Wife Saved Our House
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Interracial, Oral Sex,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Story of man and wife loosing their house to foreclosure, she made IR film to get money for house payments.

Well, things were going well for Lynn and me. We meet in high school and dated for several months. After graduation we married and started keeping house. Our first child was Barb our Daughter two years later Michael our son. After that Lynn made sure she stayed on the pill. I was in sales and after the kids got five or six years old Lynn went to work part time on several different jobs. We lived about twenty five miles north of St. Louis, Missouri. Five years ago we bought a larger house and I must say with a larger mortgage to go alone with it. Things were going well, so why not, I was making good money, about $90.-$100.00 a year. Lynn had opened a book store and coffee shop combined. About half the time she would turn a small profit if she was lucky. I figured she worked for about a dollar an hour. However that was o.k. she felt good about having her own business and I was doing o.k.

One of my school friends was purchasing manager for seven home improvement centers around the area. He gave me all of his plumbing supplies business. That is what I sold, plumbing supplies. With all the building going on and the new accounts I just picked up, we were doing very well. About May of 2007 things started to change, at first I thought it was a bump in the road, business slowed down for several weeks and then picked up again. For a few more weeks business was good again. Then it happen, seems like every week business seem to be off more and more. Then in early 2008 "BAM" it happen, business comes to a halt overnight, the housing boom had busted. Things lingered on for a few more weeks before the Plumbing Supply Co. I worked for went under. Here I was at 32 years old with wife and two kids and no job. And the bad thing is all sales position were in the same shape, all business was off and no job to be found anywhere. The St. Louis area was hit badly and unemployment went up to 11% overnight.

For several months I was out of work, we were living off my unemployment from the state each week. However after paying all the utilities and food we were broke no money for the mortgage. And on top of that with the bad economy Lynn was loosing money at the store and had to close. Lynn got a part time job at a clothing store downtown making minimum wage for about twenty hours a week. I started work at a road construction co, at about $14.00 an hour. However I was only working one or two weeks a month because business was off that much, even roads were not being built.

One day Lynn came home and said one of the ladies she worked with sister just quite her job at a production co. because her husband had taken a job out of state and had to move and the job might be available. She gave the company name and number to Lynn. The next day when Lynn was off she called to enquire about the job. The owner's wife set an interview for her for the next day. Lynn came home after the interview all excited for she got the job at a full time position for about $500.00 a week. A lot better than the $150.00 she was making at the department store. She said her job would be taking orders by phone and mail for the production material that the co. made. And that they had customers in over forty states. The owner's wife explained the company sent out catalogs for the customers review and they would call in the orders or mail the orders in and her job would be to process the orders.

Over the next several weeks she would not say much about her work, when I asked if she like it. She said that it was easy work and all the people was nice and that they went out for lunch two or three times a week and that the owner wife would always pick up the tab. However as time went by she seem to like her job more and more, I was happy for her, wish I could be so lucky and get something better. Our mortgage was behind and I was getting past due and nasty letters every day and afraid of any knock on the door.

Lynn came home one day after being on the job for several months and said that we needed to talk after dinner, seems like something was bothering her. After the kids went to bed we had a cup of coffee and sat in the den to talk. Lynn explained that her job at Mid West Production Co. was taking orders for Porn movies and that the owners Jean and Mark had been in porn films for fifteen years and started Mid West Productions several years ago. She explained that the movies was made on site in the back of the warehouse, that they rented the old warehouse and set up production rooms to shoot movies. She went on to say they made about two movies a week depending on the script, Mark and Jean and a couple of the porn actors would set down and talk about what the next film would be about and write a small script to go by. She also said she sat in on a couple of the meetings to decide what the next film would be and that it were very simple because the porn movies were made that way. Lynn seen to take pride that she was involved in the script and her input was used. By this time my coffee was cold for I had not taken a single drank and my mouth could have been used for a fly trap, it was wide open.

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