Pam and Her Friends
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Incest, Father, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Pam, a twenty-something woman, is addicted to older men, the age of her own father, who she regularly fucks, and his male friends. She cannot get enough of their attention and their cocks.

Note: See "Pam and the Initiation" [posted SO story] for a description of Pam being brought into the swap group mentioned below.

Pam, a very pretty and hotly built young wife, had become one of the primary female members, especially among the younger women, of the large sex swap group that she had been brought into at an early age. Her sexual education began many years before she'd been deflowered by a well-hung black stud in a public setting where he had taken her virginity, and then her own father had fucked her, along with all of the other men present who wanted a piece of her newly deflowered pussy. That night had been an experience that Pam looked back at as only a blur, as numerous adult men either had her suck their cocks or they mounted her and fucked her, spurting their large cumloads deep inside her unprotected pussy.

Pam had played sexually with both her mom and dad long before that night when she'd taken her first cock, and Pam quickly found herself one of the most sought after young teenage members of the group, especially by the older men who were normally fathers or some of the other girls or some of the most significant male members of the community. Pam knew that she was not only entering a world of very active sexual play with countless older men her own father's age and older, but a lot of men who could protect her and keep her out of trouble in the years ahead.

In the first months and then several years of Pam's involvement in the sex swap group, she began to enjoy the company of the older men more and more. She had to be honest and admit that even though she'd had sex with guys her own age or slightly older, and was married to a guy a year older than her, the older men who fucked her were the most experienced and the best lovers. And, Pam had to admit to herself, although she'd never tell anyone else, she loved the way the older men spoiled her. They often gave her very expensive gifts and things that she loved getting, and they were right – the expensive gifts gained significant advantage with Pam and the men who treated her the nicest, got the most attention and the best results with Pam. Pam knew that the horny men who treated her really nice didn't need to worry about where they could get some pussy in the future – she'd be more than glad to spread her legs or suck them off anywhere, and anytime.

Pam even found herself, even after she'd gotten married, being asked out for a date in the evenings, and sometimes even on weekends. Sometimes her husband, Larry, was invited to join the man and maybe his wife if he was married. Sometimes it was clear that it was only her company that was being sought, and Larry would either be out of town on a business trip or he'd need to find something else to do that night. Pam would be gone and she'd get home when her date was over.

Pam loved the large group sex swap parties that she was almost always a part of, but she'd become very much addicted to the one-on-one dates that became a part of her own personal social life, too. Sometimes she'd even get a call from her father, Steve, and he'd set up an evening date with her and often let her know other men were going to be partying with him and Pam. Pam knew what she'd turned into – a lusty party girl who older men lusted for and who knew they could "have" whenever their desires focused on her and her sexy ways.

Pam had been fucked by her own father, and most of the other men present at the party, on the night she was initiated into the large sex group, but she'd played sexually with him for many years before that. Her mom had taught her how to stroke and suck her father's cock, and she'd fine-tuned her cocksucking skills until she was an expert at sucking her partner's cock. Pam frequently gave her father, Steve, head, and she loved to suck him off and swallow his big cumloads.

After Pam lost her virginity, all restraints on sex were gone for her. Her father would frequently fuck her and sometimes twice in an evening, and then he began to arrange group parties for him and some of his older friends. Pam almost never turned any sexual arrangements unless she was so sick she couldn't get out of the bed.

One afternoon, Pam's father called and asked her if she could go over to Harry Randall's house after she left work and spend some time with him. Pam knew her father Steve was asking her to go to the older man's house and have sex with him.

"Sure, Dad, tell Mr. Randall I'll be over to see him about 6:30, OK?"

"OK, baby, I'll let him know to expect you then," her father replied.

Pam loved these impromptu requests to party with her Dad's friends, and she dressed for work every day with the intention that if she had an unexpected opportunity for a date, she'd be dressed appropriately for the occasion. Pam knew she was everything these older men wanted— a sexy young woman who was pretty, well built, eager to please them, and who was willing to do whatever sexual act they wanted. She already knew a large number of the men her father's age and many who were older, and she knew what they liked and what really turned them on and got them off. Pam's mother had taught her from an early age how to know what would pleasure a man, and she'd learned all her lessons very well. Her mother had even coached Pam to pay attention to which men seemed most attracted to her and how she dressed.

Pam knew that most men wanted playful chat and flirting, and when things eventually got to sex they wanted a blowjob to start off, and then many of them wanted her to fuck them, or let them take her in the ass or a number of kinkier sexual things. She was willing to do it all. Pam would even role-play with some men who wanted her to act like she was a young school-girl or some other person. Some even wanted her to act like they were her daddy. Pam especially loved it when a party included her own father, and he and her could do whatever they wanted and the others were there to watch them in action and join in. Her father fucked her several times a week, and there was nothing that he and her had not tried and enjoyed. Pam never seemed to want for the attentions of older men.

Pam arrived at Harry Randall's near 6:30 as she'd agreed, and he let her in at the front door. He was wearing a casual sport shirt and slacks, and had a drink in his hand. He offered Pam a drink, too, and they walked into his living room where he showed her to a seat on the couch. Pam had been with Harry many times before and he was one of her regular "boyfriends" whenever the large swap group got together for parties.

"Thanks for coming over on such notice, Pam," Harry said. "It's always so good to see you."

"Harry, I love to see you, too," Pam said, as she sipped her drink. They made small talk for a few minutes, and then Harry put his drink down and came over to sit beside Pam on the large couch. That was Harry's signal that verbal foreplay was over, and he was ready for Pam to play with him.

Pam moved into Harry's arms, raising her head to kiss him on the lips lustily. She was already very aroused from the time she'd left her office to drive to his house and became much more turned on when he'd joined her on the couch. Now she was in the moment she lived for when these older men showed her how much she meant to them.

Harry kissed Pam hungrily as he held her close and let the sexy scent of her perfume work its magic in arousing him even more. Pam always wore very sensual perfumes that could give a man a hardon from just being near her. As he kissed Pam's soft moist lips, his hand slipped down over her chest, and he cupped her left breast through her pullover top that she'd worn. Harry's cock grew instantly harder as his hand closed over her full rounded C-cup breast and he realized that Pam was braless under her top. She taken her bra off at her office before she left, and Harry didn't know but she'd removed her thong, too, so her pussy was naked underneath the short skirt she was wearing.

Harry flipped his thumb over Pam's hard nipple through her top, and he loved the sigh of lusty arousal he got in response. "Ohhhhh, yes, play with my tits, Harry," Pam begged. Harry reached down, grabbing the bottom of her top and pulled it up over her breasts until it was bunched at her neck, completely exposing her naked breasts. Harry locked his lips over her right nipple, sucking it, and pulling on the aroused tit. Pam loved having her breasts sucked, and she felt her pussy growing wetter and hornier as Harry sucked first one nipple and then the other. Then, he let his hand slide down over Pam's lower stomach and he moved his hand up under her short skirt, reaching up between her sexy smooth legs. He kept reaching and felt nothing, expecting to find a thong, but he fingers first found smoothly shaved pussy lips that were already wet from her own juices. Harry continued kissing and sucking her tits while he slid a finger over her pussy lips and then slipped two fingers into her tight wet pussy. His fingers were grabbed snugly, but he drove them in to the hilt and then pulled them back out, finger fucking Pam and giving her a taste of what he had waiting for her between his legs. He slid his two fingers in and out several times, making Pam moan in lusty response to the feel of his fingers in her horny cunt.

Pam normally always wanted to give her lovers a hot blowjob before they fucked, but this time she was so aroused and so hot from Harry's caresses and sexy foreplay that she just wanted him to get his hard cock out and fuck her brains out. She let him continue to finger her wet pussy, and then she couldn't stand waiting anymore.

"Give me your big cock, Harry, I am so hot to fuck that I need to you slide that big dick of yours in me right now,"Pam moaned as she reached over and helped Harry undo his belt and get out of his pants and briefs. His cock was totally hard and very thick. She knew Harry was an older man, even older than her father, Steve, but Harry was well equipped in the cock department, and he knew how to use his big thick cock inside her pussy.

Harry helped Pam get situated on the couch, and then he spread her thighs, and climbed on top of her as she took his hardon and guided the swollen head straight into her waiting cunt lips. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssss," Pam moaned as she felt his large cockhead penetrate and then spread her tight pussy lips as he thrust inside her cunt. "Ohhh, baby, fuck me, fuck me, honey," Pam said as she spread her legs further apart and felt Harry begin to shove his hardon in and out of her cock-hungry pussy. Pam loved to fuck, and she'd been horny all day long. Now she was getting the hard cock her pussy had been needing so badly.

"Yeah, Pam, oh yeah, baby, you're so tight and so fucking wet, girl," Harry said as he started thrusting in and out of her tight cunt. His cock quickly got wet and well lubricated from her very wet pussy, and his cock began to make sexy sounds as he started throwing quite a fuck to her. Harry shoved his cock fully into Molly's cunt, and then he reached down to her chest, cupping both of her naked breasts and squeezed them as he heard her start to moan and almost immediately Pam began to orgasm. She was very orgasmic, and Harry knew from past experience with her that she would cum several times before he finished with her.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Pam moaned loudly as she felt her orgasm explode in her pussy. "I'm cumming," she sighed as Harry picked up the tempo of his thrusts. He loved to fuck Pam, she was so sexy and she gave as good as she took when they got down to a serious fuck. He hammered his cock in and out, and then he reached down, grabbing both of her ankles and lifted her legs up and spread them to the side of his body as he really began to shove his ass back and forth, filling her pussy to the mouth of her womb on each inward stroke.

"Yes, yes, Harry, fuck me hard and deep, oh yes, baby, fuck me good," Pam moaned, and Harry gave her exactly what she was begging him for. He kept on thrusting in and out strongly, bringing her off again with a sexy hot orgasm, and then he buried his cock in her hot tight cunt and felt his first huge spurt of his cum shoot deep inside her clasping horny pussy.

Once Harry and Pam finished their first fuck, she moved over after he pulled his cock out of her pussy, and then Pam got her head down between his legs as he sat there on the couch, and she started giving him the proper blowjob she'd usually start off with. Harry loved being alone with Pam; he often had the chance for her to suck him off or fuck him at the public swap parties they attended, but having her by himself or maybe with her father, Steve, there partying too was always much more lusty and hot. Pam stroked Harry's cock back into full hard erection, and then she bent over, taking the head of his cock in her mouth as she played with his large round balls and then began to wash over his cock with her tongue and moved her hot wet lips up and down until she had him nearly to the point of exploding a large cumload again.

At that point, Pam looked at Harry and asked, "Do you want me to suck you off, Harry, or would you like another hot fuck with me?"

"Pam, I want to fuck you again, sweetheart," Harry answered as he sat there loving the view of Pam's naked body, and her beautiful mouth licking and sucking his hardon.

"Me, too, Harry, I totally need another good hot fuck with your big thick cock, baby," Pam said. She took his cock in her mouth for a few more moments, and then she had him sit back, and she climbed up on his lap, guiding the tip of his swollen cockhead up into her wet pussy as she settled downward on his cock, letting him penetrate her and she pushed downward until her pussy lips smacked hotly against the base of his cock.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah, baby, fill my hot pussy, Harry," Pam said, as she took his hands and placed them on her full rounded breasts and encouraged him to play with them and tweak her sensitive nipples, as she started using her strong leg and thigh muscles to help her ride up and down on his hard meat. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh, pull on my nipples and take them in your lips, Harry," Pam moaned and she began to hotly throw her pussy up and down, up and down on his hardon while he moaned in pleasure from the hotness of her tight cunt grasping his cock. "Yes, yes, ride me, girl," Harry moaned.

This time, Pam and Harry both exploded in mutual orgasm and she settled on the length of his cock as she climaxed and felt the big spurts of his cum shooting up inside her unprotected pussy. She never knew when the next cumload might get her pregnant, but so far in the swap parties and one-on-one fucks she'd enjoyed, she hadn't gotten knocked up yet.

To be continued

Part 2

By Tom Land

When Pam got home that night, she knew exactly what would be happening shortly after she arrived. She would normally go to her own home and sleep with her husband, but since she'd had a date, her Dad expected her to come to his house and spend the night. Her father, Steve, loved eating Pam's creampie after she'd fucked, and since he knew she had a date with Harry Randall, he'd be eagerly expecting her arrival. Pam always laughed at her father's special interests because she totally loved cum, and she must have inherited that taste for hot cum from him.

Steve was waiting in the family room when Pam walked in. "Hi, Daddy," she said as she laid her stuff down and walked over to where he was watching the television. Her mom was out at some meeting that night, so he and Pam were alone. It wouldn't have mattered since her mom was into the group sex scene and had actually taught Pam a lot of what she knew about sexual matters.

"Hi, babe, bring me anything?" Steve laughed, knowing Pam's pussy would be seeping with Harry's spend, and he could eat Pam and suck her pussy clean of Harry's cum until she was worn out from orgasms. He knew that by the time he'd eaten Molly's pussy and taken her creampie, she'd be so horny that she'd probably climb on top of him and fuck his brains out, too. It usually went down just that way.

"You know I do, Daddy, don't I always?" Pam asked as she went over and sat on Steve's lap. "And, bring with Harry Randall has really made me so horny, Daddy? Do you have something for me, too" Pam asked as she unfastened her short skirt and removed it, and then pulled her top off over her head and took her father's hand and they walked down the hallway to his bedroom where he slept with her mom. Pam and Steve frequently had sex in the same bed he and her mother slept in, but he didn't realize that fucking with her father in his and her mother's marital bed really got Pam aroused. She wouldn't have it any other way.

Steve watched Pam climb onto the bed, and then he joined her after removing his clothes, and he quickly buried his face in her horny wet pussy, seeing that Harry Randall had indeed fucked Pam good, and his seed was seeping visibly from her red aroused pussy lips. Steve quickly started licking and slurping Pam's pussy juices mixed in with Harry's thick cumload.

"How many times did Harry fuck you, Pam?" Steve asked as he returned his face to her pussy and had her quickly moaning in orgasm from the sexy hotness of having her cunt eaten.

"Enough, Daddy," Pam said, as she was breathless from cumming, "that he just got me turned on so much I need a hard deep fuck again. Is that enough?"

"Yes, just enough, baby," Steve said as he finished eating her pussy, and then he moved up over Pam's prone body, and she spread her legs as she saw him preparing to mount her. Steve slid his thick cock into Pam's tight cunt, and she immediately began to moan and thrash around underneath him as he gave her just what she'd asked for—a hard, deep fucking.

"Yes, baby, throw that tight sexy ass of yours back and forth and give me the big cock I've been wanting all day long, Daddy," Pam moaned. She let him lift both of her legs up in the air high over her head and he angled up over Pam, slamming his cock down and up, drilling her pussy and almost making her go crazy for the hot sexual intensity of his cock filling her pussy and the speed and depth of his fuck thrusts.

Pam was orgasming almost constantly and Steve soon reached his own orgasm, and he buried his hard thick cock shaft into his daughter's tight pussy as he felt his large balls shooting his cumload deep into her pussy.

"Welcome home, Pam," Steve said. "I love you, baby. Thanks for sharing with your Daddy."

Pam got up after Steve pulled out, and went to her room, where she showered and then headed to her bed, sleeping in the nude as she nearly always did. She knew that sometimes her father came looking for more pussy in the middle of the night and being naked helped things move right along.

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