Bringing in a Groom -- for Ann and the Group
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Ann was a part of a large community sex swap group, and she'd "graduated" from horny teen member to young adult. Now it was time for her to get a husband, so she could assume her new role as a young adult female and become a MILF eventually.

Ann and her parents, Larry and Wanda, realized she needed to get a husband so she could continue her participation as a young adult woman in the swap group, and also because her bringing her husband into the larger group was necessary to keep the cycle going. Ann knew she couldn't just find "a guy," fall in love with him, and get him to marry her. Whoever her future husband was would have to understand what he was facing going into the situation. Ann had been initiated into the large sex group when she was 13 years old, and she'd become one of its main participants among the teenage members who'd been initiated in front of the entire group. In fact, as one of the young females, she was a major player in the sexual pairings of any event because she was in big demand among most of the fathers who were continually looking to have time between her legs and with their cocks in her hands and mouth.

Ann's future husband had to be OK with a number of things for their marriage to work: 1) Ann didn't intend to make any changes in her current sex swapping lifestyle; her husband would have to become an active co-participant, 2) Ann not only fucked the male and female members of the group; she also dated some of the older male members between meetings; 3) any husband needed to be not only fully accepting of the swap group's activities, but he also needed to be aware of his place in the group's pairings. Ann realized she had her work cut out for her in finding the right guy and in how she proceeded to determine that he was totally bought into the lifestyle he would be taking on.

Ann quickly came up with a good possibility for her groom–Brad. He was cute and quite a stud; he and Ann had dated for a few months, and she'd hit it off with him from the beginning of their relationship. It hadn't taken her any time to let him fuck her; in fact, on their first date she allowed him to reach first base, and she'd been very pleased with his experience as a sexy lover. Brad knew nothing about Ann's secret sexual life and she wouldn't let him know until she was sure he'd be the likely one to marry her.

After Ann and Brad had been dating and fucking actively for a few weeks, she arranged for Brad to come over to her place one evening when her parents were out of town overnight. Ann arranged for a couple of her girlfriends, Heather and Wendy, who were also active in the sex swap group to be there to party with her and Brad. Since it was warm weather, they all got into bikinis and Brad had on a pair of skimpy trunks that hid nothing in his crotch. Brad had a large lump in his crotch even when he wasn't aroused, and when he was, the size of his hardon and large balls was impressive. Heather and Wendy wore their skimpiest bikinis, designed to attract any horny guy's attentions and desires. Ann wore one of her own string bikinis that showed a lot of cleavage from her sexy full rounded C-cup breasts, and her shapely legs, and ass.

Ann watched Brad carefully to see how he'd act and react around Heather and Wendy. She knew how she wanted him to act, and she wasn't disappointed. Brad, seeing Ann and her two sexy young girlfriends, all showing a lot of skin in their skimpy bikinis, acted like a kid in a candy store. He'd suddenly found himself alone at Ann's home with three big-titted and very sexy young teenagers, and he intended to take advantage of the situation. Brad first approached Ann and he and her quickly began to kiss and make out there on the lounge beside the pool. The other two girls allowed them to get a head start, and then, before he realized they'd moved, Brad suddenly felt the hands of the two girls touching him and caressing him, and then he felt a hand wrap around the lump of his hard cock. He started to break off is kisses and caresses with Ann, but she whispered, "Go with it, Brad. Wendy and Heather are my very best friends; enjoy yourself and go with whatever happens, baby."

Before he hardly knew it, Brad's swim trunks were off onto the side of the pool, and he had Ann, Heather, and Wendy all vying for his attention and for a touch and kiss and caress of his naked body and his large luscious hardon. Ann wanted to see Brad in action with other girls besides her and she let Heather and Wendy stroke his hard cock and then start giving him head. Both girls were jacking him off and then had their mouths and their tongues all over his hardon. Heather was a cum queen, and she got in position and began sucking Brad until she could hear him moaning and Brad's large round balls began pumping a large sexy thick load of his hot cum down her gulping throat.

"Mmmm, baby, that cumload was so good," Heather said, as she and Wendy licked Brad clean, and then both of them quickly removed their bikinis and moved another double pool chair next to Ann's where they could all three share Brad's big cock in their horny pussies. Ann noticed Brad watching as her girlfriends got naked. Brad looked at her as Ann unfastened her top and was taking it off, and then reached down, untying her bikini bottom and got completely naked.

Brad quickly got all three babes situated on some more stable poolside loungers and then he told them to spread their legs, and the moved from his girlfriend's pussy, sliding in and fucking her good, over to her two girlfriends, and by the end of the foursome sex session, they'd all had a sampling of his horny cock in their pussies and they joined together and sucked him off, letting Ann take his cumload down her throat at the very end.

Ann's third step in selecting a future husband was not only to see how Brad would handle being with Laura, Annette, and Beth, but how they would react to him fucking and eating them. She and Brad went to Laura's home one evening, and Annette and Beth were already there. The sex group was always well orchestrated and things clicked according to the desires of those in charge—which was Laura, Beth, and Annette. Laura and Beth put the full-court press on Brad quickly, and they both started overtly showing him how sexy and horny he made them feel. Laura had given Brad a very sexy warm hug upon their arrival and Ann laughed to herself when she saw his big cock bulge after that. Ann never knew Laura to be very patient and this time was no exception. In only a few minutes, she and Laura had paired off with Brad and they were both kissing and caressing him. Ann knew this time she might get a little action, but the three older MILFs were giving Brad his audition.

Laura and Beth were both wearing very cleavage-revealing tube tops and as they were starting to make out with Brad, their hard aroused nipples were clearly poking out hard against the material of their tops. Brad loved seeing a woman's hard nipples pressing against their clothes and these two mature MILFs really turned him on. Laura had Brad sit beside her and she started kissing him and letting her hands caress his body, as Beth went for his crotch and began rubbing his visible hardon through his pants. Annette was down in Brad's crotch area along with Beth and she had already removed a pullover top and her shorts. Brad was totally hard and he let the three horny women have their way with him.

While Beth got Brad out of his pants and briefs, Laura had pulled her shorts and thong off, too, and with her tube top pulled down below her large full DD-cup breasts, she was ready for some action. Beth had been sucking and stroking Brad's large thick cock, but when Laura was ready, Beth deferred to Laura, letting her swing her leg up over his lap, and held his cock in her right hand as she positioned herself on the tip of his hardon. Laura had a very enviable job – she needed to determine if Brad was aroused by her and her two sexy friends and if he could sustain a hardon and give all of them the necessary sex action. There was only one trustworthy way of doing that – not by watching him in action, or asking him if he could perform. The best way was by fucking him and seeing how well he satisfied her, and if he could sustain his arousal to try fucking all three of them.

Laura was so wet from anticipation of fucking Brad that she was totally lubricated and slid completely down on top of Brad's hardon until he smoothly shaved pussy lips smacked against the root of his cock. Brad could hardly believe how snug and warm Laura's cunt felt as her body took him inside her. Beth and Annette were right there with her, kissing Brad and caressing his face, his upper body, and his naked ass as Laura took control and started riding his cock. She fucked him for nearly ten minutes, and then pulled up off his erection and let Beth, by now naked along with Annette, and Beth smoothly mounted Brad's hardon and began to thrust her tight pussy up and down on him, too. While Beth and Brad were fucking, Annette had her face buried in Laura's pussy, licking and eating Laura as she caressed Annette's hair and face. Annette loved cock and she loved cunt and couldn't ever get enough of either one. Beth's naked breasts were very sexy and beautiful, and Brad filled both hands with her naked tits while she rode up and down on his hardon. When Beth had fucked Brad for over ten minutes, too, she moved off of Brad's hardon and he moved over to the nearby couch where Annette had laid back against the corner of the large couch, and he moved in between her spread legs, using his hand to guide his cockhead into her waiting pussy. Brad's large thick cock spread her wet swollen pussy lips and the moaned hotly as he mounted her and then began to vigorously thrust his cock into her pussy until it smacked against her cervix every time.

"Ohhhhhh, yes, honey, fuck me, fuck me good and hard, baby," Annette moaned. Brad didn't know which of these hot sexy MILFs wanted his first cumload the most, but he knew he was about to shoot his first jism load. Sensing he was nearing a cum, Laura had Annette get off his cock and she switched places with her there on the couch and let Brad mount and begin fucking her very strongly. Brad was really turned on at having three such sexy women all playing with him at the same time. He knew he wouldn't last much longer, and the pulled Laura's legs up and apart by grabbing her ankles and began to really throw his tight ass back and forth. Laura, just like Beth and Annette, was very orgasmic and she was quickly cumming as Brad thrust in and out a few more strokes and then buried his meat deep in Laura's tight cunt and held it there while he spurted his cumload inside her.

Laura let Brad slide out and she and Beth quickly sucked him into another hardon. In ten minutes, he was sliding his cock inside Beth's tight wet cunt as she bent over the arm of the couch and he took her doggy style.

As soon as Laura had taken Annette's place underneath Brad's big cock, she and Ann had split off on a nearby couch and Annette was quickly in between Ann's thighs, eating and fingering her pussy.

When they all finished, Laura said, "Brad, welcome to the family. You're in, and we can hardly wait for you to become one of us and for you to marry Ann."

When the night of Brad's initiation into the family swap group arrived, everyone was there, and Ann and Brad were the center of attention. This initiation was looked forward to maybe as much if one of the new cheerleaders was being broken in as a new member. Ann was wearing only a sexy bra and thong that showed off her nice figure very well. She and Brad settled onto the center bed in the middle of the room, and Ann got his briefs off and began kissing and caressing his naked body. She quickly had his hardon in her hand and was stroking him as she started licking and sucking on the head of his cock. Brad was moaning and caressing Ann's blonde hair as she worked his cock until he was more than ready for a hot wet pussy to bury it inside.

At that point, Ann's mother walked out to the bed and she slipped off a white baby-doll nighty she had on with nothing underneath. Ann's mother would be the member of the Group who would initiate Brad into the entire setup by fucking him after his fiancée-to-be, Ann, had sucked his cock to full ready hardness.

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