Seducing Rachel
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Stan has two daughters who are both living back home. Tom Land is a good friend of Stan's and he comes by for a visit and finds himself in the middle of a situation where seduction is rife with possibility.

Rachel was a very sexy young woman and a MILF whose life was in shambles. Her marriage was in danger of being destroyed because of her husband obsessions, and she found herself frantically trying to figure out which way to turn next, and where to go. As she tried to hold onto what she felt she could rely upon, she met Tom Land, a well-known author who found Rachel very attractive and very desirable. He was actually quite a cad and a ladies' man, but he never let that part of himself be seen. But, he'd set his sights on Rachel, and the fact that she was married and a mother (a very desirable MILF) made her a prize that he wanted to win. And seducing Rachel was his ultimate and near-term goal. Tom had other goals that were all tied in with Rachel's family, her younger sister, and their sexy mother, but for now he was satisfied to go after Rachel.

Tom knew Rachel's father, Stan, and he'd become familiar with both of Stan's daughters, Rachel and Bethany, and he quickly saw that both young women were very attractive and very sexually desirable. They were both very fun-loving and fun to be around, but Tom saw something even deeper in both of the girls' lives—they both wanted to be wanted—what woman didn't want that, to be cared about, and to be shown how sexy and exciting they were by a man who would focus his attentions on them as a person, and show them that he was aware of each of them as a sexy young woman.

Tom had heard stories about both of Stan's daughters, and he'd asked questions as they came to his mind until he'd been able to fairly well form in his mind a picture of the physical and the mental, emotional, and sexual aspects of both girls. They both sounded very sexy and fun-loving, but Tom set his sights on Rachel first. She would be the harder nut to crack. He wanted a piece of Rachel and he wanted it badly.

Tom finally decided to just show up at Stan's since he knew that was where Rachel was now living because of her marital problems. He was pretty sure Stan recognized his hot lusty for Rachel and Bethany, so he told Stan he'd just come over to visit when he came to answer the front door. Stan brought Tom in and introduced him to both Rachel and Bethany since their mother, Kay, was out of town on a business trip.

Rachel and Bethany were sitting in the family room, watching TV when Stan came in with Tom.

"Rachel and Bethany, this is a good friend of mine, Tom Land. I wanted to introduce you girls to him; he's a writer and I think you might find him very interesting to talk with while I go upstairs and change my close," Stan said as he watched the body language of his two daughters. Rachel seemed interested in meeting Tom and Bethany seemed more interested in the program on TV.

"Hello, Bethany and Rachel," Tom said as he went over and sat down on the couch closest to Bethany. "Mind if I join you?"

"Sure, no problem," Bethany said as she barely looked toward Tom.

Tom tried not to disrupt Bethany watching her program, but he wanted to take advantage of the entrée' Stan had given him with both girls.

"What line of work are you in, Tom?" Rachel asked. Dad said you're some kind of writer?"

"Yeah, I write nonfiction about peoples' lives; situations they find themselves in, and ways they come up with to get out of them," Tom answered, trying to engage Rachel in small talk, while he kept an eye on Bethany and what she was doing at the same time.

"And you, Rachel, what do you do? Your dad said you were married and have a little boy?" Tom said. "What your little boy's name?"

"His name is Tommy, and he's almost two years old," Rachel answered. When Rachel mentioned her little boy, Tom paid close attention because at that moment he noticed a clear sadness settle over her face. He wished at that moment he was alone with Rachel; he knew she was nearing the kind of emotional crisis when women are at their most vulnerable and when they respond most readily to anyone who shows them care and compassion at such a time.

"You guys excuse me," Bethany said as she got up and grabbed her car keys. "I've got some partying to do, and I might not be back tonight. You guys have a good evening," she said.

"Goodnight, Bethany," Rachel said, and Tom could almost hear the tears in her voice as Bethany left the house.

Shortly after that, Stan came down and said, "Rachel, I've got to run to the office for an hour or so; would you mind keeping Tom company until I get back?"

"Sure, Dad; we were just talking and we'll be fine until you get home. Bring us something good to eat when you return, OK?"

"What would you want, baby?"

"Use your imagination, Daddy," Rachel said. The front door closed as Stan left, and then Rachel took the TV remote and turned it off.

"I'm sorry, Tom; I'm really not in the mood to watch TV," Rachel said. Tom turned towards Rachel as she sat there about two feet from him on the couch.

"Rachel, I know your father asked you to entertain me, but I feel like I've intruded on your time and I guess I need to go on," Tom said.

"No, please don't go, Tom; Dad will be very disappointed if you're not here when he returns," Rachel said. Tom sat noticing Rachel, and he felt his cock growing hard in his pants as he saw how pretty and how sexy she was. He wasn't sure of her age, but he'd guess she was in her mid-to-late twenties, and he thought she actually looked even younger than that. Rachel was wearing a yellow sleeveless top and a pair of shorts, and Tom had been watching her chest, and noticed that since her father had left, her nipples had grown hard and were poking out against the material of her top.

"Rachel, I don't want to pry, but you seem really unhappy. Is there anything I can do to help you? You're such an attractive young woman, and it's sad to look into your eyes and see the pain that you're feeling. Do you want to talk about it?" Tom asked.

Tom saw her eyes tear up again, and he could tell that Rachel was really distressed about her marital problems, but he knew that even more was her pain at being separated from her little boy, Tommy.

"What does your little boy enjoying doing, Rachel?" Tom asked.

That single question was all it took; Rachel started to cry, and then her chin began to tremble as the maternal loss she felt from being away from her baby washed over her like a wall of separation. Then, she began to sob as Tom's gentle words and questions opened up all of the sharp pain and wounds her problems with her husband had caused and then been compounded by being apart from her little boy.

"I don't think my husband loves me anymore, and I think he's got my little boy to cause me as much pain as he can. I've never felt so alone, and I don't know what to do," Rachel said softly as she cried and her hot tears began to trickle down off of her cheeks onto her top.

Tom moved closer to Rachel, placing his left arm over her shoulders and he gently pulled, feeling her instantly responding to his warm reassuring touch as she felt his strong arm on her shoulder and a strong firm chest to turn to and then the sobs began to wrack her body as she let herself go and gave into the crying she'd needed but hadn't let herself do.

Tom's cock was as hard in his pants as it ever got, and the extreme tension and emotion of being alone with Rachel and watching her deep emotional pain come out made Tom want to take her in his arms, and surround her to reassure her that he cared about her deeply.

"Rachel, let it go; cry and let it come out of your heart; that's OK, go ahead and cry," Tom said. He looked down at Rachel's chest, seeing her nipples were both totally rigid and pushed out against her bra and against the material of her top.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, Tom, I just want to be loved; I thought my husband loved and cared about me. I just want a man who will love me and make me his very own and give me all of his attentions."

Stan moved closer to Rachel, and when she reached up to rub the tears from her eyes, her right hand came down beside her but she misjudged and her hand went down and landed on Tom's hardon through his pants.

Tom acted like it embarrassed him, but when Rachel's hand first touched his erection, she hesitated and then her right hand opened and closed down around the hard shaft of his erect cock underneath her hand.

"Tom, what caused this?" Rachel asked as she kept her hand on his hardon. "How long have you had a hard cock while you've been sitting here?

"What caused it, Rachel? Simple answer – you, lady, you've given me a big hard and horny cock, young woman," Tom answered.

"No shit? Tom, are you saying that being here alone with me has gotten you turned on?"

"Oh yes, Rachel, absolutely. I started getting a boner the minute your father brought me in here and introduced me to you and your sister. That very moment. I've been sitting here afraid that you'd notice you'd given me a big hardon."

"Tom, I'm a married woman, and the mother of a little boy. I should be offended that you're sitting here in my father's house and you're turned on being close to me. I should probably smack your face for being a horndog, but that's not the feeling I'm struggling with right now." Rachel turned towards Tom as they sat there side-by-side on the couch. She knew Bethany was definitely gone for the night and her father wouldn't be back home for at least an hour or more.

Rachel sat there looking into Tom's eyes, and then she took her hand off his hard cock, and she lifted his left hand up and placed it over her full rounded breast. She closed her eyes as though she was in pain, but she was nearly overcome with the pleasure of having a sexy man's firm hot hand touching her breast. That was all it took for Rachel; she was hurting so much to be held and caressed and cared for, and the feeling of Tom's hand on her sensitive breast took all of her resolve and threw it right out the window.

"Tom, I barely know you, and I know this is probably the totally wrong thing to do, but please take me, Tom. Take me right now, and make love to me," Rachel said. Tom hadn't expected to succeed so quickly but he didn't even answer Rachel or ask her if this was what she really wanted. He knew she was in a very delicate moment, and he intended to run with it.

Tom moved closer to Rachel, and threw out any concern that Bethany or Rachel's father would come back and catch them. He grabbed the bottom of Rachel's sleeveless top and gently pulled it up and off over her head. Tom's cock jumped as taking her top off revealed a sexy C-cup lacy white bra underneath. Her breasts were very sexy, and Tom could see Rachel's brown nipples through the thin material of her bra. He leaned over, kissing the cleavage between her breasts before he reached down, grabbed the waistband of her shorts and got her to lift her hips so he could slide them down and off her shapely smooth legs, too. Tom then leaned closer, kissing Rachel on her soft moist lips as he reached up, cupping her breasts through her bra and tweaking her hard nipple inside the cups.

Rachel moaned from the hot intensity of the moment, and she felt the crotch of her panty getting very wet as Tom kissed her and played with her hard nipples through the material of her bra cups. Then, she felt his hand moving in between her breasts and he unfastened the front closure to her bra, and pulled both bra cups away from her sexy full breasts and then lowered his lips to her left nipple and began to suckle it as he played with her right breast. Her hand came down on the back of his head, and she held his mouth against her tit as she encouraged him to suckle and nip on the tips of her breasts.

Tom eventually moved his lips down off her nipples and down the center of her belly until his mouth was at the waistband of her bikini panties. He pulled Rachel's panties down off her shapely legs, and was greeted by a smoothly shaved pussy. Her pussy lips were so sexy and so hot, and Tom buried his face in Rachel's hot cunt, tasting the ample wetness and aroused state of her pussy. Tom loved eating wet horny pussy, and Rachel's pussy was delicious. He licked her slit, and then focused on her clit and cunt lips as she began to moan and then buck her pussy up against his mouth as she began to orgasm. She came for a few minutes, and then Tom stood up, grabbing Rachel's legs and helped her lean up against the armrest of the couch as he pulled his own pants and briefs off and stood there in front of Stan's oldest daughter, wanking his cock and preparing to give Rachel one hot fucking.

"Let me suck it for a minute, Tom," Rachel offered and Tom moved forward, letting her stroke his hardon and then she took his swollen hardon into her mouth and bobbed her mouth back and forth a few moments until she could tell it was really making him hot for her.

"OK, enough, Rachel, enough, girl. I want some of what's between those sexy legs," Tom said. He leaned forward, pushing Rachel's thighs further apart and he guided the head of his cock into her waiting pussy, and quickly slid his cock inside her tight aroused cunt and felt his cock bury itself two or three inches in her pussy. Rachel was beautiful lying there under Tom as he mounted her and then shoved his cock into her horny young MILF's cunt. He pulled out slightly, then thrust back inside and began to get his cock lubed up with Rachel's juices so each inward stroke carried his large thick cock deeper and deeper inside her pussy.

As Tom fucked Rachel, she began to climax again, and he reached up, cupping both of her beautiful sexy C-cup breasts and tweaked her nipples as he began to pound his cock in and out of her tight pussy. Tom loved how tight and how horny Rachel seemed to be. He leaned down, grabbing both of Rachel's ankles and lifted them on either side of her body until he was holding them nearly straight up. This gave him amazing leverage into her pussy and Tom really started to slam his cock in and out, hearing his large balls hit her shapely ass on each full stroke inside her.

Tom could tell that Rachel was really enjoying him fucking her. He wondered how long it had been since Rachel had really been made love to in a very passionate and intimate way. He could tell from her willingness to let him seduce her and how readily she'd responded to his advances and the pleasure of having his cock inside her pussy that was seriously deprived in the sexual area.

While Rachel and Tom were lost in the throes of their fuck, Bethany had come back home. Her plans for the evening had fallen through so she'd decided to just came back to the house for the night. The moment she walked in the door and pushed it shut, she immediately heard the clear sounds of Rachel and Tom fucking wildly in the family room. Bethany felt her heart pound with erotic excitement as she realized what was happening and who was involved.

When Bethany walked quietly to the doorway, there was her Dad's friend, Tom, with her sister's legs up in the air, and he was really throwing his cock in and out of her pussy fast and deep. Bethany had never even considered that Tom Land would seduce her sister and actually have her naked and his cock fucking her before she could even return from her date.

"Wow, what did he say to Rachel to get her to fuck him so quickly? I don't know if he could have even gotten me in bed this fast," Bethany thought to herself. Bethany wanted to strip her clothes off and get naked so she could join Tom and Rachel in their sexual play. She wasn't too sure how Rachel would feel about her spying on them, and then inviting herself to join them and make it a lusty threesome.

Bethany stood there quietly, watching and enjoying the hotness of seeing this new strange man thoroughly fucking her beautiful sister. Bethany had to admit that Rachel was a very pretty woman, and she sort of regretted that Rachel had married and really restricted the hot horny guys she could be fucking. Now Rachel was in the midst of a hot fuck with an older guy, and Bethany felt herself envious that Rachel was getting fucked, and Bethany's plans for the evening had gone to shit.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, yes, yes, fuck me good, Tom, fuck me," Rachel moaned as she felt herself explode in a strong orgasm. Tom continued to fuck Rachel, and he could tell that she was loving him giving her a hard and lusty fuck. Her pussy was so wet, and his cock was well lubed from her pussy juices as he drove it in and out between her shapely legs. From her vantage point there by the doorway, Bethany felt herself getting very turned on as she saw what Tom was doing with Rachel. She felt herself getting so horny from watching, that her right hand slipped down between her legs, and she started stroking her finger up and down through her pants over her pussy mound underneath. She knew if she kept quiet, she could even rub herself to orgasm without them knowing she was there watching. Tom and Rachel were totally focused on their lusty mating, and Bethany rubbed her pussy more firmly; then she slid one hand down inside her the waistband of her pants and stroked over the soaked material of her thong. She wanted a finger or two sliding in and out of her pussy, but her pants fit too snugly to let that happen; she settled for rubbing her aroused clit and her juice-soaked cunt lips. She fought the urge to moan and when she heard Rachel and Tom both moaning hotly in orgasm, Bethany stroked up and down three more times and felt her pussy gush pussy cum, soaking her thong panty and her fingers.

Bethany wanted to be there on the couch with Tom and Rachel, in a sexy threesome with her either fucking Tom or sucking his cock or getting her pussy eaten. She enjoyed having sex in groups with more than one guy or even with one guy and her sharing him with another girl at the same time. She'd noticed Tom was rather interesting before she'd left the house, and now she saw he was very interesting and sexy, too. Bethany suddenly decided to quietly sneak back to the front door and then close it more loudly like she was just coming back.

Bethany found herself suddenly re-envisioning a very hot threesome she'd had two nights earlier. She and her girlfriend, Lacy, had spent three hours with a well-hung, horny male friend of theirs, Lance. She and Lacy enjoyed his name and its "namesake"—his horny "lance" between his legs. He'd ended up pleasuring both of them, as she knew both of them had given him several rides in their tight wet pussies.

Bethany's nipples were hard inside the cups of her C-cup bra as she felt herself getting turned on again. She needed a good fucking and she needed it badly. There were a lot of priorities in Bethany's life, but getting her sexual needs met was one of the highest ones. She went to great lengths to get off, and she normally preferred it to happen with another person. Then, suddenly, she decided that it might be better if Tom and Rachel didn't know what she'd observed. She quietly opened the front door and slipped back out to her car and drove off before they knew she'd been there.

While Bethany had been secretly watching them fuck, Tom and Rachel had continued to enjoy losing themselves in the lusty moment. Rachel realized it had been a long time since she'd enjoyed a hard cock this much. Tom leaned over, fastening his mouth on Rachel's right tit, firmly sucking her nipple while he continued to thrust in and out of her pussy.

"Fuck me hard, Tom, give me all you've got," Rachel begged, realizing he was probably getting close to his climax, and she wanted to enjoy every moment of having a lusty man appreciate her sexually again.

Tom leaned over Rachel's prone naked body, and she shoved his cock in and out deep and hard. He saw her wince a couple of times when his large cockhead smacked firmly against her uterus. He didn't mean to cause her pain, but he wanted Rachel to know she'd really been fucked when they'd finished. When he entered the final stage, and his balls signaled he was about to cum, he hammered Rachel's horny pussy and then moaned that he was cumming. He filled her sexy young pussy with a big load of his hot thick sperm and laid there inside her, relished her tight pussy as they both gradually wound down from their mutual orgasms.

"Tom, I know Dad didn't say anything before he left tonight, but we've got an extra bedroom if you'd like to stay overnight," Rachel said as she lay underneath him with his cock still hard inside her pussy.

"Sure, Rachel, that would be great. Would my room be anywhere close to yours?" Tom asked.

"Funny you should ask that, Tom. Yes, in fact, your room is right next to mine," Rachel said, as she could feel Tom's cock growing rigid again inside her pussy. "Why do you ask?"

"Oh," Tom said, "just in case I sleep walk, just wondered if you'd be near in case I needed some help finding my bed again."

"Stop, Tom, no, stop, we can't do this again," Rachel said, as she pushed Tom and tried to get him to stop moving his cock as it was growing hard and he wanted another go with her.

"Stop, are you sure?" Tom asked.

"Oh yes, I'm very sure," Rachel said, as she got him to pull his cock out of her pussy, and then she started laughing. "Because I want on top this time, and I want to fuck you as good as you just fucked me, silly man," Rachel said. "Maybe we've got time for another hot fuck before Dad or Bethany come back," and Rachel got Tom to sit up on the couch and she moved up on his lap, positioning her pussy right over his hardon and she sat down, taking him smoothly inside her. "Ohhhhhhh, yes, now sit back and let me do the driving," Rachel said, as she braced her hands on Tom's shoulders and she began to ride up and down on his hardon like it was a thick steel pole.

As soon as Rachel started fucking Tom's cock, she exploded into another strong lusty orgasm and she continued to cum for the next twenty minutes as she rode him until the both orgasmed together at the end. They sat kissing and caressing each other, and Rachel said, "Hurry, let's go upstairs and maybe we can get a shower in together before Dad gets back."

Tom and Rachel grabbed their clothes and ran to the upstairs bathroom where he joined her in a shower and he ended up sliding his cock inside her again and fucking her good before they finished. "Tonight," thought Rachel, "I'm going to sleep very good." But the night was very young, too.

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