Timeline of the History of Qaryesh T'marne

by Celtic Bard

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Desc: Fantasy Story: This is a historical timeline of the important events in the history of The World of the Am'mortal Universe. I posted this mainly to help readers interested in the Universe to place the various stories in their historical context since most of the stories to be posted are not in chronological order. NOTE-Story titles are in italics in the approximate time they took place. I will update it as stories are posted.

Antiquity to Present (Antiquity-3076 Modern Era)

Antiquity- Humanity goes extinct.

*The Doom of Immortality

*The Wanderer

Antiquity- First Am'mortal appear in their domains.

- A number of Am'mortal are traced back to this time of prehistory and they are as follows:

Achta Vader, Akikara, the Black Master, the Child Goddess, the Collector, the Elemental, Garra of Gor, the Great Mother, the Grey Master (killed in a sorcerous duel by the Black Master), the Hermit (believed to be dead upon the appearance of the Huntress in 780 ME), Iessa the Blind, Inoch the Sorcerer (killed by raiders in the Razing of Lung Da), the Jewelsmith, Jorlok Krondix (believed to be dead in upon the appearance of Slornich the Slothful 1537 ME), Lady Hantoi-ma-Dehn (killed when the Hantoi Stronghold was raided by Zargross), Lady Seanché, the Librarian (killed in a fire that razes his library), Lord of the North (assassinated by Cassamoor poachers), the Master of Mists, Master Ji-lah-lung (killed by the Butcher using unknown means), Ojisai the Chronicler, the Raving One, the Recluse (believed to be dead sometime before 971 ME due to the appearance of the Iceman in the domain historically attributed to him), Sai-di-ahn (killed by the Master of Mists), the Shadow, Shelain noi'Schlee, Tautha Anara, the Tinkerer, the Troll, Valery of the Mountains, the Wanderer, the White Master, and the Wise One (killed in a sorcerous duel by the Butcher)

These Am'mortal represent what scholars believe are the last of the original one hundred Am'mortal to live into recorded historical times. No other Am'mortal currently known can be traced back further that those listed.

Antiquity- Viniterians emerge from the forests.

Antiquity- First clan territories develop among the Viniterians.

Antiquity- Khitonans leave the caves.

5000 BME- First Temple of the Queen-Goddess is erected with the founding of the city of Khiton.

4987-3098 BME- Viniterians are embroiled in the Clan Wars.

4800 BME- First Khitonan collective is established in Khiton.

4700 BME- Khiton Collective emerges as a nation-state.

4670 BME- City of Yav is founded by the Yav collective of Khiton as a trading center.

4660 BME- City of Oj is founded by the Oj collective of Khiton as a trading center.

4600 BME- City of Merxis is founded by the Merxis collective of Khiton as a miner's guildtown.

4490 BME-Yav and Oj collectives merge to oppose the Merxis collective's bid to form their own independent Collective and form the Yav-Oj Collective.

4300 BME- City of Sujtasas is founded by the Sujtasas collective.

4200 BME- following the death of an unknown Am'mortal at the hands of the Sujtasas Collective, Uxxalla Hard-Arm takes up residence in the city of Sujtasas and befriends the Queen of Sujtasas, becoming a military advisor to the Collective.

4200 BME- Merxis collective wrests control of the Yav-Oj Collective away from the Queen and moves the capital to Merxis, forming the Merxis Collective.

4125 BME- Sujtasas collective breaks away from the Khiton Collective to form the Sujtasas Collective.

4000 BME- Cassemoors leave the trees.

4000 BME- Pernecor collective migrates to the southern continent and found the city and Collective of Pernecor.

4000 BME- the Am'mortal Zander and Xavier emerge following the deaths of two nameless, legendary Am'mortals in a sorcerous duel.

4000 BME- Peistis emerge from the seas.

3971 BME- the Am'mortal Alexias the Vintner convinces the Federated Commonwealth of Viniterus for the need of a governmental oversight office for their fermented potables following a widespread disease traced to poorly distilled ice wine. The Viniterians agree and place her in charge of the Federal Office of Quality Control, marking the first historical record of this Am'mortal.

3500 BME- Port Peisti is founded and the first primitive clans emerge among the Peistis.

3500 BME- City of Khat founded by the Khat collective, emigrated from Khiton, and forms the Khat Collective.

3500 BME- First Sheitan cities built.

3500 BME- Yvaerians achieve bi-pedal locomotion.

3498 BME- Khitonans from Pernecor found the city of Jher Jhrae and give the Am'mortal for whom they named the city Khitonan citizenship after she saved them from their first flood season on the eastern shores of Lake Pernecor.

3497 BME- Peistis settle the far north and found the city of Lampredes.

3465-3444 BME- island of Viniterus is destroyed in what the ancients believe was a battle between Viniterus and the local river goddess Eyqaera. Legend has it that Viniterus wanted to court Eyqaera and the goddess spurned Viniterus' love. Enraged, Viniterus tried to smite Eyqaera, forgetting that they were on Eyqaera's holy ground. Eyqaera fended off Viniterus, though the power the two gods expended shattered the island. The islands of Vini and Teras and the minor isles surrounding them are what is left of Viniterus Island. As a measure of the goddess' power, the village of Eyqaerean remained untouched by the violent upheaval. It became the Holy City of the River Goddess, a major religious and learning center.

3434 BME- Khitonan settlers from Khat record the only known sighting of the Am'mortal they would call the Troll near the northern shore of Lake Khat.

3400 BME- Kenstrills leave the swamps and marshes to found the first villages.

3400-3200 BME- the Plains of Sheitan dry up during the Drought of the Gods, becoming the Sea of Hell.

3387 BME- the Pernecor Khitonans first record the existence of the Am'mortal known only as the Hermit; little else would ever be known about this Am'mortal, including his assumed death.

3297 BME- shipwrecked Peistis near the swamps of the Kenstrills tell of an Am'mortal who aided their wounded named Jorlok Krondix, this is the first and only known account of this Am'mortal.

3139 BME- the Sheitan close off the boundaries of the Sea of Hell to all outsiders except for Yvaerians.

3129 BME- the Khitonans of the Khat Collective learn of the existence of the Am'mortal sorcerer Master Ji-lah-lung living in an enchanted tower on the southern shores of Khat Bay.

3124 BME- Khava collective of Khat founds the city of Khava.

3098 BME- Viniterian clan matriarchs gather to settle the Clan Wars and found the Federated Commonwealth of Viniterus.

3087 BME- Khava collective wrests control of the Khat Collective away from the Queen of Khat and form the Khat-Khava Collective, moving the capital to Khava.

3023 BME- Ereshiga is founded by a junta of Peisti clans in the city of Ereshiga.

2145 BME- Viniterian merchants secure the first trade routes through the Sea of Hell by treaty with Sheitan clans.

2139 BME- the Am'mortal who would become known as Bolverk the Dread kills his first historically confirmed bounty in the person of a Khitonan warlord who led raiders against Viniterian caravans around the borders of the Sea of Hell.

2089 BME- Viniterian explorers and settlers encounter Keiyana noi'Vi when they settle near the site of the city they found with her aid, Viyana.

2013 BME- Peisti admirals in Port Peisti record the first known encounter with the Am'mortal Cassandra the Wise.

2012 BME-Bo Sai is founded by a junta of Peisti clans in Port Peisti.

2000 BME- the Am'mortal who would be known as the Forgotten Mistress disappears into seclusion, not to be seen again by non-Am'mortal eyes.

1999 BME- the Lampredes Peistis begin to raid Bo Sai shipping and raze several Bo Sai villages against the proscription of the Am'mortal Iessa the Blind.

1998 BME- a massive blizzard in the far north buries every Lampredes Peisti city, town, and village under 100 feet of snow and ice. When the weather cleared and the snow melted a year later, there were no Lampredes Peistis to be found anywhere in the world.

1972 BME- Khiton matriarchs reform the government of the Khiton Collective into a Constitutional Oligarchy.

1850 BME- Khiton Collective authorities in the city of Port Kcleek begin to believe the resident Am'mortal for their city is a shadowy underworld figure known only as the King.

1794 BME- the first primitive theocracies develop among the Kenstrills.

1734 BME- Peisti explorers found the city of Pai Sha.

1732 BME- Peistis from the city of Pai Sha discover the fortified tower of the Am'mortal they come to know as the Forsaken Lord; the Peistis rarely see their resident Am'mortal.

1712 BME- Ryujinne is founded by a junta of Peisti clans in the city of Ryujinne.

1699 BME- Peisti explorers found the city of Lung Da.

1600 BME- Kenstrills around Oijo Bay record the first sightings of the Am'mortal who would become known as the Ancient Mariner.

1578 BME- the first sighting of the Am'mortal that would be known by the Ryujinne Peistis as the Invisible One.

1500 BME- Stories about an Am'mortal living in the Swamps of Viniterus begin circulating in the region around the Swamps, giving rise to the legend of Valleri the Hag, despite none ever having clearly seen her.

1098 BME- the city of Saidahn is destroyed, along with the Am'mortal Warlord Sai-di-ahn, by the Am'mortal known as the Master of Mists. It was the culmination of a feud historians of the Am'mortal attribute to the beginnings of the Am'mortal race. The Am'mortal known only as the Lady of Comfort takes up residence in the ruins of the city, using her powers of necromancy and death sorcery to attempt to sooth the souls of the dead.

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