Party Favor

by Angel

Copyright© 2010 by Angel

Erotica Sex Story: Young man at a party follows a pretty girl into a private room. They make love and he uses her like a whore, planning on blackmailing her into becoming his slut.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Rape   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   .

It all started at a party at Tommy's house; he was a new friend, and I'd heard about his wild parties. I got there towards the end of the Party and everyone had been drinking, girls were giddy and stoned on Pot. I hung in the Kitchen and had a couple beers. There was music and dancing downstairs, and I figured couples in most of the upstairs bedrooms, Tommy was famous. Downstair it was a furnished and finished basement, a large basement party area. Couples were dancing, and everyone drinking, people here were drunker than upstairs and a few passed out on chairs and sofa's. In the basement hallway and saw a girl in tight, short shorts, enter in a room at the end of the basement hallway, she'd stood there a few minutes, then entered. Skin tight shorts and an ass to die for, little t-shirt and a ban of skin around her waist and visible, tanned blonde. I followed down the hall entered through the door and softly closed it and thumbed the lock shut; and the lights were off, I saw the room was darkened and the only light was through a gap in the curtain on a basement window and a light outside, the room was in shadows. That hot girl was stood there, her back to me. I approached her and put my hands on her waist, her bare skin under my hands. She leaned back into me and smelled of alcohol; heard her moan, she liked my hands on her. Her blonde hair was beautiful and fair, and she had on cheap perfume. I cupped her tits and she wasn't wearing a bra, pushed her t-shirt up and bared her breasts, feeling her smooth and girlish breasts with hard nipples.

My hand traveled and touched her babydoll ass, this girl was so hot. She never spoke and I didn't want to break the spell. Her tits felt perfect in my hands as I was kissing her neck. Gave her a hickey and she was whimpering and moaning with lust. I pushed her hands down onto the sofa, and pulled her shorts and panties down and off, she knelt on the sofa and put her head down, her bare ass there, facing me, I dropped my shorts and pushed my hard cock inside of her, my cock taking her tight cunt. Pushing her t-shirt up and around her neck, I cupped her firm breasts. Like her I smelled of alcohol and had been drinking. She was so tight, wet and perfect. This was blonde heaven.

I'd entered the party a virgin and now had my cock inside a girl's tight, wet cunt and I was fucking her as I felt up her tit's. She sounded like she was crying almost making these little sounds, "hummmmmm" "ohhhhhhhhh". I pinched her nipples and couldn't get enough of this. This was exactly why I came to Tommy's to get laid and lose my virginity. The girls that came to his parties were known whore's and slut's mostly, there were rumors that good girl's came here and went wild, they knew what was going to happen at Tommy's.

I moved my cock in and out deep and slow, going as deep as I could. I'd jacked off before coming here outside, so I wouldn't cum to fast, good for that. This slut was perfect, I reached down and touched her clit as I fucked her, she kept making those sounds she was in lust. Kneeling on the sofa, her head down like a whore, I stood there behind her and did her doggy style. I'd read and watched videos on the internet and knew how to make her cum like a whore. I loved using this girl. I hadn't seen her face but knew from the view of her from behind that she was hot. I wondered if this was Patty Martin, small, slim, blonde and busty, this had to be Patty the Cheerleader and I was using her like a prostitute. The thought that I was in Patty's cunt made me harder.

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