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Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Working Day Fantasies

I went home, got married and started a family, one every year until we reached six. This was enough for me. My wife originally wanted a dozen but she settled for half a dozen. I had a good job and got promoted quickly, mainly because my personality made me learn everything I could about the company. In eight years, I made it into management in charge of the company's production planning responsibilities.

Throughout my working career, I liked to flirt, talk dirty, touch provocatively, and above all, I listened to every problem and sad story women had and needed to unload. Of course, I told them all up front; that I was unavailable for anything except what was happening at the moment. I didn't need any of them planning anything that would affect my marriage and family. I, also, learned to be a great masseur and I could unlock car doors when someone locked their keys in the ignition, and could also fix most office equipment. This added advantage gave me the opportunity to have contact with many of the women in the work place. I never realized how many women there were that were unhappy and/or bored with their lives, not to the point of divorce, but needing a diversion from routine. They found out that I was inventive at providing some excitement within the workday and I was safe and I could be trusted never to breathe a word. Women would come to my office to get me to fix a stapler or some other equipment and sit there and talk like a ship bound sailor complete with all the colorful language. Some would give me crotch shots and watch my reaction, others would need a chiropractic adjustment or muscle tension relieved, and many just vented about their husbands not paying attention to them.

This gave me insight as to what many of their problems were, and of course I began to suggest some solutions. Being careful, not to give advice, which would turn them off, but to show them that if they were the one to start something at home, their husbands just might continue it. Of course, many answered that they were too tired when they got home and not in the mood right then. I made several suggestions of how we might try to change this. They were desperate for any change and willing to try anything. This also played into my plans of making every workday a playground. Slowly putting my plans into motion, I started by innocent contact, like letting my elbow massage their nipple while holding a file for them to look at. These actions caught on and soon I had women coming around more often than before. My hands would venture up their thighs for a quick feel. Some would even pull up next to me at a stop light with the skirts pulled up to their waist showing me what they had to offer. (By the way, I drove a van so I was higher and had a direct view into their cars without other cars being able to see.)

Much of the feedback I received was really favorable. They were telling me that what was happening during the day had them so wet between their legs that they had to wear panty liners. They would be so turned on when they got home that they nearly raped their husbands before dinner. This, evidently, pleased their husbands to no end. Some of my action was lost because their marriages improved dramatically and my help wasn't required as often. Of course, life does have its ups and downs, and there were times when I would have to spice things up now and again.

The problems started when my wife was tired of being on the 'pill' and she said it was my turn. Since, we already had six kids, and weren't planning on having more; we decided I should get the Big 'V' (Vasectomy) as everyone called it back then. Some of my coworkers were also planning to get fixed and it became somewhat of a kidding game. Like little gifts of pieces of clear plastic tubing on a bed of cotton with red ink scattered around them in a box like earrings might come in. Everyone got in on the game and the situations were discussed on a daily basis. Us 'victims' were the brunt of all the tricks and innuendoes. Anyway, after we all had our little operations, we were still being kidded about 'how long it would be before all of our little swimmers would be gone'. It became a betting pool as to when we were 'free and clear', and we all had to let it be known when our doctors' gave us the 'all clear'. I was the last one, because it took me nearly 7 months to get the 'all clear'. Evidently, because I was so potent. (Probably why we had six kids in 7 years.)

Once, shortly after me getting the 'all clear', one of the gals was assisting me with our annual inventory verification, I mentioned that I was curious about women's pantyhose that they wore. I said that I had noticed that there was a triangle at the junction where the legs meet and it was at a very interesting spot. I said, "Wouldn't it be exciting if that triangle was removed?" Nothing more was said since it was close to quitting time. The next morning, we started in again and she said, "Why don't you check out the triangle on my panty hose?" I was speechless, but I must have had a big shit-eating grin on my face, 'cause she broke out in laughter immediately. This I had to check this out ASAP, so after making sure the coast was clear, I ventured on an exploratory mission. Sure enough, she must have gone home the previous evening and cut out the nylon triangle on this pair. I was really surprised that my imagination had proved so fruitful, because my fingers found the location very stimulating. (Oh, and she did too!) I don't know how many times I brought her to climax. I found out later that she and her husband were having marital problems, and she needed 'help' during this stress period from time to time.

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