Maid to Be Married

by Honey Moon

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic, Reluctant, Hermaphrodite, Historical, First, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Spitting, .

Desc: Sex Story: In 1894, a proper London maid knew her place in the world. Mary, a pretty 18 year old example of the serving class, thought she knew her place quite well. Things change when she inadvertently discovers the shocking secret her beloved Miss Amanda has been hiding all her life. It is an early morning secret that makes the bedclothes rise as if supported by a tent pole! Mary soon finds her true place in the world. A warm and snug place beneath the unique and lovely body of her beloved mistress!

It had just been the tiniest of glimpses, but it had been more then enough to set Mary's mind in a whirl. Could such things really be true? Could someone like Miss Amanda Oswald really truly be real? "Oh my." The maid sighed in the privacy of her little room in the servant's wing of the stately Oswald manor. "Oh my goodness me!"

The buxom redhead sighed again. She could hardly believe the sight she beheld early that morning. As was her daily task, she had slipped into her mistress's room and opened the curtains on a bright and beautiful autumn day. Miss Amanda was sleeping later then usual. Normally she would be sitting up, and offer a few kind words. Today was different. The celebrations of her eighteenth birthday had kept her up far later then where her habits. A shaft of sunlight played across the large four poster bed. That was when Mary gasped. It wasn't the sight of glorious golden hair fanned out over the pillow, nor was it the gentle rise and fall of firm lovely breasts as her mistress stirred into wakefulness. It was the large presence under the bedcovers, rising like a circus tent pole from the young woman's midsection!

Mary Elizabeth O'Brian had seen such a sight quite a few times before while in the employ of Colonel Sebastian Moran. Many's the morning she had to fight off the retired soldier and well known hunter's amorous advances in her efforts to preserve her cherished innocence! She had left his service the very day he had gone as far as to tear the bodice of her prim black uniform! Her screams had stopped him, as he feared more then anything police involvement in his private affairs.

Thank goodness he had the good graces to write her such a sterling letter of recommendation when she announced she was leaving! She was doubly grateful in finding a new position before her former employer was arrested in an attempt to add that consulting detective, Mister Sherlock Holmes, to his bag of big game. Mary shuddered. Mister Holmes's mysterious return to life and London had been the talk of the town! Being touched by such a sordid scandal would have surely prevented her from making the discovery she had made this morning!

Unpleasantness forgotten, Mary's mind returned to her new mistress. "Miss Amanda has a, she has..." Even in privacy, Mary had trouble making herself say such a naughty thing. Her face grew warm as she blushed. "Miss Amanda has a boy's prod!"

Somehow the sight didn't give her the same feeling of dread she felt as the Colonel chased her around his bedchamber. This was somehow different. Mary could never admit it to anyone, but she had a deep distrust and fear of males. They were too rough! If only she could find a man who could treat her with the gentle kindness of a woman! She shied away from such thoughts. Momma had beaten her when she was young, and had poorly phrased her thoughts of how much more desirable it would be to kiss a woman's soft lips instead of a man's! Was this what she had been waiting for, a woman with the secret aspect of a man?

Miss Amanda had smiled at her as if nothing was amiss. "Good morning, Mary. Please inform mother I will be joining her directly for breakfast. Then you may inform the driver that I shall need him to bring the carriage around directly afterward." It was then she realized the state of the bedclothes, or more rightly, the state of her own body. "Go! Go now!" she had cried in panic as she covered the tell tale lump with a pillow.

Mary ran from the room. She feared she would be sacked on the spot, but when next she saw Miss Amanda; her mistress only gave her a rueful smile. "Mary, please forgive me for that disgraceful display." She had said in sweet gentle kindness. "Please know that your position here is secure, as long as you breathe not one word of what you observed to a living soul."

"Miss Amanda, I would never betray you!" Mary had promised. "You and the Lady Penelope have been most kind! I would never act to cause you unease!"

The lovely blonde had taken Mary's hands into her own. The maid still could feel the tingle that had raced all through her body at that simple touch! "Thank you, Mary. Rest assured I will never give you cause to feel unease while you remain in this household!"

Much later, safe and snug in her little chamber, Mary turned down the gas and slipped out of her uniform. Her pale flawless skin glowed by the dim light of the flickering little flame high up on the wall. She had felt breathless and fluttery all day from the secret she now held with her mistress. She had felt something else, too. It was a feeling she often felt in the velvet darkness of night. It was a warm feeling between her legs. That same warm feeling she felt as she dreamed sweet forbidden dreams of kissing and touching another woman!

Feeling bold and naughty, Mary sat nude upon her narrow cot. In the twilight of her room, a hand stirred. Thinking of Miss Amanda greeting the new day, that hand slipped gingerly between plump thighs. Once again she felt that most alarming, yet exciting moistness. The lips of her womanhood were pouting and slick with this secret flow of honey. She let it coat her fingers, and dreamed of her beautiful mistress. Did Miss Amanda have a woman's treasure too? Mary was certain of it! Her mistress was so graceful of form and manner. It just had to be that she somehow was born with something extra, rather then be missing the most delicate proof of maidenhood!

Her fingers caressed gently in a manner that would surely earn her another beating from her mother. Mary knew that what she was doing was dirty and wrong. Her mother had told her that what she now touched so freely was solely for a husband to take his ease and pleasures in. Mary didn't care about that any more! Her curious fingers had led her to a stunning discovery. If one petted herself in just the right manner, it could lead to pleasures which would make the body quiver tremble and shake as if taken by some frightful debilitating fit!

Breathing growing heavier, Mary's fingers moved faster. She felt for and found her pearl. Lately it seemed to have grown larger and more sensitive since she herself had reached the age of eighteen. Her thumb moved against it as the precious jewel peeked from its hood. The maid's toes curled at the wonderful sensations. Lying back, she thought about how kind and gentle Miss Amanda was. She thought about that wonderful mane of golden curls. She even thought about the pert and lovely bosom, nearly as large as her own. Most of all, she thought about what had been hidden by the bed clothes! Mary had never seen one before. What did a boy's prod look like? For the first time in her life, she burned with the desire to know!

Panting from her exertions, strange thoughts filled Mary's mind. She knew what men wanted to do to her. She hated and rejected that idea ever since her bosom had grown so large and they started sniffing after her! For the first time in her life, she wondered how it would be. Would Miss Amanda wish to sink her prod deep into a woman's body? Would she want to do such a thing with a mere maid? The idea was frightful, yet the dampness between her legs grew! She was a good girl. Mary intended to keep herself pure. Despite her chaste intent, Mary also wanted to give her maidenhead to her beautiful mistress!

Mary tried to keep from crying out as her body strained to reach that special secret place. Her bottom bounced on her cot as if she were trying to urge something to impale her. Shoving her thumb into her mouth, Mary whimpered and moaned around it as that frightful yet wondrous feeling took over. She shook and quivered beyond all control! It was as if her soul was trying to leave her body in order to stay in this glorious land of joy! If she should die now, she would only welcome it if it meant this feeling would continue!

Heart still racing, Mary slowly returned to her senses. Once again the guilt of what she had done struck her. Each time, she felt it just a little less then the time before. Now, it only made her feel warm as she blushed from head to toe remembering the dirty little things she had just done to her still quivering body. Treating it as her penance, the maid rose from her bed to pour some water from the pitcher into her basin. She shivered lightly as she washed her body with the chill water and then carefully dried herself. Slipping into her simple night dress, the weary maid lay on her cot and snuggled deep under her covers. When she fell asleep, a gentle smile formed on ruby lips as she dreamed deeply personal dreams of her beloved mistress.

The next morning, Mary was all the earlier when she opened the drapes of her mistress's bedchamber. Miss Amanda stretched luxuriously in the bright sunshine playing across her bed. As was her place, Mary gave no outward sign of noticing that once again, something rose above the waking woman's slender body as if greeting another glorious day. Deep inside though, curiosity burned as to exactly what that large protuberance would look like if she only dare pull away the sheets!

"Mary thank you for being so understanding." The lovely blonde pulled back the sheets, and wrapped herself in her dressing gown in nearly a single movement. Mary saw no detail, yet the added garment did little to hide the object that seemed to clash with the woman's feminine beauty. "You may go now. I have something that needs attending before I join mother for breakfast."

"Yes Miss." Mary curtsied, and then scurried from the room. The maid waited with the patience of her class, standing in the hall in case her mistress should call for her.

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