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Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Do you believe in love at first sight? I didn't till I met her. We seemed to have so much in common.

Another Halloween submission, quite different than most you might read. Thank you to WanderingScot for his editing and making this a much better read.

Here I was at Joe's Restaurant. It was one of the few places I hung out and they were throwing a Halloween party. I let my friends convince me to come and here I was dressed as Batman, mask and all.

Most of my closer friends knew who I was but I decided I was going to leave my mask on most of the night. The bartender who was one of my trusted friends was Missy. She was dressed as Robin. I've known her my whole life. In fact she helped raise me. She was sixteen years older than me and a friend of my cousin.

I watched with Robin as the place started to fill up with people; most dressed in costume. That's when I noticed her. She had blond hair and to me she looked like an angel. I couldn't keep my eyes off her. It was as though there was an immediate connection to her. I felt I had known her all my life, yet I didn't even know her name.

She came in with a group of people dressed as the 'Wizard of Oz' characters. All in all they looked pretty cool. Missy looked over at me - she knew who I was staring at. "I don't think so Jeff. Something tells me 'No'," she murmured.

Something you should know about Missy. She is somewhat of a psychic. I'm not quite sure how to explain it. She gets these feelings and most of the time she's right. She doesn't know how to interpret what she feels, she just gets feelings and tells me about them.

"What do you feel Missy? Danger, trouble, she won't be interested in me, I'm wasting my time approaching her?" I smiled at my friend.

"I don't know Jeff. I feel you two will get along fine but something in me says, 'no'. It's not danger except for the guy dressed like the tin man. Actually I feel love."

"As usual Missy, it doesn't make sense till it all works out and then we'll know what your thoughts meant." I smiled at my friend.

I walked over and said hello to the group. Everyone except the tin man said hi back to me. I guess it was because I was staring at the Angel who I later found out was the 'Good Witch'. I mentioned that I was helping my bartender friend and would take their order. They all rattled off drinks and I told them I'd be right back with their order.

"But you never wrote it down," said the Good Witch.

"I have a very good memory and I feel as though I should know you. Have we ever met?"

"No, I don't think so. I've just lived here a few months," said the witch.

The Tin Man spouted off. "If your memory is so good then how come you don't remember taking our drink order? We're waiting!"

"Sorry, I'll be right back." I went over and Missy told me to take it easy. She made up the drink order and put it on a tray for me.

"Since when are you a waiter?" asked Missy as she smiled at me.

"Just long enough to get the name of the Good Witch." I took my tray over to their table and gave everyone what they ordered.

The music was already playing and a slow number had just started. "Would you do the honor of dancing with me?" I asked the Good Witch.

"We don't dance with the hired help," said the Tin Man. "Shouldn't you be working?"

At first I ignored him and put my attention where it belonged looking at the good witch.

I think he even pissed off his friends. "I don't remember anyone asking you," I said to the Tim Man. "I just asked the lady to dance."

"You're so rude Randy," said the Good Witch. "I'd love to dance with you Batman." As we got up to dance Missy came over to collect the money for the drinks.

As the Good Witch and I headed for the dance floor I heard Missy tell the Tin Man to watch his step. "Look, I don't know you but Batman is the last person you want to mess with. Believe me when I say he can kick your ass from one end of this bar to the other without breaking a sweat. Now, the drinks are thirty six dollars."

Missy looked at me and smiled as she went back behind the bar.

"So Miss Good Witch, what other name do you go by?"

"Sandi, last name is Wilcox, and you are?"

"Jeff Warner, and if I might add, you are one gorgeous woman. I honestly believe I know you. Even as we touch I feel so close to you. Do you feel it too?"

"That's one come-on line I've never heard, but I will say that something is different about you. Maybe it's the Batman costume," she laughed.

We danced and I looked over at the band and nodded I wanted another slow number. The band leader smiled back and started another slow one. Sandi saw the nod and asked if I worked there.

'Kind of, my uncle owns the place and I'm a CPA and do the books for many of his businesses. I hang out here once in awhile. Don't ever remember seeing you here before."

"As I mentioned I've only lived here a few months. I don't go out much but my friends from the office asked me to come to the Halloween party, so I did."

"So the tin man isn't a boyfriend or anything?" I asked.

"No, Randy's dad manages the manufacturing plant where I work. Randy runs the warehouse. I went out with him once but it was a mistake. I think I've told you enough."

"Don't you feel the static between us? Am I the only one feeling it?" I asked Sandi.

"Look, you seem like a very nice guy but I'm not looking for anyone," she replied.

"You didn't answer the question. Do you feel something here?"

"Yes, I figured it was the static from shuffling our feet, nothing more," answered Sandi.

"Will you dance with me again later?" I asked.

"You don't give up, do you? Do you have such a hideous scar under that mask that no one will dance with you?" She actually laughed when she said it.

"I'm sorry, it was wrong of me to say that. In fact I rather enjoy your forwardness. I'll dance with you later," she said as she smiled at me as I walked her back to her table.

"So, how did it go?" asked Missy.

"I think I'm in love," I replied to Missy.

Missy stared at me. No one knew me as well as she did. "Jeff, I think you're telling the truth. What is it with this girl?"

"I don't know. Maybe it's love at first sight and will wear off. There is just something extra special about her."

I want to tell you about my life up to this point. The story of my early years was told to me by my aunt and uncle.

When I was born I had a twin sister – we were both in intensive care in the first few days after we were born, and sadly my sister died a couple of days later. My parents were killed in a car-truck accident when they were coming to the hospital to see us.

My Aunt Emma and Uncle Joe took me in and raised me. They cared for me my whole life. My mother who was killed in the accident was my Aunt Emma's little sister, June. There was over fifteen years difference between their ages. My father's parents lived in Australia. I've never met them.

Uncle Joe is the head of many businesses; some people have called him a gangster. To me he is family and I'd do anything for him.

Now his dad was reputed to be part of the mob. I've heard and read enough stories to know there was a lot of truth there. In today's day and age things are much different. My Uncle Joe's businesses are legit. He sent me to college to become a CPA (certified public accountant). He also had me attend Karate classes to learn how to protect myself.

It was now my job to stop by his businesses on a regular basis and check out the finances and make sure there wasn't any skimming going on. Uncle Joe was a pretty fair guy but he wasn't one to cross. I should say that he was respected by his employees and he did pay them well.

I wasn't to induce trouble but if it occurred, I knew how to take care of myself. I owe my life to my Uncle Joe. God knows where I would be today if it wasn't for him.

When he took me in he already had three grown kids. Two daughters and a son. The youngest was sixteen at the time. They all are business people today and all own their own businesses. Throughout my life they have treated me as their little brother even though they are my cousins.

Back to the Halloween Party.

I had Missy take a tray of drinks to Sandi's table and told Missy to tell them the drinks were on me. Most all waved to me except the Tin Man. I heard him tell Missy he could afford his own drinks. Without hesitation Missy asked him for four dollars for his drink. He had already made a fool of himself and coughed up the four dollars. Even his friends laughed at him.

A number of women I knew came up to me and asked me to dance. It was a Halloween party and most of them were dressed like hookers or glamorous movie stars. I kept looking over at Sandi while dancing close to these women. I think she was getting aggravated and even danced with Randy when he asked her.

I asked Missy to take another tray of drinks to Sandi's table. "Jeff, I'm not sure your uncle would approve of the free drinks," mentioned Missy.

"It's ok, I'm paying for them." I handed her the money.

"Damn, you really do have the hots for this girl. I've never seen you like this. What is it Jeff?" asked Missy.

"I've never felt this way so I don't know. I'll just have to wait and see how it turns out."

Missy took the drinks to the table and this time the Tin Man said thanks and accepted the drink. The woman dressed like Dorothy came up to me at the bar.

"I just wanted to thank you for the drinks and wanted to know if you cared to dance?"

"It would be my pleasure," I said as I took her by the hand and we walked to the dance floor.

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