In the Interest of National Security

by StangStar06

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Violent, .

Desc: Action/Adventure Sex Story: A government agent catches his wife cheating and deals with it

Dan's View

Fucking cheap assed binoculars; they were obviously distorting my view! That was the first thought I had last June, when my life as I knew it ended.

I'm Daniel (Dan to my friends) Almond. I'm 5'10" 180 lbs. dark brown hair and, I've been told smoldering brown eyes.

I work for one of those alphabetical government agencies, that protect your rights and freedoms as an American citizen. Naturally, I'm not at liberty to say which one. Of course I could tell you, but then in the interest of national security, I'd have to shoot you.

Anyway, I was crouched between two derelict buildings, in a rundown section of DC, observing two individuals engaging in obviously consensual adult relations. OK, even I'm getting bored with the G-man talk; I was watching a hot chick give a guy a blow job through my binoculars, and I almost lost it. I almost lost it for 2 reasons, one because these were fellow agents of mine, supposedly on a stakeout, and 2nd because the hot chick was my wife.

I picked my cheap binoculars back up and watched; I couldn't look away, no matter how badly it hurt. She was sucking his dick in a workman like fashion, obviously intent on getting back to the job. She didn't seem to be giving him all of the bells and whistles that she gave, or as of that moment, used to give me. She wasn't running her tongue down the underside of his dick, or doing that thing where she shakes her head and hums either. She didn't even tea-bag his balls, but maybe it was because they were pressed for time.

I saw him tap her on the shoulder, obviously they'd done this before, and she quickly, grabbed his dick and finished him off by hand, as he shot his semen into the bushes, near them. Then she leaned back against the side of the building, and pulled up her skirt while he started to eat her pussy.

I couldn't take any more, so seething with anger, I just left the scene.

So much for popping in to see the love of my life while she worked; I'd seen enough to last a lifetime.

Meg (I call the cheating bitch Meg, because that's her fucking name) and I both worked in different units for the same agency. We never (due to agency regulations) worked on the same op. So while we could check the mission logs or boards, and find out where each other was or what they were doing, we tended to avoid doing so, because bringing emotion into the field tends to make you sloppy. And I have to admit that seeing Meg in danger, up until now, would have caused me to pressure her to quit, or take a desk job.

I guess the main difference in this situation between me and a civilian, is probably very little in terms of the emotions coursing through my mind. But in terms of my ability to compartmentalize my feelings and rationally plot my reactions, there were major differences. Also in terms of my resources and methods of dealing out my revenge, the differences had to be measured in light years.

I silently crept away from the scene with my face a mask of calm that belied the emotions I felt. Anyone looking at me, with my slightly bemused expression, would have thought that I had taken the wrong turn while looking for my car. In reality, someone or someone(s), was or were, very close to death or very serious injury.

Meg's View

God! Ray was finally starting to get good at this, after only about 5 or 6 minutes of his tongue on my vagina, I was starting to feel that little tingle that signaled my arousal. I lay back and thought about my husband Dan. Now that man could get me off just by looking at me a certain way. He was the reason I started doing this whole agency thing. I love my husband so much more than he could possibly love me. When I'm in the field (I work as an agent for an unmentionable government agency) it's extremely dangerous to be distracted.

The danger that's all around me and or my partner is almost palpable, adrenalin runs through my system, and I know that any moment could be my last. That usually gets me thinking about what I'd miss the most if I were injured or killed, and I end up horny as hell thinking about never seeing Dan again.

So about a year ago, because I was fucking up royally on an assignment, my partner at the time just pulled me into an abandoned building and asked me "what the fuck was up?" I explained the situation to him, and he just pulled my pants down and ate me until I came. Then he just walked back out of the building and back onto the job. I performed really well for the rest of the op, and then attacked Dan and just fucked him until we were raw when I got home. He loved it and so did I.

Of course I didn't tell him what had led to the performance; I just told him the parts about the adrenalin, and the stress of the job.

After a few months Jose, my partner put in for a transfer, and I was assigned to another partner. I didn't want to mess up the mix so I went after him, to get what I needed. There was never any penetrative sex, I'd never allow that because that would be cheating on Dan, and I couldn't do that. But a little warm up oral, especially when Dan usually reaped the benefits of it were OK in my rule book. Besides there's an unwritten law in the intelligence and law enforcement fields that whatever happens on an op, stays on the op. I was sure that Dan would understand that.

As I lay back under my current partner, Ray's efforts I started to finally relax. Ray was my fifth partner in under a year, and I hoped that he would last longer than the others.

Suddenly, in the back of my mind I got a feeling that something wasn't right. I pushed Ray's head away, and pulled down my skirt. As I looked around I wiggled my butt until my panties moved back into place.

"What's wrong?" asked Ray jumping up. I had to really work hard, not to laugh at him reaching for his gun with my pussy juice all over his face.

"The fucking car is gone," I said, realizing that we were in deep shit. How could we explain that the suspect we were supposed to be watching, just got up, walked out to his car and drove away while we were on the job? We should have at least been able to call for a mobile unit to continue the surveillance from the road.

"Stupid bitch, you were supposed to be watching him," snapped Ray.

"Just like I watched him while you were sucking my dick," he continued.

"If we do get out of this, I'm getting another partner," he snapped.

Ray pulled out his cell phone and called for a mobile unit. He told them that the car had just left, so with any luck, the fault would be placed on the mobile unit for not finding them in time.

Ray and I silently packed up our gear and went back to our car and drove back to the base. We didn't say one word to each other the whole way back.

As I went down into the underground parking structure, to get my personal car for the drive home, I found Ray waiting for me.

"You know Meg, before we worked together, I felt great about my job," said Ray.

"Now I feel like shit all the time," he continued.

"When it comes to sex, I have to admit I'm weak," he said.

"I had heard rumors about you, before we were assigned to work together, but it wasn't my problem," he said.

"Then we hooked up and I found out that it was true," he continued.

"At first I thought it was great, I mean you're hot as hell, and it feels good," he said smiling.

"I keep hoping that someday I'll get a chance at that pussy, or even get to feel those big jugs," he smirked.

"But every time I see Dan, he's a great guy, the kind of guy you want watching your back," he continued

"Every time I see him, I feel shitty, like I've betrayed his trust," he said.

"I feel like I should just tell him that he's married to a fucking 2 bit whore, and ask for forgiveness," he said.

"So when this op is done, we're through," he said seriously

"I can't let another repeat of tonight's fuck up, jeopardize my country's security, my marriage, my career or my life any further," he said and then he walked away without even letting me answer.

I got into my car and drove home. The house was dark and quiet. I turned off the security system and restarted it from the kitchen. Dan hadn't cooked dinner, so he must've been really tired when he came home. He probably had an early call for work tomorrow, so he'd probably just gone to bed. That was unusual, because normally if I was out on an op, Dan worried about me constantly. He normally called me every hour. When I was working I just turned the ringer off on my phone, and let his messages that were usually short things like "I love you" or "just checking" go to voice mail. As soon as I was done I turned my phone back on, listened to all of his messages, and he could talk to me. Why hadn't he called me? I checked my phone and saw that he'd called me almost hourly up until around 8 p.m.

He was probably home and in bed by then, for his early morning trip to work. Another thing that was odd, was the fact that he hadn't waited up for me. Normally, if I was out he waited up until I was home and safe. Normally, we always fucked like it was December 31st, 1999 and the world was ending in 2000. God I loved that man!

I went upstairs to our room and turned on the light. Dan was a very light sleeper, so I expected him to awaken, but he didn't. Oh well I could talk to him in the morning. I just needed to figure out what to tell him and how much. I knew that Dan would support me no matter what. So I went to sleep.

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