Stan and Bethany
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, Incest, Father, Daughter, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Stan and Bethany are father and daughter who have become intimate lovers in recent days. Bethany has moved back home and Stan and she are alone -- and now they follow-up on their sexual hunger for each other.

Those two nights of lusty forbidden sex with his two twenty-something daughters were the realization of many years of sexy fantasies come true, finally. The hot erotic nature of the multiple fucks he had with both young women, however, not only broke the ice, but there was no going back. There was no possible return to the days of previous sexual innocence.

To make matters even more sexually intense, within only a couple of weeks of his fucking Bethany and Rachel, both of them moved back under Stan's roof. Even though he'd fucked his daughters with his wife's approval, how was this new muti-female situation going to work? Bethany was unattached to any specific guy, but she clearly had the highest sex drive of the two girls. Rachel was estranged from her husband and obviously very needy emotionally and very vulnerable. Stan quickly saw that his young adult daughters hadn't changed from when they'd been budding teenagers growing up around him. Stan knew he was in serious trouble because he had three very high-sexed, horny women who all wanted him and wanted him regularly.

One morning Stan was talking to Bethany as she was about to get dressed for work, and she came to the door of her bedroom, wearing only a thong panty and a very sexy smile. Her large C-cup breasts were right there naked for him to see and enjoy. Her breasts were very beautiful, full, large, and tipped with sexy dark nipples that seemed to capture his gaze. Stan wanted to take Bethany back into her room and throw her on the bed. Only her thong was standing in the way of his cock taking her. Only her thong and the fact that now she was living under his roof and his wife and her older sister were all there. Stan knew he was seriously in trouble.

"Anything more I can tell you, Daddy?" Bethany asked as she stood there in her doorway, nearly naked in all of her adult female beauty. Stan's cock did what any normal red-blooded male's cock would do - got rock-hard and started poking hard against the front of his pants.

"No, Bethany, I think that will just about do it for now. You have a great day," Stan said, wanting to push into Bethany's room, take her over to her bed, throw her on it, and do her good then and there. He knew the two days he spent in Bethany and Rachel's arms had changed his life forever, but now he realized he was basically living with three female wildcats and he knew sometimes more than one wildcat might need attention at nearly the same time.

Stan also realized that he was entering a very dangerous period – his wife, Kay, had gone out of town the day before for two weeks. He and Bethany were going to be the only ones in the house for the entire time. Rachel had gone on ten-day vacation, leaving Brook and Stan completely by themselves.

Stan went ahead and got dressed, and when he started down the hallway by Bethany's bedroom door, he noticed it was pushed almost closed, and he could clearly the distinct sounds of female moaning coming from behind the door. He'd only seen Bethany just a few moments before, nearly naked but he thought she'd been getting dressed for work. He couldn't resist trying to at least get a glimpse of what Bethany was doing that was causing her to produce such lusty sounds. He pushed her bedroom door open very slightly, enough that he could see his youngest daughter lying naked on her bed, with a large thick vibrator shafting in and out of her horny tight young cunt. He didn't know Bethany owned such sexy toys, but, like most young women, married or single, he knew they generally had a few sex toys in supply for the times when they needed to get off and a man simply wasn't at hand to take care of their burning desire.

"Yes, Daddy, yes, yes, baby, give me your big thick cock, sweetie," Bethany moaned. She was lying with her head on her pillow, both hands down at her groin, holding the thick hardness of the vibrator, and sliding it back and forth inside her tight cunt. Stan's cock was raging hard from knowing what his cock would feel like if he only had it shoved inside his twenty-something young daughter's pussy at that moment. Stan could tell Bethany was about to orgasm; she'd started moaning even louder and he wondered if she even realized that he was still at home and in the house with her. Stan watched as Bethany orgasmed, and then she took the vibe out of her pussy and licked the juices clean before she got up from the bed and began to get dressed again. Stan's cock was totally hard and erect as he turned and walked back to his room.

Stan could hardly concentrate on work that day—thinking of how his relationship with his sexy adult daughter had changed in only a few days. When he arrived home that night, Bethany was sitting in the family room, wearing a sexy, sleeveless top and shorts that showed off her nice legs. As he'd come to expect, underrneath the already revealing top, Bethany was braless, and her nipples quickly started poking out against the material as soon as Stan sat down beside her. He was sure underneath her shorts there was no panties or thong, either.

"Bethany, how often do you get horny?" Stan asked, wanting to know more about his sexy young daughter and trying to find out what made her click.

"Are you serious, Daddy?" Bethany asked as she got up from where she was sitting and came over to sit on his lap. "Daddy, I'm just like Rachel and I'm just like Mom, and I think you, too. I am always horny for sex, Dad," Bethany answered and he was pretty sure that was the right answer.

"Me too, Bethany, I'm horny for your mother nearly all the time. I'm normally so horny and so aroused being around your mother, and now you and Rachel, that I often have to take matters in my own hands and jack off to get some much needed release."

"Daddy, don't ever waste your cum by beating off, OK? If you get horny and need sex, let me help, OK?" Bethany said as Stan looked her right in the eyes.

"Bethany, I am very horny right now. You've been on my mind all day at work, and I could hardly wait to come home and be with you. Be with you, Bethany, in the most intimate ways possible," Stan said.

"Dad," Bethany replied, "is there any reason now for you to hold back and not go with your own personal sexual needs and desires? Really!! You've fucked both me and Rachel; what's stopping you from fucking me right now?"

Bethany reached down, took Stan's right hand in hers and lifted up to place it on her right breast. Stan didn't know for sure what size his daughter's breasts were, but they were very nicely shaped, very full, and he'd seen her tits naked enough times to know Bethany had beautiful breasts.

"Daddy, I've fucked a lot of guys, but I have never had a man make love to me like you and I did the other night. Not one of the other guys is a hottie lover like you are, Dad."

"You're really a sweetheart, Bethany, but you and I are totally too much alike," Stan answered as he knew already that seeing Bethany and feeling the sexiness of her tight ass on his lap had caused his cock to get fully hard and aroused.

"Are you satisfied to sit here and talk, talk, talk, or are you going to give me some of this thick hard cock that's poking up against my ass?"

"Which would you prefer, Bethany? Talk or hard cock?"

"I'll show you which I'd prefer every time, Daddy," Bethany said as she turned to face Stan directly and took his face in her hands, holding him there as she placed her warm moist lips on his. This was not the lips-on-lips kiss of a father/daughter; this was the hot precursor kiss of a lusty young woman who wanted him badly. Their kisses quickly became intense and Stan's cock became even harder if that was possible.

Bethany reached over, taking Stan's right hand and placed it firmly on her left breast. He could instantly feel the hard aroused nipple under his palm. This was not only Bethany sitting here on his lap like she had so many times before as a little girl; this was one of the most beautiful sexy young women he'd ever known on his lap and she wanted him.

Stan squeezed Bethany's breast firmly through the material of her top and he heard her moan softly as she loved the feel of his strong hand touching her sensitive breast. Since Bethany had reached puberty, Stan had quickly noticed that her nipples always gave away her mood and her feelings. Whenever Bethany was aroused, excited, or agitated, her nipples became perky points that pushed hard against her T-shirt or blouse. As some called it, when Bethany was aroused, her nipples were "high beam."

Stan removed his hand from Bethany's breast, reached down, and pulled her sleeveless top off over her head, uncovering her body from the waist up. Her large C-cup breasts were now there for him to see and to enjoy. Going along with Bethany's natural red hair, her nipples were a pretty pink in color, and the aureolae surrounding her nipples were large and very sexy. Stan reached out, caressing her right nipple and cupped the left one as he lowered his lips and took the hard peak in his lips, sucking firmly and stroking his tongue over it.

"Ohhhhhhhh," Bethany moaned hotly, as she pushed her breast forward, giving Stan even better access to her perky tit. "Ohhhhh, yes, mmmmmm, suck my tit, Daddy, suck it hard and take me. Ohhhhhhh, mmmmm," she moaned as she quickly felt herself on the edge of cumming from not only having her father's lips sucking her nipple, but knowing that he and her were also in the foreplay of a very lusty and hot fuck session.

She couldn't help it; having her nipples sucked almost always brought Bethany to an orgasm, and she started to climax as Stan's lips suckled her left nipple, and then he moved his mouth to her right breast and suckled and pulled firmly on it, too. The crotch of her shorts was quickly soaked in her pussy juices as she came. When her orgasm waned, Bethany climbed out of Clff's lap, quickly reached down and unzipped his pants and pulled them and his briefs down completely to his ankles, and then she unzipped her shorts and pulled them down and off, dropping them on the floor there at their feet. Stan had seen Bethany's pussy before, especially before their recent fucks together, and he loved that she had it shaved baby smooth. Her pussy looked luscious. He wanted to eat her but he'd wait on that for the moment.

Stan could clearly smell the sexy, heady aroma of Bethany's wet cunt as she moved towards him, and she grasped his hardon and spread her legs to get up on her father's lap. "Give me your cock, Daddy," Bethany moaned, guiding the full head of his cock straight to the lips of her hot wet cunt. Stan's cockhead touched Bethany's wet pussy and she immediately moaned and sighed hotly as she settled down on top of him, letting his large thickness spread her pussy lips and begin filling her cunt as she mounted him.

Stan could hardly believe the hotness of Bethany's cunt as she took his hard manhood inside her pussy. He had a large, very thick cock and Bethany took a couple of half-strokes up and down on his hardon before she was able to settle down with his entire cock deep inside her hot pussy. When she had his cock fully inside her horny tight pussy, she kissed him hotly and offered one of her nipples for him to suck and caress while she began moving up and down on his hardon.

"Fuck me, baby, yeah, ride my horny cock," Stan moaned as Bethany used her hands on his strong shoulders and her feet against the floor to slide up and down on his cock. Her pussy was very wet, and the sounds of her pussy and Stan's cock fucking were very erotic. As soon as Bethany had completed mounted her father and was riding on his lap, she began to orgasm again. Stan loved knowing his sexy redhead daughter was getting off on his lap instead of a hard rubber dildo and he wanted to now let her bring him off to a powerful orgasm so he could shoot a huge cumload deep inside her horny young pussy.

Stan leaned forward, catching Bethany's lips and he kissed her hotly as he cupped and played with both of her large sexy breasts as she continued to cum. He tweaked her hard nipples, and flinched his hardon inside her pussy to give her a thrill again that she was sitting with his entire cock inside her. Stan suddenly took a notion, and he grabbed Bethany firmly by the waist and then powerfully stood with his daughter still impaled fully on his hardon, and turned around, allowing her to fall backward onto the place where he'd just been sitting, his rock-hard cock still buried fully inside her tight cunt.

Stan ran his fingers through Bethany's sexy red hair as he allowed his cock to soak inside her for a moment, and then he began to fuck her; now he was in the driver's seat. He looked down quickly and loved the hot sexy view of his large thick cock spreading Bethany's young pussy lips, as his hardon disappeared in and out of her cunt as he thrust back and forth inside her pussy. Her lusty moans and sighs as he began to fuck her hard just made him that much hornier.

Stan leaned up over Bethany's body, joined with him at the groin, and he cupped both of her jiggling large naked breasts as he could feel the beginning of the sexual pressure in his groin that signalled he was about to shoot a cumload. Stan first began very long in and out thrusts, leaving only his cockhead inside Bethany as he nearly pulled out all the way, and then he'd slam his hard meat back deep into her hot cunt, feeling the head of his hardon smacking firmly against the mouth of her cervix, and he could hear Bethany's lusty moan of delicious sexual pain as he completely filled her pussy with his large cock. He also love the hot sounds of his wet cock sliding in and out of Bethany's very wet pussy, and then the sounds each time his large full balls smackly firmly against Bethany's sexy ass. He bellowed like a bull when he felt his orgasm releasing from his balls and his first large thick spurt of cum shot through his cock and into the depths of Bethany's horny young cunt. He pounded in and out of her pussy a few more times before she orgasmed again and then they remained together, his cock in her pussy, until both of their orgasms waned. Then, Stan kissed Bethany hotly and told her how much he loved her and how he found their new relationship so totally hot and fulfilling.

And Bethany said, "I love you, too, Daddy, and making love with you is not only fulfilling; it is also very filling--if you know what I mean, sweetie. I love you, Daddy."

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