Sunshine Valley

by NaughtyPine

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Brother, Sister, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Nudism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A summer of discontent made glorious by the introduction of soon-to-be step-sisters. This is the first of a new series of adventures for Dave.

Hi, my name is Dave. 1995 was the summer I was fifteen. It was June and my life sucked out loud. We had moved two months before because my dad was transferred to a new plant. I hadn't really had much time to make any new friends at the high school before my freshman year ended. As a result, summer was here with no friends and nothing to do. The only thing that kept me from going out of my mind was that my dad had gotten me one of the first Sony PlayStations. It was a Japanese model he had received from one of their salesmen who went to Japan a lot. The games were all in Japanese and very simplistic by today's standards but they were better than anything else at the time. The salesman also brought back a large box of assorted anime, manga, and, best of all, hentai comics. Not having any females around, the hentai comics fueled my imagination. Like most guys my age, I was a walking erection. What can I say? I was fifteen with raging hormones and no way to get relief other than jacking off. Little did I know; that was all about to change.

While I thought my life sucked, I'm sure things were worse for my dad. The last three years had been brutal for him. We had buried my mom the year before after a particularly ugly two year battle with cancer. He drank heavily for about a month after she died and barely made it to work. I had to take care of almost everything around the house. I did the cooking, cleaning, and laundry. I was lucky there was a grocery store I could walk to for food. About a month later, he suddenly stopped drinking. I came downstairs one morning to get some cereal before heading to school. Dad had made bacon, eggs, and toast for both of us for breakfast. He was back to normal. I guess he was done with what ever grieving he had to do over mom. He did sit down with me and apologize for his behavior. I was so happy to have my dad back that I hugged him and told him to forget about it. Life went back to normal, but without mom.

Then, in February, he was told that the furniture plant where he worked as an engineer was closing. He wasn't fired but we would have to move from Virginia to near Hickory, North Carolina so he could work at a different plant. That's where he met Helen. She was the personnel manager for the plant. She had lost her husband to a drunk driver about the same time that we lost mom to cancer. They hit it off right away. I had met her twice when she had slept over with dad. Helen was pleasant and very nice to me. She was pretty with a trim, well-rounded figure. She certainly made enough noise after they went to bed at night. Dad said that she had twin daughters that were a year younger than I was but I hadn't met them yet. I wondered if they were noisy too. More fantasy fodder.

I tell you all this so you will understand where things were when my whole life changed again. Dad told me that he had proposed to Helen and she had accepted. We were going up to a resort west of Ashville for two weeks for a vacation and a chance for all of us to get to know each other better. I wasn't too keen on going on vacation with two soon-to-be-freshman girls. That's when dad gave me the big news. The place was a naturist resort, no clothes allowed. I had never been very self-conscious about my body but I suddenly got a bad case of shyness. Dad told me not to worry about getting erections. It was normal, especially for a teenaged boy. He said that he would be more worried if I didn't get a hard-on looking at naked females. He also said that after a day or two, I would hardly notice that everyone around me was nude. I rather doubted that but figured I would have to make do. I was interested to see what the girls looked like. I hoped they were as pretty as Helen was. I had never seen a naked girl in person and now I was going to get to see two of them. I didn't know that there was going to be a lot more. Interestingly enough, the morning before we left, he told me not to jack off any more before the trip. I normally jacked off in the afternoon, before I went to sleep and again the next morning. I thought that was strange but I figured there was a good reason.

Saturday morning we drove over to Helen's house and moved our few things to their minivan. That's when I got to meet Helen's daughters, Mary and Beth. They came out wearing little bitty, white, tap pants and tiny, pink, tube tops. The shorts were so tight that they looked like they had been painted on. They molded around their pussy mounds and you could clearly see the crease of their slits. Two perfect camel toes. The material also pulled into the crack of their asses; out lining their tight, little bubble butts. The girl's breasts weren't that big, probably only 28Bs but looked larger on their petite frames. Their stiff nipples were tenting out their tube tops. It was instant boner time. I was glad that dad told me to wear some loose gym shorts and no underwear. I was too fixated on their bodies to notice that their eyes were on my crotch. When I finally managed to look up at their faces, I was very pleased at what I saw. They were seriously cute. Not beautiful, that would come later. Right then, they were just cute. I decided that this might not be such a bad trip after all.

After we got all the stuff into the back, we all piled into the minivan. Dad drove and Helen sat up front. I ended up in the middle of the back seat with Mary on my left and Beth on my right. We got out onto the Interstate before Beth asked if I went to Westside High School. I said that I only went there for four weeks and didn't know that much about the school. Helen said the girls would be starting there next fall as freshmen. We talked a bit about the High School and I started to relax a bit. The one thing that didn't relax was my dick. Both girls had turned to face me and each one had a hand on one of my thighs. I had to turn one way or the other to speak. It was all I could do to look at their faces and not at their tits. I swear that their nipples had grown stiffer and were poking out even farther than when they had come out of the house.

Eventually Beth asked, "Have you ever been to Sunshine Valley Resort before?"


"We've been going there since we were babies but we haven't been for the last two years."

"My dad says that it is a naturist resort. Do people really walk around naked?"

"Sure do," said Mary,

"We get great all over tans."

"I've heard that it is considered very rude for guys to walk around with erections. I think I am going to have a permanent erection, especially with you two to look at. Even if I jack off five times a day it won't help."

"You mean an erection like this one?" they said together.

Mary moved her hand up to cup my nuts while Beth gave the shaft a gentle squeeze. "Ooh, you have a nice one. Mom told us your dad was well endowed. It feels like you take after him."

"Let me feel," said Mary sliding her hand inside the leg of my shorts. This was the first time I had ever had a girl's hand on my cock. I was praying it wasn't the last.

Mary wrapped her fingers around my dick and gently stroked it. "That feels great but you girls need to stop before I make a mess."

"No, you won't," said Mary before fishing my cock out through the left leg hole of my shorts. I lifted my butt to adjust my shorts.

"Mom, Dave seems to need some relief. I think we should suck him off," said Beth.

Helen turned around in her seat and stared at my crotch. "That's a very impressive piece of meat you have there, Dave. It's not as big as your father's but very respectable for a growing boy. I told the girls that you probably took after your father in the cock department." I blushed bright red and my dick wilted a bit. Mary's stroking brought it back quickly.

"I also told the girls that they were responsible for keeping you pumped out," continued Helen.

"I think your exact words were, 'I don't care if you use your hands, mouth, pussy or ass, if he gets hard you make him soft, '" said Beth. I stared at Helen incredulously.

"You mean you want me to fuck your daughters?" I asked.

"You don't have to but I am sure they will let you if you ask nicely."

"Oh, we want you to fuck us," said Mary,

"We will be sharing a bed and expect you to give us each a nice long fuck at least once a night."

"That's in addition to everything else," added Beth.

"This is not a one-sided thing," added Helen, "You are expected to make the girls come just as often as they make you come. Part of the reason for this little family vacation is for all three of you to learn how to give sexual pleasure as well as get it. Teenage girls get just as horny as teenage guys do. It is very convenient if you can get relief at home rather than walk around frustrated all the time. Besides, the more you make a girl come, the more she will want to do for you. Your dad certainly trips my trigger. I come two or three times when he eats me and then at least twice more when we fuck. He can have me anytime, anywhere, in any hole."

While she said this, she slipped her hand into dad's crotch. He squirmed and the car swerved a bit as he lift himself to rearrange his manhood. I was thinking that this was way too much information.

"Dave, may I suck you off," asked Mary. I couldn't believe that this pretty, fourteen-year-old girl was asking permission to suck my cock. I nodded, unable to speak. She undid her seat belt and knelt on the floorboard beside my legs. Holding it at the base, she slowly and carefully slid her mouth down over my cock before swirling her tongue around, coating it with her spit. It was all I could do not to either come or pass out from the wonderful sensations. When she came back up she asked, "How was that?" I croaked out a 'wow'.

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