The Date

by Linda Jean

Copyright© 2010 by Linda Jean

Erotica Sex Story: A sweet young girl goes on a date that changes her out look on life and sex. she is drugged, tricked and used. She loves the new life living in sex and lives to love it more.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant   Coercion   Drunk/Drugged   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Orgy   .

Bill my new boyfriend asked me out on a date Friday evening after school, my parents took off for a weekend trip, I wanted to be with him so bad, I just knew that he really liked me. I trusted him to be nice. Now before you get the wrong idea, I am a very good girl, I have only had four boy friends since I was twelve. I am very picky whom I will even speak to let alone go out on a date with. My goal is to keep getting straight A's and graduate valedictorian next year.

I went to school to learn and I have to admit that I did not have many friends, well really none to be honest. Oh I know I am attractive, I just do not see any future in doing anything at school but my school work. I leave everyone else alone and they leave me alone.

I was a little surprised when one of the good-looking boys came up to me and invited me out on a date. Now as I said I did have some boyfriends before and I liked going to the movies. I thought my heart would explode the first time I got kissed in the movie theater by my first boyfriend.

I told Bill, (the boy who asked me for a date) that my folks were going out of town and I would love to go to the early movie Friday evening. He picked me up at 4:30 so we could make the 5 PM show. I chose to wear my yellow daisy imprint summer dress, I like the way the dress makes me feel pretty just like a girl like myself should.

Bill was so charming, he said everything perfect, I felt like a queen the way he acted and treated me. We held hands as we walked, and I was so happy that I had decided to go out with him. I told Bill I did not want to stay out too late. I told him I'd promised my folks I would be in by 9 and he understood. He was happy with that so off to the movies we went.

I knew that we would be kissing and I even knew that he would try to feel me up a little, I didn't mind, it was just not going to happen on our first or second date, that's for sure. I'd let my previous boy friend touch me quite a few times. He even made me climax once in the same movie theater we were going to. I also liked touching him. The thing is, I made sure that we waited until our third date before I let him even try to touch me. When I did let him touch me, he was my very first and that was only about four months ago.

This was just my first with Bill, so as much as I wanted a little more than just kissing, I knew he would just have to wait until our third or fourth date, that was all there was to it. We sat down and it was not long before he put his arm over my shoulders and his hand sort of hung above my breast. I just knew it would not be long before he would try and feel me up.

I have no idea what happened to me, but I guess thinking about it really got to me, I mean I was excited and anticipating what to say and do the moment his hand or fingers touched me. He pulled me to him and we kissed, I just melted into him. My whole being went into that kiss.

I was so excited when I felt his hand cupping my breasts and kneading my nipples through my bra as we kissed. I liked the feeling and I wanted him to know, so I moaned in his mouth as we kissed. We kissed and kissed; he kept worked my nipples and breasts until I was positive I was going to have a climax in his arms just like that. I put my hands behind his head and kissed him with my heart and soul.

It wasn't long before he moved his hand down between my legs, I knew a good girl like myself should work at keeping my legs closed and I did, but he managed to get his hand under my dress and his fingers went into my panties, He found my little button. He touched me there and I was lost to his touch. I moaned against his lips as he rubbed me there. I opened my legs enough for him to really work my button, and he soon brought me to a climax. I am ashamed to admit it but I was so excited I did not put up that much of a fight to stop him. I hoped for all my being that he would not stop like Jack did once I came.

While Bill had been working me under my dress, I put my hand on his lap and I wanted to feel his penis through his pants as I has had felt Jack so many times right here in the same movie theater. I found him and his penis was hard, and I gripped him and held on to him.

As Bill made me climax I had a hold of him rubbing him and I knew he really liked it as much as I did. I was so excited and horny that I am pretty sure that if Bill wanted to have sex, I would have given myself to him, and he would have been my first. We were kissing and petting so hard and wild I am surprised no one around us said anything, but then we did sit in the last row in the back up in the corner.

After I climaxed Bill kept kissing me and I worked hard to jerk him off through his pants. The more I worked at giving him pleasure, the more he fingered me. I finally felt him ejaculate in his pants and I hit the top at the same time. It worked; we both came and reality hit me as we began to relax. He got up to get us a soda and candy. I was so thirsty as you can imagine from all of my excitement, when he got back with my drink I gulped it right down.

It wasn't long before I seemed sort of out of it, the movie ended and Bill helped me up and I remember walking outside to his car, it was still light outside so I knew it was still early, but I fell asleep in the car once we began to move.

I felt like I was dreaming and Oh my God! It was a sex dream, and was it ever good, I never had a sex dream before but this was wild, it was dirty sex, nasty sex, I had heard of things like this, but wow this was so wild and so hot.

Over the years, ever since I was about eleven or so, I had enjoyed touching myself. I had come across my father's dirty books and magazines. I read every one of his dirty books so I did have a lot of material to pull from when I touched myself. Over the past three or four years I touched myself a lot, almost every day when I could be by myself, and I knew no one would ever find out. Over the years I have learned to use all kinds of things to help myself enjoy a climax. One of my favorite is fantasies going over some of those filthy stories I read and putting myself in them. I do love to play with myself as I fantasize about some very dirty things and some of my fantasies have been real mind blowing wild.

But this dream, oh My God, this dream was better than anything that I could think up. I mean the way it felt being fucked in my dream was magnificent. The dream was so real; I could feel my feel my whole body moving as some stranger kept slamming his hard cock in to me. In my dream I could feel other men's dicks in my hands and men were kissing and suckling on my breasts. In my dream I was kissing a man and my head was swimming with pleasure. My body felt like it was in heaven; I was floating on a cushion of sexual pleasure. I had climax after climax

I never in my life had felt so wonderful. My pussy felt like it was on fire with desire and the only thing that would put out the fire was to be fucked over and over, and in my dream that was exactly what I was doing and it was exactly what I wanted to do; I even caught myself hoping that the dream would never end.

I laid there on my back soaking up the pleasure going on in my dream. When the boy pulled back from my mouth I yelled out "I'm going to come, Oh My God, I'm going to come! The man fucking me kept slamming harder and I was thrusting my hips up to meet him with each thrust. I felt the man's dick in my right hand throb as he emptied his seed onto my wrist and arm.

My whole body tensed as I came and came. I lifted myself off of the bed trying to get every inch of this man's cock into my hole. I felt him climax and my mind melted. I relaxed and he pulled out of me, I felt so empty but almost instantly I felt another man replace him. He began moving in and out of me and I in turn met his thrusts like I had the other man. Within a moment I was getting that wonderful feeling all over again. God I loved this feeling. I loved it more than anything else I had ever felt in my life.

I felt something touch my lips and somehow I knew it was a man's cock. Since this was a dream, I thought why not, I'd suck a cock in my dream. I would never do that in real life, but this was a dream, it was a filthy nasty sex dream and I could be as nasty as I wanted to be in it. I opened my mouth and began to work on the cock moving in and out of my mouth. It was not long before the cock shot its seed into my mouth. Being a dream I just swallowed his seed and to my surprise it was not bad at all. In fact I really enjoyed making the boy shoot his seed in my mouth.

I had kept up my hip movements as I sucked the boy off but once he came in me and pulled away, I concentrated on the boy fucking me. I heard a voice talking to me in my dream. The voice asked me if I was enjoying the gangbang? I answered the voice saying, "Oh yes, God yes, I love it!"

The voice asked me, do you want to stop or do you want more cock to fuck you? I was so fucking excited and turned on, I was so fucking close to yet another climax like I had just experienced. I yelled out, "Don't stop, oh fuck, please don't stop; I want more, I want to come again, I have to come again, I need more!

I heard a voice in my head in the middle of this dream; it was taking over my thoughts. I could still feel the man's cock fucking me hard and fast, I kept throwing my hips up to meet his thrusts, but the voice, it kept talking to me.

I could hear the voice so clearly as he spoke to me. The voice said, "Shhh, Linda, listen to my voice, block out everything else, only hear my words."

"You want to come, don't you my sweet little slut?" I said, "Yes, oh God, yes, I have to come again, I want to come so bad." The voice said, you can come, but only when I say you can, right now you can feel that lovely feeling, and you can stay right at that peak of pleasure, but you are not allowed to climax until I say you can, do you understand me, sweetie?"

I was throwing my hips up harder against the man fucking me. He was slamming back into me just as hard. I thought to myself that I was going to come no matter what. I threw myself into the sex, I worked very hard trying to climax, but I could not.

No matter what I did, or how hard I tried, I could not get the climax that I so desperately needed and wanted.

I felt the man fucking me stop, as he crammed himself into my pussy. I raised my ass off the mattress and ground myself hard against him hoping that maybe that would take me over the edge, but it didn't.

As he relaxed and pulled out of me I dropped back down and as he vacated my hole, I reached down to finger myself, maybe I could do it myself I thought.

I heard voices above me. I heard someone say, "Ah come on Pops, let us have her, I want to fuck her again. I want to fuck her asshole again."

The voice that had been talking to me said, "Relax Bill, when I finish with her you can fuck her any time of day you want, any day of the week. Now sit down and watch and learn."

I hear the voice talk to me again, it said, "That's it, you cock hungry slut, finger fuck that cunt of yours, that's it baby, real fast, rub that clit, play with your nipples, yes baby, doesn't that feel great? You have to keep fingering your cunt but you cannot come until I tell you, do you understand Linda?"

I answered the voice in my head, I said, "Yes, please let me come, I'll do anything you want, just please let me come." The voice laughed and said, "Oh baby, don't you worry your sweet little head over that, you are going to do everything that I want anyway, now listen to my voice it is the only thing that you can hear, your brain is open only to my words, and your brain is like a field ready for planting. You and I are going to plant seeds of lust, seeds of sexual desires, seeds stronger than the strongest tallest trees. As these seeds grow, your lust for sex will grow. As these seeds sprout up in your mind, nothing will get rid of the sexual lust you will have for sexual gratification. Your only desire will be for your body to climax as many times as you can in a day. And when you cannot climax any more, you will try and try to achieve the climaxes that you want, need and crave. We are opening up furrows of your mind and the seeds are dropping in one at a time, going deep inside your brain."

"Everything I say is another seed being planted into your brain. You will welcome every seed and thought, you will welcome anything and everything to do with sex. You will welcome anything and everything that will bring you to a climax. You will welcome anything that will get sperm inside of your body. You will do anything that I tell you to do, because you know it gives you sexual pleasure and you live to have sexual pleasure, your pussy is now in control of your mind, and you know that your pussy loves cock, don't you Linda?"

I said, "Yes, I love cock. I love to come, I love anything to do with sex."

"OK, the first seed is the one that makes you want to masturbate. This seed as it grows will give you the desire to constantly touch yourself between your legs. It will give you the desire to touch and play with your nipples. This seed will give you the desire to use anything that you can fit inside of your pussy to fuck yourself with. Your fingers will feel great and wonderful, but you will always have to have more. You will use anything that will fit inside your cunt."

"When you see anything long and round the very first thought in your brain will always be "Can I use that to make me come?" when you are in the grocery store and you see bananas, you know you can use one to fuck yourself and you will come. When you look at cucumbers, hot dogs, sausages, big fat pepperoni sticks, your cunt will throb with desire to pick it up and fuck yourself with it."

"You will look at anything long and round and the first thing that comes to your mind will be, "I wonder if I can climax with that inside my cunt." "You will use anything, anything at all, things like a hammer handle, brooms, flashlights, kid's toys, maybe a small baseball bat, plastic bananas, you always want to try something new to make yourself come with. This seed to fuck yourself is strong and is deep in the furrow now and it is going to grow even stronger."

"Now let's plant the seeds of whore and slut, this seed makes you feel good when you hear people calling you a slut or a whore. It makes you proud that other girls and woman are not like you. They, unlike you, have no idea just how great and wonderful sex is with so many different boys and men. Only you know how great it is and how nothing on this earth gives pleasure like fucking and sucking cock or eating pussy. All the other girls just fuck one boy; they have no idea the pleasure you have. Other girls will never touch another girl. But the slut that you are, you love touching and being touched by other girls. You even welcome other girls to fuck you with things."

"Unlike other girls who won't or can't open their legs for the boys to touch them or fuck them, you, Linda, you can't wait for someone, anyone, be it boy, girl, man or woman to touch you between your legs; you crave to be touched and fingered between your legs, your cunt is always wanting to be touched. You get wet thinking about a stranger touching you. Only a lovely cock hungry slut like yourself feels like this. Only a whore with this kind of desire for cock would understand the need that you have between your legs. The need to have your cunt fucked, the need to have your asshole fucked. This seed is deep in the furrow now and it is going to grow stronger."

"Now let's plant the seed to have people eat your pussy and the seed that puts a desire in you to eat other girls and women's pussies, this seed will grow giving you a craving to have anyone lick you between your legs. Most of all, it will grow a desire in you to touch another girls cunt, you will crave to finger her, so she will allow you to lick her and make her climax. You will enjoy eating out other girls and women. You love it so much that when you make them climax, you will have a wonderful climax at the same time they do. This seed is deep in the furrow now and it is going to grow strong"

"Now, let's plant the seed that will have you love dildos. I'm dropping dildos in the furrow. You will love using things called dildos to fuck yourself with, and you will also crave to fuck other girls and women with dildos and toys. One of the strongest desires you will have is to get a long double-headed dildo and fuck another girl with it while one end is in you, and the other is in her. You will love facing her and scooting your asses closer and closer, as you fuck each other, getting closer and closer to her until you get the dildo all the way inside both of you and when you are grinding each others clits together as you fuck, then you will explode with one of the hardest and strongest climax's you can ever have. This seed is deep in the furrow now and it is going to grow strong."

"The next seed is showing off, this is a good seed; it is the seed that allows you to have sex in front of anyone, in front of lots of people that like to watch you have sex. This seed will give you a desire to have sex in public places whenever the person you are with wants to have any kind of sex. If it is a boy who just wants his cock sucked, you will do anything you can to suck his cock. If he wants to fuck you out in the open, it will turn you on so much your cock hungry cunt will be dripping wet wanting his cock inside of you."

"This is the seed that will make you never to want to wear panties again. It will make you feel confined whenever anything covers your cunt. You will feel like there is something wrong with you, but you will never know what it is whenever you cover your pussy with anything. The only way you will feel normal, the only way you will feel that everything is perfect is when your pussy is not covered. Only when your cunt can feel the fresh air touching it. This is the seed that gives you the desire to wear dresses and skirts all the time just so you can open your legs to boys and men showing them that you are naked and ready for them to take what they want and fuck you."

"This seed will give you a strong desire to show yourself to strangers just to watch them react, some will be disgusted, while others will watch to see what else you may do. When you see a person watching you, (be it a man or woman) between your legs you will crave to masturbate in front of them, maybe you can turn them on enough to get them to have sex with you or to fuck you. This seed is going deep, real deep in the furrow now and it is going to grow strong."

"Now the cream-pie seed Linda, this is the seed that will grow inside of you and give you the desire to eat out a girl or woman who has just been fucked and is full of sperm because lots of boys or men came inside of her. You will crave to eat her pussy and suck out all the sperm from it. The more boys or men that come in her and get her sloppy and overflowing only makes it more desirable for you to get your mouth down on her freshly fucked hole and suck it all out. It will make you so fucking hot to see a woman's pussy open, used and with sperm running out of it. In fact when you see a woman or girl get gangbanged, you can't wait to get down between her legs and suck out all the sperm they leave in her."

"In fact Linda, after you finish a gangbang the only way you want to finish is to have a man, or boy, or girl or woman lick your pussy clean and suck out all the sperm inside your nasty cock hungry pussy. When you can have someone eat your cream pie you will climax for them as a reward to yourself and for them. When you suck out another cunt full of sperm, you will climax as well. If no one is fucking you when you eat a cream pie, you will use your fingers or a sex toy and fuck yourself. If there is nothing and your hands are not free to finger yourself, you will climax by swallowing the sperm down your throat. This seed is deep in the furrow now and it is going to grow strong."

"Next, the seed for cock; this seed is giving you the desire to see a boy's or a man's cock. Whenever you see a man, you will look at his pants and crotch. You will always try to see how big of a cock he has. You will look at his crotch, and you will picture his cock, and the only thing on your mind will be to see it hard, if it is hard the only thing on your mind will be to get it inside of your body no matter what. You will crave the sperm that comes from the cock. You will crave the feeling of it sliding in and out of cock hungry cunt, you will salivate for it to go into your mouth, you will ache for it to fuck you up your ass, your asshole will want to feel it push in so you can clamp down on it to get the cock to give you it's sperm. If for some reason you cannot get the cock of the man you want to fuck you, then you will masturbate thinking of it fucking you in one of your hot hungry holes. This will happen every time you watch a porn movie, be it anyplace. Be it a public place or private, this will happen if you stumble across people having sex in private and you get to catch them and watch. This seed is deep in the furrow now and it is going to grow strong."

"The next seed we are planting will give you pleasure when you watch others having sex. This seed will grow and give you a craving to be a peeping Tomasina. Since you love to masturbate and have a craving to climax, it will help you by giving you pleasure to watch others masturbate and have sex. You will get the exact same pleasure watching a girl or woman masturbate as you get watching a boy or a man masturbate. Your pussy will get wet wishing the person you are watching was with you. You will time your climax with them as you watch. If it is a porn movie you will picture yourself in the movie and you will picture all the people looking at the movie, are watching and seeing you. They are watching you. This will make your enjoyment even stronger. This seed is deep in the furrow now and it is going to grow strong."

"Next is the seed for porn, once inside your furrow, deep in your brain, this seed will set you apart from all the other girls and women. Girls and woman normally do not get turned on reading dirty stories or nasty porn. They do not get turned on watching porn movies, in fact most girls and woman dislike porn of any kind. However this seed is going to go deep into your brain. This seed will make you sexually hot and turned on. With this seed you'll love reading anything to do with sex, you will love reading dirty nasty fuck books, you will love dirty nasty sex stories. You'll love finding nasty stories in books, magazines, and on line."

"You'll love writing nasty sex stories to your friends. You'll want boys to read your nasty thoughts and desires just so they want to fuck you or have you suck their cocks. You will love watching dirty nasty sex videos of any kind, watching them so you'll just have to touch yourself and finger fuck your cunt as you watch. It turns you on to listen to any sex audio story or sex of any kind. Of all the porn you love so much, your favorite thing to read, watch and listen to are gangbangs. When it comes to movies, the only kind you will ever really love watching or that gives you any joy at all is dirty nasty fucking gangbang sex movies; you'll love watching all porn. Other movies are good, but nothing what so ever will ever bring you the pleasures that you get watching nasty gangbang ass fucking movies. You'll just love good old nasty fuck movies and no story or movie turns you on faster or makes your pussy hotter than a nice gang-bang, ass fucking story or movie. Gangbangs are your thing; you love being gangbanged, you want to be fucked over and over. It makes you so fucking hot to watch men after men fuck a woman in her cunt, her ass and her mouth. It really turns you on watching a girl getting fucked in all three holes at the same time by three men."

"When you watch porn you will always want to watch it with a lot of boys or men, you want them around you because you will crave them to gangbang you as you watch the sex. If you are alone reading porn, or watching porn on your computer, you will fuck yourself with anything you can get to fit inside of your cock hungry pussy as you read or watch the movie. You will always place yourself in the dirty filthy stories. Stories that you know are not real but still you would do anything in the stories that you read about, because it makes you so fucking hot."

"This seed will also give you lots of pleasure just looking at nasty pictures; you will love looking at some very nasty kinky pictures of men and woman having sex. You will get all wet and horny looking at pictures of girls fucking themselves, girls using toys and even girls being fucked by dogs. There is nothing in this world that turns you off when it comes to sex."

"Now let's plant the seed of love, because you are the perfect woman for anyone that has a dick, the only person you love is the man who is feeding you his cock. When you have a man inside of your body, you love that man with all your heart and soul, your whole being is in love with that man or boy. You are never going to find any one man who can ever love you more than the man who is fucking you. You can never love any man who does not have his cock inside of your body giving you his sperm. In fact when it comes to romantic love, you know it comes the most from being used by anyone for their sexual pleasures, knowing that tells you that you are in love with them for giving you pleasure and when they allow you to give them pleasure, you can't hold back your love for them. This seed is deep inside your mind and is growing stronger every moment. There is only one love in your life, it is sex, you love sex, any kind of sex, no matter how nasty it is to anyone else, to you it is pure love."

Now Linda, let's plant the seed to keep your cock hungry pussy nice and smooth as a baby's butt. You received your first waxing Friday night; you are smooth and will be smooth for a while. You will love the feel of no pubic hair to bother you anymore. You'll love the feel of your pussy being bare and bald. It allows you to feel the slickness of the sperm and your own pussy juice between your swollen lips. This seed will not allow you to grow any more pubic hair. The moment you feel or see any, you will have to have it removed as quickly as possible. In fact seeing pubic hair on your body makes you ill to think about or to even consider. This seed Linda is also buried deep, very deep into your mind."

"Now the seed of secrecy, this is a seed to help you keep your feelings of being a cock hungry little slut whore a secret. As big of a fucking slut that you are, as much as you crave cock and sperm, it is important to keep this a secret from your father and mother, it is just as important to keep this from your teachers at school. For one more year they must not find out your lust for cock, sperm and pussy until you turn eighteen. Once you are of age, you do not care if the whole world knows that you are a cock hungry, cock-loving whore."

"When you are with them or around them at school they must never know how your whole body aches for cock. In your house the only rooms that you are free to be the cock loving whore that you really are, is in your bedroom and in your bathroom. You know if your parents or your teachers found out how much you crave and need cock, they would not like you being the perfect woman that you are. Only a perfect woman can crave and love cock like you do. Around the house you will be the perfect daughter, outside the house you are the perfect cock hungry whore craving sex of any kind with anyone male or female."

"Your two brand new tattoos that we gave you yesterday have to be covered up around the house; your parents and teachers must never see them before you turn eighteen. But outside the house where your parents and teachers can't see you, you want people to read your tattoos, you are proud of them, you want to flaunt them. In fact you are very proud of the tattoo above your pussy. After all with that tattoo you know that will be able to fuck more boys and men than with- out it. You love what it says Linda, It says, "This cunt loves to be fucked." Say it my sweet slut, tell me what your new tattoo says above your cock hungry pussy."

I repeated it, "this cunt loves to be fucked"

He said, "Good girl honey, now let's plant that seed real deep, you love the tattoo above your cunt, you love it so much you are so proud to show it off when you are away from home, you love showing people that you are a cock hungry cunt wanting to get fucked, needing to get fucked, craving to get fucked. You want them to know that you are ready for any man's cock, you are so happy that people can tell what you want instantly by looking at you and reading your tattoo. They will know you are a cock hungry whore wanting to get fucked when you walk up to them showing them your tattoo."

"Now the tattoo in back of you right above the crack of your ass says "If you can read this, I want your cock in one of my three holes". "Say it Linda, tell me what you have printed above your ass behind you dear."

I said, "If you can read this, I want your cock in one of my three holes!"

"Very good honey, now do you know what that means my sweet whore?" It means you want someone to fuck your pussy or to fuck your asshole or to fuck that pretty little mouth of yours don't you slut?'

I answered him and said, "Yes, I want them to fuck me in my cunt, my asshole or my mouth, I want to get fucked in any and all of my three holes."

The voice said, "That is right dear, the next seed is pride in that statement, you are so proud that when anyone is walking behind you that if you wear the right bikini or hip huggers, or wear your skirt low enough so any man or boy will be able to read how much you crave for them to have sex with you. This seed is deep in the furrow now and it is going to grow strong."

"Now I have one last seed to plant, this seed is to give you the freedom to love talking about sex, when it comes to talking about sex you like being open and frank, you do not beat around the bush, you are not coy. You like speaking of sex in any form, it frees your soul, it lifts your spirit, you are proud of everything you do, so you are also proud to talk about it as well. This seed is deep in the furrow now and it is going to grow strong."

"If I ever say the words, "It is time to plant some more seeds" you will come right back to this state of mind, you will open your mind, so you and I can plant more seeds to grow in your mind making you a better lover and a better whore, do you understand Linda?'

I said, "Yes I understand."

"Linda, from now on you are now a Jackson High Wrestling Cheerleader, you will tell your proud parents that you will practice every Wednesday after school and practice goes until 8:30. You will be required to be at every game and pep rally, which is every other Friday evening they begin at 6 and go until 10 that is what you will tell your parents."

"As a cheerleader you will be making the boys and their friends happy in any way they ask you to. All cheerleader practices are sex parties for the team; every pep rally is an anything goes Orgy. It is the parties that you girls get to put on your own sex shows fucking each other and eating all the cream pies that you girls love to eat."

Then the voice said, "Tell me Linda, before today, how many times a week did you masturbate and climax?" I told the voice, two maybe three times a week; some times more it depended on my mood.

The voice said, "You really love fingering your pussy don't you slut?" I moaned as I said, "Oh yes, I do love making myself feel like this."

The voice then said, "Before today did you ever use anything to fuck yourself with besides your little fingers dear?" I told the voice, "No, I never used anything other than my fingers.'

The voice then said, "Remember now Linda, these seeds have been planted, from this day on you will masturbate every morning when you wake up, you will begin your day with a climax, no matter where you are at, no matter who's house you are in, or where you are at period, no matter what, you wake up, you finger that hot juicy cunt of yours to a climax. Do you understand honey?" I said, "Yes, I understand, I will masturbate every morning when I wake up before I do anything else, no matter what."

Then the voice said, "The very last thing you do before going to sleep no matter where you are at, no matter where you are, before you go to sleep, you will masturbate before falling to sleep, in fact my dear cock hungry slut, if you do not masturbate, you cannot go to sleep, do you understand that Linda?"

I said, "Yes I cannot go to sleep until I masturbate, no matter where I am at I have to masturbate or I can't fall asleep."

The voice said, "Good girl, now no matter how many times a day you fuck a boy or a man or suck their cocks you have to masturbate to get to sleep. And no matter how many times you have sex in a day, sometime between eleven in the morning and one in the afternoon, you must go someplace all by yourself, you must find something to use and you will fuck yourself with it. You will use anything that you can get inside your hot cock hungry cunt. Anything at all, even if you get to have sex sometime in that that two hour period, you will still find a private place and get something to fuck yourself with. Do you understand honey?"

I said, "Yes, I have to fuck myself every day between eleven and one someplace private and I can use anything that will fit into my cock hungry pussy, even if I was getting fucked in that time, I still will go off and do myself too."

"Good girl, now that you know you are a cock hungry whore, your only goal in your life is to have boys and men deposit their sperm inside of you. You only live to be a receptacle for sperm, you love receiving sperm in your cunt, down your throat and in your asshole. You love the feeling of a cock sliding in and out of your mouth and down your throat just as much as you love being fucked in your asshole. You will do anything to get men to give you their sperm won't you, you little cock hungry slut?"

I thought for a moment that this was one very strange dream, but I was going to answer the voice. I said, "Yes I love being fucked in my throat and my cunt and asshole, I love receiving boys and men's sperm into my body."

I heard another voice but it was not clear, it was like in a fog, I knew the voice was talking, but I could not hear the words. I did hear the voice talking to me say, "Hold on, you assholes, I have to do this now, while she is coming out from under the drugs. Her mind is waking up and I am in total control of it.

"When I get through, this little girl is going to be a sex manic, a fucking nymphomaniac who will never get enough sex. Even if she can find some dumb asshole to marry her, she will never be sexually satisfied with just one man's cock. When I am through with her, her fucking cunt will always be dripping from either wanting to get fucked or from being fucked that so much sperm will constantly drip down her legs as she fucking walks. She will drop to her knees in a heartbeat to suck a cock, and I mean any cock."

"I have a short opening right now while the drugs wears off and the aphrodisiac that I mixed in the ecstasy. Her body is taking over her mind, her cunt is on fire for cock right now and that along with my little love juice that I made up for her, is all I need to turn her out, now shut the fuck up and let me finish."

I heard the voice say those things, but I did not understand, Wake up? Ecstasy? Drugs? How strange those words sounded. I wanted to come so bad I began to beg, "Please, please let me come, I have to come, please let me, please."

I heard the voice say, "Not yet slut, I'll let you come when I am ready. Right now I want you to picture a man with a hard dick lying on his back, his cock is sticking straight up. Now picture yourself squatting over his dick and lowering your cock hungry pussy down on him, taking his hard cock inside of you. Can you picture that honey?'

I could, "Oh my God I can, I can feel his cock fill me as I press down on his dick. I said, "Oh yes, Oh Jesus, It feels so good."

The voice said, "Now picture another man coming up behind you, and he gently pushes you forward. You lean forward and you kiss the man you are on top of fucking. The man behind you aims his hard cock right at your asshole and he slowly shoves himself into your cock hungry asshole, you love the feeling of having two dicks inside of you at the same time don't you Linda?"

I could feel the cock going into my asshole and I felt so full. I was lost in the pleasure of the two men fucking me.

The voice then said, "Picture the two men holding still and you are bouncing back and forth. You are moving like a mad woman trying to get your climax, only, no matter what you do it doesn't work, you can't climax. You love the feeling more than anything else on this earth, the pleasure you get from having two cocks inside of your cunt and asshole at the same time is the best feeling you can ever have in your life. The only way it gets better is if you could have another man standing in front of you and you get to suck his cock at the same time. Then when the man fucking your face comes in your mouth and down your throat then you always have the hardest, longest, and the most enjoyable climax. No climax beats that feeling of being stuffed in all three holes. Nothing makes you come harder. Not any one man, not any toy. Can you picture that Linda?"

I could see myself on my hands and knees rocking back and forth with the two cocks sliding in and out of my bottom holes. I can feel the cock fucking my face; the man holding my head with his hands as he fucked me. I feel like I am in heaven, this is the most wonderful feeling I have ever had. I say, "Oh yes, yes, oh Fuck yes, I'm going to come, I'm going to come!"

The voice said, "Not yet honey, not yet, real soon, but first you are very thirsty, you need a drink, sit up, stop fingering yourself and drink what is in this glass."

I stopped playing with my pussy, I sat up and I drank down the glass of water. The voice said, "OK, lay back down now, and finger yourself some more."

I heard the voice say, "That was an energy drink, I want her to fully wake up, she is ready and we still have two more blank video tapes to fill. Harry you get on the bed, lay on your back and when I have her over you, Jack you fuck her ass again, I'll fuck her mouth."

The voice then said to me, "You have to come don't you Linda?"

I said, "Yes, I have to come. Can I come please?"

The voice said, "Soon dear, real soon. Now, one last thing, my cock hungry whore, whenever any boy or man takes you on a date you know that the only reason you will go with them is to get their sperm anyway that you can get it. You live to turn men and boys on. You crave to turn men and boys on, you crave to see them hard ready to fuck you. You will do anything to get any man or boy to fuck you."

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