Billie and the Preacher

by mattwatt

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Reluctant, Incest, Brother, Father, Daughter, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Billie lives with self styled lay preacher 'Windy Dave'. Rescued from early teen sexual abuse at home by Dave, she has endured 15 years of marriage and of being mostly ignored. Enter two bikers who take over Billie and give her a future.

Dave Windham, or, as he was known 'Windy Dave', was a self styled preacher. He was an older man, in his late 60's and definitely gone to seed. He sported, when he was in his preacher mode, a white suit and white shirt with a black bolo type tie. He had sparse gray to whitish hair on his head, in a 'comb over' fashion to cover up his bald spot. He got the odd preaching job now and then, not too often. He usually changed the subject quickly, when asked by anyone about his credentials. He had the ability to hold forth for a good hour or more on his favorite biblical subjects. His presence in any of the small churches that would and did have him periodically in their pulpit was usually met with concentrated groans. But Dave didn't care.

Dave's wife was a woman named "Billie". She was a fairly good looker, whom Dave had somehow, he often said, rescued from a bad situation about 15 years ago, at a time when marrying the homely preacher was Billie's ticket away from a family of men, Momma being long gone, who kept her around to do the chores, the cooking and serve any bed that needed warming on any night.

Bille and Dave snuck off one evening and kept going. The men in Billie's family never cared enough about her to go looking for her. As a result, Billie had been stuck with Windy Dave now for about 15 years.

It wasn't a hard life, but it wasn't a good life. Billie constantly reminded herself of how it had been back on the farm. This was far better. It's true Billie was not a fulfilled woman, for Dave was often moved to preach to her about the evils of carnal lust. Billie always secretly thought that Dave went on so because he mostly 'couldn't get it up', as the saying goes.

Billie discovered early on that if Dave were going to 'perform' it was only going to happen if he 'performed' at the tail end of a blow job from her. She'd been the 'blow job special', one of the nick names that the men at the farm had given her, and she certainly knew how to do it.

But it was one of those carnal things that Dave loved to sound off about, and so, it didn't happen very often. Billie lived a life of having to sneak her fingers between her lovely thighs, when Dave was snoring his best and out for the count. It wasn't satisfying but it wasn't the business of the men on the farm, which from time to time Billie thought that she might just miss. Yes, Billie was an unfulfilled woman.

Dave called it 'doing her duty', when he was ready, every other month or so, for her to go down on him and get him ready for a few pokes and a wiggle and the end. It never satisfied her but Billie was a woman who tended to count her blessings, even if the blessing came disguised as 'Windy Dave', her husband.

At the present time, Billie was pushing 37 years old. She was in that glow of womanhood that resulted in the best looking women, the best shaped women, the sexiest women.

Billie wasn't aware of that because there was no fulfillment in her life; there was no sexual heat in her life. She lived and ignored the worst of it; she got along. She was well shaped, our Billie; she had 37d breasts with large brown nipples, that seemed to harden at the drop of a hat. She had a well rounded ass and short blondish brown hair. She was a woman who would turn heads, if it weren't for the fact that 'Windy Dave' demanded that she dress demurely.

He said to her often enough that she should dress to look like a preacher's wife. He meant dowdy and retiring, but ready to do whatever his ministerial career might demand.

She was accommodating. There was an undying gratitude in Billie for Dave having taken her away from the farm and all those nights, mornings and afternoons spent on her knees or bent over a saw horse, or just sprawled out in the house or bedroom with her legs spread.

Billie was not a prude, despite her early sexual experiences, which went on until her early twenties, having begun when she was about 11. She knew full well that she could break out into a full sexual life, if given a chance. But chances were few for Billie and she thought that she might have already used up her chances just in getting away from the farm.

Billie went along with Dave. She tended his needs, including the every other monthly blow job and poke. She didn't raise a fuss. She led a quiet life, no adventure, not much fun. All of it was her place in 'Windy Dave's' world.

Dave was fond of showing off for Billie periodically. He'd make a show of impressing who he was, displaying his pastoral aspect to unsuspecting people. He always got away with it. It was normally done for Billie's benefit, to show her that he could cope with rough characters, and strange people, who would respect, in the last analysis, his being a pastor. He never let on that he was not in fact a preacher but a self proclaimed lay-preacher. He always expected Billie to fawn over him, when he went out of his way to deal with people.

He took Billie to Sunday dinner on the odd weekend at various local establishments. And it was often at such places that he'd practice being overbearing to strangers. Billie always watched with chagrin but knew her part and was quiet.

It was just such a Sunday. They went to lunch. Dave had had a preaching appointment that morning in fact. He was feeling particularly full of himself, and needed to do some crowing, so that Billie would be impressed. He was even thinking that this afternoon might just be a good time to have Billie 'do her duty' by him.

In the restaurant were few people that day. There were, however, two bikers, Hank and Rusty.

As Billie and Dave entered the restaurant, she noticed the bikers immediately, especially Rusty, whom she thought was cute. She normally kept such things to herself but gave Rusty a winning smile. They sat down and she smiled at Rusty again; he was encouraged by it.

It was Hank that said to Rusty:

"I wonder what she looks like under that baggy gray dress."

Rusty grinned at Hank. Rusty replied:

"She's really, really pretty."

"Oh my," Hanks said, "My friend's smitten!"

Dave caught Billie smiling at Rusty and said roughly:

"Don't you act out, woman! Who you makin' eyes at."

"No one," she said meekly.

Then it happened; Dave suspected that it was Rusty and Hank that she was 'makin' eyes at', and the very fact that Rusty and Hank were there was enough to entice Dave into doing his swagger thing.

He said to Billie:

"Excuse me a minute, darlin'; I have a ministerial task to perform here."

"Please, Dave," she said trying to stop him, but he wasn't listening to her.

He got up and went to the table where Hank and Rusty were sitting.

"Excuse me brothers," Dave began, "I'm Rev. Windham."

Hank stared and Rusty nodded.

"I was wondering if I might ask you good gentlemen whether you went to divine services today, since it's the Lord's day?"

Hank and Rust still stared at him.

Dave cast a look at Billie, and she looked uncomfortable but resigned. He smiled and nodded.

"I get the impression, brothers, that you two are errant sinners and in need of the Lord's guidance."

"Actually, padre," Rusty said, "We're in need of some peace and quiet so we can eat our dinner. Why don't you go back to the lovely lady and leave us be?"

Billie heard the comment, and put her hand over her mouth to suppress a giggle. Rusty saw her, and winked, when Dave wasn't looking. She did the same thing again.

"But brothers," Dave went on, not heeding what was going on or what Rusty had said, "I see you in need of guidance and I am fully equipped to deliver the guidance that you need, right here and now."

"Thanks, padre, but we're busy here, " Hank said.

Dave simply went on:

"You must never be too busy, brothers, for the Lord, and if you didn't attend to him on his special day today, then I think that you should bow your heads in forgiveness now and attend to him now. You two just bow your heads and pray with me now, and we'll deliver to the Lord a supplication for forgiveness for you two sinners."

It was then that it happened.

Rusty looked at Hank, who nodded and Hank took a glass of ice water. He turned with it in his hand, grabbed Dave by his belt. He pulled on the belt to make it come away from Dave's ample stomach and simply poured the water down the front of Dave's pants.

Dave shrieked, and Rust and Hank simply looked at him. Rusty did notice, however, that Billie put her hand over her mouth again to keep from laughing out loud.

Dave spun on his heels and grabbed Billie by the hand saying with as much dignity as he could muster:

"Come, wife, we'll leave the sinners to their own damnation."

"And their dinner!" said Hank, as Dave and Bille stomped out.

Bille was trailing behind Dave, being pulled by the hand out of the restaurant but she turned once on the way out the door and looked back at Hank and Rust and even smiled.

"See that!" Rusty said.

"Yep!" Hank returned, and then said: " But I don't trust that preacher; I'll go watch."

Sure enough, when Hank got to the window he saw Dave push each of the bikes over with his foot before getting into his car.

He went and told Rusty right away. The two of the settled up and went to the door, and by then they could see Dave driving away.

Then Rusty went on:

"You thinking the same thing that I am?"

"Yeah," Hank said, "Let's follow but not too close. Want it to be a surprise."

Rusty grinned and said: "It might be the preacher's wife's lucky day!"

"It might be!" Hank said.

Rusty then said. "Well, let's visit the preacher."

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