The Cheerleader Trap

by Flying-Circus

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: My friends and I were sick of being looked down on by cheerleaders. We created a simple lure so we would have our way with one particular cheerleader.

"What are you looking at?" Jen accused.

"Nothing," I said not willing to admit I was staring at the beautiful cheerleader.

"Hmmph!" She knew she was a big shot on campus and she acted that way. The thing was Jen was a sophomore, a grade below me, yet since she was a cheerleader, it put her in the upper status at school.

As Jen walked by to meet her friends during the lunch break, I stood waiting for my friends, Evan and Greg. We had similar interests in all things science fiction. We were good students. We were physically awkward and inept. We were what many would consider nerds or geeks. And yes, we definitely were virgins.

My friends approached. Evan talked avidly about something.

"Guess what happened in history, Cody?" Evan said when they reached me.

"What?" I inquired.

"I dropped my pencil and Jessica claimed I did it on purpose so I could look down her blouse."

"Did you?" I asked. It sounded like a decent plan.

"No way! I'd be more subtle than that. Now everyone in my class thinks I'm a pervert."

"You are," said Greg.

"Yes but I don't want everyone to know. I hate her."

We headed to a lunch table and I told about my incident with Jen.

"Damn cheerleaders think they rule the school!" said Evan.

"They do," Greg said, "but what can we do about it?"

"There should be something," I said.

"Like what?" Greg asked.

"We're the smart kids. We should be able to figure something out."

My eyes caught Jessica walking by several feet away but wouldn't you know it that she looked over just as I was staring at the athletic brunette beauty. I loved to see her tits bounce when she did cheers in her uniform. I put my head down but I sensed she was coming over.

"Would you guys leave me the fuck alone!" Jessica chastised.

"What did we do?" asked Evan.

"I don't want you to look at me or think about me or even have dreams about me."

"It's a free country!" Evan said. I didn't think that was a useful thing to say.

"I'm just sick of you perverts trying to get a peek at me."

"We're not perverts!" I defended.

"Forget about me and go jack off to your granny porn." Jessica turned on her heel and stormed away.

I was so pissed at her and I could tell my friends felt the same way.

"We're going to get Jessica back," I said.

"How?" Greg asked

That was the question. I already knew "what" I wanted to do to her but "how" could it happen?

I turned my head and looked back at the table the cheerleaders always sat at. Jessica and Anna Maria touched Torrie's designer jacket. Torrie was always dressed in the nicest fashions.

"Let's meet after school and brainstorm what we can do to Jessica," I said.

"Do to her?" said Greg.

"Like fuck her?" Evan joked.

My face remained expressionless. I knew Evan was only partially joking.

"We shouldn't talk here," I said.

We went to Evan's house after school since both his parents worked and we talked so long that I was almost late for dinner. Greg ended up getting in trouble for not being home within an hour after school let out. His mom worried too much.

It was all worth it because by the time I left, we had a plan. I walked home with an erection and beat off as soon as I could. I'm sure Greg and Evan did the same. Lucky Evan could get off right away since he was at home.

The plan was very simple though as with any scheme there were risks that could backfire.

So working off of Jessica's love of fashion, we got together again over the weekend and created a flier. The flier said:

Shhh! Secret Sale! Only a select few have received this offer. Tell no one about this secret sale. Since you're special, you can purchase top quality clothing at a discount price. We have all the best brands. You must be at 142 Raines St this Saturday at 10 AM. Remember! Tell no one! Don't bring anyone! If you do, you will be refused entry. We want only the best like you.

It pandered so much to Jessica's vanity. She'd so fall for it. The challenge was to make sure she got the flier before this Saturday because that's when Evan's parents would be out until the night. There was no chance they would be home early. Evan came up with the plan for getting her the flier.

I followed Evan into his history class even though I had algebra that period. In the classroom, we split up. Evan went to take his assigned seat across from Jessica and I walked to the other side of the cheerleader which was the classroom wall.

"Jessica," Evan said pausing until she looked at him. "I just want to say that you have great tits."

"What?" she said loudly.

"I can't wait to see them Saturday."

"Shut the fuck up!"

She was thoroughly riled and distracted, I easily slipped the flier under her textbook undetected.

Evan relayed what happened during lunch. "She read it three or four times."

"She's not a very good reader," Greg quipped.

I laughed and so did Evan. That was a good one!

Evan continued, "She got all excited and looked around then folded the flier and put it in her purse."

"So do you think she believes it?" asked Greg.

"Yes, I sure do."

"How stupid!"

Exactly. That was what we were counting on, a stupid cheerleader, and Jessica was as typically stupid as any cheerleader. Now all we had to do was be ready for Saturday. My cock got hard thinking about it.

We just had to finalize exactly what we planned for Jessica and how we were going to do it.

"I can bring my parents' air mattress," Greg said.

"Great!" I said.

The plan so far was for me and Greg to sleepover at Evan's house Friday night. Once Evan's parents left by 8 AM, we had two hours to set up the garage. The queen-sized air mattress would be our bed. Evan would use his parents' video camera. Greg was going to go to a thrift store and buy some cheap clothes to hang up in the garage to fool Jessica as she entered.

There was one more thing to work out. We needed to restrain her. What was the best way to do that and still get everything from her that we wanted?

Thursday night the idea came to me from the most unexpected place. I was watching a cartoon.

Friday night we were in Evan's garage and we knew his parents wouldn't check on us and since they didn't park their car in the garage we went ahead and set up the clothes. We could just give some lame excuse if his parents did come in. We used a ladder and strung rope from rafter to rafter then hung the clothes on the ropes which created a square with the air mattress in the middle.

"We need to practice on each other," I said to my friends. I wanted to make sure my restraining idea I saw in the cartoon worked. I created a lasso in a rope and set it on the floor. "Put your foot in it."

Evan did and I pulled the rope. It didn't snag his foot like I expected.

"Let's try again," I said.

It still didn't work. It worked in cartoons. It always got around the animals ankle except if it was Roadrunner but that was a special case. I explained my dilemma.

"What if you raised the rope so she has to step into it?" Greg suggested.

That was a great idea. We were like the Three Musketeers, the movie not the candy bar. We helped each other be greater.

"Of course, Jessica is going to see the rope and not step in it," Greg added, raining on my excitement.

"I don't like this," said Evan pulling the clothes and hanger down on the side that faced the garage door which was where my rope lasso lay on the floor.

"What are you doing?" Greg asked.

I agreed. This was not the time to make big changes.

"Be right back," Evan said. "Use these clothes to raise and cover the rope."

That was a great idea!

Greg and I put several layers of clothes on the floor, put the rope on it, and covered the rope with more clothes. The other end of the rope was gripped in a vice in the garage.

"Okay, be Jessica," I said.

Greg walked with one hand on his hip and another behind his head just like a stuck up cheerleader. I laughed. He stepped onto the clothes pile and I gave the rope a yank from my hiding spot where Jessica wouldn't spot me. I snagged his ankle! It worked! Alright!

We were setting up to practice again when Evan returned with sheets and clothespins.

"Does it work?" Evan asked.

"Uh-huh," I said. "Go ahead, Greg." I was already laughing in anticipation of his act.

Greg walked the same way but this time he said in a falsetto, "Ooh, I'm Jessica here to buy some designer clothes for cheap. I'm too stupid to think that it's a trick."

Evan and I laughed so hard that I forget to pull the rope. Greg just stood there waiting until I finally gave the rope a yank. Success!

"Awesome!" said Evan. "Help me put this up."

"What's it for?" I asked.

"A doorway to our store. We want her to come in and see the clothes. She won't know any better at first and once she figures it out by then we'll have her."

Greg said, "And the last thing she'll think about is that they're really thrift store clothes."

That was for sure!

"The rope snare needs to be inside the square then," I said.

"I'll move it, Cody," said Greg.

"Help me with this first," said Evan.

We put the sheets up which now entirely hid the clothes if viewed from the garage door. Where the sheets overlapped would be the entrance.

I wouldn't be able to see when Jessica's foot was ready to be snared so we discussed that and came up with a plan.

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