The Interview

by Linda Jean

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Gang Bang, Masturbation, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A housewife wants to do anything to keep her mind from being bored, she answers an ad and her life changes, she ends up wanting to be the biggest porn star ever

The one thing I have found about being married these past two years is, staying at home all day is just down right boring. I never in a million years would have thought this in my wildest dreams I would get bored doing nothing, day after day after day, yet here I am doing just that.

In the mornings when I read the paper from front to back, I never, ever looked in the want ads section of the paper. But like I said I am just bored. I am curious to see what kind of jobs are available, maybe if the right one was there, I could kill time working and make a few dollars. Then I could save my pay and surprise my Peter on his birthday or something and I could pay for us to take a nice vacation.

I saw all kinds of jobs but nothing that interested me at all. I did come across this one ad that caught my eye. Well it did more than that, to be honest and open about it. Now it said one thing, but I was pretty sure it meant another. It said;"

"Looking for female models for adult media,

No experience necessary, will train

Easy work with mind-blowing pay call for

Appointment Interview at 865-3017"

Peter and I have been together for almost three years, and like I said, we have been married for just about two of those three years. Now I knew men from my early years of dating. Peter is a man and like all men I have ever known he loves his porn. Now while porn itself does not turn me on, watching Peter watch it, that is a whole different story. When he watches it, he always is stroking himself, (really.) I have to admit it to myself, and now you that it turns me on to watch him do that. I mean really turns me on. When I get that way I touch myself as well, so he in turns likes to watch me play around, and as I watch him I masturbate.

So, I had a feeling what that ad really meant was, they were looking for someone to be in porn and make adult sex movies. I mean why word it that way?

My mind began to race, easy work, mind-blowing pay, I wonder if I ever could allow myself to do shit like that, (I mean to have sex in front of people as they filmed me?) which I know is just wrong. I put the paper down and went for another cup of coffee. All the time I spent getting and fixing my coffee, I could not stop thinking of that little sick ad. I wondered how many other young women would get caught up in that crap? I wondered how many women would call them?

The more I thought about it, the more curious I became. I thought, "It wouldn't hurt to call in and speak with the person, maybe ask some questions, I knew that I was not really interested in being photographed or filmed being naked in front of a camera performing some sex act.

Oh don't get me wrong, I love sex, I mean I really love sex, I love to climax, but I love having sex with my husband. I even love having sex with myself, but don't ask which I love better, I could not begin to tell you.

It took me a good hour to finally decide on making that call, I picked up the phone and made the call. The phone rang only twice when a very sweet voice said,

"Hello this is The Fox agency, Tammy speaking."

I froze, and then she said,

"It's alright dear, I'll wait, take your time."

I heard that and it seemed to give me a little bit of confidence, I said,

"Thank you, my name is Linda Jackson, I saw your ad and I have some questions if I may ask?"

"Sure dear" she said, "I have to tell you though I am just setting appointments for the managers, but I will try and answer your questions, go ahead and ask."

I asked, "How much does the job pay?

She responded, "That is between the managers and you, I cannot tell anyone what you can make for a shoot." I can tell you, that the girls are all driving around in brand new, fully paid cars, and they wear enough rocks to support some countries. There is great money in this business."

I then asked, "Is there nudity in this job?"

The girl laughed and said. "Of course dear, we provide talent to over 60 Adult film companies, if nudity bothers you, this job is not for you."

I asked, "You make adult films there?"

She said, "Oh no dear, this is an agency, we supply the actors for the companies that make the adult films. We are always looking for new faces and talent, why don't you come in and speak with one of the interviewers? You may like the job and then again you may not. Just remember that we are dealing with sex here, so if you have the body, the mind and the spirit, you can make a lot of money, while having a lot of fun doing it."

I froze, I then managed to speak up and say, "I'm not sure I can, thank you." and I quickly hung up.

Oh boy, that was different, I spoke to a company who hired people to be actors who make adult films. I have no idea why, but even though I knew before I made the call who they were, I still felt, well not shocked, but I did feel strange. I mean the way she spoke it was like being invited to come interview for a very nice high paying job. She was so sweet over the phone.

I always wondered if the people in the sex movies that Peter likes to watch are acting or if they are really into the sex that they are doing. My mind was racing, could I do something like that? Could I have sex with someone other than Peter and be filmed doing it?

I went to the kitchen cabinet and pulled down my Southern Comfort and took a straight gulp from the bottle. I decided to sit down and think this through. Could I really do something like that? I wondered.

I thought about that all day long and after dinner I still just had sex on my brain, and to make matters worse the more I thought about it, I realized, the hornier I became. Of course drinking half a bottle of Southern Comfort did not help me keep my mind out of the gutter.

At dinner I told Peter, "I am really feeling amorous tonight, would you like to watch one of your DVD's and see what happens?" (That is what I called his porn collection.)

You see, I very seldom suggested watching one of his videos; He has sixty DVD's and about the same amount in VHS tapes. Get this, in all of our movies, DVD's and VHS tapes I can count on two hands the ones that we have, that are not porn.

Peter smiled, came to me and said, "My, my, aren't you full of surprises tonight, sure I could use some sex after the day I had."

I said, "Yeah, me too."

He put in one of his favorite dirty movies (one of the older VHS tapes into the VCR) then went and sat in his big easy chair; I laid on the sofa, and we began watching the movie. I looked over at him and he started to rub himself through his pants. Very soon he stood, undid his pants, dropped them on the floor at his feet and while holding his cock he sat back down into his big chair.

This was kind of a tiny little ritual for us, you see Peter knows that it turned me on to watch him jerk off, I was already hot as hell from my thoughts all day long and as I said, the drinking did not help me either.

I got up, went over and standing to his side, I bent over, replaced his hand with my hand and mouth, and began to really devour his cock. In that position he had free access to me and I loved feeling his hands on and inside of me. I was wet and I let him know by my constant moaning.

I could see from my left the big TV screen as I worked my husband's cock, (I was glued to the woman being fucked.) I looked at her face and her body; it sure appeared that she was into the sex that she was having. I mean it looked like she really loved everything that was happening to her. I jerked Peter as I hungrily waited for his sperm to erupt in my mouth. He came real quick, long ago I discovered that by taking my time and not moving much after he came, that he liked the feel of my mouth on him, even as he became flaccid. Then after a time by watching the movie and of course touching me and my mouth working on him, using my tongue and playing with the head of his cock in my mouth, I knew that if I took my time, he would become very hard again and this time I could enjoy him for another good 15 to 20 minutes.

I kept my eyes on the TV and I pictured myself as the woman in the movie. When Peter was nice and hard I pulled back and said, "I need you to fuck me baby, I need your cock inside me."

He got up we went over to the sofa where I laid on my back, and opened my legs. Peter loves eating me, so he knelt on the floor and began to work his magic. I really wanted him inside of me, buy I do love his lips and mouth on me and he always seems to get me off. I also know that the longer he takes eating me, the shorter amount of time I get to have him inside of me. It is one of those no win trade offs.

I kept my eyes on the girl in the movie and with Peter eating my hot little cunt, I did have a lovely climax and it was not long before he finally stood up and got on top of me. I felt him enter me just as the man was entering the woman in the movie. I was determined not to miss anything going on in the movie, so I had my head turned just enough to keep watching. The woman was on her back just like I was, and she was being fucked very hard and fast.

Since I was her, I began moving my hips like never before fucking back as hard as I could against each of his thrusts. I mean Peter's thrusts, well at least I think I was fucking back at my husband, maybe in my mind I was thrusting back at the man in the movie. I was lost in this wonderful feeling that comes with fucking. In my mind my husband was no longer fucking me; the man in the movie with that lovely cock was fucking me. I came hard and very quickly. As I was coming down slowly from my climax, Peter did not stop, and while I was relaxing and enjoying the feeling of him in me, I kept watching the movie. Peter finally came and gave me his sperm.

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