The Rape of May

by Pappyok

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Romantic, Rape, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Voyeurism, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Two strangers force their way into a young couple's home and rape the man’s wife in front of him.

May and I undressed and quickly got into bed. We cuddled each other, softly caressing each other's face, both of us looking forward to making love. She had already given me a passionate kiss after she came back into the bedroom from making sure our twelve month old baby daughter was settled. She let me know in no uncertain terms that she wanted me inside her and soon.

I had just started moving my attention down to her glorious soft round breasts, fondling and kissing them, when, of course, the door bell had to ring. Naturally we wondered who it could be, seeing that it was almost 9pm.

Although we were both only 25 years old, we had been married for seven years. Admittedly we had married young because of what turned out to be a false pregnancy, but by the same token, we had been an item since we were both 15 and very much in love. We wanted to marry.

Neither of us had ever had any sexual experience apart from with each other, but made up for this with frequent practice. We both enjoyed sex. We had been into heavy petting even before we were sixteen, enjoying mutual masturbation, although we had never been fully naked with each other.

When she fondled my penis, my trousers were undone, but still in place and a tissue was brought into play at the end. When I was fingering her sex, she would often remove her panties if she was wearing a skirt, but otherwise her clothes stayed on. Of course, her breasts were almost always uncovered when we were able to be alone and I had full access to kiss and suck and fondle her glorious globes. Her breasts were and still remain, one of my greatest pleasures in life.

We really got into oral sex when we were sixteen. In fact, my 16th birthday present from my darling May, at least the main one as far as I was concerned, was her taking my penis into her mouth and not letting go until I had given her my love. Not that the first time took very long; it felt so nice and I was so aroused that soon after she started sucking I exploded inside her pretty mouth.

With her birthday the following week, I decided that I should give her a similar present and she loved it. Couldn't get enough, she told me and I enjoyed doing it. Of course, it took a bit of trial and error until we learned the best ways to please each other, but that was half the fun. We had read a few Playboy and Penthouse magazines and gradually learned a few tricks; some we liked, some we quickly discarded.

Probably because we enjoyed mutual oral sex so much, neither of us felt much pressure to go to the next step and consummate our relationship. We were happy to leave this until we were a bit older.

We got engaged on her 18th birthday, but we were not really planning to get married until she turned 21. Both our parents approved of our plan and were happy for us to get engaged under those circumstances. But May decided to go on the Pill then, seeing we were now engaged, just to give us the flexibility. We had discussed how long we should wait, but we both felt when the right occasion arose we should be ready enjoy it.

But two weeks after she went on the Pill, May's parents went away for the night and I stayed over with her. As she was an only child, her parents were actually happy for me to be there, although assumed (how naïve) that we would sleep in separate rooms. We certainly made sure that both beds were used, but one was only for a few moments.

With all the oral sex and fingering that we had enjoyed on previous occasions, as well as that night, May didn't seem to suffer much when I entered her for the first time. But the second and third and fourth times we made love over that night and morning she didn't suffer at all. We were both hooked and figured that oral sex, while great, was on the back burner for a while.

Of course a few weeks later we found out that we should have waited for at least another few weeks before using the Pill alone to avoid pregnancy, so our wedding was quickly brought forward.

However, it turned out to be either a phantom pregnancy or she miscarried or something, because during our honeymoon we had to give up sex for four days – her period had arrived and she definitely wasn't pregnant.

Initially we were a bit upset and disappointed, but then quickly realised that gave us a chance to establish ourselves before starting a family, which we did five years later.

Neither of us regretted having to get married like that, however, because it just brought forward our plans and soon we were enjoying an active sex life as a married couple, which was much better than trying to get limited opportunities as a courting couple.

I was very lucky that May not only got her figure back quickly after the birth of our beautiful daughter, but she was also very keen to get our sex life back on track as well. For me that was no chore at all as she was an exceptionally gorgeous woman. Her 160 centimetre tall body was not only slim and curvaceous, but she also had delightful small round globes highlighted by long 'suck-me' nipples.

The piece de resistance, however, was her face, angelic, beautiful, serene; it was to die for, topped with long blonde hair and the most vivid blue eyes I have every seen. Further south, she had the tiniest wisp of curly, blond pubic hair and long, graceful and shapely legs.

Why she fell in love with me I could never work out, even if I was fit, 180 centimetres tall and reasonably slim. But where her face could launch a thousand ships, mine would be lucky to launch one paper boat in the bath tub.

Nevertheless, we were very much in love and even more happy when our planned daughter arrived on the scene. Fortunately our baby got her looks from her mother. Equally as fortunate she was a perfect baby, not only physically, but also in temperament. She fed easily and was happy to go to sleep when she was put down, equally happy in our arms or the baby bath.

As the doorbell rang for a second time, I quickly put my shorts on and went to the door and opened it, only for two men wearing balaclavas to push their way in, one grabbing me and threatening me with a knife.

"Who is it John?" May called out, but then cried out with alarm as I was pushed into the bedroom and she could see the two strangers holding a knife to my throat.

The second man quickly went to the bed and put his hand over her mouth and said "quiet, if you don't want your baby harmed you had better cooperate".

The second man then left the room, as the first man told me "do exactly as I tell you and your family won't get harmed, but resist and your baby may just end up horribly scared".

Then he pointed to a chair near the foot of our bed and told me "sit down on that chair and put your hands behind the back of it".

As soon as I had complied, worried for my daughter's safety, he took a roll of duct tape from his pocket and taped my arms to the back of the chair and then put a piece across my mouth.

Once I had been secured and was unable to move or talk, he walked to the head of the bed and leaned down to my wife, putting his mouth against her ear and whispered to her. She told me later that he had said "cooperate and no one will be harmed, resist and your baby will be the first to suffer. Do you understand?"

I saw her nod and then the man continued whispering to her "my friend and I are going to enjoy your beautiful body. Cooperate and you might even enjoy it, resist and not only will you get hurt, as we will have you one way or the other, but you know what will happen to your baby, don't you?"

Again I saw her nod, her eyes starting to water, as I guessed that he was threatening her and by this stage I suspected what they wanted. They didn't seem interested in stealing anything, but I just waited. After all, I couldn't do anything else. I felt so helpless, sitting there naked, because he had pulled my shorts off as I sat down and now I was unable to talk or move.

I realised that I had guessed right as I saw him slowly undressing, May's eyes glued to his body, watching, fearful, unable to move. In her case it was because of fear rather than physical restraint, but clearly not just fear for herself, but for our baby and even me, I guessed.

Soon he was naked and pulled the sheet and blanket off her, revealing her beautiful, naked body. Instinctively she moved one arm across her breasts and placed the hand of her other over her sex, trying to cover her shame.

But he just lay down beside her and again whispered in her ear. While she later told me everything he said to her, most of it I could guess from her reactions and what he did.

"You can shut your eyes if you like and pretend that I'm your husband, but I'm going to kiss you and if you don't return the kiss as if I was your lover then your baby will have a scar and if you still don't treat me as the lover you are desperate to make love to, there will be more and more scars and then we'll start on your husband as well. We'll save you for last, but we will have you.

"You understand don't you that I won't accept you just lying there not resisting? I want you responding and enjoying it, even if you are faking it, but if you pretend that you really do want me, then you might get a surprise and actually enjoy it. Are you going to do what I want?"

"Yes" I heard her croak in response to what I assumed was him asking her to cooperate.

"Then I want you to kiss me and do a good job of it".

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