Wasted Wendy

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Sex Story: A sick little tale.

One never expects disaster when they are at a party having a good time, but it does occasionally happen. It was my parent's fiftieth wedding anniversary and my brother Paul and I had thrown them a surprise party at Paul's place. It was a large affair with over seventy people attending and near as I could tell everyone was having a great time. In fact, some of them were having too good of a time and my wife Wendy was one of them. Not that she was doing anything wrong, it's just that she likes to drink and have a good time, but she can't handle alcohol. At any party other than this one I'd have kept a close eye on her because of predatory males. Over the past ten years there had been two occasions that I knew about (but wasn't supposed to) where Wendy had been separated from the herd, but this party was all very good friends and family and so I was able to relax my guard.

About two thirds of the way through the party Wendy was blitzed and when she got that way the only fix was to take her home, put her to bed, and let her sleep it off. As co-host of the party I didn't really want to leave, but I couldn't see any way out of it so I made my way over to where my parents were holding court to make my excuses.

They were talking to my Aunt Mary and when I explained why I had to leave Aunt Mary said she and Herb (her current boyfriend) were just getting ready to go and that they could drop Wendy off on their way. Normally I wouldn't have let Wendy go anywhere with Herb because I flat did not like him. The day Aunt Mary introduced us I had asked myself what she was doing with such a slimeball and over the next six months my opinion hadn't changed. But with Aunt Mary to ride shotgun I thought that it would be all right. Aunt Mary didn't drive and Herb had lost his license because of excessive points and so they moved about by cab. While we were waiting for the cab to arrive I got Wendy ready to go and it was not an easy task.

"But I don't want to go. I'm having fun" and she called me a party pooper and a few other things that I was glad my parents didn't hear. When the cab arrived Aunt Mary and I managed to get Wendy into it with a minimum of fuss and I went back to the party.

About half an hour later Aunt Mary called and told me that she had walked off and left her purse and would I be a good boy and get it and hang on to it for her. I told her that I would and then I asked her if she'd had any trouble getting Wendy into the house.

"Well, Herb hasn't called me and said there was a problem so I'm sure everything is all right."

Alarm bells started to go off in my head and I asked her what she meant.

"Well, your place is between my place and Herb's apartment so he dropped me off and he's dropping Wendy off next on his way home. You want his number so you can call him?"

I tried calling Herb half a dozen times but got no answer. If I hadn't had such a dislike of Herb I probably would have just gone back to the party, but the fact was that I did dislike him - a lot! For the next ten minutes I let my imagination run away with me and I finally decided to leave the party and go home and check on my wife. On my way home I tried Herb'' number several more times, but got no answer. The closer I got to home the darker my thoughts became. When I turned onto the street our street I saw a cab parked at the curb in front of my house and I wondered about that. Even if the driver would have helped Herb get Wendy into the house he should have been long gone by now.

I have absolutely no idea what made me drive past the house and park down the street, but I did and started walking back. I circled the house, looking in all of the downstairs windows, but I couldn't see anything. I let myself in the back door and started moving quietly through the house. I moved through the kitchen, dining room and living room before I heard noises coming from upstairs. Avoiding the bottom two steps, which squeaked I carefully climbed the stairs and as I came closer to the top the noises turned into sounds that I recognized. It was the sound of sex - some one was being fucked. I heard the slap of flesh slapping against flesh coming from our bedroom and I tiptoed down the hall toward it.

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