Infidelity Test

by DG Hear

Caution: This Suspense Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Paranormal, Cheating, .

Desc: Suspense Sex Story: Will everyone pass the infidelity test? What if they should fail?

This is a Halloween story with some paranormal activity. A big 'Thank You' to WanderingScot for taking the time to edit my story and make it a much better read.

This story starts out like many we have read before. I was out in the garage and my wife Alice was in the house. The phone rings and we both pick up the receiver at the same time. Before I can say hello, Alice speaks and it's her girlfriend Marsha.

Usually I would hang up but for some reason I decided to listen for a few seconds. "Can you talk or is Allen near you?" asked Marsha.

"No, I can talk. Allen is outside or in the garage. He's always busy doing something," remarked Alice.

I was about to hang up until I heard the next statement from Marsha. "So, how did it go with Chuck?"

Now that perked up my interest. Alice and Chuck did something together? I was away yesterday so I wondered what might have happened. Chuck was married to Cheryl. Alice and Cheryl were long time friends; we've all been friends for a few months now.

"I fucked him!" said Alice. His wife went away for the day with her mother and we fucked in his bed. I think he's in love with me."

"What? You're kidding. I thought he was just another boy toy for you to play with for a few months?" said Marsha.

"He is, but I wish he wouldn't get so serious. He's a good pussy eater and he has a good size cock but I'm not in love with him. I'm thinking of calling it off with him, he's good but I'm not in love with him. I have a pretty good life here with Allen.

"I can go where I want, do what I want, and pretty much fuck around on him. He thinks I'm the wonderful housewife and that I am always here for him. We've been married three years and he doesn't have a clue about me cheating on him. Besides, he's a damn good lover."

"Then why do you cheat on him? Ever since you've been married you've had boy toys," asked Marsha.

"I guess it's because I can and I enjoy it. I better get off the phone, I have to finish dinner. I'm the happy homemaker you know," said Alice and then laughed.

Her infidelity wasn't a surprise. I heard that she was quite a party girl in college. I had hoped she might have grown out of it but I guess not.

I'm forty-two and she is only twenty-seven. She is wife number three. The neighborhood we moved into last year is full of yuppies, most in their late twenties and early thirties. All in all they are a fun group of neighbors. We have a lot of parties and cookouts. We're always celebrating the holidays.

The following night we were supposed to get together with three other couples and go out for a Halloween dinner and drinks and then go over to the cemetery and sit around and drink beer. I do it most every year but we usually have different couples with us. It's fun listening to the Halloween stories, usually horror stories. The party usually ends up with all the couples taking an infidelity test, which I will explain later.

When I walked into the kitchen Alice was at the counter, finishing making dinner. I walked up behind her and put my arms around her and unbuttoned her shorts and slid my hand down into her panties.

"Allen, stop it! I'm trying to make dinner," said Alice.

I didn't pay any attention to her as I slipped a finger into her pussy. It never took much to get her wet. She finally gave up and leaned on the counter as I pulled down her shorts and panties. I wasn't long in pulling out my cock and pushing it into her waiting pussy. Damn, I was going to miss her.

She rotated her ass while I plunged into her. I felt her pussy lips tighten up around my cock as I shot a load into her. She grabbed a couple of tissues and put them between her legs and headed for the bathroom. I put myself together went into the half-bath and washed my hands. I went back into the kitchen and finished making our salads. Alice came in with a robe on.

"What got you so worked up?" asked Alice.

"Just thinking about you and it got hard. Had to do something with it," I laughed.

As we ate I asked her if she talked to the other three couples about going out the following night. She said that she had talked to all but Cheryl and Chuck. She would call them after dinner. I had to wonder why she didn't ask him while she was fucking him just the day before.

I went back out to the garage and she cleaned up the dishes from dinner. I heard the phone ring and waited till she picked up the receiver before picking up the extension. It was Chuck.

"Why are you calling here? I told you not to, what if Allen becomes suspicious. Do you want to ruin a good thing?" asked Alice.

"Cheryl asked me to call you and let you know that we will be going tomorrow. Damn, I wish I could be with you instead of Cheryl," replied Chuck.

"Chuck, you have to back off a little..."

"But I love you!" said Chuck.

"Chuck I like you an awful lot too but for now we just have to be careful. I'll let Allen know you and Cheryl are going tomorrow. Beth and Ben, Darla and David have verified they will be going too. It should be a lot of fun." remarked Alice.

"Anytime I'm around you is a fun time for me," replied Chuck. "What's this infidelity test that Allen said you guys do every year?"

"Oh, it's nothing. It's a little creepy but I do it to humor Allen. I really think he believes it works but I know better. You can take my word for it."

"I'm a little superstitious so it bothers me, especially since I've been with you. There's no way I could pass a lie detector test," replied Chuck.

"Don't worry, it's just a silly game. If you're good maybe we can sneak to the back of the cemetery and I'll let you finger me and just maybe I'll even give you a blowjob." I heard Alice laugh and I do have to say it pissed me off.

"I can't wait. We'll see you tomorrow," said Chuck.

Again I waited till both phones were hung up before hanging up mine. I walked in the house and asked Alice if someone called?

"Yeah, Cheryl and Chuck said they were going. So everyone is accounted for." She didn't even mention it was Chuck she talked to but it didn't make any difference anymore.

The next evening which was Halloween Eve, the eight of us headed out to a nice restaurant. We began with drinks. Two of the women, Beth and Darla, decided they would be the designated drivers and would limit themselves to two drinks. The rest of us were getting rather plastered. Thank God the food came and helped us sober up some.

We were all talking about Halloween traditions that we all had when we were younger. Trick or treating seemed to be the biggest. Others had said they attended a lot of costume parties. Someone suggested we do that next year.

"Well, it's time for my annual tradition," I said. "Is everyone ready to head over to the cemetery and tell their spookiest story and then take the fidelity test?"

Everyone seemed up for it except Chuck. He was a bit reluctant but Cheryl told him to stop being a wuss unless he had something to hide. I saw him look over at Alice but she quickly turned away. I'm not sure if the others had seen it or not.

We got in our cars and headed to the cemetery. I mentioned for them to park way in the back near the big mausoleum. That's where our testing would be done. When we got out of the cars everyone had a flashlight. I had reminded all of them to bring one.

Chuck asked me if I came here every year. I told him Alice and I had for the last three years. I had lived in Michigan for a number of years so of course those years I didn't visit the cemetery. I did let everyone know that while I was growing up we came to the cemetery every year till I had moved away.

"Is it alright if I take a walk around and look at some of the grave markers?" asked Chuck.

"Sure, that's what we're here for. This is the oldest part of the cemetery. Let's say we all meet back here in say, twenty minutes," I remarked.

Chuck asked Cheryl if she wanted to go and she said she just wanted to sit and relax, she was leaning up against an old grave marker. Alice offered to go with him. What a surprise. A blowjob and finger fuck would be on its way.

Beth and Ben headed out in another direction. I know Ben had told me earlier that a cemetery was one of the few places they hadn't had sex. That would be corrected tonight.

Darla and Dave just looked around a little at some of the grave markers where we were resting. I got the beer and wine out of the car while waiting for everyone to return. The four of us started drinking. I guess Darla forgot she was one of the designated drivers the way she was putting down the wine. Cheryl was starting to slur her words some.

Ben and Beth came back first. The smile on Ben's face told the story, 'Mission Accomplished'. "Damn", said Beth, "those marble stones are cold on the ass." She couldn't help but laugh after saying that.

Chuck and Alice came back and Alice quickly took a beer. She must have had a strange taste to get out of her mouth. Chuck just took a beer and sat down. He kept rather quiet.

We began telling stories. Dave was telling us about the movie 'Night of the Living Dead' when we heard a noise and saw someone coming towards us. Cheryl screamed out. I started laughing. It was just some teenagers roaming through the cemetery. I think Cheryl scared them.

The stories were all pretty cool. Everyone seemed a bit nervous and drunk when it was my turn.

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