasn't very original but then, after the past five days, my brain was close to being short-circuited anyway and, from the signals that she had been sending, I felt fairly confident. You can imagine the single vision that had been constantly in my mind.

Standing there with bated breath, waiting for her answer, I was confused by her attitude as she looked me over with a prudish air of intolerance and casually indicated the empty seat. She said, "My name is Jenna" while giving me the impression of being a queen holding court while I was but one of her very lowly subjects. Had I misread what I had thought were her intentions?

A cold feeling ran down my spine as I questioned whether I had a big mistake and was wasting a perfectly good evening just to get shot down. As my erection shriveled up inside me, my thoughts switched from being horny to wondering how I could cut this disaster short and retreat to the safety of anywhere else but here.

Things didn't appear to get any better as she appraised my over my six foot frame with an attitude of aloofness. As I sat down, the mild fragrance that she was wearing washed over me as I glanced at her luscious breasts while trying to maintain my gaze on her face. My erection again reared its head as the bulge in my pants started to increase. After all, attitude or not; I realized that I was extremely horny! Although I was receiving very conflicting signals from this woman, I couldn't help but notice that her attention had been drawn to the tent in my slacks. Her tongue again caressed her lips but this time I couldn't help but notice some degree of nervousness, as if driven by indecision. Had she misjudged her own desires? I intended on finding out.

After some minutes of idle conversation she raised her left hand to emphasize a point of conversation. I hadn't noticed it before but her body wasn't suntanned all over. Her ring finger stood out indicating an absence of wedding bands. The difference in skin tone was fairly obvious to the point that I instantly knew that this woman was married. She appeared to recognize the fact that she had made a faux pas as she quickly lowered her hand beneath the table.

I immediately assumed that I now knew why I was getting attitude. Her signals and desires on the beach over the previous mornings had been fairly strong and obvious. Her attitude this evening indicated that she may be having second thoughts now that we were face to face and regretted her rashness of this morning's encounter. I wasn't bothered by the same conflicting emotions. The fact that she had flashed me this morning was all of the incentive that I needed. Now all I had to do was to convince her of what she really wanted. Obviously, she already knew what she needed.

We attempted to avoid the elephant in the room as we enjoyed a couple of more drinks and quite a number of laughs, I could see that the woman of this morning was starting to slowly return to the table. The stories and jokes became a little more risqué and titillating as the alcohol flowed and the evening moved on. I couldn't help but notice that her breathing was beginning to increase and, with that observation, the bulge in my slacks returned and increased to the point where it was gaining even more of her attention.

It was at about this time that she mentioned that she had to use the restroom. She had been sitting across from me and as she pushed her chair back, she rotated it so that she was directly facing me. Staring into my eyes, she slowly uncrossed her long legs, lifted the bottom of her sundress well over her knees which she tantalizingly separated so that I had a clear view of her thighs right up to her crotch. Her pale pink bikini cut panties barely concealed the indentation of her slit and the puffy lips that surrounded it. She passed her glass to me with a twinkle in her eye and a smile that would have lit up the lounge; and asked if I would be so kind as to refresh her drink. With that, she got up and headed for the restroom, all the time twitching her tight ass under the pale pink dress.

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